Outed at My Office


Outed at My OfficeIn the 1980’s I was working as a System’s Implementer for AT&T. My job was to coordinate the installation of large telephone systems, it kept me out of the office about 95% of the time. In 07/1989 our group of 18 people (6 male implementers, 4 female implementers, 5 female order writers, 2 female clerks, and a female supervisor)moved to a small satellite office in Lisle from the main AT&T marketing location in Oak Brook, Illinois.On most days I would just go home from the job site because I rarely completed working until after 5:00P, but this day I got done early and needed to go to the office to drop off some equipment order forms. Since the customer location was closer to the office and I had an early appointment with a new customer who was between my home and the office, I decided to drop off the order forms on my way home.I arrived at the office around 4:20, and really bursa escort had to use the washroom; since our office was small we had only one unisex washroom. I had been holding on for the 40 minute drive from the clients to my office; so I made a beeline for the washroom. Unfortunately someone was all ready using it, and I had to wait about 5 minutes for her to come out. When she came out I just rushed in, and unfortunately I forgot to lock the door. I had only been in their long enough to drop my pants and sit down on the toilet when one of the clerks walked in. When she saw me sitting on the toilet she froze with the door wide open, and just at that time 2 of the order writers walked by the open door and looked in.When the clerk saw my tiny cock she said, “My God Your cock is so small that I can’t even see it! Did you have an accident or something?”Upon hearing this the 2 order writers walked bursa escort bayan to the door for a better look; as I tried to cover myself. But it was hard to do because I was all ready going; so I just had to sit there on the toilet. After what seemed like an eternity to me she finally let the door close locking it as she did.When I was done I had to walk back to my cubicle which was the last desk in the row; so I could get the equipment orders out of my brief case. Wouldn’t you know it the order writer that was assigned to take care of any orders I had was one of the woman who had seen me in the washroom. After I got the orders out of my briefcase I just sat in my cubicle to embarrassed to take her the orders. Finally I knew I had to get her the orders so the equipment would arrive in time to be installed before the system was turned over to the customer. When I got to her cubicle escort bursa she looked at me and smiled holding up her pinky finger. I quickly gave her the orders and explained what and when I wanted them; then I walked back to my cubicle put the supplies in my briefcase and left.That Friday I had to be in the office for a mandatory meeting. I arrived a couple of minutes late , when I got into the conference room everyone started laughing, and about 3/4 of the women gave me the small penis sign. After the meeting was over I waled back to my cubicle and found a sympathy card signed by every female in the office with a note that said “Hey Tiny so sorry about your tiny little thing.” Plus someone had drawn a good picture of a male that looked enough like me to be recognizable with a very tiny penis and pinned it on the wall of my cubicle.Over the next month or so whenever I was in the office I would hear small penis jokes or find them on my desk. It took a couple of months for it to die down; although every now and then one of the girls would smile and giggle as they said “Hi Tiny.”This is a true story that happened to me.

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