outside the hairdressers


outside the hairdressersMy wife had gone to the hairdressers, I was sat round the corner in the car waiting for her, it was opposite the employment office, where all the screbs go to get money off the state, it was a run down area but I never felt unsafe, as I was sat there I reached for a cigarette, as I opened the packet a girl was next to the car, she said “Do you have a spare cigaretts”, I said “Maybe”.She was around 20, long brown hair, slightly chubby, wearing a trakkie bottom and a white top. She said “I really need a cig I haven’t had one for a while”, I said “You can have 5 for a handjob and a feel, 10 for a blowjob or 18 for the obvious”, she said “Where”, I replied, looking around the area, “Maybe over there”, pointing to some side roads.”Ok” she replied, and as I locked the car up we started to walk down a side street, as we walked she said her name was Mandy, she was 22 and didn’t have a boyfriend, but she türbanlı escort lived in a rough part of town so getting a job was more difficult. As we walked there was an old garage at the end of the street, that was sheltered from the rest of the road.As I said “this will do”, we entered the garage, there was a dirty old chair and table in there, she said “I think I’ll go for the 5 cigarettes, I replied “Ok”. Then I moved her over to the back of the garage and said “You know that means a feel also”, she said “Yes”. As she stood with her back to the wall I pushed her hair to one side and slowly kissed her neck, moving round to her lips.As we snogged she became keener, as she touched the front of my trousers she could feel my hard cock, as I put my hand onto her tits and slowly felt her nipples she had her head back, I lifted up her top and unclipped her bra, she moaned as I rubbed türbanlı escort bayan her nips between my fingers, still kissing her neck, I gently slipped down her bottoms and rubbed the front of her blue panties.She said with a sigh “How many for the whole hog”, I said “18”, she sighed as I ran my fingers up the front of her slit, slowly teasing her I slipped my finger under the elastic and slipped it into her cunt, gently fingering her and rubbing her clit with my thumb, she moaned “I didn’t think it’d be this good”, as I let my fingers do the talking she was close to an orgasm.I bent down in front of her and slipped her bottoms down and pulled down her knickers, there was a thick dark bush covering her wet cunt, I put the heel of her right foot on my shoulder and started to lick all the juice from her slit, as I ran my tongue over her clit she came, grabbing the back of my head escort türbanlı with her hand she moaned as her orgasm ripped through her.I stood up and kissed her she said “God I need fucking”, I pulled her over to the table and took her bottoms and knickers off her, laying her down I unbuttoned my pants and pushed my thick chunky mature cock into her tight wet pussy, she gasped, I started to screw her slowly but she was so tight I couldn’t and I became quicker. She was moaning quite loud.After a few minutes I pulled her up and turned her around, spread her legs and took her from behind, as I shagged her I was frantically rubbing her clit and she came again, I knew I couldn’t last much longer myself, so I stopped pulled her up and I sat on the table, she grabbed my cock and started to lick my shaft, I knew I wouldn’t last long, as she sucked all my cum out of me.It was probably the best orgasm I’d ever had and she wanked me over and over, taking every last drop down her throat. As we got dressed she said I was the best fuck she’d ever had, mature men do it better I replied. Walking back to the car where I gave her 18 cigs, she gave me 8 back saying “That was so good”, and with that she walked away, and I lit a cigarette.

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