“Paradise in the Park” or “Hot Summ


“Paradise in the Park” or “Hot SummAugust 5, 2013 is a day neither of us is likely to forget. That day was hot, almost too hot, and our relationship was new. We had met through xhamster and as such sex was foremost in our interactions. It was a monotonous Monday and we were both working. I am a pharmacist and good weather seems to make people healthier, so business was slow. I decided to occupy my spare time by sending you texts. The messages started innocent, but the tone changed.- Hey Sexy, how are you today?- Not bad, bored, how are you?- Almost too hot to work today isn’t it. If there were only somethingmore interesting to do ;)- Oh? What did you have in mind? ;D- I want to make your pussy wet, lol- You did that as soon as you said hello, lol- I like to hear that. It’s a good thing I wear a lab coat and the counter hides my erection. I want to taste your juices- I want to take your cock in my hand and then lick it- I wish you were hiding under my counter, lol- mmmmm, me too- want to explore this later? I have an idea- YES! What were you thinking?- Well, since we are both going to want to eat, how about we have a picnic and maybe we can find things other than eating to do with our mouths >:)~- I like that idea. Where?- I know the perfect spot. Meet me at Beaver Lake parking lot at 6. I’ll arrange everythingBeaver Lake is a place I’ve known and explored since c***dhood and I know a perfectly secluded spot that will still be in the sun at that time. I get off work at 5 and prepare for our encounter. In my basket is bread, wine, cheese, meats, pickles, chocolate, a blanket and g**** seed oil.At the appointed 6 you arrive and see me waiting for you.You park your car and leaving the air-conditioned interior, you are hit instantly by the heat. You walk to where I am waiting, the sweat is already starting on your tanned skin. I have my finger to my lips, so you take my right hand in your left and you silently follow me along the lake. We go nearly halfway around and I lead you down a trail that was invisible to you, just as it’s invisible to those that would intrude upon our picnic.We emerge into a clearing. It is a small meadow ringed by trees. I guide you down a little embarkment of about 4 feet and you see my picnic blanket laid out before you. It was invisible until we are almost on top of it. You see: a patchwork blanket, a basket, a cooler, plates and glasses.I bring your hand to my mouth and kiss the back of it. You have sweated and the salty tang is delicious. I slowly turn your wrist over and kiss the inside of your wrist. You close your eyes and sigh contently. I now kiss along your arm until I reach your shoulder, pause then kiss your neck.”Oh yes, Jason,” you whisper.My left hand comes up to your jaw and I gently slide along it to caress your ear. I let go of your hand and bringing it up to your neck we kiss. It is delicious to taste you as our sweat mingles with our saliva.”Have a seat,” I say as we release our kiss and look into each others eyes. I don’t want to stop as much as you don’t, but I want to savour the anticipation awhile longer.With the end of our kiss, I help you down onto the blanket. There is a slight incline and we lay on blanket facing each other with our plates and glasses between us.”You are looking beautiful today.” My compliment provokes a smile and a slight blush.”Thanks,” you reply. “You’re looking good dikmen escort too.””Can I pour you some wine?””Please.”While I open and pour for us, I can’t help but study you. Your thin summer dress is starting to cling to you with the humidity and your perspiration. You bite your lip u*********sly in anticipation of the evenings activities.With the pouring accomplished, I raise my glass,”to pleasure in all its forms.””mmmmm, I like where this is going. To pleasure,” you purr. We touch our glasses and take a sip of our chilled white wine.I unpack our supper, as we devour each other with our eyes.”I want you bad right now,” you growl to me.”Just you wait,” I smile back at you. “I promise it will be worth it.””I don’t want to wait.”The meal is now laid out in front of us and we begin eating, but food is far from our thoughts. You take a pickle and slide it seductively in and out of your mouth. I laugh as you bite the pickle between smiling teeth.”It will be worth it,” I reiterate with a grin.As we eat we banter back and forth about what plan to do to each other. I withhold my true intention so that you are surprised when it happens.It is becoming apparent that the clingy dress is all you’re wearing. There are no visible underwear lines and your nipples are pushing through the fabric. My desire for you is growing along with my cock.”Can I pour you some more wine?” I say as I clear the remains of our meal.”Yes please. It’s very good. You made a good choice.”I pour and slide close to you into the space where food once was. We sip our wine wordlessly as we gaze into each other’s eyes, close enough to feel each others exhalations on our hot skin. I slip my glass into my right hand, with my left I reach out to your hip and slide it up to your waist and lean forward to kiss you.Our kiss is electric after all the anticipation. With a push, I roll you onto your back and sliding against you and pushing my left leg between yours I kiss you again. You reach to put your glass down on the grass beside you and it tips over and spills.”Don’t worry. We can share mine”With that idea in mind I raise my glass to your lips. When I pull it away I spill some down your chin and into your cleavage.”We can’t afford to waste any more,” I say with a mischievous smile.I kiss along the path of wine I left on your hot skin. Down your chin and around your neck, into the depression where your neck meets your chest and down into your cleavage. I explore with my mouth, kissing and licking. I am intoxicated by the taste of your perspiration and the wine. I can see and hear that you are getting very turned on as your breathing is getting heavier.I slip my left hand under the hem of your dress and slide it along your outer thigh to your hip. You are partially exposed now but your modesty is gone. After cleaning the wine from your chest, I kiss your neck and chin slowly. You gasp appreciatively, shuddering with pleasure.With a grin, you push me off and take the wine glass from me. You recklessly pour the remaining contents of the glass onto my shirt and I can feel the wine dribbling down into my crotch. Quite aggressively, you pull my shirt up and kiss my abs while you undo my belt and fly. My cock jumps out as the restraining garments are released.You help me pull my pants and underwear off and resume your position beside me. You grasp my cock and eryaman escort moving it you kiss around the base, licking and sucking up the wine. With the tang of wine and sweat in your mouth, you kiss up my thick cock to the head and slide it between your lips.”Oh god yes,” I whisper as you take more of my member into your mouth.”Mmmm” you respond, your mouth full of delicious cock.While you are busy, I remove my shirt. I caress your head as you move up and down my rock hard cock, entwining my fingers in your hair. I help you remove your dress (as much as I am able, releasing your breasts and dr****g the dress around your waste). I am now naked and you only have a sweatsoaked dress d****d around you. I pull you up and kiss you deeply, our tongues meeting.”it’s my turn,” I whisper, releasing our kiss. I remove your dress and kiss you again.I kneel up over you and reach into the basket. I pull out the final two ingredients, chocolate and g**** seed oil. Opening the chocolate, I break off a square. You start to reach for it, but I ignore you and place the square in your mouth myself.”Let it melt in your mouth and think about the flavour,” I instruct.You close your eyes and enjoy the sweet and slightly bitter taste of good dark chocolate.”Lay face down,” I direct putting another square in your mouth. I take the oil and pour some into my hands as you take your position on the blanket. I straddle your ass and start to rub your shoulders. Slowly my strong hands stroke and circle your upper back and shoulders. I run them down your arms and bring my head close to yours,”relax and breathe deeply. I want you to only think about your breathing and the feel of my hands on you.”I continue on your shoulders for another 5 minutes, only pausing to add my oil to my hands and to slip another piece of chocolate into your mouth. I massage down your back, taking my time, you are very relaxed and present. When I’m satisfied, I slide off your ass and kneel to your left. My hands, wet with oil now move to your ass cheeks and I start pushing and kneading it.”When the time comes, I want you to completely let go. Don’t hold back,” my voice is deep and soothing.My hands work into the creases below your ass and then up into your crack, just skirting your asshole. You slide your knees apart, exposing your pussy. Applying more oil (plenty this time), I slide my hand down from your asshole to massage your pussy lips. You gasp as my fingers massage your folds. I rub your external lips and folds more. With more oil, I slide a finger into your opening and gently explore and massage the walls of your pussy. You let out a long exhaling moan.I apply some more oil and slip in my finger again. Pumping slowly, in and out as you groan. You are so wet now I don’t need lube. I pull out and slide a second finger in, stretching you open. You gasp as I pump you with my fingers a few times. I then slide them out, apply more oil and slide them back in. This time I turn them to the front wall of your opening and find your g-spot. I slowly start massaging in a rubbing, rhythmic motion. With my left hand I rub your lower back and your ass. Slowly and with moderate pressure, I massage your back as I massage your g-spot with my fingers. A breeze has picked up, providing some relief from the oppressive heat.You are starting to squirm under my attentions, etimesgut escort motivating me, letting me know that I’m going to give you a huge orgasm. Your g-spot is starting to swell and I continually stroke it with a steady rhythm. With my left hand, I massage to your asshole and massage around it. You are giving yourself to me and your asshole relaxes to accept the tip of my thumb. There is a rumble of thunder but we are absorbed in our activity and neither of us take notice.Rhythmically we move now, your orgasm growing. “Don’t hold back, let yourself go, push it out,” I encourage. You are breathing in gasps as the first few raindrops hit us. We are way past the point of no return and I don’t break my tempo as the sky opens above us.”Push,” I urge, sensing you are close.All at once, your asshole ejects my thumb as your pussy likewise expels my fingers, you scream in ecstasy and you squirt your warm juices all over me. You are shaking uncontrollably and groaning.While I enjoy the spectacle of your orgasm, I re-lube my fingers and wait for your shuddering body to calm.Still breathing spasmodically, but your body not shaking, I re-insert my fingers. I resume moving my fingers as before. It doesn’t take long before you eject my fingers and squirt on me again. I let your orgasm subside. The rain is heavy but warm and the sky is lightening. I come up beside you as you roll onto your side. Kneeling beside your head, I present my semi-rigid cock to your mouth. You open your mouth, but another shudder hits you and you pause until it passes. When that subsides, you open your mouth and eyes again and lick the bottom of my cock’s head.With my left hand, I push your wet hair out of your face and reach around to the back of your head. I grasp the back of your head and pull you closer, pushing my cock into your mouth. My thick penis expands under your attentions and you choke on it. I pull it out as your eyes water and you kiss the tip and smile.”Fuck me”I am eager to comply with your injunction. I resume my place and roll you back onto your stomach. I kneel between your legs and use my knees to push yours apart. I take hold of your hips and pull you up towards me. You get up to kneeling letting your arms slide along the wet blanket above your head, arching your back and pushing your wet pussy against my rigid cock. I slide in easily, despite my girth, because of the oils and juices, and I lean over you with my arms on either side of your body, hands on the blanket. This position thrusts me deep inside you and we both gasp with this motion. I slide out and push deeply again. Thrusting deeply, but moving only slightly, I pump you.I kneel up and put my hands on your hips and pull you back and start to pump harder. “Oh god'” you moan, grasping the blanket. Encouraged, I pound you harder. Your pussy spasms, pushing out my cock and you collapse away from me shuddering under another orgasm.When you calm down again, I take you leg and roll you over onto your back. Repositioning myself between your legs, I lean over you and kiss you deeply. I smile at your teary eyes and slide into you again. We kiss as we move. I’m pushing hard and fast and I won’t last long now. All at once I explode into you but keep moving and you respond with another body wracking, exploding squirt.The rain has stopped while we were preoccupied and I collapse onto you and our mingled juices diluted with the rain water. We kiss and roll apart, exhausted.I roll back, putting my left leg between yours, resting my thigh against your pussy. My flaccid cock nestled between us, I lay my head on your chest. As our breathing slows, we fall asleep warmed by the returning sunshine.

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