part 1


part 1It started off as a normal hot Summer day, Teagan and I were sitting by the poolside soaking up the sun. We were there for the Summer vacation and thought it would be fun to go to Florida for a week. She and I have always been close friends we have known each other since fifth grade and we are currently sophomores’ in high school. Teagan was always was absouloutly stunning. She was 5’7, very athletic, 34C breast, a nice round ass, dark brown hair, beautiful green eyes and toned legs which I admired so dearly. Any girl or guy would love to get their hands on her. I on the other hand was just like any average girl. I was slimmed and in shape, I stood at 5’6″?, and small ass, 36B breast, dirty blonde hair, and baby blue eyes. That isn’t that bad in comparison to someone like Teagan. Since we have known each other little did she know I was Bisexual I have been since seventh grade and have always had a crush on her, but she never found out about it. She could have any guy or GIRL she wanted but only stuck with the guys.As we were lying by the poolside I would take little peaks over at her looking her up and down admiring everything from her shinny hair down to her little pink painted toenails. I was beginning to get a bit damp and I could feel my nipples sticking out. While some muscle jerks were flirting with her she glanced over at me and caught me looking at her, totally clueless of why I was. She looked at me a little puzzled and still without a clue the asked”¦”Francie, why on earth do you keep looking up and down my body?”?Not hearing a word she said I still looked at her in a blank stare. She snapped her fingers bringing me out of my daze.”Well tell me why.”?I looked at her a bit confused. “Tell you why what?”?”why are you looking up and down my body like that?”?I looked in her eyes with lust, on which she didn’t seem gaziantep escort bayan to notice.”?Oh sweetie you look like you’re starting to burn how about we go back to the room so we can sunscreen you up.”?I thought to myself, “This could be my moment where I finally get to have her to myself do everything I have been wanting to do to her.”?Teagan looked at her arms, legs, and stomach noticing they were getting a tad flushed.She then smiled, “okay, but you better lotion me up good missy or you’ll get it.”? As she winked at me.I was taken back was this stunning girl flirting with me? “Okay I will.”? With that said I grabbed her hand, and led her to the room.Once we got to the room I sat her on the sofa, and walked to the bathroom taking a few minutes to search around for the sunscreen. I was so nervous and thinking how I was to go about with this, then I realized I have soaked through my swimsuit bottoms and hoped Teagan wouldn’t notice this. I found the sunscreen and started to walk back out to the living room looking at the carpet the whole time. As the instant I looked up I found Teagan there sitting on the sofa fully naked before my eyes. My nipples were rick hard and poking through my top as she got a look at them poking through. She giggled and smiled”So I’ve heard around school you’re bisexual is that correct?”?I looked away embarrassed, “yes it is sorry I wasn’t the one to tell you.”?She smiled, “oh its okay, so the reason you were looking at my body is, because you like me not because, I was getting “?sun burnt’?”?I turned all different shades of red and stuttered when I tried to say something. “y-yes it w-was, because I like you.”?She giggled and I dropped the sunscreen and reach down to pick it up and before I got up their she was standing in front of me. I leaned in and kissed her passionality, and dropped the sunscreen. As I was kissing her the way her lips felt against mine drove me crazy with desire. She pulled away and I was a little disappointed, and the suddenly I apologized for kissing her.”Oh Francie it was wonderful I have liked you ever since we have been friends and I knew you liked me because all the times you have checked me out.”?”Well I just couldn’t help it your just so beauti”¦”? and with that she kissed me again before I could even finish my sentence she darted her tongue in my mouth. I reached behind her and rest my hands on her ass giving it a gentle but playful squeeze. She then instantly untied my top and let it fall to the floor to that my perky breast were free. She grabbed them ever so gently and squeezed them letting my nipple roll between her finger and thumb making them even harder than they were before. With that I shoved her back on the sofa, got on my knees and made her spread her legs so I could get between them. I pulled away and whispered in her ear, “You’re so beautiful Teagan I have been waiting for this moment forever.”? She then smiled and said back in mine “Take me Francie I’m all yours do whatever you want to me.”? After her saying that she rested her head on the back of the sofa and I gently and softly kissed her neck sucking on it a little. She then whimpered and I knew she licked it I left a small hickey on her neck then kissed down. Her collarbone was the weakest spot on her I sucked on it and heard her moaning in pleasure which just made me want her more. After a few minutes I finally got down to her hard as a rock nipples my mouth was watering for them. I pressed my tongue lightly to one then took it in my mouth licking and sucking on it and nibbling occasionally. I knew she enjoyed the nibbling as she yelped quietly each time I did it. I then did the same to the other one. As I started to kiss down her body, getting closer to her pussy she started to breath heavily and her moaning increased. I kissed each of her hips and trailed my tongue right above her pussy. She was freshly shaven which made me even hornier and made me want her even more. I kissed each of the insides of her thighs a bit them. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips she was so wet and her sweet aroma filled my nose. I gently touched her clit with my tongue her pussy juices’ filled my mouth. She tasted so sweet I just wanted more of her.I started to lick up and down her clit sucking and nibbling. Her moaning got louder with that she started to grind her pussy all over my face. I sucked on her clit harder making her moan my name in pure ecstasy. “Mmmmmm Francie stick a finger in me and fuck me hard.”? I did as I was told and started to finger her slowly with one. Teasing her I went faster than slowed down making sure she was totally wet. I managed to get another finger in her which shocked me a little, because she was so tight. I fingered her fast and hard and she moaned so loud saying in between moans and breaths, “Mmmmm”¦fast and hard”¦. Mmm just like that”¦. Don’t stop.”? I continued to finger her hard and fast and kept going at her clit. She grabbed my hair and pulled it hard shoving my face in her pussy. “Mmmmmm baby I’m cummmmminggggggggg!!!”? she shouted and moaned so loud. She panted and continued to moan after her intense orgasm just kept coming. She then let go of my hair and I pulled away from her pussy, with her sweet pussy juice all over my face. I licked her clean and looked up, “How was that Teagan?”?She caught her breath and looked at me straight in the eyes with desire. “Mmmmm it was amazing better than any guy has ever gave me.”? I then with that said leaned up and kissed her softly. She then pulled away looked at me and smirk shoved me down on the sofa and said, “You’re turn “giggled and winked.

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