[Part 2] Little Missy’s Disobedience


[Part 2] Little Missy’s Disobedience…Previously on Little Missy’s DisobedienceAt work she’s known as Store Manager Sarah but she’s Little Missy when with me, even if she is in a foul mood. Mondays tend to be Sarah’s busiest day so I tend to go easy on her but today she isn’t so deserving of such a reward. Only last week I warned Sarah if you don’t deal with Paul now he will cause you major issues and today her store failed her company’s audit, all thanks to Paul!Even after 2 years though, that sexy uniform of hers never gets old, but the person that had walked into my house and up my stairs, like she owns the place was Store Manager Sarah and she knows I hate it when she’s disobedient like that!=========================================================[Part 2] Little Missy’s Disobedience…I was P*ssed off!Raging inside, my blood boiling, I wanted so badly, to stomp up my staircase, grab Little Missy’s arms, stare at that face of hers and giver her my two cents.Yelling at the top of my voice, “Listen Little Missy, you may have had a bad day at work but what gives you the right to storm into my house and up my stairs like you own the place, huh!” She attempts to struggle away from my clutches as I tightly grip her arms. Quickly realising who was stronger in this relationship, she yells slowly, “LET GO OF ME NOW”! I let go and ask, “Let me fucking guess, Paul”? She replies, “and what if it was”? After warning her about Paul just last week I got into even more of a fury and responded in kind, “I f**king warned you about that disobedient ar**hole. I can see right through that fascade. Fronting like he owns the place, like he owns your store, LIKE HE OWNS YOU! Maybe if you actually followed through on your threats like I do with you, he wouldn’t have made you fail your store audit!”Little Missy was really fuming now, her develi escort face bright red with rage and with her fists clenched tightly I could tell it was going to take much more than a slanging match to subdue “Store Manager Sarah” into the Little Missy that I know and love. So I cover her mouth, throw her on to the bed and in her ear I tell her to, “SHUT UP, LITTLE MISSY, you know what’s coming next”…At least that’s what I really wanted to say and do. As soon as I thought about how much I love her though I snapped out of my rage and realised that I was still downstairs, staring at the staircase, plotting what I would do about her disobedience. Thankfully, I always have my selection of “tools” for such an occasion. I could hear Little Missy huffing and puffing in the bedroom upstairs. After composing myself, I slowly walk up the stairs, with enough force to let her know I was coming and with each step I take her huffing and puffing gets softer and softer. As I reach the top of the steps I grab my cane, camoflagued on the skirting board at the top of the staircase and slowly peer through the bedroom, with Little Missy in sight.Half my body enters the bedroom (partially concealing the cane in my hand) as I glaze my eyes onto her short, yet plump body, I see the top part of her suit on the floor, by her cute little feet, exposed from those glossy, crimson red high-heels of her uniform. With only her bra and work skirt visible her cute curvy body made me want to firmly grab those hips and swing her around my big, hard, black d*ck like a wrecking ball! After all the rage I had and her sexy body was got me pumped all over! She stands still, silent waiting for me to make the first move and still with the other half of my body outside the bedroom I calmly ask, “Why didn’t you respond when I welcomed you home”?”I failed the store audit and it was Pauls fault”, she cried. I wasn’t going to let this turn into a slanging match like it did in my head moments ago downstairs. Instead I asked, “So you thought, you’d take that out on me on a Monday of all days?”, I could tell my current approach was working as I could see her now in front of me, subdued as if she was mentally preparing herself for her punishment. Finally, Store Manager Sarah has left the building! With Little Missy unresponsive to my question I continued, “It’s funny because I was in such a good mood earlier that I made your favourite dish and topped it with the freshest Basil & Oregano from the lush fields I own surrounding this house. In fact I only just finished cooking it as you came in, but I bet you couldn’t even smell it, Little Missy”! She gasped and almost came to tears and yelped, “You made me Lasagne al forno! You haven’t made that for ages!”.”Well after your disobedient entry into my house just now do you really think you deserve it?” I calmly reply. Little Missy shakes her head in dissapointment but this was the cue i was waiting for. I slowly reveal the rest of my body to her as I fully enter the room, with the cane in my hand now fully visible. I slowly walk closer and closer towards her as she edges backwards till she hits the foot of the bed. I stand over her, now slapping the cane into the palm of my hand and ask her, “Well what do you have to say for yourself Little Missy”? She can barely stand to look at me in the eyes with me standing over her so with her head now staring at her cute little feet she murmurs, “Sorry Master”.”You call that and apology?” I screamed. “Look at me when you have somehting to say!” I grab her chin and face it up to my face as my 6ft body towers over her 5ft4″ curvy body when she cries, “I’m sorry for being a disobedient Little Missy, Master James”. “Now that’s better, now we’re getting somewhere”, I reply. “But it’s going to take more than that for me to forgive you Little Missy”, with the cane still hitting the palm of my hands. It’s then, without hesitation that I spin Little Missy around in circles, several times until she is so dizzy that she can barely stand as I then force her body onto the bed with her ass in the air and her face flat on the bed ahead of me.I pull that sexy work skirt down from her waist only to be surprised myself that her ass is now totally exposed!?! There’s no way she had enough time to take her pants off when she got in the house which means…Store Manager Sarah went to work with no pants on and then had to deal with her companies audit with all of the senior heads that gave Sarah that job in the first place! She must’ve been so tense trying not to get exposed as the filthy submissive slut that that I know and love. It must’ve drove her crazy and soaking wet! Well this was a nice surprise. With her ass now fully exposed, Little Missy’s pussy was oozing with he slutty juices it was so hot that my big, hard, d*ck was bulging in my pants. But Little Missy hadn’t earned any of my rewards yet. I grabbed my cane firmly and promptly gave her the first hit of the cane, when she moaned so loudly as if she was about to cum! Little Missy now knew her place and immediately cried in a very high pitched tone, “Thank you Master James”!And this was just the beginning of the punishment for Little Missy’s Disobedience!===========================================================================(A GrabMeNow original)What should happen to Little Missy next?Do you like where this story has headed and where should it go next?Is she ready to feel my Big, Hard, Bulging Dick inside her yet?The more comments I get below, the quicker I’ll unlock the rest of the story for the public and release the other parts!

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