PatchouliPatchouli oil, I kept smelling Patchouli oil. It was distracting the crap out of me. I had to find her. I got up from the desk and started wandering through the stacks. She was elusive, but I was still in heaven. I love the smell of an old library, and Boston’s is very old. Sensual. I know, sounds silly, but there are two things that arouse me: a sexy woman and a library. Call me a nerd, I deserve it. But when I’m in a library I’m always damp. So I’m in libraries a lot!It only took a few minutes of wandering to find her. I started to smell the Patchouli as I walked through an empty stack and when I turned the corner, there she was. Young, brunette, with glasses. Did I mention how horny a woman in glasses makes me?. She was short, maybe a bit stocky. Her hair was short, her tits were large; her blouse was stretched around the buttons trying desperately to contain them. She looked up from the book she was holding and stared at me for a second.“Hi.” She was suspicious. I must have looked like a fool staring at her. “Uh, hi.” I replied. “I’m sorry to have bothered you but I could smell Patchouli and had to find out where it was coming from. I LOVE Patchouli!” She grinned. “Me too.” I wondered how old she was. I had already decided to try and seduce her, had to be careful. I stepped closer.“I’m Jane” I whispered, now close enough to see how beautiful her skin was. “Ellen. She was still wary but hadn’t budged as I came closer. I thought that was a good sign. “I’ve never seen you here Ellen, I’m here a lot.” “My first time, I just started school a few weeks ago and needed to get away from the dorms.” She turned to face me as she spoke, another good sign, I was wet. We made small talk for a few minutes in the stack. Conversation was easy. We liked each other. At one point she made a little joke and while we were both laughing I reached out and gently put my hand on her forearm. She inched closer to me, almost imperceptibly. I knew it was time. “My apartments’ right around the corner, would you like some tea or maybe a little wine?” She smiled “I’d love some wine.” türbanlı urfa escort At my place I didn’t waste any time. I poured two glasses of Mos**to and we sat together on my love seat. Our had conversation remained easy, no awkward silences, and I was feeling bold. I brought the topic around to sex. “Must be a lot of cute guys at BU?” She looked down as she replied “Yes, but I’m not really into dating.” “Why?” I asked, now a little concerned about my seduction. She picked her head up and looked back into my eyes “Well, I really mean that I’m not into dating guys.” My green light! I looked back at her and smiled, but before I could reply she added “it’s a little awkward, but I don’t really like dating anyone my age. I’m sorry. Probably too much too soon.” I put my hand on her thigh, shook my head no and sipped my wine. She put her hand on top of mine.I set my wine down, leaned toward her and cupped her cheeks with my hands. “Not too soon baby, not too soon.” I leaned to her and we kissed. Her lips were full and warm, soft and sweet with the Mos**to. Her tongue gently worked its way to mine and our kiss became deep. And wet. And delicious. Our lips and tongues explored each others, and caressed each other cheeks, ears, neck. Hers was gorgeous, her hair at the nape was soft and light and the Patchouli was intense. I whispered “I think I found your Patchouli…” She pulled away and looked at me for second before whispering “You didn’t find it all hun, I hid some somewhere else.” I stared at her for a second dumbfounded before I realized what she was doing. “May I look for it?” She nodded silently. I began unbuttoning her blouse, kissing her chest as more and more of it was revealed. She finished taking it off when it was unbuttoned. Her bra was sexy, a lacy green underwire with front clasps. I unclasped it and her titties fell out. Calling them “titties” might be deceiving, hers were large and hung heavily without the bra. Her nipples were small and pierced, and her areolas were huge, as if they had been stretched türbanlı urfa escort bayan nearly beyond recognition as her tits enlarged. I kissed, then licked, then sucked little, then nibbled. She tasted wonderful, maybe even a little salty. She held my head in her hands lightly and had begun to moan. After a few minutes of titty play I whispered “no Patchouli here…”. But you don’t have to stop…” I sat up and replied “I’ll come back baby.” I eased her back against the throw pillow so I could get at her jeans. Her blouse had been untucked and hid her belt, she had a huge buckle. Like a truckers! I stumbled a little trying to unbuckle it so she came to the rescue. In fact she undid her jeans and slid out of them for me, probably impatient with my clumsiness. Her thong didn’t match her bra. It was lacy, but white. Very pretty. Very sexy. She leaned back and cupped my face as I went back to work. Starting back at her tits, working her nipples for a while before slowly working my way down her abdomen to her deep navel. A beautiful trail of delicate hair led from her navel to her treasure, disappearing beneath white lace as it neared. I kissed the trail all the way down, and then I kissed her through the lace. She was soaking wet and musky. And hairy, her bush fell out of the sides of the thong and her thighs were thick with brown hair. She was lovely, breathing heavy and slow. I pulled the thong aside revealing her thick brown bush, hair even finer than that on her nape. I can’t remember ever touching a bush that was so fine. I buried my lips in it, kissing it and licking, slowly working my way to her treasure. My tongue found her clit almost by accident. She gasped and twitched when I licked it. It was huge and hard as a rock. I moved beyond it, working my tongue along the outside of her lips before moving inside. I licked her slowly with the flat of my tongue, covering as much of her as I could. Heavy breathing gave way to soft moaning. Her hands gently trying to guide my head, to move me back up to her clit. But türbanlı escort urfa I was gonna do this my way.After working her vagina for a while I got bold. I sat up, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and grabbed the other throw pillow. “Let’s put this under you ass…” She picked herself up a little and slid the pillow underneath. She lowered back down and I went back to work on her lips. The pause didn’t really even stop her moaning, but wham I began working my way toward her sphincter she tried to hold me back. “Relax sweetheart, you’ll like it.” “But what if I’m dirty?” she whispered. “Then I’ll clean you up.” I gave her a wicked grin, she laid her head back on the pillow, pulled her legs up and relaxed. I went down, down to her sweet hairy asshole. That’s when I found the Patchouli. I sat up for a second and said “eureka!”. She smiled. And yes, she WAS a little “dirty”, but that’s the way I like it. Bitter perhaps, definitely sharp, but absolutely delicious. I licked around and thrust my tongue in as deeply as I could make it. And she liked it, at least that’s what I sensed by her moaning.When I’d had my fill of sweet ass for time being, I worked back up to her lips and gave them another go ‘round before heading for the finish line. I worked her clot gently, my tongue lapping round and round, then over and over. Her moaning turned into gasps, shallow at first but getting faster and deeper. I worked harder and she started to push back into me, all the while pulling my head into her. It became a furious dance, her gasping and moaning and me unable to breath and trying to maintain the momentum. When her pelvis began twitching uncontrollably I knew we were at the finish line. She gave my head one last long pull and thrust her pelvis into me and screamed one long wonderful scream. Then she went limp.I moved on top of her, face to face and kissed her. My lips, cheeks and chin were covered with her juices. She licked and kissed herself off me. We kissed long and deeply, and looked into each other eyes in silence. “You’re wicked good!” She smiled. “I so my best, but it takes two you know…” “Your turn now old lady, lets do this one in your bed.” I got up and helped her off the couch. Her knees were weak and she had to work a little to stand up. It was the first time I’d seen her entire body. She was gorgeous, no super model but real. I love real women. We took each others hand and walked into my bedroom.

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