Piahia Adventures



“Yes,” Chloe replied with a hint of trepidation in her voice.

“And we are agreed we’re only open to the stuff we feel comfortable doing together.”

“Yes, I think so.” Chloe returns with another veiled smile.

“You just say the word, and we are out of here. Okay?”

“Yes, thank you, Andy. It would be a shame to get this far and stumble at the last hurdle.”

“Agreed,” Andy said with a quick nod of his head.

The truth of the evening had started three months earlier when Chloe had returned to New Zealand after living in Europe for a few years with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the relationship had not survived the trip, and Chole soon found herself single. But at least she was back in New Zealand and had rekindled her network of friends. The group comprised various friends from School and University, and one such friend had been Andy.

Andy had separated from his partner, and as he had assimilated back into his old friendships, the two had become close friends.

They were not dating; however, they had enjoyed a boozy kiss and a play after a night at the pub. They entered a ‘friend with benefits’ situation that night, with the two using each other as a fuckbuddy when feeling lonely or down. It was all very casual and very fluid, and they both enjoyed the excitement that it brought.

Both Andy and Chole had always felt there was more to life than a monogamous relationship. However, as their interests and inclinations had come to the fore, they realised they both had questions about their sexuality they were looking to explore.

Andy had been looking for a way to be more adventurous with his sexuality and came across a page for young couples to come together and enjoy the freedoms of a liberated sex life.

After many a drunken conversation, the two had decided to take the plunge and explore everything life had to offer. Doing this together would give them a sense of safety and skirt around the couples only regulations the group had put in place.

Having had a light dinner at the ‘Tipsy Oyster’, primarily consisting of Oysters and Sashimi, and a generous bottle of wine, they walked along the Paihia beachfront, looking for the sizeable white-clad house with the enormous Cedar tree in the yard.

As they walked, the evening breeze wafted the salty air up from the beach. Chloe wore a blue and green tropical print dress that perfectly hugged the contours of her shape, while Andy wore a smartish pair of board shorts and a loose t-shirt. They had been advised that it was a very casual affair, so just be dressed comfortably.

As their sandals flipped and flopped with every step along the sidewalk, they could see the mighty Cedar tree standing tall like a beacon just on the other side of the road.

They found each other staring at the house from across the road. The white picket fence was broken by a wide gate that led up a grassed driveway. The gate was closed, and several cars were parked on the lawn. They stepped up the three small steps to the front porch as they walked hand in hand. The windows facing the street were tightly shuttered closed with the faint sound of the music being carried by the wind.

“Last chance,” Andy said with a smile. Chloe leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Don’t worry, Andy, I’ll look after you?” she said with a wink. He kissed her softly on the cheek and returned,

“Chloe, I’m glad I’m doing this with you.”

“Me too,” she replied, squeezing his hand in hers.

Reaching up, she pressed the doorbell, which chimed a merry little song and before long, the door was opened by a 25-year-old guy with blonde surfer locks, and a dark summer worked tan.

“How’s it?” he asked before taking a sip from an ice-cold tin of Victoria Bitter.

“Hi, we’re friends of Martin?” Chloe said nervously.

“Marty, ye he’s inside. You two Andy and Chloe?”

“Guilty,” Chloe replied with a smile.

“I’m Sam. Did Marty explain the rules?”

“Kind of”, came Andy.

“Good, quickly then. No Phones, no Photos, be nice, ask before getting involved, do what you feel comfortable doing and most importantly, be safe. Got it?”

“Yes, thank you, Sam,” Chloe said with another smile.

“Come on in.”

As they walked over the threshold, they could both feel the butterflies in their stomach doing cartwheels.

“First time for you both?

“Yes”, they replied in unison

“Look, there is nothing to worry about; it’s as simple as this,” he said and, turning to Chloe, said “Can I kiss you?”

Smiling nervously, Chloe nodded and, leaning in, felt Sam’s lips press against hers. His lips felt a little cracked from the sun but not uncomfortable. The faint smell of suntan lotion on his skin reminded her of Piña Coladas as she parted his lips and let his tongue french kiss her softly. After a few moments, Chloe pulled back and gently wiped her lips.

With a wink, she turned before saying,

“Maybe we can get together later over a tinny?”

“Maybe, Sam. Maybe.”

Sam swaggered ankara eryaman escort into the house, and they took in their surroundings. Somewhere Bob Marley was singing a redemption song as people stood about chatting. It all seemed as normal as any ordinary House party on the beach. Cute girls, cute guys. Chatting, dancing, drinking and generally having a great time.

When they stopped to look closer, they saw the other activities on offer.

Sat on a high stool at the breakfast bar in the kitchen was an attractive, petite brunette, her hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing short-short camo pants and a matching camo bikini top. Between her legs stood a young Maori man, stocky in shape. He was pushed up against her. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss. His hands were moving over her legs as hers pulled his face sideways as they kissed.

He had a Moko tattoo draped over his shoulder, an intricate curved wave design-like shape that ran down his upper arm. As they kissed, Chloe could see his hand moving over her bikini as his fingers fumbled to cup her boob.

Over on the sofa, Andy watched a spritely looking man sit with his arms behind his head as he enjoyed the lips of a black-haired lady. Her glasses pulled up to hold her hair out of her face. Andy watched as she slowly lowered her head onto his cock before rising up his shaft. As Andy watched her suck the man off, he saw another girl slide her hand between her legs and massage her vagina. Her sucking got progressively faster and more profound as she enjoyed the cock in her mouth and the fingers in her quim.

In no time, the guy let out a long groan as his eyes rolled back into his head and his load shot into the girl’s mouth.

Patiently she sucked his cock dry before leaning over and kissing the girl who had been playing between her legs. Her moans were loud as she orgasmed at her friend’s touches. Andy could not stop staring at the sight that unfolded before him. The girl providing the blow job kissed her friend, and she, in turn, had turned to kiss the guy. He then shook with disgust as he spit out his cum into a plastic cup. Evidently, girl one had passed it on to girl two and then passed it on to him.

Andy turned and whispered, “Please keep me away from those two, will you.”

However, Chloe wasn’t listening.

Chloe stared fixated on a couple heading towards the back of the house. Chloe was transfixed as she watched them disappear towards the back of the house. As they reached the door, the lady turned and smiled at them. Then, pointing at them both, she gestured a come here signal. She stood half in half out of the door as she waited for them to start moving toward her.

She was an elegant looking lady, slightly older than most others, perhaps in her early 40s. She wore an orange vest top and a long white linen beach dress. Her bobbed honey-blond hair framed her round face, and she smiled again. Her beautifully clear brown eyes sparkled mischievously.

Chloe took Andy’s hand as they walked down the corridor, looking for a bit of reassurance more than anything and taking a deep breath, turned into the room.

The elegant lady had moved into the room and held the door open. As they walked into the room, they were surprised at how light and airy it was. The curtains had nets pulled closed, which allowed the light to scream into the room but still provided an element of privacy from outside.

On the other side of a large, sturdy-looking desk sat a naked man. He smiled and waved at them with both his legs crossed, hiding his modesty. He looked similar in age to her, in his mid-40s with tidy dark black hair the whisps of a bit of grey at his sides. Although he was not strong, he still had a handsome physique and looked toned in all the right places as Chloe moved her hand awkwardly in a wave back at him. Chloe felt a silly waving like that, particularly when she remembered how she often fantasied about being with an older man.

They walked into the room, and, as they did, the door was closed behind them.

“Hi, I’m Tamara, and this is Mike.” She said in a sweet, light congenial manner. “It’s your first time at one of these, right?”

Andy spoke first,

“I’m Andy, and this is Chloe.” He said, pointing at her, “Yes, it’s our first time. Do we look that green?”

“To say rabbit in the headlights would be an understatement,” Tamara said with another smile.

“When I saw you, I knew you were new to this. I thought you might be more comfortable with a little more privacy. This being your first time and all.”

“Thanks, it’s a lot to take in when you first walk in. You don’t know where to look first. Everyone is just at it everywhere,” Chloe said, directing her gaze over Tamara.

“That’s kind of the point. However, we do have some rules.” said Tamara, “They should have mentioned them to you when you arrived.”

“Who welcomed you to the house?” Tamara asked, stepping a little closer to them.

“Sam”, replied Andy.

Tamara Smiled. “Did escort sınırsız çankaya he ask to kiss you, Andy?”

“No, not me. He kissed Chloe.” He said, a little shocked at the thought of a man wanting to kiss him.

“We never know what flavour ‘Sam’ is thrusting for sometimes. If he is looking for a lady tonight, I may say hello to him later,” she said, turning to Chloe. She mouthed almost an inaudible “huge cock” and winked with a smile.

Chloe had drifted to stand almost next to Tamara. She released her hand from Andy’s, looking directly into his eyes, simply said, “May I kiss you, Tamara?”

“Yes, I would like that very much.”

As the two girls moved closer, Chloe took Tamaras face in her hands and pulled her close. Andy watched as the girls’ lips touched. As he watched their lips press together, he could feel the bulge in his shorts start to grow.

Chloe had kissed girls before, but not like this. After a night out, those kisses had been a bit of fun with her girlfriends in college. This felt more genuine. She really wanted to taste Tamara. As the petting became more serious, Chloe felt Tamara’s mouth open and her tongue press against her lips. Following her lead, Chloe separated her lips too, and as she did, she felt Tamara slide her tongue into her mouth. Its soft fleshy tip was moving over hers. Chole pulled Tamara hips forward and inhaled deeply as they French kissed. Her chest rising to meet Tamara’s as their faces turned with the natural motion of the kiss. Chloe felt Tamara’s hand rise and cup her breast. The sensation sent a trickle of excitement over her skin as her fingers brushed over the material and onto her skin between the plunged neckline of her dress. As Andy watched on, he could feel himself growing harder in his shorts. He could see Mike still sitting on his chair, but now his legs were uncrossed, and his hands were slowly stroking his cock. Andy had never seen another man touch himself before and was surprised how different it was to his technique. Every day is a school day, so he thought to himself as his hand slid under his waistband and into his trousers. His hands were grasping his cock as he turned to look at the girls.

As his gaze returned, he could see Tamara had already pulled the straps off Chloe’s shoulders. Her hands were cupping Chloe’s modest tits as she slowly teased her nipple with her tongue. Tamara moved her tongue around her nipple like a revolving door. Slowly feeling her grow more erect as she flicked it. Chloe had her head back and her eyes closed as she ran her fingers through Tamara’s Hair. As Tamara toyed with her conquest’s nipples, Andy saw that she had also put her hand under Chloe’s dress. Her hand fidgeted underneath the material as Chloe moaned quietly. Chloe pulled Tamara’s face into her breast, and Tamara took advantage and sucked her nipple deep into her mouth. Rather than releasing, she pulled her head back, outstretching the nipple before releasing it. Tamara suckled Chloe’s nipples while she wriggled out of her beach dress. Andy could see the material slide over the curves of her bum, her dress moving over her muscular thigh’s and down over her calf’s. Kicking the dress away, Andy noticed she was not wearing knickers. Looking at her naked legs and bum Andy could feel himself growing harder in his hand. Chloe slipped the orange top over Tamara’s head, and her generous boobs cascaded out onto Chloe’s tummy as she returned to playing with Chloe’s nipples.

Tamara manoeuvred over to the table and sat her at its edge. Chloe slipped the dress down and kicked it to one side as she sat. Again, Andy was surprised to see she had not worn knickers. He watched as she sat back, and Tamara kissed Chloe excitedly. Chloe moved her lips up Tamara’s neck, over her haw and nibbled her ear. As Chloe and Andy’s eyes connected, she spoke softly into Tamara’s ear. “Would you play with my pussy, please? “. Tamara nodded as she moved to kiss her lips once more. As she did, her hand slid between Chloe’s legs again, and as she sat back, Andy could see her pussy glinting with moisture in the light.

As Tamara moved her hands over Chloe’s pussy, her fingers moved to gently run along her labia before moving back and forth as they slid her labia open. Then, using Chloe’s lubrication, she moved up her shape and started circling Chloe’s clit. Chloe leant back and gasped as Tamara’s tongue moved over her form. The tongue was moving to flick, spin, and coax her clit from its hood.

Tamara sucked the pea into her mouth as Chloe moaned at the pleasure washing over her. Andy’s hand moved faster over his shape as his fingers tightened around his cock. His precum lubricated his strokes as he watched his friend grind against Tamara. As Tamara flicked Chloe’s clit once more, her fingers moved up her thighs and began to trace the shape of Chloe’s mound. Her fingers were moving to play with her clit at the same time as her tongue before moving to her vagina entrance. Chloe groaned loudly as she felt the tingles turn to overpowering çankaya eve gelen escort bayan pleasure crackling like fireworks over her body. Tamara slid one hand between her legs and began to play with her clit simultaneously.

Andy was mesmerised as he felt his hands moving faster over his stiff cock. Finally, Mike stood and approached the table, moving behind Chloe.

As he approached, he asked Chloe in a deep low voice full of seduction, “You look beautiful, Chloe, may I join?”

Chloe did not answer. She simply reached back, and, curling her hand around his neck, she pulled him into the crook of her own. His warm breath was on her skin as his lips touched her. She tasted sweet and soft like strawberries and cream, and he could smell her adorable fragrance in the air as Tamara played on her knees below.

Chloe could feel Mike’s rough hands moving around her side and onto her chest. Tamara’s smooth caresses had pleasured her with were now replaced with brisker handling by Mike. he rolled her nipples between his fingers as he kissed her neck and shoulders. His lips were soft but lacked the sensitivity of Tamara’s kiss. As he rounded her side, she felt him take her nipple into his mouth, sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it. His hand grasped her grip, and he moved it between his legs. Chloe wrapped her fingers around his penis. It was hard and soft and felt wide between her fingers as she began to stroke her palm up and down his shape.

Tamara continued to twirl her tongue around Chloe’s soaking clitoris. As she did, she moved two fingers into her slowly as Chloe gasped in delight.

Feeling Tamara slice between her lips, stretching her vagina as they pushed past her tight muscles, sent a firework up her body over. Mike’s touches on her sensitive erect nipples sent a shot back down her body, the sensation of the two colliding deep inside her as she groaned. Tamara began curling her fingers inside her as she entered her deeper. Mike’s sucking was becoming more ravenous on her breast as she ground back against Tamara.

Tamara effortlessly fingered her from her position on the floor, gliding into her as she tongued her clitoris frenetic. Chloe could feel herself building up to an orgasm. Her muscles tightening around Tamara. Her fingernails dug into Mikes’ neck as he kissed and played with her.

“I’m close, I’m close”, she muttered as Tamara changed gear and slowed her touching. As she slid her fingers out of Chloe’s dripping pussy, she raised her hand to Mike. He eagerly sucked Tamara’s fingers into his mouth and then whispered softly in his deep voice,

“You taste delicious.”

Andy watched as Chloe writhed on the table, her body looking for someone to play with her, but Tamara and Mike were being stubborn. “Not quite yet beautiful, but soon,” said Tamara turning her gaze to Andy. Andy’s hand was stroking his cock as he watched the spectacle unfolding in front of him.

“Come here”, Tamara ordered, and Andy dewily scuttled over his shorts at ankles.

Tamara gently patted Chloe’s clitoris with her fingers before grasping Andy’s cock in her hand. She then proceeded to roll her fingers around the tip of his cock. She lubricated it with Chloe’s nectar. Andy watched as his helmet glistened in the light before it disappeared into Tamara’s mouth. Her mouth was rolling over his shiny helmet as she began to suck his cock. Andy gasped as she took shallow bobs on his shape. Feeling her heat surrounding his figure, he could feel Chloe’s and Mike’s eyes watching him. The sensation sent a shiver of pleasure over his body, nestling deep inside his prostate. A warm, dull haze came over him as he felt Tamara take him deep into her mouth. Andy had been playing with himself as he watched the scene unfold in front of him, and now he was close to cumming. Sensing that their new friends were both close, Tamara and Mike stepped up their playing. Tamara swallowed Andy’s Cock faster with a variety of small bobs and deep thrusts. As she did, Mike manhandled Chloe turning her to face him and pressing his hands against her chest. Pushing her back, she felt the cold desk at her back as she looked at Mike towering over her. Looking down, she saw him position his hard cock at the entrance of her vagina. She bit her lip as she turned her head to look at Andy.

Their eyes connected momentarily, and Chloe could see the pleasure on Andy’s face as Tamara expertly worked her mouth over his penis, taking long deep sucks from his tip to the hilt of his shaft. A sudden sense of excitement gripped Andy as he saw Chloe’s face suddenly change. Her eyes closed, and her head lent back. Her mouth contorted into a small O shape as she let out a long OOHHHH. She felt the sudden thrust of Mikes thick cock ripping into her pussy. Her vagina was wet, so it was easy for him to slide into her heat. In one long thrust, mike plunged the extent of his cock deep into her pussy. His wide cock pressed her skin out as he retracted his cock before slamming it into her once more.

The sight of Mike fucking Chloe was too much for Andy, and Tamara felt his hot cum fill her mouth. Looking up at him, she pumped his cock while his penis pulsated in her mouth. Tamara sucked him until his balls were empty before standing up and kissing him on the lips. He could taste himself on her lips as he kissed back.

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