Pizza Store Manager and Ex-Stripper


Pizza Store Manager and Ex-StripperI manage a local Pizza Place right next to a large state university. Every semester a new group of students apply for jobs at my place. The problem is come summer there all gone and I am left with no staff. Every now and then I frequent a strip bar in town and struck up a conversation with Suzy an older dancer. You could tell she was getting on in years, she may have been over 40. I was only 29. We became friends and one day she said “my days are numbered here, I’m just too old and I’m tired of giving free blow jobs to the owner’s gang banger friends”. It was May and I knew my employees would be leaving in droves next week. I told Suzy “hey apply at my place there’s plenty of overtime and good tips in the summer”. I gave her my card. Well the next day she sent me a resume; she was actually kırıkkale rus escort 43 and had worked as a Bank Teller so she knew how to handle money. However, there were some three and four year gaps in her work history. I knew Suzy probably didn’t want to put down that she worked in strip clubs all those years. I decided just to ignore it, and handled her like any other applicant. I called her in for an interview and it went well until she said “is this the time I have to blow the boss to get the job”. I said “no, I’m a class act” and I gave her the job. Well after working at a Strip Club she knew how to be friendly and handle people. The summer was usually slow but with Suzy I had repeat customers coming in all the time. One night after closing Suzy and I struck kırıkkale rus escort bayan up a conversation and she said “you know I don’t make as much money here, but I have my dignity, thanks. A week later I asked her out and on our first date we wound up at my place. We were drinking and making out on the couch when Suzy laughed and said “I think it’s time to blow the boss!!!” Then she got on her knees in front of me and proceeded to unzip my pants. Of course Suzy really knew her way around a dick, she started sucking the first four inches, and she really sucked it hard. When she stopped she wrapped her tongue around my cock while lightly sucking the shaft up and down. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked my cock. Suzy then she took the head of my dick in her rus kırıkkale escort mouth and for a few minutes she sucked on it as hard as she could,it was an incredible blow job!!! Then she did what only a real experienced cocksucker would do. She took the tip of her tongue and entered my pee slit probing into it with her tongue as she sucked the head of my dick, I was in ecstasy. Then Suzy looked up and smiled and asked “will I get the job now” I yelled “you’re hired” and we both laughed. Suzy went back to work and dropped down to lick my balls and run her tongue all the way up and down my cock. It was incredible, I just couldn’t hold back anymore. I yelled honey I’m cuming, should I cum on your “face or mouth”? Suzy replied “mouth”. With that, she put the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked me until my cock exploded as semen poured into her mouth. When I stopped cumming she stopped, opened her mouth, and looked up at me, her mouth was full of my cum. Then I couldn’t believe it, she moved her head upwards and gulped my entire load down her throat. Well Suzy and I go out about once a week now. She has a job for life. Recently, I made her Assistant Manager.

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