PoolMina sat quietly waiting for the man. She was in his room sitting on a bench that would have come from a garden she guessed…..heavy and ornate cast iron ends linked together by the solid wooden slats that made up the seat and the back. The slats were five feet long so the bench was five feet wide.They met in a bar and during the course of their evening the conversation had gone to places she hadn’t been with boyfriends she’d known for two years or more and though she was in the home of a man she didn’t know she felt excited rather than scared or worried.He returned to the room and stood smiling down at her.He offered his two hands which she took and he raised her up to stand before him.He stood very close as he reached behind her to find the zip of her dress and the coil of rope over his shoulder tickled her chin.He unzipped the dress and it fell to the ground.He undid her bra and removed it and she was put out that he didn’t seem at all moved by her suddenly naked breasts.His nose almost ran down between them as he crouched to pull down her knickers.She was naked now as he sat her back down in the middle of his bench.The wooden slats bakırköy escort felt cold and hard on her flesh but she still felt the thrill and not the fear.He laid down the rope and she saw it had more than two ends.He smiled sweetly at her as he tied her and she could not take her eyes from is face.He tied her arms along the back of the bench so that her breasts stood up and out fully exposed and vulnerable.He tied her ankles to the front feet and used rope at her knees to spread her legs.When he had finished she was sitting at the edge of the bench with her legs wide apart and her arms spread like wings.She felt completely open – completely available – a little nervous and very lustful if she were honest with herself.He stroked her cheek gently as he left the room and she was left alone with her thoughts.She could hear him moving in the next room and as she listened and thought and listened her nipples started to stiffen.She heard the door handle and tried to look over her shoulder at him as he returned.Standing behind her he cupped her chin and kissed her gently on her upturned mouth. He softly touched beşiktaş escort her top lip with his tongue and as her tongue came out to meet him he touched it with his fingers.He reached down with the finger moistened by her tongue and ran it the length of her cunt lips and she shuddered with pleasure and anticipation. Her cunt was almost instantly wetter than her tongue and the tip of his finger slipped into her. He knew that he could slip four fingers into her knuckle deep right now if he wanted….She knew it too.He moved to stand in front of her and reached into his pocket to pull out………She thought it was a ball gag and a thrill of fear went through her.She had experience of them and loved yet feared ball gags.When right they could be thrillingly disabling.When wrong they could be brutally damaging.What he had in his hand was bigger than she expected and had no straps of any kind.It was a pool ball and he held it before her eyes so she could inspect the shiny perfection of it as he turned it round and round for her to see.He took her top lip between his teeth and pulled gently.She licked beylikdüzü escort his lower lip with her tongue.As they kissed, he ran the back of his hand across her breasts and down her belly to her now very wet cunt.She felt the thrill of cold on hers lips and she realised that the pool ball that had been before her eyes was now between her cunt lips and was being pushed gently into her. She squirmed….he smiled…they kissed again.He sat on the bench beside her and looked in her eyes as his finger pushed gently at the hard ball inside her.She could feel his finger between her lips and she could definitely feel the pool ball.It felt as though it was touching every wall inside her. He withdrew his finger and reached again for his pocket.He wanted her to see everything and held the little bullet vibrator up for her to see…Her clitoris quivered in anticipation but that was not his target.He turned the vib on and slid it between her lips.It felt tickly and thrilling as it slid in and then the nose of the vibrator made contact with the pool ball.Suddenly the whole of the inside of her was thrumming and tingling and within the shortest time she had cum and cum again and she was getting ready to beg him to stop as she came for the third time with an immense shudder and a trickle of white creamy cunt juice.She was sobbing with satisfaction and near exhaustion as he kissed her lips gently and pressed the vibrator to the pool ball yet again……..

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