I look at the screen of the computer deeply sighing. As she told me what to do. With swift movements of my hands I type back to her. ‘Yes Mistress.’ Her orders were simple, write a story about an experience that before refused to do, but now I had to do. The reason for this, simple yet again to gain back her trust. The experience was to orgasm twice in a row, and on the second time eat my own cum. The jacking off wasn’t the problem, it was the eating my cum.

I unbuttoned my pants pulling them down past my knees. My cock limp and a brownish tan as usual. My hand gently grabbed it, my cock responding almost instantly by growing fully erect. A wave of sudden pleasure washed over him, his body tingling slightly.

I looked at the screen once more clicking on one of the tabs I had up. It was a porn site. Leaning my body forward slightly turning off the speakers on my computer I click on a video. Some kind of German threesome I guess. It instantly started off, by the girl on top of a guy being fucked both by anal and vaginal. Soon after it started I began to quickly stroke bakırköy escort my cock. I never knew why but I always have the best reaction from quicker strokes than slower.

Three minutes into the Video, I had an orgasm, cum spilling out of the head of my cock covering my cock. I take a towel that I had nearby and quickly clean myself up. A swift click of the mouse pausing the video while I became ready once more.

I take my cock in hand, my limp tool not being so responsive than the first time. So my moved my thumb pressing it against the head of my cock rubbing it in a circular motion. With this method it had a little better response. It started to harden into an erection. I played the video once more stroking my cock, still with it’s half erection. The video continued, to the woman kneeling on the ground sucking both guys cocks. I just stared at the scene emotionless. Taking the mouse in my hand I skipped ahead in the video by a few minutes. After that skip it showed a guy sitting on a chair his cock fully erect, when avcılar escort I saw that image I stopped stroking my cock, and closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them again the woman was now on top of the man moving her hips herself, and the other man inserting his tool into her ass. As both men began to thrust their hard cocks into her, she started screaming from pleasure.

I started to quickly stroke my cock once more, applying plenty of pressure but not enough for it to hurt. Three more minutes passed, he could feel his orgasm rising, but not the the surface yet. The woman was now sucking the guy’s dick that was fucking her in the ass, that other guy still fucking her in the pussy.

My entire body started to grow hot, as waves of pleasure started washing over me. My dick twitched slightly as my orgasm rose to the surface. eight minutes into the video I came again, not as much cum flowing out of the head of my dick but still covering the head.

I moved my hand skimming over my dick picking up the cum that büyükmece escort came out. I stared at it for a few seconds thinking to myself ‘What the hell am I doing?’I brought it closer to my mouth, sniffing it a few times, it having No odor. He took a deep sigh still reluctant to eat it.

I took a deep breath closing his eyes, pushing the cum covered area into his mouth sucking it off. The salty flavor suddenly filled my mouth ans I swallowed the white liquid. He let the breath out letting my tongue hang out of my mouth. ‘Wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But at least it’s only MY cum and not anybody else’s.’


This fight happened over a chat site that I take to my Mistress. I was talking to her when suddenly I walked away and logged off. Two minutes later I logged back on. She started yelling at me saying that she had problems with people leaving her; and my leaving made her extremely angry. I tried to apologize but it didn’t work. So for punishment the next day she told me to write this.

Now Mistress I am EXTREMELY sorry. I didn’t know that my leaving would make you so angry. I’ll NEVA do it again. I couldn’t possibly put you through that anger again. Not even mentioning that I lost every bit of trust that you had invested in me. But if you trust me again I will not lose your trust again. Your trust is invaluable to me. And I do not want to lose it ever again.

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