rachel 1


rachel 1have been encouraged to post my adventures hereas some of you know, i like to jerk off. i like it most when there is an element of risk involved. i have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, i’ve always been proud of my body, so i take every chance i get to show it off.a few months ago i was in the gym. there is an early morning aerobics class i like to watch while i lift. i always go commando, in hopes that some of the milfs at the gym get a eyeful by “accident”. on this particular day i see my neighbor. she’s about my age, small perky breasts tight little body. her husband is a former marine, and often out of town. so she’s definitely a look don’t touch kind of girl. she walks over and says hi, as i am taking a water break. we chat a bit, i tell her how nice she looks (she did look great, i didn’t mention how her nipples we poking through her loose top, or that i had a great view of her camel toe). i head over to the bench press, she goes over to the back extension machine which just happens to face the bench. as i settle into the bench i realize she can see right up my shorts. as i think about this i start to get harder and harder. by now, ataşehir escort there is no way i can hide my stiff cock as it pulls the thin fabric of my running shorts up into a tent, exposing part of the shaft and my balls. as i finish my set, and sit up, i notice that rachel is still doing back extensions, and smiling at me. i sit for a while, a little afraid to stand up, but excited that she can still see my stiff cock, and was obviously enjoying it. i catch a few nice views of her small but very nice cleavage, decide that there is no way this hard-on is going away on its own. tempted as i was to whip it out and rub it right then and there, i watch the sweat on rachel’s breasts for a few more reps, stand up to go as my cock springs free of my shorts. i pretend not to notice for a second, then casually pull my shorts back over it. heading to the shower is out of the question at this point, so i pick up my towel and my keys and head to my car. i strip naked in my car as i drive home. and slowly stroke my cock savoring the feeling as i drive. i reach my house (i live alone right now), and walk naked out ümraniye escort the back to my hot tub, it was still winter, and it was a little cold and still dark as i opened the tub and climbed in. i enjoy the feel of the jets on my shaft and my ass. as a sit there i see the light come on at rachel’s house. she’s back from the gym, she must have left right after me. i turn to get a better look at her window. she’s never really understood the concept of blinds, and i have gotten a few nice shows over the years. i start to stroke a little slower, hoping to make it last and get a good view in the process, while positioning my ass to get the full power of the jet. sure enough, its her, as she undresses to shower, i can see everything. it occurs to me for the first time, that maybe she knows exactly how blinds work, and that she knows i often sit in my tub watching her. i climb out and sit on the edge of my tub, now stroking furiously facing her window. she leaves the view of the window, and her light goes out 🙁 a few seconds later, the light at her tub comes on, as she steps out in a bath kadıköy escort robe. i’m caught out in the open. there is enough light coming from my house to show exactly what i am doing. i’ve been bagged! totally screwed. accidentally allowing her to see my cock at the gym is one thing, looking in her window watching her undress while masturbating is totally in a different league. i freeze. my thick cock still in hand afraid to move a muscle. maybe she wears contacts and is blind as a bat. if i don’t move i’ll be safe. no such luck. she sees me. but instead of running in the house and calling the cops (or worse her husband), she drops her bathrobe, and slips naked into her tub. she is now staring straight at me. almost daring me to give her a show for a change. i decide to push my luck, i turn a little to give her a better view of what i am doing, and give my cock a few squeezes. rachel adjusts herself in her tub and continues to stare in my direction.the scene is so erotic. here is this beautiful woman maybe 50 feet away tops, watching me masturbate. she has yet to make any move that made me thing that she wanted me to get any closer. i stand to give her the best view i can. i cum great gobs right over the side as i slide back into the tub. exhausted, simultaneously thrilled and embarrassed.i climb out of the tub wrap my towel around me and go inside. i see her get out of her tub a minute or so later.this was the first, but not the last time, we saw each other this last winter.

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