Riding The Big One

Big Tits

Putting my drink down, I gently lowered myself to my knees in front of him.

The lacy chemise rose up my back a little as I pulled aside the string of my thong, and I shifted slightly trying to get into position. He stroked both hands gently across my shoulders as I leant forwards, his hard cock inches from my face.

I reached down and picked up the bullet vibrator before touching it to my sensitive clit. The thought of the camera behind me, capturing every moment for him to wank over again and again gave me a buzz of knowing that he’d be thinking of me even when I wasn’t there.

I lowered myself a little, and the head of the toy nudged against my lips. At thirteen inches long it was the biggest toy in our collection, and went from a thick head down five bulbous lumps which increased in girth down the shaft to a thick solid base. All in all, nine inches of this huge dildo were ‘usable’ plus the solid base which was as thick as my calf.

With a smooth motion I sank slowly onto the toy, the bullet shaped head easily sliding into my wet pussy – even at the top it was thicker than his dick and it stretched my cunt in a deliciously enjoyable way. I darted my tongue out and ran it across the head of his knob, teasing around the glans before wetting my lips and taking kurtköy escort the full head into my mouth. His cock jumped as I sucked hard, and I felt some pre-cum slide out the tip onto my tongue. I leant further forwards to take more of his cock into my mouth, it was rock hard and I could feel the thumping of his blood inside, the warmth of his cock even hotter because of the coldness of my drink earlier.

I enjoy the feeling of control when I suck him – being in charge of his pleasure, knowing that all he really wants is for me to swallow him as deep as I can, to feel his cock hit the back of my throat, and being able to hear his moans when I fulfil his desire. I could feel my saliva building as I started to work his cock deeper, and I knew that my pussy juices would be doing the same. I pushed back onto the toy, the second bulb sliding into my pussy firmly. Wider than the first it filled me up and my lips gripped it tightly as I moved up and down over the first two bumps, the slickness of my pussy coating the shaft as I rode it.

I reached down and turned the vibrator up to it’s highest setting, the buzzing sensation shooting through my clit up my spine, and a slight moan escaped my full mouth. I dropped further onto the beşiktaş escort toy, the third bump working it’s way into my pussy, a good six inches of the massive dildo firmly lodged in my cunt, this time a gasp as I felt the tip nudging my cervix. It always seemed to be a flexible barrier, and never seemed to be in the same place every time. The more turned on I got, the more depth I could take, and as I pushed again I felt the steady pressure forcing the toy deeper, moving my cervix up further inside me.

By now I had my lips wrapped fully around his cock halfway down the length. I matched my movements on the toy with those on his cock, sliding up and down, gradually working deeper and deeper until I had his cock touching the back of my throat and my nose nestling in his trimmed pubes. My pussy had swallowed the fourth bump without me being aware of it, seven and a half inches now impaling me, the immense girth stretching me wonderfully. He lifted my head from his cock, forcing me to sit more upright on the toy, and wildly kissed at my neck. I felt his hands reaching round to my buttocks as he gripped them firmly, his finger raking across the skin and pulling my cheeks apart.

I really started to moan as I began to work şişli escort that thing into me, riding up and down the fourth bump and enjoying the opening/closing motion of my pussy as the bulb forced its way in and out. I pushed a little deeper and suddenly found to my surprise that I could take even more, my lips were being stretched by the last and widest bump and my cervix again being forced aside as the tip drove deeper into my cunt. As I adjusted my hips a little I dropped even further and took the whole nine inches inside, my butt cheeks hitting the solid base of the toy, my lips closing slightly around the bottom of the last bump. I rocked there at that point, oblivious to the outside world as I enjoyed the stretching of my lips, the buzzing on my clit and the amazing sensation of penetration almost up to my stomach.

Just as I started to come, he grabbed my arse with both hands and lifted me up slightly, dropping me again onto the massive toy. The pleasure was unbelievable and as he lifted again I rose with him, my pussy pulsing as it opened and closed over two or three of the bumps, before slamming down again hard, the tip punching me inside and my lips bottoming out on the base again. I know now from watching the video that a trail of my pussy juice was running down the toy as the orgasm racked my body – my cunt spasming around the fat toy as waves of pleasure washed across me. Three or four more deep thrusts onto the dildo and I was spent, the orgasm subsiding as I returned to normal consciousness, discovering the full thick toy still wedged in my tight cunt and a big smile on my man’s face…..

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