Rob & Summer


Rob & SummerPart 1.Rob had nothing but admiration for this girl. The fact she was his daughter made little difference. He gazed upon her with love in his eyes.She had suffered many tragedies in her short life, many were shared with Rob, yet, she still smiled everyday. She’d grown up happy, in good health, with loving parents. Rob and Claire had been married since they were sixteen. They bore two c***dren, two years apart. Eddie was the elder, Summer the younger.The first tragedy struck when Eddie was injured in a school rugby match, leaving him paralysed from the neck down. He’d remained in hospital for 3 years before contracting pneumonia, and passed away shortly after.It had hit the family hard, but Claire took it the hardest, and had to leave work with clinical depression. It was during the depression, when deluded by an overdose of pills, Claire had taken out the peugeot, despite not holding a driving license, and had careered into a tree. Not wearing a seatbelt, she’d been thrown forward and killed instantly on impact with the dashboard.Friends and family did all they could to support Rob and Summer through the terrible 18 months.It was now 5 years on, Summer was blossoming into a fine young woman. Yet had no real interest in boys. She spent some time with friends, but mostly stayed at home with her dad.In the 5 year gap, Summer and Rob had become far closer than most Father and daughters, they holidayed together, ate together, and spent most of their free time just relaxing together.Rob had begun to notice Summer’s ever more enticing appearance. Her whole demeanour was just enthralling to him.It had been an unseasonably hot month, especially for Manchester, and they spent many hours in the rear garden soaking up the rays.Summer had been in the garden sunbathing for a few hours. Rob had been finishing some paperwork and bills in the living room, when everything was shipshape, he went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of cloudy lemonade from the fridge, and went out into the garden.In an effort not to get tan lines, Summer was wearing the smallest bikini she owned, it left little to the imagination, and was mostly inappropriate to wear around her father, but then that was partly why she was wearing it.Lying in the sun, she had tried reading a new novel, but couldn’t get into the story, so she put it down, rolled onto her front, and untied the halter neck on the bikini top.The sun always had the same effect on Summer, added to the frustration she’d felt recently, meant her imagination ran wild, and she began to feel aroused, while enjoying the delirious sexual fantasies that seemed vividly real in the ethereal semi u*********s place between sleep and awake.Rob walked silently up the steps onto the grassed terrace. Totally secluded from each of the neighbours by two high stone walls on one side, and an thick fence/hedge combo. They were lucky, that it caught the sun from early morning til late evening before it dropped over the eve of the neighbours house.He rounded the large Jasmine flower shrub that afforded some privacy from the house, and saw Summer lying on the grass, her legs slightly spread, her bikini top laying underneath her chest. He couldn’t help but admire the tantalising glimpse of the side of her small pert breast. Added to the fact that her black bikini bottoms had scrunched up into her butt crack. Rob could have sworn he could see the faint outline of her pubic mound.He forced himself out of his perving before he got the guilty evidence in his shorts, and nowhere to hide it. He bent down to set the glasses on the grass, and the ice clinked in the glasses.Startled from her over-active imagination, Summer came to her senses, but in shock at seeing the object from her fantasy bending over her rendered her dumb, and she slightly twisted, exposing her small boob to him.’Ooh, Dad, you startled me’ She managed to stammer’I thought you might like some Lemonade’ Rob replied, hastily sliding onto his stomach to hide his growing erection.Neither knew it, but they each looked at each other, while each secretly fantasising about each others body.They lay silently for a bit, each trying not to give away their lusty desire to jump the other one.Summer broke the silence after about 15 minutes.’Dad, would you mind putting some sun oil on my back?This was usually no big deal, he’d done it türbanlı ordu escort 50-60 times in the last few weeks.’Sure honey’He rolled over to her, then kneeled to one side. He reached for the bottle of oil, and squeezed a few drops onto his hands. As he prepared to begin to work the oil into his daughters hot bronzed skin, he noticed his hands were shaking, not to mention his erection being harder than he could ever remember, straining at his shorts.He forced himself to comply with his daughters need for sun protection, and force the though of rolling her over and fucking her til he exploded, out of his mind.His strong hands felt brilliant on Summers bare shoulders as his strong fingers worked the oil into her hot,smooth skin, and in her state, let out a soft moan’Did she just moan?’ Rob asked himself ‘What if….she’s turned on”No, No NO, this can’t happen, she’s my daughter for gods-sake’His mind in turmoil, his concentration slipped. He had been steadily working down her back, but suddenly worked up her sides, feeling her skin against her ribs. Summer at the same moment had decided she needed a drink and raised her back slightly, and as she reached for her glass….left an clear path for her fathers fingertips to travel over her now bare breasts.In the same moment, Rob snapped his hands back in shock, and he could have sworn Summer let out a low gasp.Before either could make a move, or say anything, a sharp trill rang out from the kitchen…the phone rang.Grateful for the distraction. Rob got up and ran inside.Summer sighed in sheer frustration and let her forehead drop the ground.A few hours later, after both keeping themselves out of each others company, each thinking they’d gone to far.Summer had just showered, and smelling food cooking from the kitchen had put on a thin white vest and a pair of short shorts.’Hi Dad’ She smiled brightly ‘That smells good, what’ve we got?”It’s grilled garlic and ginger chicken, buttered new potatoes and your favourite salad”Ohh, it sounds lush’They ate in relative silence, not different to most meal times, both just happy to enjoy the tasty food.They chatted while sharing the clearing up.’What are you doing for the rest of the evening Summer?”Uhm, I figure I’ll go to bed early and just watch some tv”Oh, that’s ok then.’Summer poured a glass of milk and took herself off to bedLater in the evening, Rob was just contemplating jerking off to the memory of his daughter’s breasts. When he heard a soft knock on the bedroom door.’Dad?”Yes Summer?”Could you put some aftersun on my shoulders, I think I burnt them a bit earlier”Christ’ thought Rob, even after touching her breasts earlier, she still wants him to help her, and his cock jumped up once again.Summer had already jumped onto the bed, and lay face down, pulling her little vest top over her shoulders.Rob sat up, and shook the bottle of aftersun, and squeezed a good amount onto his palm. He placed his palm on the back of Summer’s neck and swiped sideways across her shoulder blades.Summer shivered and gasped ‘Oof, it’s cold’Rob chuckled, but continued to work the blue gel into his daughters skin.Suddenly, Summer rolled over and sat up, she couldn’t help but notice her fathers tented shorts. She was incredibly aroused, his hands rubbing her body really got her going.’Your turn now dad, your shoulders are red too’She pushed his arm until he rolled onto his stomach, and she quickly lifted a leg over his back and straddled him.She giggled when he gasped with the cold gel’The shoe is on the other foot now Daddy’ she teased.She took her time, enjoying the feel of his tough skin underneath her dainty fingertips.The way she was sitting, in the crook of his back above his hips, she had to lean forward to massage his shoulders, meant her groin was pressed against his back. Rob swore he could feel her fiery damp heat pressing into his spine.’Right Daddy, turn over, and I’ll do your front”Ugh, I don’t think that’s a good idea Sum”Why???’Summer had a pretty good idea of what he meant, but decided to press it further’I’ll look away until you get comfortable’ She offered’Okay, okay’Summer made the effort to look away for a few moments, until Rob had slithered underneath the thin sheet, and buried his erection in the waistband of his shorts.While he was adjusting his pillow, türbanlı ordu escort bayan Summer threw a leg over him, and straddled his firm stomach, and starting to work the gel into the front of his shoulders.Summer worked over his shoulders and onto his abs, she shuffled her hips backwards as she ran her fingers over his firm stomach. They both realised that their groins were pressed together, and both were highly aroused.They locked eyes, and Summer bit her lip softly, and very slightly rolled her hips.’Summer, stop. This is wrong’Summer sighed, ‘I don’t think it is”Of course it’s wrong, I’m your dad, it’s i*****l, if anyone found out I’d go to prison”Dad… after everything that has happened, I never wanted to have a boyfriend, I never wanted anyone else but you. I love you. I don’t think I’d ever be happier with somebody else”Summer…”No, Listen dad, right now I don’t even care if you don’t even feel the same way, I love you so much. We’ve had so much bad happen to us, and that’s bought us closer than any Father/ daughter relationship usually is. I know men have needs, and as far as I know, you’ve not been with anyone since mum? I’ve only had sex once, I want a lot more…with you. Nobody has to know. Mum made me promise her just before she died that I’d look after you forever. I Love you’Summer signed off the end of the speech with a single tear from the corner of her right eye.Any kind of resolve that Rob had, had vanished. He felt a lump in his throat. He felt exactly the sameBefore he knew what he was doing, he’d reached with both hands on Summers shoulders and pulled her close as their lips locked in an impassioned kiss, far more intense than either had anticipated.Summer moulded her body into his, their tongues slowly dancing, exploring each others mouth, Summer let out out little soft purrs of enjoyment.They let the kiss come to a natural conclusion, before Summer sat up slightly. Smiling brightly, she reached down, and peeled her vest top over her head and threw it to the floor. Revealing a delectable pair of pert teenage breasts, capped with cute puffy pink nipples.She allowed her hands to wander over the firm globes of flesh, giving each nipple a little squeeze, before reaching for Rob’s hands and guiding them to her chest.’Oh…wow’ Rob managed to mutterSummer closed her eyes and bit her lip seductively, while slowly grinding her aching pussy against her Daddy’s fierce erection.’Hmm’ Summer groaned ‘This is killing me’She leant down and kissed him, hard and wet, before pulling back’Dad, I don’t want to sound like a hussy, but I cant stand this anymore, I need it inside me now’Rob chuckled, and nodded his head’I need it just as much honey”Hmm, it feels like you do’ Summer agreed.Summer dropped a shoulder and rolled off Rob, and they both dragged off their shorts, before coming together again.’Wow, your huuuuuge daddy’ Summer cooed, tentatively reaching out to grasp it softly.’Can I go on top first?’ she asked between covering Rob’s face in soft kisses’Of course honey”Yay’Summer wasted no time, her lust was bubbling inside her, and flung a leg over her Daddy to straddle him. While she was unguarded, Rob took the opportunity to get his first feel of his new lover’s hot slick sex.He slid his middle finger the length of her slit and then back to gently circle the folds that hid her sensitive clit. He could smell her arousal, a fragrant but recognisable scent of sex. She was wet, very wet, and very smooth.Her head snapped back and she mewled into the air’Oooooohhhh…don’t stop doing that’With his free hand, Rob took his erection between two fingers and aimed it. He stopped his digital manipulation of Summer, who frowned in disappointment, before realising why he stopped.She raised on her knees, peering between her legs.Rob stopped her, and made her look at him’Are you absolutely sure about this? This is the last time we can stop before you know….’Summer frowned, leaned forward, and placed both hands on Robs cheeks’I could never want anything more. I love you’Rob doubted anyone could invoke more passion into a kiss as Summer mashed her lips into his.She slowly shuffled her hips back, and they lined up. Rob rubbed his throbbing cock head in her juices that coated her tender foldsTheir eyes both locked on their conjoining türbanlı escort ordu groins as they moved together. Summer groaned as she was slowly stretched. Rob softly groaned as his erection was slipping into the gloriously tight, wet vagina.’Oooooohhhoooohh’ mewled Summer sexily ‘That feels soooo good’He was only halfway in, when Summer started to pull back. If slowly impaling herself on his huge prick felt good, slowly letting it slip out was mind blowing. Her muscles working from all angles to continuously keep up the sensations As she felt his bloated cockhead reach her entrance, she began to sink back down, millimetre after millimetre she sank.Rob’s hands moved from by his sides to his daughters delightfully firm breasts. softly exploring each and every pore of skin, softly rubbing each nipple. He couldn’t believe the sensations he was feeling. It felt so good to be inside a female vagina after all these years.Summer was cooing softly, her head rolling in sheer pleasure.Rob moved his hands to cup Summer’s curvy bottom as Summer let the last inch of throbbing erection inside her.She wailed in joy ‘Ohmigod, I feel like it’s splitting me wide open’Rob ‘s hands stayed cupped to her firm bottom as she began to rise again, about 2/3rds of the way up the shaft, Rob applied pressure to her bottom, and forced her to slip down quickly.Summer cried out slightly in shock, but it felt great in her aching pussy.Rob didn’t let her relax, and was encouraging her butt to lift up again, and again encouraged her to slip down his erection.Over and over they did it, slowly increasing depth and speed, but still only taking their time, enjoying the almost torturous pleasure they gave each other.Rob craned his neck and his tongue flicked around Summer’s delectable breasts, sucking the sensitive nipples until Summer cried out in pleasure.She leaned forward so he wouldn’t hurt his neck, and found out to her benefit, that the tighter angle of penetration the base of his cock rubbed against her tender little clit, shooting mini jolts of electricity through every nerve, every pore of her being.’Dad, Ohhhhhhhh, I think I’m going to cum’It all came too soon for Summer. she felt the pleasure intensify, almost to the point of a burning pain, and then she was riding the crest of the wave. endorphins flooded her veins, her juices poured from her tightly clenching hole, and her low wails of pleasure filled the room. Rob egged her on ‘Yessss, cum for me honey’Somewhere in the middle of her first major orgasm, that wasn’t self induced, Rob clutched her shoulders and rolled over quickly.Summer found herself on her back, her legs parted wildly, staring into the lust filled eyes of her lovely father was still using long smooth strokes to fuck her. Her head rolled back and she wailed as another orgasm crashed through her body.Rob was struggling to hold back now, the intensity of the situation, added to the sheer tightness of Summer’s clasping pussy was bringing him nearer to orgasm by the second.He saw how floppy she had gotten, and with her eyes closed, he thought maybe she’d passed out, so called out her name.’Summer…Are you ok?’Her eyes fluttered, and she mumbled, and groaned softlyRob was nearing the breaking point, and leaned onto one arm, so the other could reach and slowly rub a gentle circle around Summer’s clitoral hood.It had the same effect as using a cattle prod. Her eyes darted open’Cum with me Summer’ Rob gaspedIn fact she started to cum, and cum hard instantly, her arms jerked around Robs shoulders pulling him tight as she wailed.Her clenching pussy was too much to take, Rob groaned a low guttural moan. They both felt his engorged shaft twitch, and his bloated cock head impossibly enlargen, while a long shot of hot white cum erupted from the narrow slit.To Summer, it felt as though molten lava was sprayed deep into her womanhood, each laden shot triggered a small, yet no less pleasurable orgasm deep within her core.Rob groaned as his cock was continually clasped, as if urging more cum from his balls. He felt light headed and gently lay on top of Summer for a few moments before they rearranged into a face to face cuddle.They held each others spent bodies, feeling each others racing heart and post coital sheen of sweat on their skin, both silently revelling in their pleasure.’Wow’ uttered Rob, almost silently’Wow’ repeated Summer ‘my life is complete now’Rob chuckled and kissed her forehead. He used a finger to clear her crumpled hair from her face, but she was already fast asleep.He pulled the cover from the floor with his free arm, and gently d****d it over them, he turned to kiss his sexy daughter once again, but he too fell into a deep contented sleep.

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