Rob’s surprise


Rob’s surpriseTwo weeks have gone by since my encounter with Joe and every effort we made to get together did not pan out. With him living in the same building as his sister, even though Joe loved on the bottom floor and Jen the top floor it was impossible to sneak over and play. Jen is my wife’s best friend so it was impossible to visit Joe without her knowing it.I had just got home from work that Friday when I heard voices in coming from the kitchen. I walked in and saw my wife and Jen looking through a garden catalog. My wife looked up and smiled and told me Jen was redoing her landscape in the front of her building and she wanted my opinion on what to buy since I loved gardening and landscaping. In about a half an hour I helped her pick out bushes and flowering bushes that she could buy locally. Then my wife told Jen that I would love to help her. I said sure as I always had a bit of a crush on Jen. Then Jen asked if I could help tomorrow. I had already made plans for Joe to come over to my place since my wife was going to visit her sister and be gone until Sunday. Before I could answer my wife said sure he would love to help. Jen told me that she would have Joe help us. My plans for seeing Joe was going to happen but not the sex I was hoping for since Jen would be there.I arrived at Jen’s about 9:30 am and türbanlı antep escort the late May temperature was already warming up. I saw Joe digging and tearing out the old shrubs. I noticed he was shirtless and wearing tight shorts. As I grew closer he smiled and my cock grew hard as I saw the drops of perspiration running down and mixing in his hairy chest. I so wanted to lick his fury chest and suck his beautiful cock. I saw him glance down and look at my crotch that was bulging. Before I could say anything Jen walked around the corner of the house pushing a wheel barrel full of bushes. I could not help myself from staring when I saw Jen in a tight tube top and a short skirt. Jen always dressed conservatively whenever I had seen her and the fullness of her breasts made my cock grow even harder. It took about 3 hours and we finally placed in the last shrub. I will say my cock was hard most of the time as the combination of Joe’s hairy sweaty chest and Jen’s cleavage that had beads of perspiration running down between her breasts turned me on. We were all pretty sweaty and dirty. As I was gathering up my tools Jen said that she would cook an early dinner and that Joe and I should clean up. She looked at me and smiled and told me that if I needed fresh clothes türbanlı antep escort bayan that Joe should have some that would fit me. The thought of having a few minutes alone with Joe was a surprise I didn’t expect.Joe and I entered his apt and immediately we were in each other’s arms kissing and hugging. My hand slid down his shorts and encircled his hard cock, His hands were undoing my belt and zipper and he backed up and peeled my shorts and undies down. I gasped out loud as his mouth swallowed my throbbing cock. I was so enjoying his sucking that I did not hear his door open and neither did Joe. It wasn’t until I heard a woman’s voice clear her throat that I knew we were not alone. I turned my head and Jen was standing there at the door with an amused look on her face. I did not know what to do; here I was naked with her brother sucking my cock and my wife’s best friend catching us. What also took me by surprise was that Joe continued sucking, only removing his mouth to say “Oh hi Jen”.Jen moved closer and kissed me on the cheek and mumbled, “Joe and I have no secrets”. Then I felt her hand begin caressing my ass cheeks. I sputtered and stammered and asked did you tell my wife?” Jen just shook her head no and said I won’t either but you have to do me. türbanlı escort antep With that she reached down and pulled the tube top up over her head revealing her breasts. They were milky white with dark brown areolas and plump nipples. She hand grasped me behind the back of my head and guided me to the plump nipple. I was beyond excited as her brother began deep throating me as I sucked and fondled Jen’s breast. Jen’s hand was rubbing my pubes and I could see Joe’s mouth brush against her hand.She cupped my balls and I almost lost it. Jen told Joe to stop and he pulled away. Jen’s eyes were glazed with passion as she stared at my saliva coated cock. She moved by the kitchen table and lowered her skirt and she was panty less and her pussy was completely shaved and her pussy lips swollen. My attention was so focused on her that I did not notice that Joe had also stripped down until I felt his hard cock rubbing against my ass. Jen sat on the table and spread her legs and in a demanding tone told me to eat her as Joe fucked me. As I bent down to lick her I felt Joe’s cock press against my rosebud and I heard Jen tell Joe to fuck me good. As I drank the juices of Jen’s pussy, Joe began fucking me. I looked up between Jen’s legs and saw her watching Joe’s cock slide in and out of my ass. Her breathing accelerating as the first orgasm struck. Then much to my amazement she began squirting into my mouth. It was almost like Joe cumming in my mouth and I eagerly drank it all. Joe, groaned and I felt him cum in my hot ass. I yelled that I was cumming and shot my load all over Jen’s spread pussy.With a smile Jen got off the table and said lets continue this in the shower

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