Saturday Night’s Main Event!!


Saturday Night’s Main Event!!As I promised I would furnish you with all the horny details of my saturday night at Sandra and Rob’s house.I got to their house about 8:30pm and was greeted at the door by their daughter Cindy. When she opened the door and saw me she gave me a hug and then kissed me basically taking my tonsils out of my throat with her tongue. I thought to myself that if this is just saying hello, I could imagine what I was in store for the rest of the night. She took my hand and led me to the livingroom and told me that she had a surprise for me. I entered the livingroom and saw Sandra and 2 of her friends. Anne, who I met the last time as you remember, and Lily a beautiful asian woman about 45 years old. Cindy told her mom that she had to show me something and led me to her room. She opened the door and there I saw the most cuitest 19 year old I have ever seen. Cindy told me that her friend Elisha was the surprise and that she called her the next morning after our last meeting and told her all about the night before. Elisha told Cindy that she had to meet me because she really loved older men. Ok, so after hearing that my cock grew really hard in my jeans and I had to leave the room. I returned to the livingroom and found Sandra and Anne making out. Lily was just watching them squeezing her legs together to make herself wet without anybody noticing. I went over and kissed Sandra and Anne hello and they formally introduced me to Lily. We sat around and talked for what was about an hour when Cindy and Elisha came in. Elisha, without giving any thought of who was in the room came right over to me and dropped to her kneed, opened my jeans, pulled out my cock and began to suck me off. I have to say for a 19 year old, this girl sucks a mean cock!! She knew just how to use her tongue, cup and milk my balls and stroke my shaft as if she was a $1,000 hooker. You could tell that Elisha had done this many times before and was a real pro in giving blowjobs. I stopped watching Elisha sucking my cock and noticed thar Sandra and Anne were sitting next to each other watching Elisha and touching each other’s tits through their shirt. At that point I felt sorry for that poor bastard Rob who had to work. He was going to miss out on one of the best fuck sessions that I personally have ever taken part in. Cindy said to Elisha digitalbahis yeni giriş not to be so selfish and took my cock from Elisha and shoved it all the way down her throat that her nose way pressed right up against my pelvic bone. Not 1/2 of an inch of my cock was visable. She had it all in her mouth. Anne turned to Sandra, smiled and then they both went over to where Lily was sitting. They both proceeded to kiss and lick Lily’s neck and nibble on her ears. As if they planned this they both at the same time put their hands up Lily’s shirt and began to fondle her tits. They continued this for a while while Elisha and Cindy took turns sucking my cock. I was ready to shoot a load down Cindy’s throat when she stopped and told me she didn’t want me to cum yet. I nearly went right through the roof. Sandra and Anne already had Lily’s shirt and bra off and were going for her pants. Elisha turned to Cindy and the two teen began to undress each other. I immediately took my clothes off and sat on the couch. Cindy dove right between Elisha’s legs and began to suck on her clit. Meanwhile Sandra and Anne had Lily totally undressed and tag teamed her by Anne sitting on her face and Sandra eating her pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer and began to jerk off watching what was going on right in front of me. Anne saw this and came over, put the head of my cock in her mouth and jerked me off until I shot a hot load right into her mouth. She went back over to Sandra, kissed her and pushed my cum from her mouth right into Sandra’s. I got up, my cock still rock hard even though I just shot a load and went over to Lilly. There is something about asian women I really like. Every one I have ever fucked had a pussy as tight as a vergin and I later found out that Lilly was no exception. I offered my cock to Lilly and those asian lips immediately wrapped around my shaft. Sandra lied on her back and crawled between my legs and began to lick my balls. Cindy and Elisha were on the couch playing with each other’s pussies. Anne was in a corner chair fingering her pussy also. Anne then said to me that I knew what she wanted but I had no idea. I didn’t even notice Sandra and Anne got undressed. Lily was sucking my cock so great that it was like it was her property and she was not sharing. Sandra moved her mouth and tongue from digitalbahis giriş my ball sack to my asshole. She began to lick and finger my ass. Anne grabbed my cock and jerked me off until I shot my second load all over Lily’s face. Sandra and Anne went over and licked all my cum off from Lily’s face. Elisha and Cindy walked over to Sandra and Anne and sucked my cum from their mouths. After my second fantastic blowjob, we all went into Sandra’s bedroom. All of a sudden, as if this was planned, I was thrown on the bed and being serviced by all 5 women in the room at the same time. I thought about this moment every day since the last time I was with Sandra and Rob. I didn’t know who was where and when I finally figured it out they switched positions. I had one sitting on my face, 2 sucking my cock one licking my balls and one calling instructions out to all the others. I finally heard Elisha tell whoever was sucking my cock to stop and get off. I saw her walk on the bed, straddle me and squatted down until her pussy totally sucked my cock inside it’s wet folds. She rode me until she came then got up and before I could move shoved my cock right up her tight teen asshole. She was moaning in delight and Sandra came over and started licking Elisha’s pussy while her ass rode my cock. I was about to explode but didn’t know what to expext since the last time she had me when I was ready to cum she stopped me. I yelled that I was about to cum and Elisha told me to fill her ass with it. I let loose and dumped a HUGE load up Elisha’s ass. Anne coaksed Lily to go over to Elisha and suck my cum out of her ass which she didn’t hesitate to do. I knew at that point that tonight, Anne was calling all the shots. Elisha lifted herself off my cum drenched cock and immediately Sandra was there sucking all my cum and Elisha’s ass juices from my cock. Then it was Sandra’s turn. I grabbed her by the hips, flipped her on her back and started sucking her clit like it was a small cock. I was so fucking horny that I was totally out of control. If it walked by me, I was going to fuck it. Cindy crawled next to her mom and began to rub her clit as soon as I stopped and put my cock inside Sandra’s pussy. I was pumping and Cindy was rubbing and every once in a while would grab my shaft and jerk it off inside her mom’s pussy. Elisha, digitalbahis güvenilirmi Anne and Lily were all lying next to each other and having a 3 way pussy eating event. Twenty minutes later I busted a huge nut right inside Sandra’s pussy. When I pulled out Cindy immediately put her mouth on her mom’s pussy and licked all my cum out of it. I realized that no matter where I was going to cum, my cum wasn’t going to stay where I left it. Well for the next three hours I took turns fucking, eating and riming each of the women. All of a sudden Lily and Elisha began to rub my ball sack gently. Elisha put one of her fingers up my asshole. Lily started to suck my cock and I was ready to cum again. I knew that This was going to be a huge load so I threw all the women off of me and laid them on the bed. I began to stroke my cock and when I was ready to cum hung my cock over the women and proceeded to give them a cum bath. My load shot uncontrollably over the women, the bed sheets and the rug. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to take a piss. I didn;’t remember but that was the moment Anne was waiting for. She hurried to follow me into the bathroom, grabbed my cock and had me pee all over her face, in her mouth and all over her tits. Cindy accidently came in and saw what I was doing. She got so hot that she stood over Anne, pulled her pussy lips apart and started to pee all over Anne’s face. She tols Anne not to move and called all the other women into the bsthroom. She divulged exactly what Anne liked and all the women circled around Anne and started to pee on her. Even though the a/c was on in the house I was dripping from sweat from fucking for 4 fours. I had to take a shower. I kept Anne in the shower stall so she could wash off and I showered with her. I realized at that point that Anne was the only women in the group who I didn’t fuck. I bent Anne over in the shower and slid my cock into her pussy from behind. I tore the shit out of her pussy and ass for the next 20 minutes until I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of Anne and shoved it down her throat. I grabbed her from the back of the head and shoved my cock so far down her throat that when I started to cum it made her choke. Anne and I went back to the bedroom and all the women took a final turn with me and with each other. I dumped my final load inside Lily’s sweet asian pussy and she loved it. Beefore I left Lily and Elisha both asked for my phone number. They both told me that they wanted to see me alone. After a night with 3 women my age and 2 more than half my age and not having a heart attack, I felt that I could fuck the entire planet.

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