Self Love


Self LoveI learned from the time of pubescence that I had parts of me that I could arouse… In the morning I would awake with erected nipples that got excited from rubbing them up against my sheets and pillows.I never wore anything to bed. I was always ready, even back then, the days of innocence and virginity.As I grew older and wiser, I had learned more and more ways of pleasing myself…I istanbul escort was one of the very first in my time, to own a number of vibrating dildo.We did not have the internet, nor did we have ready access to pornography, unless, you were brave enough to enter a store that had darkened doors and no windows avcılar escort displaying what was inside the books store..Anyhow, there were basement eight mm and sixteen mm black & white porn movies you watched with your boyfriend and you learned how to give blow jobs and everything else form them…I always started feeling myself up while my boyfriends şirinevler escort watched and then I would get down on them for a blow job practice session… I became really good at giving blow jobs and managed to keep my virginity all the while the guys were getting their balls off.. Some big ones, too!By the time I reached adulthood I was ready for a good fuck.. I mean, I had watched enough fucking that i was prepared for the final touches of sexuality and erotica… I wanted those poles everywhere.. Up my ass and up my cunt at the same time… I love cock.. When I couldn’t get enough of cock, I would play with myself, fingering and fucking until I came… It was sheer pleasure getting off on myself…

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