Sex club SF 2002


Sex club SF 20022002 was the first time. I became an oral enthusiast when I met a couple at the Power Exchange in San Francisco. Thursday night couples night turned into a trip back to their hotel. My girlfriend and I swapped and fucked the couple for about an hour and a half. I noticed his cock was 9 inches, strong and beautiful. I kept it in my sight all night. As we were ready to leave, he asked if I would like to play with them again. I noticed he asked out of range of my girlfriend. That was a hmmm moment. We exchanged numbers and I said we would call them to play soon. About 2 weeks later they called me. They invited me over to their room in Union Sqaure. Hey, they were moving on up. The first encounter was near Slims, south of Market! Now we are in Union Square, nice. They had the room and I had all night, without my girl. One of those nights that could become very memorable I thought, as I remembered her wet pussy and his hot cock. After drinks the sex started with me fucking his wife for about 30 minutes. I ate her pussy, she squirted in my face. I fucked her deep hard and fast and she squirted all over the sheets. They were actually worried about the sheets being soaked. She was a mess and I was not done exploring. We were all smoked out on some herb, so the night seemed to be prime for something authentic and erotic. While he was into watching me fuck his wife, I was into watching him play with his cock. He had the perfect looking dick. Mine is hot, but his had a presence that said come touch me, come suck me. This is a white couple early 30s and I was in my late 30s. We had things in common in terms of work and college so we were hitting it off, and if you have never had an interracial experience, the skin contrast was making the night heat up quick. Still, I felt after fucking her, I really wasn’t satisfied, I came on her ass and cleaned up. But I was a swinger in the 90s for 8 years. Fucking a man’s wife was not unusual or upping my erotic ante. I wasn’t about to mention anything regarding his dick, then she did. His wife asked if I ever sucked a gaziantep escort bayan dick. NOPE I said! I asked her, has her husband sucked cock. She said yes he has. They began discussing how trivial it really is and how sex is something to be explored. . .right! Easy to say. I have always been adventurous in my porn or fantasies, but this cock had my attention. I responded with, I will pass on the cocksucking, but thanks for asking. A very awkward moment. I am 6 foot he is 5-10, big thighs, nice ass I would say, and again, the perfect looking cock. Mine was about 1/2 inch shorter than his. I was shocked. The white guy had the longer and thicker cock. It felt like a situation where I could get him to suck mine if I wanted because he seemed submissive. But as we talked, I felt submission taking over me. Nevertheless, I chickened out. His wife wanted me to suck it and eat her simultaneously. But I said I would pass on sucking, but would eat her pussy some more. As I am eating her again, he comes behind me and pushes me in her pussy deeper. Joking and laughingly I am eating as he watches closely. This broad came in about 2 minutes. She had a hot pussy and she could trigger it to shoot at will. As I am putting the finishing touches on her pussy, the husband moved next to me on his knees. Skillfully he rests his cock on my ribcage. With my mouth wet with pussy juice he asks could he wipe my face off with his cock. I immediately said yes. No turning back now. Heart racing, he wipes it on my big lips and face, but I didn’t lick or suck it. His wife’s eyes are big now and I begin to sweat. He gets his dick wet on my lips and face and then starts fucking his wife. I move over and watch closely as he pounds the pussy. Then he hops up and she asks me to eat her some more. So I cautiously begin eating her pussy. I do make sure he hasn’t cum in her. He assures me he hasn’t and said don’t worry. Fun night. We clean up and I am thinking it’s time to leave. He puts his underwear on, she is fully dressed in sleep attire, and they offer me to stay on the couch escort bayan if I like. Not sure about all that. So I declined. He then says, $50 dollars for 69, you and I. And he moves toward me in a feminine manner. Kinda sultry move towards me as I was headed towards the door. He looked sexy in the athletic undies. He said he really wanted to feel me in his mouth. I said seriously, I can’t. He said okay. He moves to walk me towards the door, he obviously knows I am tempted, and as we reach the door he presses my hand on his cock and grabs my ass. Ok! I am being felt up by a man! I then blurted it out – you have an amazing cock. He then pulls it out, I hear his wife jump and and approach. I really think she is more turned on than we are. As he cock hangs in my hand, I just drop to my knees. Now I am very oral; I had never sucked a cock, but have sucked many a pussy well. I take his cock I lick all sides, I cup his balls and I get my mouth really wet and I stroke his dick then suck on his head. Then I go down as far as I can go and up, while stroking his cock with my hand in a circular motion and getting all of his dick wet. I am very active on this dick in about 30 seconds. No money was given to me! I was inspired because this was a beautiful dick and wanted to please him. That’s all I was thinking. No 69, I am working this dick over very well within 2 minutes. I suck the dick, but I also make sure I keep my tongue active on the sides of his dick and keep stroking it with my hand as it meets my mouth. I know what I am doing, because I know how I like mine sucked, and I have dreamed of this moment for many years. He puts his arms out to brace himself on the walls and I am trying to throat this dick. Its too much to throat, but his knees are buckling. After about 5 minutes he said I am amazing at this and says you must have sucked cock before. At the same time his wife says are you sure you haven’t suck cock before cause you are turning him red all over? I don’t answer, and keep sucking and his dick is hard as a missile. He then pulls back and says he doesn’t want to cum. Sounds familiar. He asked if I would like to move to the bed, so I said obliged. He sat on the edge and I moved between his thick thighs. I sucked for about another 5 minutes before he said he is about to cum. As he said this I tasted a salty taste which unless you have tasted cum, it is very hard to describe. He didn’t cum yet, but I could feel the ooze of salty flesh or something alive in my mouth. A very strange taste; when you taste it, you know there is nothing similar to this taste or feel. Then I said, I don’t think I can take your cum, so I stroked him toward my chest. His wife moved down next to me. She sucked on it, then I sucked on it even better than she was sucking on it. So I asked him, do you want me to make you cum or her? He said he loved my mouth, and asked me to make him bust. So I went at it hard and fast. All wrist, tongue and mouth. Stroking hard and into my mouth. While I sucked on the head hard and stroked his cock into my mouth, I figured I could spit it out like many of my past partners have done if he came. It took a good 2-3 minutes more and there it was. First he screamed a bit and his wife said there ya go baby. Then his dick grew fatter and harder and he thrusts his ass forward. I gagged and I felt a shot of cum in the back of my throat. Some went down, most stayed in my mouth. I pulled back and the next thrust caught me on the outside of my mouth. I then sucked the head again and he thrusts again, and again cum shot to the back of my throat. Now my mouth is full of cum and I can taste his seed, that strange but satisfying taste. He pulled back and my mouth full of cum. I was in control and knew it, so I could hold his sperm in my mouth and keep sucking. He filled my jaws up and I let a little more go down my throat. He came a lot. His wife asked for the cum, I thought, hmmm, this is a wild night! Run to the sink or swap with her. So I tried to give it to her and it spilled everywhere. I told them to tip the maid with the $50 and we all laughed. About 3 weeks later they called me and wanted to hook up again. My girlfriend saw the call and was interested as well. Do I have some explaining to do? I am straight and not into the bi life as far as my knows. Not ready to be exposed. To be continued.

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