Sex on a train


Sex on a trainThis story involves a fantasy come true, is recent so very clear in my memory and still leaves me hard when I think about it. The story starts in London and covers the whole of a journey getting off in Manchester. I have condensed the story so as not to bore anyone but you can imagine getting fucked by a gorgeous lady in public too time.It was early when I set off for Euston to catch the 8.30 but I needed to be in Manchester for a business meeting and I was looking forward to relaxing on the train. I intended sleeping as much as I could. This train would get me in Manchester before 11 and in plenty of time. I had brought my ticket early so got a first class ticket for the same price as a second class. I could do with a bit of pampering so hoped I would be undisturbed in first class. The train pulled in and along with a crowd I marched down the platform looking for my seat. I must have been tired because unusually I hadn’t checked out if there were any attractive ladies about. Anyway I found my seat and stored my case on the overhead rack. First class consisted of three bays of numbered seats each with seats facing each other and then a gangway to general class. I was on my own in first class and then just as the train was leaving three women got on. Two sat in the next bay of seats and were partially hidden although I noticed the silky legs of the nearest. The third women sat opposite me. As she took her seat she tried to put her case on the rack. I was able to see the curvaceous shape of her body and enjoyed watching her tight skirt ride up as she stretched. Very nice I thought two pairs of silky legs to see, wow things were suddenly looking more promising. As she struggled I jumped up and offered help, my hands reached out and brushed against hers as I took the case and pushed it into the tight space. He he, the case needed some encouragement but when I lined it up it went into the space with a satisfying push. she turned smiled and sat down.Back in my seat I checked out the two pairs of silky legs, the nearest lady held her legs together, knees touching and heels halkalı escort just off to an angle. number two lady was less discrete and every so often I saw a briefest suggestion that her legs were adorned by the full gear suspenders and stockings. MMMM I thought if I move one seat I could see a little better and with a little fidgeting might just get a flash of stocking top. The first 20 minutes continued with me struggling to see her legs and not getting anything positive from her eyes. They were firmly locked on the window and a passing countryside. However just as we were coming through a tunnel I was suddenly aware that number two was looking across at me. Reacting to her gaze I moved my hand across my lap as she appeared to be looking straight at my cock. Her eyes turned away almost in disgust as I hide the bulge in my tight trousers.looking back at number 1 I was taken with her obvious style, slightly aloof but impeccably dressed and I could smell her perfume. As my eyes traced the shape of her breasts or boobies as we are trying to have some control, she turned her head and looking straight at me. I could see her confidence in her beauty and she slightly lifted her head and smiled in my direction. I smiled back and as she did she adjusted her sitting position to face me. This time I didn’t hide my erect cock and made a move to move my arm away from my lap, instead of turning away her eyes checked me out. her eyes were like painting brushes as they took long sweeping looks at my legs and groin. When at last her eyes met mine again she reached her hand on onto her ankles and with a single movement stroked her long legs. wow again. This was a classy lady yet her briefest movement was seductive and flirty. As my hand was hovering over my growing cock she leant forward and moved it to my side and said softly “be proud”. At this she looked around as if checking, put her finger in front of her mouth to ask for quietness and slipped her hands under the hem of her skirt. Very very slowly whilst her green eyes held me captive she pulled her skirt to reveal more of her shapely istanbul escort legs. MMMM stocking tops were replaced with white lacey panties and the faintest patch of colour suggested a hidden bush. She held this position for a moment and then opened her legs with an intention of showing me her legs and underwear. I was shocked and frozen to the spot but there was more as she then placed her hand over her right breast and gave it a small squeeze. I done the only thing I thought was right and held my cock to show her the shape. My cock was very hard and so obvious and if she was looking she could see the shape of my cock with a blown up head and a throbbing shaft.I wondered if I dare, as I leant forward and knelt before her, clearly she knew what I wanted because as my head and tongue moved towards her panties her legs opened to give a perfect view of her now wet panty’s. I moved my head forward but was now aware that number 2 lady was watching.i looked across at her and smiled as she nodded encouragement to lick the first ladies pussy. I pushed my mouth hard onto her panties and was rewarded by wetness, juice that was flowing ready for my tongue to channel into an eager mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see number two woman watching with her hand between her legs. As I sucked her juice through her panties I pulled them to one side. I revealed a beautiful trimmed bush that glistened in the bright light. I ignored movement behind me because nothing was going to stop my tongue from searching every part of her pussy. As I pushed her legs apart I felt her hands cup my head and pull me onto her gaping lips. my tongue licked her like the sweetest ice cream and I felt her shudder as I pushed her clit my tongue. My hand pushed past my mouth to squeeze her clit and as I touched her she quivered in a first orgasm. Almost too good to be true I felt another hand on my head and was now aware that number two had joined her and was now so close she could see my tongue pushing and pulling her clit. Number two had pulled her panties down and her fingers were in her pussy. As I beylikdüzü escort looked up to her, she pulled her wet fingers out and pushed them into my mouth, I was amazed I had never tasted two pussies that tasted so sweet and the ladies also looked like twins. The same amazing green eyes It was like I was sucking one special lady and she was also watching me. Was this really two women or could I see my dream in all women??I continued to suck harder and harder and number two stroked her pussy and occasionally pushed her fingers into my mouth. My special lady pushed my head back and I was able to see how large her clit had swollen too. her hands reached for my trousers and almost ripped my pants off to get to my hard cock. It sprang out with a purpose, and as I moved my eager cock toward her beautiful pussy she lifted her hips to receive me. she was tight but her lips parted easily and I could feel her parting more as I pushed inside her. muttering under her breath the immediate penetration of her sent another shiver through her pussy as she came again. I have never fucked a woman as hard and as I did she just kept saying harder harder. my balls were hitting her like canon balls and every time I went deep I held my cock pushed deep into her juicy pussy.Number two was now wanking so hard I could see a pool of juice between her legs, I wet my fingers and pushed them into my ladies mouth as she sucked on my nectar. As I fucked her more and more I clawed at her tits to see them and to suck her hard nipples. By now I had pulled her clothes such that I could see everything and when she opened her eyes to see me ravishing her I immediately came. In harmony she arched her back and I had to hold back her screams as she came for a third time with an orgasm like no other. Number two woman reacted by sticking her pussy in the air as she came with us, all three of us gyrated as our juices emptied into each others bodies and our passion was replaced with emptyiness. I could feel the train slowing as we pulled ourselves apart and adjusted our clothes. we were a mess, pussy juice on their skirts and my cum on my trousers and over her legs.We parted on the platform to find our own ways but not before we all visited the toilets to at least try and hide our shared cum. Damn I forgot to ask her if she had a return ticket.

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