Sex with crush!


Sex with crush!During my teen age I was very sexually active and loved girls alot. I just loved to have some nice squeezings and getting a handjob not until I was 18 before I broke my virginity. There was this hot girl I really had a deep crush on. Every night, I keep on imagining and dreaming of her nice and attractive perky boobs. I mastubate every night wising she would let me suck on them. She was younger than me with 2 years and we weren’t so close. So I had to get close to her, the girl of all my fantasies.We began chatting with each other regularly on webcam until one lonely and boring day she shocked me by asking to see my dick. I was damn so shocked right there from webcam. I was so damn shocked and hesitated but the pleading and teasing tone of my voice just made me go sooo…horny, I was like “this’s the girl you fantasize on, why don’t you turn her on with your nice big cock?” and whoolla I brought out my already had cock and showed on webcam she was so surprised with çankaya escort how nice my cock looked even though it’s not so big and told me she was already inlove with it. That night, as I went to bed, I was so angry with myself. Why would I show her my cock just like that. I became furious but still it turned me on and I masturbated till I came.Next day, we began chatting with each other again, I still felt that anger inside of me, but her surprise for me made the anger varnish. She took off her bra and showed me her perky boobs that I so much crave for. Oh my God I ran wild! I took off my shorts immediately and started wanking infront of her and we both came right there on youtube. Later on she told me she had been masturbating ever sinve she knew me and finds me very attractive. I told her the same. This time my dick had begun wanking for sex. I needed it so badly. One night while heading home with my Friend, I met her gave her some surprise balgat escort kisses and told her immediately I needed sex from her. We immediately fixed a date to meet, I gave her another kiss, told her bye and headed straight home with my friend.It was a Thursday morning, the day we’ve fixed for the sex. Mum & Dad weren’t home. My dick had been up since the night before and I couldn’t stop thinking of her naked boobs. I was so turned on I began to wank my dick.At 11:00pm, she finally arrived, dressed in a short skirt and a tight top that showed are nice perky boobs. She saw the bulge in my shorts and chuckled which made me blush a bit.We were later seated. Discussing as if we didn’t know what we agreed on in the first place. She then finally broke the discussion by touching my dick through my shorts while still discussing with but looking directly into my eyes this time. I was confused at first. I in turn reached for her boobs, oh it was damn so elvankent escort soft. Immediately she took off my short and started stroking my cock. Fuck she gives a good handjob, she opened her mouth and gave me a hot blowjob. “FUCK!!!” I yelled. I was in heaven. The girl of my dreams giving me a blowjob. She deepthroated me till I came all over her mouth. I took of her bra gave her boobs some nices suckles, tit-fucked them and fucked her pussy hard from a doggie-style position; my best sex position.We fucked for what looked like forever till she started saying nasty things. I spanked her ass while calling her dirty names which she really liked. That made me so horny, I felt I wanted to cum, I ejected my dick a huge organism on her boobs, I so much crave for. After some minutes of brief talk. She sat on my dick now, and asked for more. My dick was still very much hard. She started bouncing on my dick and we were both getting crazy until I heard horns from the gate. “what the fuck? Dad’s back!” Within seconds, we put our clothes back on, I led her through the backdoor, sprayed the parlour with an air freshener to uench the smell of cum and headed to welcome Dad. “Oh fuck!” since then she hasn’t dared come to my house again for fear of my dad. I still want more fuck!

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