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Sex With New BossOne of you asked for my version of how I came to work for Babs and Sean.My name is Becca and I’m not very good at writing so I have asked my employer, Sean, to help me but made him promise to only clean it up and not to change my words. I close to finishing my second year of college and needed a job and a place to stay. I listed with several temp agencies and was searching online when I got a phone call from one of the agencies telling me that I had a job interview that afternoon. I got excited and nervous. I showered, dressed and headed to the address the agency gave me and knocked on the door. I was taken aback when a gorgeous redhead answered the door. She asked me to come in and offered me a glass of water and we sat down in the livingroom. A toddler was playing on the floor and he was a real little cutie. The lady introduced herself as Babs and that she and her husband were looking for a live-in housekeeper and babysitter. They would provide room, board and a salary that was more than I expected. She introduced me to Liam, the toddler and he took right to me. Then Babs gave me a tour of the house and showed me the room that would be mine if I got the job. We returned to the livingroom and talked some more. After an hour, she offered me the job and I was thrilled. She asked when I could start and I told her today if she wanted as I was living on a friend’s sofa. Babs took me back to where I was staying in her SUV and helped me pack up my few belongings and brought me back to her house. After getting my things in my new room, she asked if I could start by vacuuming the downstairs while she gave Liam a bath. While I was vacuuming, Sean got home and was surprised to see me. My first impression of him was that he was a hunk and I thought to myself that Babs was one lucky lady. Little did I know at the time. I watched as walked up the stairs and disappeared down the hall. Babs was showering when I heard Liam crying so I went up to his room to find Babs wrapped in a towel. Liam needed a changing and was happy to see his mommy. He reached for her towel and pulled it off. I was shocked that Babs made no effort to cover herself as she took Liam in her arms and loved him for a couple minute before handing him over to me. She picked up her towel and left the room. Wow was she one hot and sexy lady and I began to envy her for having such a perfect body. Before she left the room, Babs told me that they were both very open sexually and not to be shocked or surprised if I saw him naked. She could tell I was embarrassed and then told me that she hoped I would see him naked. Then she asked me if I would like to see him naked and I didn’t know what to say but she encouraged me to be honest so I told her yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked. Babs then told me that it was okay with her if he saw me naked and that floored me. She winked at me as she left the room.After getting Liam cleaned up and changed, I went downstairs and fixed dinner and we talked during dinner. Then I had to head to my evening class. When I got home, Babs and Sean were up and waiting for me. We talked for a few minutes and then we all headed to bed.Babs had told me to make myself at home. If I got hungry or thirsty to just help myself. In the middle of escort rus kız the night, I heard Liam and checked on him and rocked him back to sleep. I was thirsty and decided to head down to the kitchen to get something drink. I was only wearing a thin lacy nightie and panties but didn’t think anything about it until I turned the corner into the kitchen. There stood Sean stark naked drinking a glass of water. He had his back to me but I must of gasped or something because he suddenly turned around, revealing his full naked body. I didn’t know whether to run or just stare as I was kind of in shock. I was thinking to myself that he had a great body in every way. Sean was embarrassed and started blubbering out an apology as he fumbled for a dish towel to hide himself with. That was when Babs showed and saw Sean standing there naked and me in my sheer nightie and I was afraid she was going to get angry and kick me out then and there, but instead she started laughing. She told me that she had warned me and I told her that she had. Then Babs turned and asked me what I thought of his body and I could feel my face turn bright red, but managed to squeak out that he looked great. About that time I could see that Sean was getting erect under the dish towel and it was actually comical to watch the towel tent up. Sean said that the towel was useless and he put it on the counter, giving me a full view of his hard cock pointing straight at me. Babs moved behind me and whispered in my ear, asking me if I would like Sean to see my tits and then she reached up under my nightie and grabbed my tits. I had never had another women touch me like that but I liked the feeling, especially standing there staring at Sean’s nakedness. Then Babs whispered and asked if I wanted to show Sean my tits and all I could do was just shake my head and the next thing I know, she lifted my nightie up and over my head. Babs went back to fondling my tits and I was getting lost in the moment. My head was spinning as if I had too much to drink or I was in a dream. The Babs asked if I wanted her to take my panties off and I think I shook my head and I felt her slide my panties down to my feet and I stepped out of them. Normally I would have covered myself with my arms and hands, but I was in there spell and just stood there, stark naked in front of a very muscular and sexy naked man. I didn’t know what to do when Sean stepped over right in front of me. Before I could react, Babs moved one of my hands and placed it around Sean’s cock. My pussy twitched and tingled as I felt his hardness. Then Sean reached up and started playing with my tits and I thought I would almost cum then and there but I managed to hold it off for the moment. Then Sean started sucking my nipples as he moved a hand down my tummy and to my pussy. He put a finger in me and I know I must have been so wet that it could have been dripping on the floor. While Sean was sucking my tits and fingering me, Babs started playing with my ass. Babs then whispered in my ear again asking me if I wanted to go to their bedroom with them and I just nodded. She grabbed my hand and she led up to their bedroom. I was completely powerless to stop. Everything they were doing to me felt wonderful escort rus kızlar and I wanted more. Sean laid on his bed and spread his legs. Babs told me to go ahead and lick his cock. I ran my tongue up his shaft and tasted his precum. It was salty, sweet and a little musky, but I loved it and started sucking my new bosses cock. Then Babs told me to turn around so that Sean could lick my pussy, so I did. He sure knew what he was doing with his tongue and I couldn’t hold off my big O any longer. It was one of the most intense big Os I ever had and it was followed almost immediately by another one. Just as I was started to ease up, I felt Sean’s cock swell in my mouth and he let go a huge load of cum. I hadn’t done a lot of swallowing up to them, but all I could think of at the time was swallow, swallow, swallow and I did. After sucking him dry, I lifted off of him and my legs were still shaking from the intense Os. My pussy was still convulsing and I wanted to fill it with his amazing cock, but Babs said that was enough for the night. I was disappointed and she told me that I would have to wait, but assured me that it would be long before I would feel his cock deep inside me, and headed back to my room. I checked in on Liam first and he was sound asleep, so I headed back to my room and fingered myself to another orgasm before drifting off to sleep. The last thought I remember having was that my nightie and panties were still lying on the kitchen floor. Liam woke me early and I was still naked as I went into his room and changed him and rocked him back to sleep. I laid him down and then tip toed down to the kitchen and retrieved my nightie and panties, but I didn’t put them on. Babs woke me the next morning and I apologized for sleeping in. She assured me that it was okay. She asked me how I felt about last night and I told her it was mind blowing but I was disappointed that we didn’t go all the way. She told me Sean was also disappointed but promised me that tonight would be the night. She pinched my nipples and told me to get dressed. Sean had already left for work and she had to leave in a few minutes. All day, all I could think about was what happened the night before and what Babs had promised me tonight. When Liam went down for his afternoon nap, I went into their bedroom, laid on their bed and fingered myself to another big O, thinking about what it was going to be like with his cock inside me. I kept busy during most of the day learning the house and cleaning and doing laundry. Babs got home first and asked how I was doing. I told her I had been wet all day and she laughed. We got dinner started and then she took me to her room and helped me dress or should I say undress for dinner. Babs and I are pretty close to the same size, so she had me put on one of her sexy French maid outfits. It was very very short and had a deep plunging neckline. I had no bra or panty. She told me to stay in the kitchen until it was time to serve dinner. She would keep Sean busy until dinner time.When I heard Sean come in the door, I had to wipe my juices as they were running down my thighs. I’m still amazed that dinner turned out okay because my mind was not on cooking. When Babs called that they were ready, rus escort kız I grabbed the dish with the meat and potatoes and headed out to the dining room. Sean’s eyes lit up when he saw me and then asked if this was Babs’ idea and she answered before I could. She asked him if he liked it and he said he would mind if that was my permanent uniform. I curtsied like a French maid and thanked him for the compliment. As I served dinner, his hand came up under mu skirt. I loved the feel of his hand slide over my ass and then he stuck a finger in pussy. I wiggled my pussy on his finger and then moved over to serve Babs and then returned to kitchen. Every time I took a dish out to serve, Sean would finger me. I almost dropped dessert because of it.After dinner, I cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I fixed them drinks and took them to them in the livingroom. As I bent down to hand Sean his glass, one of my tits fell out and he grabbed my tit instead of his drink and I dropped the drink in his lap. I ran to get a towel to clean it up and he made me take his shorts off and lick him clean. Then he stripped me and sat me on his cock. I came as he lowered me onto his cock. I almost fell forward but he grabbed me and I could feel the strength in his hands and arms. My big O consumed my entire body. I couldn’t see or hear anything. All I could was feel my body convulse on my new boss’s cock. Seam just held me on him until I regain control of my senses. Again I felt his strength as he lifted me and turned me to face him and then slid me back down on his cock. I stared into his eyes as he began to lift me and set me back down. The way he held me made his cock rub against my clit and I quickly came for a second time. This time I did fall forward and landed against his chest. His arms wrapped around me and all I could do was lean into his chest until the big O eased off. I looked up at him and he asked if I was okay. I told him I was more than fine so he started lifting me up and down again and I soon joined his efforts with my own. He felt better than any precious cock I had ever sat on. Sean then leaned up and started sucking my nipples as I rode him. When he began nibbling on my nipples, it sent electric shocks from the nipples directly to my pussy and I came again. Not long after the third big O, Sean asked me if I was on any kind of protection to prevent pregnancy and I told no and that I would love to feel him cum inside me. He looked deep into my eyes and I felt his cock swell inside me and then I felt the distinctive warmth of his cum filling me. That warmth spread throughout my body and I continued to stare into his eyes as he filled me. Sean held me tightly on him until I could feel his cock soften and then he lifted me off and laid me down on the floor. To my surprise, Babs moved in and licked my pussy clean. I could feel her tongue inside me and I could feel her cucking Sean’s cum out of me. That was a first for me and I have to admit I loved it. When she was done, I told them both that I’m sure I’m going to love my new job and they both laughed and said they felt they hired the perfect housekeeper and babysitter. I was hoping for more to happen that night but I heard Liam on the monitor and quickly grabbed a robe and heading up to take care of him. That’s how I came to work for the best bosses in the world and I wouldn’t trade my job for any other. I’ve decided to take a year off from school and devout myself to my new career. They’ve made me feel more like one of the family than just an employee.

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