Sexy Footballers


Sexy FootballersIf any of those people featured in this story is offended by what I havewritten, I apologise. The people featured are incredibly attractive men,and while there is no reason to believe that any of them are gay one canalways fantasise. Hope you enjoy this….It was the PFA awards night, Steven Gerrard sat there as young player ofthe year and he was happy as anyone could ever be. He sat with his matesMichael Owen and Joe Cole. The award ceremony was coming to an end and thethree young stallions were planning to go back to their hotel room for acelebration.Meanwhile, Alan Smith sat on a table with all his fit Leeds team-mates, IanHarte, Harry Kewell and Rio Ferdinand. Alan was so turned on by these fitmen in tuxes his 11″ cock really need some work on, so he decided to go tothe bathroom so his bulge would disappear.On entering the bathroom he entered a stall and locked the door, heunzipped and pulled out his 11″ cock, which was surrounded by blondpubes. He slowly stroked his cock as pre-cum tuzla escort started to form but what hedid not notice that the door had not been locked properly…Joe Cole grabbed Steven’s thigh and winked, Joe got up and walked towardsthe bathroom and Steven quickly followed. Joe walked into the bathroom justin front of Steven, Joe walked along the stalls checking they were emptyand he stumbled across Alan.French gay striker Thierry henry decided he needed a piss so he excusedhimself from his table and entered the bathroom. Thierry entered thetoilets and what he saw was Alan Smith with a hard cock in his hand and JoeCole and Steven Gerrard with big bulges in their black pants. Thierry’s 10″cock started to harden as he watched what was going to happen next.Michael Owen sat at the table and wondered where Steven and Joe were, so heasked around and some said they had both gone towards the toilet so Michaelwalked towards the bathroom and entered. What he saw was Alan, Joe andSteven standing sancaktepe escort there looking quite embarrassed and Thierry standing therefeeling his erect cock.All five men just looked at each other; Steven was the first to strip toshow off his 6-pack, his hairy thighs and his 9.5″ erect cock. Joe Colesoon followed to reveal his 6-pack with no hairs and his 6″ cock. Michaelthen revealed his 7″ cock and Alan’s 11″ cock had already been revealed andThierry’s 10″ cock was the last to be revealed.Steven liked the look of Alan so he entered his stall and sat on the toiletseat, and ordered Alan to suck his cock. Alan knelt down and took Steven’shard mammoth cock into his mouth. Meanwhile Michael and Thierry decided togive Joe Cole a taste of their cocks.Thierry and Michael both put their cocks into Joe’s mouth, Joe had neverbeen double-barrelled before but he was still enjoying it. Michael andThierry had decided to kiss as they fucked Joe’s mouth. Steven was enjoyingthis blowjob üsküdar escort from Alan but he wanted to join in with the others.So he got Alan to go behind Michael and start to give him a rim job whilehe got behind Thierry and did the same. Steven’s tongue lightly probedThierry’s hole while Alan’s whole face was pressed against Michael’sarse. Michael and Thierry were both leaking pre-cum down Joe’s throat.Joe had started to wank his cock, just as Steven and Alan had decided thatthe arse’s were well lubed so Michael and Thierry were going to getfucked. Steven and Alan lined their cocks up with their respective arsesand they ploughed into the holes.Michael and Thierry were still kissing so their screams were muffled, butSteven and Alan still pumped in and out of their arses. This fucking sentboth Thierry and Michael over the edge and they spurted pints of cum downJoe’s throat. Both men broke the kiss and they both moaned and groaned.Steven and Alan kept pumping in and out and as they cummed inside Michaeland Thierry, Joe Cole creamed all over his hand. Steven’s and Alan’s orgasmwas intense and they both emptied plentiful loads. As all the cocks hadsoftened all the men were glad no-one walked in or had someone walked in asthey turned around and found people watching…

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