Sexy Mommy

Sexy Mommy
The house was quiet, too quiet since the boys left for college and Ellie was feeling the emptiness of it all today more than usual she missed her boys. Danny and Craig were not due home for weeks yet. Ellie was proud of them both but missed them badly.

6 AM was hours ago and a nap sounded pretty good and Ellie headed up the stairs to her bedroom. Ellie shed her clothes quickly and decided to lie on top of the bed and take a short nap. Her mind drifted to places she had avoided for weeks and she soon had her fingers curled just so and between her legs teasing her swollen clit until she drifted away in her thoughts and fantasies.

Her soft moans filled the quietness of the room as did the smell of her sex Ellie had not had sex for months now and the last time wasn’t so great it was a, “sympathy fuck” dolled out to some sap in a bar with a great sob story for Ellie it was a cock and hoping it would satisfy her need for a while.

Ellie was attractive for her age and still turned heads of men and women of all ages, she had a kinky side few knew of but when she had the opportunity to step into the dark realm she did so with a vengeance. She raised her boys alone and put them first for years and did not get to explore all that she would have liked to.

Ellie’s short shapely legs were parted wide and her emerald eyes closed and focused on the feel of a hard cock so focused, she did not hear the soft tap on the bedroom door. Ellie was unaware of Eric’s presence and she drifted deeper.

Eric, a tall dark haired young man of 22 broad across the shoulders and sporting soulful deep brown eyes that women noticed. Eric had girlfriends but never settled down and Ellie was glad for it he was young and in school he did not need the distractions a woman would bring him.

Eric knew he should have backed out of the room quietly and knock or just wait until his mother came down the stairs but he was mesmerized at the site of his mother. He always thought she was pretty and had daydreamed since he was a teen about what she might look like without her clothing on. There she was displayed on her bed for his eyes to feast on. He knew that smell and hers was strong.

About the time Eric got a hold of himself and started to back out the door, Ellie opened her eyes and saw him standing she was right to the point of orgasm and seeing him standing there sent her over the edge and she was unable to hide what had just taken place.

“I am so sorry mom, I knocked I thought you must have been asleep.”

Ellie grabbed her robe from the foot of the bed dr****g it over her body feeling the heart of her embarrassment come over her.

“It’s okay Eric, I am sorry I guess I just did not hear you, are you okay?” Eric became very aware of the throbbing between his own legs and was hoping that his mother did not notice. It took him a moment to be able to speak.

“Yeah, I’m fine, sorry mom.”

Ellie forced herself to look at her son and try to make him feel a little more comfortable with the situation. After a bit Ellie got her thoughts together and began to wonder what Eric was doing home anyway.

“What’s up, Eric. Not that I am not glad to see you but what are you doing here I did not think I would see you for a couple of weeks yet?”

Eric shifted uncomfortably and was very aware that his cock was hard and throbbing a little surprised at it even, hell this was his mother.

“Well I um, I”

Ellie looked at her son and then saw a troubled look on his face she had seen over the years, she knew her sons well and they had always been close and they shared things with her most sons would not share with their mother.

“What is it Eric, tell me.”

Motioning him to the bed Eric walked slowly to the side of his mother’s bed and sat down on the opposite side.

“It’s nothing mom, really.”

Ellie prompted her son to speak to her knowing he must be in trouble or really needing to talk if he was home like this unexpectedly.

“I thought I had a problem is all, I guess I don’t have one after all, well now I don’t think so anyway,”

Curious Ellie asked her son to explain. It troubled him so it was of concern to her and she wanted to know what was troubling him.

“I don’t know if I can talk about it now mom, I mean shit I don’t know what to say, I mean after what I just saw and how I feel I don’t think I can.”

Ellie felt the heat cover her body again and apologized once again to Eric for what he just saw. There was not much she could do about it now but she felt she could at least get him to tell her what was going on.

“Eric, we have always been able to talk, that won’t change now. I am sorry you saw what you did, I am a woman though and people masturbate even moms.” Eric laughed a bit acknowledging the fact and a throb again as his cock pressed against the crotch of his jeans visualizing what he had just seen.

“Okay, well I tried to have sex last week with this girl and nothing happened.”

Ellie was not sure what he meant by the statement and knew she had to be careful here, it seems he wanted to talk about something sexual and he had just seen his mother working on her clit and hitting the climax button while he looked on. She asked him to elaborate.

“It would have been no big deal but it happened the last two times, I thought it was because I had a couple of beers or something and could not get it up but that was only the first time. I’ve never had trouble like that before.”

Ellie knew this was hard for Eric to talk about, probably harder than what it normally would have been. He was a little young for such difficulties but knew it could be stress or fear after the first time, it could be any number of things.

“Now you don’t think there is a problem Eric, son that kind of stuff happens to a man it happens to everyone at one time or another, stress is big, school is hard on you I know.”

Eric was still hard as a rock and was not sure how to tell his mom why he no longer thought he had a problem.

“Shit, I can’t tell you.”

Ellie looked at her son letting him know he could tell her anything and encouraged him to talk to her.

“Fuck mom, I am hard as a fricking rock!”

” Photos

Not quite knowing what to say Ellie looked at her son a bit shocked and was more taken back by the twinge that shot through her pussy when hearing those words. Then she felt the wetness intensify thinking that he was hard because of what he had just seen.

“Eric I am sure it was stress or something you have nothing to worry about baby.”

Eric laid across the bed sideways his head almost touching his mother’s side, and he actually moaned when he felt her hand begin to stroke his hair and offering him comfort.

“It was cool though, I mean seeing that I imagined it some as a k** but I guess that is normal.”

It was normal for every boy Ellie reassured her son. She heard that moan over and over again and felt a little ashamed at the arousal she was feeling. Ellie was not aware fully of the sensual moves her fingers were making in Eric’s hair. Eric’s eyes were closed and he was feeling the gentleness of her touch and her smell and the smell of her lust was still strong. Ellie leaned over kissing Eric on the forehead and the kiss felt different to both of them.

Without thinking Ellie began leaning over further kissing her son’s cheek and jaw and Eric could feel her firm breasts against his shoulder and face.

“Fuck, this is so wrong mom, you know?”

Ellie started to sit up when Eric’s strong grip was tightly wrapped around her hair pulling her down hard her mouth over his. Eric’s tongue probed deeply into his mother’s mouth and he knew he was not going to stop there.

Eric sat up pushing her onto her back on the bed ordering her to touch his cock. Ellie’s trembling hand did not hesitate and reached for her son’s crotch and the obvious bulge contained behind the denim. Eric tossed the robe aside revealing his mother’s naked body and her glistening pussy.

It felt wrong, it felt naughty and nasty even and he wanted it. Eric slid down on the bed, down along his mother’s body until his head was between her legs and he began biting her inner thigh and feeling her squirm.

“Oh Eric, Eric are you sure about this?”

Eric drew his tongue along his mother’s wet slit tasting her juices and the a****l was about to be unleashed. Eric put his hands under each of her thighs lifting her legs high and spreading them wide exposing her cunt as an offering to his mouth. Her pussy was sweet and forbidden. He pressed his tongue deep inside of his mother and fucked her with it, pushing hard and deep then bringing it out and along her lips stopping at her engorged clit where he circled and sucked before returning to the depths of her pussy. Ellie began to cry out holding tightly onto Eric’s hair as she thrust and gyrated against her son’s mouth.

Ellie’s knees were pressed against her sides now as Eric became rougher and wanting to fuck her. Eric was an expert with his mouth and it did not take long for his mother to be screaming out and her entire body tense with every orgasm flooding Eric’s mouth. His face wet with his mother’s juices his nostrils filled with the smell of her.

“Roll over, get your ass in the air, do it now!”

Ellie rolled over on the bed and could hear Eric’s zipper lower and felt him behind her. Eric’s mouth was back at his mother’s pussy and tasting her cum again. Eric, now naked pushed her shoulders down onto the bed forcing her upper body flush against the bed and pulled her ass higher.

Eric mounted his mother and felt his cock slide easily into her sex. Eric slammed fucking her hard. His hands on her hips pulling her hard back against him over and over again. Eric reached up pulling her head back hard by her hair and with the other hand covered his large hand with her slick juices and coated her small tight asshole with it before sliding a finger then two into her ass. Eric pressed the head of his cock against his mother’s ass and slowly entered keeping a hold of her hair and pulling hard.

Eric’s hard cock was buried into his mother’s ass and he began pumping hard into it and harder with every scream.

“Oh, fuck me Eric, fuck me, harder.”

Ellie’s voice brought Eric to an edge and the way she pushed back against her son sent him over that edge, Eric’s cum filled his mother’s ass, spurt after spurt.

Eric was winded and began to realize what he had just done and was not quite sure how to handle it. Eric pulled out slowly and lay on the bed next to his panting mother beginning to feel tears form in his eyes.

“None of that Eric, we fucked and that is okay. I needed fucked and we both know you don’t have a problem.”

Eric shared the story with his mother of his failed attempts and before long he was squeezing and toying with her nipples while he talked. Eric felt his mother’s hand on his growing cock beginning to stroke him slowly.

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