Sheila Seduced By Her Son

Double Penetration

Sheila Seduced By Her SonWhile doing the laundry Sheila had noticed white stains on her panties everyday for past week. She was sure they were sperm stains. Her concern was, there was just one man in the house that could have possibly done that- her son Yash!As she fought to understand the whys of what her son had done, her shock and disgust turned to anger. Her son had masturbated into her panties, ‘How many times had he done it?’ There was such an incredible amount of sperm. ‘This couldn’t all be from one time,’ she told herself. There was just too much. The crotch of her modest black panties was completely covered with dried cum. ‘He had to have done it so many times,’ she thought in disgust.What was she to do? Whom could she talk to? She felt helpless. She was not sure she would be able to handle that! She had found porno books under her son’s bed many a times. She had ignored it as sign of his growing up. But masturbating on mothers undergarments! That was shocking. She could not talk with her husband Dilip too, as he was working in Abu Dhabi for last three years. Sheila had not joined him in Abu Dhabi because of Yash’s education. He was already 18years old and in college.Sheila was a small town girl who was married immediately on completion of her Graduation. Her upbringing was typical middle class wherein husband was ‘Pati Parmeshwar” and her duty is to take care of all his needs. By Indian standards he had been a good house wife. Dilip too had been a good husband had provided them with all luxuries- Big house, car, electronic goods, enough money for monthly expenses. There was nothing Sheila missed except the warmth of holding Dilip in her arms.Sheila had maintained her figure well by exercising on the tead mill at home. Many of her friends were envious of her ability to maintain her figure. She was not beautiful but sex oozed out from her figure. In a saree she was particularly attractive. She had noticed many a times Yash staring at her heaving bosom whenever she exercised on the treadmill. She was not unduly disturbed by that but, masturbating on mother’s panties pained her. She made up her mind to catch the bull by horns.It was a Saturday night after dinner Sheila completed her chores and as usual before retiring to her bedroom removed her undergarments (bra as well as panties) and placed them in the laundry basket. Her plan was to use this as bait and try and catch her son red handed in his disgusting activity. She returned to bedroom and lay in bed wondering if Yash had taken her panties. Yash heard his mother’s bedroom door close, rushed straight for the laundry basket. Rummaging in dirty laundry, he found what he was looking for.He fished out his mother’s soiled panties — black with lace trim. Yash’s cock was already partly rigid with lust as he held his mother’s panties in his hand and brought it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, taking in her strong womanly scent. “Ohhh. Mommy…..” he moaned in low voice as he pressed the skimpy material to his nose and ran his tongue over the panties. Yash went back to his bedroom, locked the door and jerked his cock while sniffing his mother’s scent and licking the material. His mind filled with lewd images as he imagined his mother in various stages of undress, and her pussy.In her bedroom the Sheila’s patience was running thin, so she got up from bed and went to the clothes basket, and sure enough her panties were not there!! With idea of tackling the problem immediately, Sheila knocked on her son’s bedroom door which was locked. After some delay Yash opened the door. Sheila entered his bedroom and sat on his bed, with her back resting against the backrest and legs folded at knees. Yash appeared to be confused and scared. Yash was in his pajamas and was trying to avoid his mother from noticing his slight erection.“Yash. How are your studies progressing? All well I hope”“Yes Mommy, all is well.”Sheila reached for the pillow to make herself comfortable on the bed and found her panties!!!.As she picked the slightly damp panties she muttered“Why are my panties under your pillow?”Hai Bhagwan kaisa ladka hai! Mommy ki panty ke saath … shhii. Don’t lie to me. Why do you need my panties”“I like to smell them and lick the fabric before I go to sleep” replied her son now that he was caught, there was no point hiding.“What! You like to smell and lick mommy’s panties? ……. Oh God help me please. My son plays with mother’s undergarments”.“Mommy why are you so upset. Every man likes to do it. I have read men enjoy licking a woman between her legs the most.”“Licking a woman ….. Ohh! I have never ever heard of such a thing. What a shameless boy. I don’t want any more discussion, concentrate more on studies and not my undergarments”“Yes Mommy. I study hard but I am not going to stop playing with your panties.”Sheila was flustered and then angrily said “It is not as thrilling as you have read; the place you dream of is dirty and stinks. Forget about licking it.”Sheila regretted instantly she said those words. She had opened the door of opportunity for her son who did not let go the opportunity.“Mommy I don’t think so, if I get a chance I would love it. I am sure the woman will enjoy it too.”Now Sheila was on back foot. She didn’t know what to do, and used the standard excuse“I am your mother, you should be ashamed of discussing this. I don’t believe it.”Yash had touched the nerve and pursued by saying “Mommy allow me to smell you. If what you say is correct, then I will stop playing with your panties.”Without waiting for her response he jumped on the bed besides Sheila and before she could react forced his head between her legs. Confused Sheila tried to push him away. But he was strong and started kissing her mound over the nightgown. The firm kisses on her mound softened Sheila’s resolve, and reluctantly stopped pushing him away. She was very sure that the smell would put an early end to her son’s desires. That would be a lesson well learnt & will be an eye opener for her son.The fishy rancid smell of pussy was nothing like he had imagined, türbanlı istanbul escort but the excitement of tasting the most intimate part of his mother’s body was overwhelming. With a deep breath he inhaled the odour of her hormones and put his hands under mother’s night gown. As he started raising her gown above her waist, Sheila switched off the bed lamp. In the pitch darkness Yash lowered his head till his mouth touched the hairy mound. He shifted his head sideways and gently kissed her inner thighs. As he traced his wet tongue along mother’s inner thighs, Sheila shuddered and slowly bent and opened her legs. Yash realized Mommy was excited and was giving him easy access to her pussy! That was intoxicating.Sheila lay back and closed her eyes wondering if it was a big mistake. Her sons tongue wandered over from inner thighs to her cunt lips and with the first touch of her sons tongue her resistance melted totally. After all she was a woman first then a mother. Her breathing became faster and shiver passed through her body. Sheila opened her legs further, placed her hands on her son’s head and pushed it gently but firmly into her bush. She bit her lips when her son’s tongue wandered on her magic button.With every lick the excitement was mounting and Sheila bent her legs and pulled her knees towards her breasts opening further her cunt lips. Her sons tongue now had free access and delved deep between the fragrant folds of his mother’s cunt. The saltiness of urine mixed with the tanginess of her cunt cream tickled his taste buds. He loved the taste and the way it felt to move his tongue up and down his mommy’s slit. Her pleasure was mounting, and so was her moaning. Sheila was now itchy and very wet as cream started oozing steadily out of her cuntal depths.I have to stop this! I have to stop this while I can! Her conscience was telling her to stop. Her body was sending conflicting signals, it was so divine. She was beyond caring now, just wanting to see how far it would go. She raised her buttocks to grind her gash on her son’s mouth and cried out “Ooohhh God!” It feels soooo good! Oh please! Don’t stop!”She had passed the point of caring that her son was making her feel so horny. “Go on! Keep licking please!!” Sheila pleaded with delight as she thrust her hips again and again at his lapping tongue. “Ohhh yesss…! ohhhh baby…..!!” She squealed. She wanted to savor these divine moments. “Hai bhagwaaan Oh! Yes darling Yes! Aur darling, bahut mazaa aa raha hai, Hai ! Oooohhhh!!!”Sensing mothers growing excitement Yash inserted his 2 fingers into the narrow, wet, clinging interior of his mother’s pussy & took her clit between his lips, sucking it gently. He started pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt. He was doing exactly the same things he had read on net so many times. Under the 2 pronged attacks on her clit and in the hole, Sheila felt the juices welling up deep inside of her womb. As the fingers got lubricated Yash pulled out the middle finger from her cunt and pushed it in her asshole. Sheila winced in discomfort but the pleasure was unbearable. The pre-orgasmic sensations pleasured her body, her groans and moans became louder and louder, and then moans turned to screams.“Bahut acchhe, hai, anand aa raha hai, hhhhaaaaiiiii, ooooohhhhhh ”She gripped his head and held him against her crotch as her hips bucked and her first orgasm in 3 years pulsed through her body. The dam burst and her throbbing pussy spasmed and spewed, giving her son a mouthful of pussy juice to suck up. Her son kept on sucking as if guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. It was nearly a minute before the spasms subsided. Her son’s face was drenched with his own mother’s cunt juices. He swallowed all she could produce. The tremors subsided as her body slowly returned to normal and she lay still, breathless with pleasure. Yash looked up from between Sheila’s legs and grinned proudly.Even after the orgasm, there was still aching need, deep inside her pussy. Such aching need she’d never felt before. This was her son! Her son was making her feel this way and she couldn’t fight the feelings welling up inside her. She was filled with yearning now and no longer cared that her son had just brought her to orgasm. On the contrary, it felt even more special. She loved her son and now that love seemed so much stronger. Sheila raised her head and looked up at her son, his face wet with her juices. She smiled wantonly at him. She held him by his arms & pulled him over her. As he lay on her top he sensed he had done a good job and took the liberty of fondling her breast and kissing her. In the aftermath of intense orgasm Sheila responded to her sons kisses passionately. As the kissing and kneading of breasts became intense Sheila suddenly was alarmed & started pushing her son away. She could feel her son’s manhood pressing against her slit. That would be very wrong.‘Oh No darling, No please I am your Mommy, enough, please let me go”‘Come on mommy, you had the fun, now let me have some. ”‘Please darling what we just did was wrong, unforgivable, Please don’t do anything else, please”’‘Come on mommy, only once, let me inside you once” he said as he pressed harder on her slit.“No, please it won’t be right. Beta, galat baat nahi kar, please. And nobody stops after once.’“Andar daalne do na please. Nobody will know. At least once. Only once. Please”Sheila thought to herself‘It is wrong I know. But can’t resist the temptation, and there is no fear of pregnancy. So why not? I have forgotten a man’s touch. 3 years is a long time not to have a man in your arms. My son wants to change that.’‘OK, darling, only once, and do it slowly, ahista. Don’t hurt me OK.”Sheila opened her legs; and guided her son into position. With the pink swollen head of his manhood he teased her cunt lips open and with one hard thrust he slammed it deep into his mother’s cunt. It was like hot knife running through butter. Sheila uttered a little cry. Yash couldn’t tell türbanlı istanbul escort bayan if she was whimpering in pain or pleasure. “I did not hurt you did I Mommy?” Yash asked worriedly.“No. No. It was just that you are so grown and big now. I am not used to it. But it feels so good in me”Sheila arched her back and raised her lovely ass to take all of him in her. Yash luxuriated in the warm wetness of his mother’s cunt and his cock throbbed hotly. With mother’s encouragement he started bucking his lean young ass hard and fast, driving his swollen prick in and out of her like a piston. He was fucking his mother, enjoying her grunts as he speared her deeply. The room was filled with the wet slurping sounds of his cock moving in and out of wet opening. It was accompanied with the sound of balls slapping against his mother’s ass. He loved the moans and cries of pleasure that escaped his mother’s trembling lips.“Oh, God yes! Harder! Deeper! I want it all! Darling! All the way in!” Sheila shrieked as he pumped her with youthful vigour. Her entire being was consumed by passion and love. She felt as hot as a furnace now. She did not want it to end and so raised her legs and wrapped them around her son’s waist. To slow him down she gripped his waist firmly between her thighs and tightened her cunt muscles too around his meat.‘Mommy what is the matter? You want me to stop.”Sheila though breathless blurted “Aare rajdhani ki speed se nahi passenger train ki raftaar se karna. Ahista karo. Slow down baby, slow and steady baby”“OK Mommy.”As Sheila loosened her grip her son resumed his fucking and then with mommy’s guidance settled in a slow rhythmic pumping.“Yes Darling. I love it now. Keep it up. Don’t stop now. Yeeeesssssss ooooohhhhhhhhh”After few more deep thrusts Sheila could feel the first signs of her orgasm building within her. Her moans and groans became louder. She readied for another orgasm. Her son’s movements too became rapid indicating his balls were ready to burst.“Are you going to spill into me, Darling?” Sheila asked tensely, in between her moans.“Yes, Mommy! Yes!” “Darling stop now, please don’t spill inside me. Darling please no”“I can’t! ahhhhhhh I am AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh, Here it comes mmmmm…Unnhhhhhh!” Yash growled, as his balls exploded and emptied his seed deep into his mother’s cunt. Despite herself Sheila’s cunt sucked and squeezed the cock that was deep inside her, as if to draw the last drop right out of his balls. His cock jerked in her sucking pussy for a moment or two. Her son’s hot juices splashing inside set off her own orgasm.“Darling! aaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuunnnnnnnn, Wowww! Oh, yesss! ngggggg!” she cried as her orgasm tore through her like a tornado.Their bodies were joined together, physically & in the love of mother and son. They held each other tightly, abandoning themselves to the pleasures that their wild encounter had brought them. Sheila sighed happily as her son pulled his meat out of her with a plop. She could feel his juices mixed with her own, dribbling down her open slit on to the mattress. She looked at her son who smiled warmly. Mother and Son had their first taboo bonding and pleasure. Both were breathless. Yash lay besides his mother, rolled over, and cupped mommy’s breasts and squeezed them gently. Sheila pulled him towards her bosom, opened her gown and fed one nipple in his mouth. He started suckling on her nipple like a c***d and she cradled his head in her arms and cooed softly with pleasure. The performance had drained both of them. They lay in utter bliss in each other’s arms. As Sheila’s breathing eased and body recovered from fierce encounter, she eased the nipple out of her son’s mouth and got up from bed. “Mommy where are you going?”“To bathroom darling to wash-up”“Mom please come back to my bed”.Sheila did not respond to that. As she sat on commode to wash all the traces of her sons spend she wondered‘It was not supposed to be like this. She was supposed to stop her son from playing with her panties, but had ended sleeping with him. God what has she done, why couldn’t she control her desires and needs? But the experience was very exhilarating. Her son had treated her like a virgin princess. Despite her misgivings he had lapped up her pussy as if eating some exotic dish prepared by a 5 star chef. He did not complain of her thick bush. That’s it. She knew what she had to do. ’After toweling herself dry she peeled off her gown from her body, hung it in the bath and walked back to son’s bedroom totally nude. She flopped down on the bed and pulled her sons head to her bosom and whispered“I have thought and made a decision. I love you very much, and you are the only man who has always been there for me last 3 years. From now on I too want to be with you in every way possible. Baby I need you and I am all yours. Take me whenever you desire. But let it be our secret. Remove your clothes I want to touch and feel your nakedness against my body. ”As her son stripped naked her hand slid between her son’s thighs and started fondling his balls and cajoling the new manhood in her life. Sheila guided her son’s hand to her bush and asked “Baby! Do you want me to trim or shave the hair?”“Mommy that would be good, yes mom just trim the hair” With Sheila cradling her sons head and Yash suckling on her breast they drifted off to sleep. The room was quiet but the stillness and the silence of the night was frequently interrupted by the moans and groans of i****tuous coupling of mother and son. Both of them lost track of the number of times they feasted on each other’s bodies. Mother and son had been insatiable through the night. They fucked as if the world was coming to end the next day!At the day break Sheila was awakened from her slumber by her son caressing her breasts. She felt the sensation of his wet tongue on her nipples, and as he began to suck on them, her nipples became hard. It was as though Yash was trying to drain milk out of her. She kept her eyes shut enjoying his türbanlı escort istanbul attention till his palm reached for her hairy mound.“Darling! Oh no! Not again please. My whole body is aching, breasts, nipples, back, thighs and my pussy is sore with your lapping and vigorous pounding. Didn’t you have enough of me the whole night? Please stop it.”As his fingers continued caressing her clit her knees lifted up slightly, and her thighs spread open involuntarily. Under sustained Sucking and caressing of her pussy, the moisture glistened on her vagina lips. Her breathing became ragged. She gave herself to him completely in throes of surrender and held her son’s penis which was throbbing wildly. Yash then pulled the blanket off their bodies. Instinctively Sheila crossed her legs and arms across her bosom to hide her nudity.“What are you doing, please cover me, I am so ashamed being nude in front of you”“Mommy after nights fucking what shame are you talking of ? Come on let me see your choot. ”Yash got up from bed, put his arms beneath her knees and pulled mommy’s legs on astride on his shoulders. Out of sheer embarrassment Sheila shut her eyes. “Beta, what are you doing?” Sheila asked as if she had no idea.“I know Papa never did this for you, but I want to.”“What … oh, Beta … you … can’t.”“Yes I want to eat your pussy again and again. I want to make you feel good like you’ve done for me. I know you love it. Just relax.”“Ohhhh, mera beta” Sheila whispered in surrender as he grasped the back of her thighs and pushed them to her chest. There was no attempt to push him away now. Her thighs were spread wide open, baring the forbidden treasures between them to his eyes. Sheila realised that even her husband of 19 years had never seen her jewel like this. Here and now her son was staring at his birthplace.He was staring at a woman’s pussy so close up for the first time, it was the hole from where he came to this world 18 years back. Sheila’s outer brown vagina lips opened like an exotic flower, the slit already wet with her honey. As Yash teased the soft and pink inner lips with his fingers, her bright red gash was exposed to his gaze. With excitement her heart was pumping blood to her gash which was turning bright red. Her clitoris too was budding out like a miniature penis. His lips closed onto the clitoris and he felt her squirming in throes. His tongue played with it as it grew. The womanly aroma of her juices filled his nostril and he could see her vagina lips quivering with excitement. He inserted his tongue into her and tongue fucked her deeply, all the while pressing her legs deeper into her breasts as he tried to penetrate as far as his tongue could go. Sheila was moaning incoherently.“Ohhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh,” she screamed. Yash moved his tongue up and down her wet slit, tickled the inner lips, then drawing the juice coating his tongue into his mouth. He pushed her hips back further and opened his mouth wide. His head moved down with his tongue out. He plunged it into her. “Ahhhhhheeeee … oh God!!!” Sheila screamed. She froze with her hips raised. She could feel her son’s tongue swirling deep inside her, then plunging in and out. Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath, trying desperately to draw oxygen into her depleted lungs. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh!!!” she moaned.As his wet tongue, made slippery with her juices, made contact with her inners, the sensation was electrifying. Her buttocks quivered her hand flailed out clutching the mattress in exquisite raptures. Her heart was thumping wildly at the dirtiness of her son’s actions. She never felt so wanton in her life.Then she felt him leave her. But just as fast, his hands were on her again. She felt his hardness at her vagina. Sheila opened her eyes. “Oh no! I am very sore baby. At my age I can’t cope with your stamina. Please.”But the head of his firm and turgid penis was already past her outer lips of her vagina.“After this we will take a break mommy. Let me have a go once more.”“Mommy only once” she mocked, well aware that the virile young man is just not going to stop. It is going to be tiring day. How long will he enjoy sex with mommy? Hope it is everlasting.“Mom it is unbelievable. Fucking is heavenly, and fucking you is absolutely divine. I wish I could remain inside you throughout”Sheila chuckled as the virile young man pushed his penis deep inside her opening. His firm and hard penis was pumping in and out in slow but deep thrusts. After prolonged thrusting she cried out in pure a****listic ecstasy as her orgasm exploded. Sheila clasped him tightly and then felt him stiffen as his hot sperms squirted and splashed inside her body. As he was spent in his mother, Yash continued pounding his solid tube of flesh, causing her to attain multiple orgasms.It was a torrid performance. Their love making was almost in desperation, making up for the lost time. Breathless they lay on the bed together naked. Sheila looked lovingly at her son. God, she thought, in just one night of loving, he had made her cum so many times that she had lost count. She never imagined that making love could be so potent, so erotic. In twenty years of her marriage, she knew she had achieved orgasm fewer times than in one night with her son.Her son had turned her from shy conservative Indian housewife into a love machine, churning out multiple satisfactions; the kind that she did not even know existed. Her son’s performance reminded her of the documentary she had seen on TV. Young lion after taking over the pride, coupled with lionesses in heat nearly continuously. Her son was to be her sexual gratifier; the pride now has a new, young and virile lion!She did not want to think of her husband, or how she was going to cope when he came home. Mother’s transformation was complete and the strong emotional bond was now sealed by physical bond between mother and her son. Their lovemaking reached new heights. Sheila insisted on her son eating her pussy at least once during the day and spearing her with his tool at least twice every night.During her periods she could not get her daily licks and pokes but, was more than compensated for in the next two or three days.Sheila stopped wearing panties even during the day. She kept her pussy trimmed and demanded her son’s attention by just lifting her saree or the gown to reveal her hot cunt. After that her son knew what was expected and always performed to mother’s total satisfaction.

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