Shopping Experience


Shopping ExperienceSo i was in the fresh fruit section of Tesco. I don’t like going in there and think their fruit and veg pretty poor really. Plus it really annoys me when those shelf stackers have their big basket trolley things blocking the aisle, they dont seem to care you are trying to shop.Anyway, so i live in one of those villages on the edge of London, all pretention and four by fours, where the people look at you like dirt if your stock portfolio doesnt size up well enough. These places annoy except the women nearing fifty all look after themselves and love to flirt. I was trying to pick the right apples, often some in the bag are a bit off already so you have to be careful. I was aware there were shelf stackers everywhere and i felt someone brush up against me, pretty close and much closer than i usually like. I turned to say something to be confronted by a late forties looking woman, brown hair in a long bob, brown eyes and red lipstick. She smiled and said sorry before i could say anything. I said no problem at all and moved to one side so she could reach for some apples. She was wearing a thick sweater with a roll top neck, i find that so sexy, and beige leggins with brown suede boots, those furry on the inside kind. I glanced her up and down and she leaned for her fruit and caught sight of a really shapely small bum. God i love that look.She got her fruit and stood straight again, smiled at me and said thanks. I have to admit i went a little red, i was sure she caught me looking at her butt. I smiled and her eyes lingered on me slightly longer than they should have done. She fethiye escort put her selection in her trolley and walked off, i watched that bum go and shopped on.In the bread section i saw her again so thought i would try a little flirting and leaned against her reaching for a loaf of sliced granary. Oh i am sorry i said, she smiled and moved out the way. As i got hold of the loaf she leaned back in and forced a breast against my arm – it felt firm and large. I thought of making a joke about baps but didnt want to bugger this up as i bugger everything up when it comes to women! I got my granary and moved on.I was leaning against a freezer deciding on choice of pizza topping when i caught a now familiar glimpse of beige leggins standing next to me. She stood there looking at the same pizza as me then turned around and leant against the freezer, or rather she leaned on my hand against the freezer. Her buttock nestling nicely against my hand she moved gently from side to side. Her bum felt so firm and a familiar stirring started to happen in my trousers, no small acheivement considering the cold air blasting from the freezer. I wanted to grab that bum there and then but Tesco was a little buzy for a full on groping so i just enjoyed the moment. After about half a minute she said, oh excuse me i am so sorry, then grabbed a deep pan peperoni and moved on. I brought my hand to mouth and kissed it gently, what a bum she had. By this time i was really excited about out game of cat and mouse and wanted more. I passed her at the coffee section and thanks to a shelf stacers trolley the size of a escort fethiye small estate car i had to get quite close to her. She was facing the coffee so i brushed by her rubbing my crotch area against arse – it felt a perfect fit and my little guy throbbed as it came into contact with her lycra clad cheeks. Excuse me i said with a smile and moved on to the cereal for my corn flakes.I hadnt seen her for a few minutes and i was nearly at the end of my list, i just had ice cream to go so went back to the freezer section. In front of the ice cream i caught sight of her again. One hand on the railing, her trolley behind her and one hand… oh my God, one hand was in front her at crotch height. My shopping buddy was really enjoying the ice cream section. I moved in next to her nodding at the ice cream and said, do you need a hand. She smiled and said most definitely yes she did. Her hand came away from her crotch and guided mine to its place. I felt the warmth of her coming through the fabric of her leggins. We both leaned over the ice cream to obscure other peoples view and my hand rose up the fabric and inside the waist band. I slid it quickly down inside her panties, which were sopping, and felt her warm moist lips. She was hairy and the hair was matted with her juices. She groaned as i slid a finger down the length of her slit. Parting the lips i dipped it an inch into her – bloody hell she was ready. I removed my hand and put the finger into my mouth, what a taste. We looked at each other and mouthed at the same time “toilet”. I led the way with my trolley and glancing back at her saw fethiye escort bayan that her dampness was now showing through her trousers.We left our trolleys outside and i went to the men’s, she was heading to the women’s and at the last second dived in behind me. We got in a stall in record time and there was so much frantic tension that pleasantries were skipped. She stood and faced the wall and leaned over slightly pushing her bottom towards me. I knelt and pulled her stretchy trousers down and with it her white soaking pants. I left them just above the knee. Kissing her pale skinned buttock i carressed the other with my left hand while my right hand released my throbbing cock. I stood up and guided my cock towards her wet tunnel and pushed. It slid in so easily, crikey she was wet and i knew i wouldnt last long. I thrust deep and quick into her, gripping a butt cheek with each hand. It was wet velvet heaven in there and within a thirty seconds i was ready to fire. I felt the surge and pulled my glistening cock from her and emptied jet after jet onto that pale gorgeous bum. She was gapsing with pleasure as my cock twitched its final fluid onto her. I moved my right hand under her and found her inviting hole and seperated those lips, with my middle finger i circled her clit much to her delight. With my left hand i rubbed my cum into her bum and briefly slipped one finger into her puckered hole. She came with a gasp and i eased my cock back into my jeans. I pulled her pants back to soak up the rest of my juice and pulled her leggings back up too. I left not long after, paid for my shopping and drove home with the biggest smile on my face and fingers perched under my nose the whole way. That was a couple of weeks ago now and i still get a twitch in the pants whenever i go into Tesco now, though i havent seen her since!

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