sister-In-Law Helps with Stiffness


sister-In-Law Helps with StiffnessLike so many of my stories, this is a total fabrication, but I will admit that I do have a sister-in-law, she has huge tits, is younger than my wife, and I have lusted in my mind over her for longer than I care to admit! Obviously her name is NOT Linda and the rest of the story is an absolute fabrication as well. Just because a guy is a senior citizen does not mean the lusty thoughts have vanished.The sun beat down on my head as I finished nailing down the last few feet of the roof shingles on my sister-in-law’s house. Linda, my sister-in-law lived alone about 150 miles from where we lived and had suffered severe roof damage in a wind storm over the winter. I have been in the building trades for over 40 years and agreed to repair the roof.My wife, 15 years older than Linda, could not get off work so I made the trip alone. The job was simple enough but it was heavy work and at the age of 65 it did wear me out. As I was picking up my mess I felt a twinge in my back, a problem from being older and working too hard. It was nothing that a good night’s rest wouldn’t cure but taking it easy was in order so I did not do some real damage.Linda had been in the yard most of the day keeping an eye on me, I suspected she was afraid I’d fall off the roof or something. And as I looked down on her I could admire her figure in her super tight capri pants and white knit top. She saw me stop, hesitate, and then move very slowly as I finished cleaning up. She came up to me with a cold drink and suggested I set down for a bit, “Did you hurt yourself? I hope not.” She said as we took a seat on the deck. Linda didn’t look anything like my wife, she had lighter hair and blue eyes instead of the brown eyes and dark hair my wife has. And perhaps the most striking difference was her figure.Linda was more than busty, I had seen one of her lace bras in the bathroom the other day and just to ease my curiosity I looked at the tag, 40 E, I didn’t know there was such a thing but the tag was clearly printed with the size. She has a moderate build, meaning she is a little round, but not at all heavy. I would call her delightfully curvy. I must at this point explain that in all the years of my marriage I have never been with another woman nor did I have any desire to step out on my wife.But I will also admit to having this ongoing fantasy about Linda. Her figure drives me to distraction when she is around and she has been the subject of many a jerk off session. Being here alone with her was very different, my wife and I travel together all the time and I don’t remember a time when I have been Linda’s sole house guest.Linda sat across from me in a lounge chair, her large breasts held firmly in what I imagined was a bra similar to the one I saw in the bathroom. I could see the shadow of lace through her thin top and that was what I had seen earlier. Her top had a neckline that revealed some cleavage and on many occasions after seeing this I had fantasized about titty fucking her, and today might be another such session. As we relaxed from the work it clouded up and the air cooled. She suddenly crossed her arms in front of her, but not before I noticed her nipples poking through the fabric.“I think we should go in,” Linda said as she stood and quickly moved to the patio door while keeping her tits covered. I followed her looking at her round ass jiggle a bit in her capri pants. I could clearly see her panty lines and wondered how in the hell I was going to find some privacy and get these sexual thoughts out of my mind.I was moving slow and Linda noticed again, “You did hurt yourself,” she said and stopped to let me catch up. She placed her hand in the middle of my back and rubbed it a bit. This made my cock harden and I dropped my hands to cover my obvious arousal. “It is just a little stiff,” I said kıbrıs vip escort and then realized that more than my back was stiff and I did not want her to see the tent in my pants.‘You need to get a nice hot shower and then I will give you a back rub to ease that stiffness.” Linda said as she left me standing in front of the door to the guest room. “When you get done in the shower call me,” She said and walked down the hall towards the master bedroom. Linda had never really been one to get close to me and this seemed out of character, but she did seem to have my well-being in mind so I didn’t protest.I quickly showered; my erection was throbbing with my thoughts of Linda, her large breasts, and hard nipples. Normally I would have jerked off in the shower, but I was afraid that lingering too long there would raise suspicion that I was indeed hurt and I didn’t want to cause alarm, so I got in and out of the shower quickly. I started with a warm shower and it did ease some of the soreness in my back but then I switched to cold water to make my erection go away, which helped but didn’t cool the overheated thoughts in my head.I dried off and slipped into my sweat pants, I decided against underwear because if she really did plan to give me a good back rub she would need to go fairly low. I had no sooner pulled them up when Linda poked her head in the door, “Great timing,” she said, “Lay on the bed face down and we’ll see if we can make you feel better.”In my mind I thought that the only thing would make me feel better was a good cum! Linda had a bottle of oil in her hand as I laid down and she spread some onto my back, I flinched a bit and she said, “Just relax Dan, this is going to help,” and she began massaging my shoulders with her oily hands. I tried to put sexual thoughts out of my mind but her warm hands on my back sent my mind to places it shouldn’t go. I had visions of her warm oily hands on my cock, then I thought of my warm oily hands on her huge tits, none of this was helping my stiffness between my legs.Linda worked her way down my back and I tensed up when I felt my cock spring back to life. It was hard as a rock under me, luckily it didn’t show or her desire to help me would probably have ended. Linda sensed my tension saying, “You are really stiff, I need to really work some of that stiffness out of you.”My cock ached but I could do nothing but lie there. As Linda worked on my back she climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs and applied more pressure to my lower back. Then as if reading my mind she pulled my sweat pants down half way across my ass and rubbed hard and fast. Several times I felt her thumbs against the crack of my ass and I thought I might just blow my load with never having touched my cock. As she worked my back by pushing hard from my ass to my ribs she would cause me to groan, some of which was the pleasure my cock was getting with the motion.As she rocked forward I could feel her pussy against my legs, she seemed very warm between her legs, or was it my imagination? On several occasions I could swear she was grinding her pussy against my thighs. But I wrote if off as wishful thinking.After a few more minutes Linda stopped rubbing, stepped off the bed, and said, “I think that is all I can do for you, I hope it helped,” and quickly left me alone in the bedroom. It seemed like a strange way to end the backrub but I did appreciate it and my cock really did need a break, I really thought I would explode.I remained on the bed for a few minutes trying to decide if I should just expose myself and start jerking off. Then I decided that if Linda would happen to stop back to check on me having a raging hard on in my hand would not set well with her. So I moved around the room, trying to “walk it off”, my hard on and not my stiff back. kıbrıs vip escort bayan When my cock started to relax I slipped on a shirt. I wanted to thank Linda for the back rub and walked towards her bedroom. Her door was nearly closed and I was just about to tap on it when I heard a low moan, and not a painful moan, it really sounded more like a pleasurable moan.I stood silent outside the door, then peeked in and I could see Linda’s bare feet on the bed. Her toes were curled up, “I wonder if Linda and my wife share that trait, sexual pleasure always had a way of making my wife’s toes curl. I wanted to see more but was afraid she would see me peeking at her. Then I looked to my right and saw her reflection in the mirror of her dresser.She was totally naked! And there in that reflection was the woman that had caused so many erections and so much stimuli for jerk off sessions. Her large breasts lay on her chest, “DAMN”, I thought to myself, “they are larger than her bra makes them look.” Her legs were wide apart and both hands were working her pussy into a white froth, and her moaning was getting more intense.I looked at her tits again, her areolas were large, covering most of the end of her breasts and her nipples as large as my thumb tips. Her tits moved like liquid as she masturbated and I wondered what was going through her mind as she worked on getting to the point of no return. I fantasized that it was me knowing in my mind that she did not think of me in a sexual way.As if a direct answer to my thoughts she moaned again, “Ohhhhh, yes Dan, fuck me, fuck me like the slut that I am.”Needless to say my already hard cock stiffened more and I was left with a desire for her that just wouldn’t go away. “But how the hell do I make the move?” I thought. I could push the door open with my pants around my ankles, no that would probably scare the shit out of her. I could tap on the door and say something, “but what?” I thought to myself.I watched her reflection as she moved one slimy fingered hand to her massive tit and rubbed her nipple, “Yes Dan, suck it, suck my nipples, and make them hard.”“DAMN,” I cursed to myself again, “how much of this can I take?” I could just creep back to my room, drop my pants, and jerk off, or I could walk into the room and fuck the hell out of her.I finally decided that if I was ever going to act on my impulse now would be the time. I slipped off my shirt dropping it to the floor, and then shed my sweat pants. I was standing in Linda’s hallway outside her bedroom door naked as a J-Bird with an erection that throbbed and begged for attention. I looked down at my cock and realized that I was oozing pre-cum onto her carpet, I grabbed my cock and rubbed the clear slick pre-cum all over the swollen tip of my cock. My heart was beating in my chest, I pushed the door open slowly and stepped into the room.The room, decorated in a very feminine style, reeked of her arousal. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be near her orgasm, “it is now or never,” I thought and stepped to the end of the bed. Her pussy was covered in dark blond hair, matted with her juices and her finger was working her clit hard. Her clit was swollen and peeking out of its hood, her pussy lips were puffy and red from the action she was giving it.As I prepared to crawl onto the bed Linda opened her eyes and saw me standing there wearing nothing but a smile and an erection and smiled back. “What took you so long Dan?” Linda said as she rolled her hard clit between her thumb and forefinger.I really wasn’t sure what to say, but I know what I wanted so I climbed onto the bed and moved between her legs. She raised her knees up off the bed and I used them to steady myself as I moved forward. I spread her legs apart and then reached down and cupped her sopping wet pussy rus vip kıbrıs escort in my hand.She hissed the words, “Yessss, oh yesss, I need to cum so bad, help me cum Dan before you fuck me.” Up to this point I would have been happy to share in some mutual masturbation, but her statement ended in the words I needed to here, “before you fuck me.” With the inevitable in mind I wanted to bring as much pleasure as I could before I mounted her and satisfied my many years of lust for her.I began to massage her clit hard and fast, it was so swollen and hard and I wanted to do more than finger her. I dropped down and put my lips around her clit and sucked it while flicking my tongue across it. “Yessss, oh Yessss, I am going to cum, I hope you are ready, don’t stop Dan, I want to cum on your tongue,” and before she could say another word I felt her tense up as if hit with an electrical shock and more of her slick fluid shot out of her pussy. My chin was soaked with her cum as I continued to gently suck on her clit as her orgasm took over every muscle in her body.I reluctantly pulled off her clit but within seconds knew that the tasty reward I was consuming with my tongue sliding in and out of her pussy was worth leaving the rubbery nub alone. When I felt her relax I wiped my face with the back of my hand and then moved up to suck her tit. I had never experienced a breast so large and I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and it beyond my expectations. I felt her hand move between my legs and stroke my cock. “I wanted this in your bedroom Dan, I wanted to roll you over and jerk your cock, I knew I had you hard but I chickened out.” She stroked me slowly at first and as she felt me respond her hand moved faster. “I have wanted your cock for so long but was afraid you’d refuse, I want you to fill my pussy with your cock and your cum.”She cut her dirty talk off as I playfully bit her nipple and then pulled off it making a popping sound as it left my mouth. I moved up a bit and she guided me into her pussy that was more than ready for penetration. I pressed the tip inside her and she let go of my cock anticipating my thrust into her. I pulled back, the look on her face was as if she was screaming, “NO, don’t pull out!”I slid the tip of my cock up and down her slippery slit enjoying her creamy discharge. I bumped her clit a couple times with my purple knob and then moved back and slid all the way in her in one swift move. She arched her back to accept my penetration and I felt my balls slap her slick ass as I humped hard and deep into her.“Oh yes Dan, fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am. I should be ashamed fucking my sister’s husband, but I don’t, I need your cock, fill me full of cum.” Linda said as I started thrusting in and out of her. It was obvious that Linda and my wife didn’t share one thing in common, my wife would never had said such things, the dirty talk had me hot and my lust was burning me up.I didn’t last long, I felt my cock swell and bent down and with an open mouth kissed her passionately while my balls emptied inside her. She stiffened and I knew she was going to cum again as my cock continued to pump more cum to mingle with her juices. We were locked together, each of us in the throes of our orgasm, sharing a moment that would probably never be repeated.As we both came down from our orgasm I rolled off her and lay beside her holding one of her huge tits, fondling it and enjoying the feel of her nipple. “I hope that this helped get rid of your stiffness,” Linda said with a smile as she ran her fingers over my chest, “You know that we can’t do this again,” she said as she dropped her hand between my legs and stroked my limp cock.“I know,” I said and felt my cock start to harden, “I suspect that you mean we can’t do this again another time, because you have got me half hard again.”“I know that, I want that old cock of yours inside me again, but not before I get a taste of it, besides we really need to relieve that stiffness you have been having.” Linda said as she crawled down the bed and before she buried my cock in her mouth, she said, “I wonder if my friend Penny would like to join us next time?”

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