Sister Seduced And Fucked On Rakshabandhan!


Sister Seduced And Fucked On Rakshabandhan!

This happened around 2 months ago on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. As I have mentioned in my previous stories, I and my sister were sexually active with each other for a long time. But after she got a new boyfriend, we have not been fucking since the last few months.

As I was single, I felt jealous thinking of my sex partner fucking with anyone else. I was also frustrated and bored of masturbation and I needed a pussy to fuck.

I have mentioned more about the hotty of this story who is my sister Abha in my previous stories. Kindly refer to those to know more about our journey. Coming to the story from here, Abha was in the town for Raksha Bandhan. I received her at the station and she gave me a tight hug. Her 36D melons pressed against my chest and I felt aroused instantly. I wanted to smooch her right there but resisted myself.

It was a day before rakhi and we talked and ate a lot of stuff together. In the evening, I took her for shopping. She bought a beautiful dress for her. She was looking gorgeous in that and I wanted to just hug and never leave her.

When we came home, we got to know that one of our close relatives had expired in the evening and our parents had to leave on the next day. We all were sad hearing the bad news. We didn’t sleep the whole night as the atmosphere of the home was not good. The next morning we all were tired. Abha helped mom in the kitchen for preparing food for all and for the journey as mom and dad had to leave by noon.

After dropping mom dad at the station, I came back home. It was almost 3 pm and we both were hell tired. We had food and she asked me to dress up as she wanted to tie me rakhi. We both dressed up.

As usual, she was looking like a princess. She tied rakhi on me and I hugged her tight there. She sensed something fishy as the hug lasted long. We were so close that we could smell each other’s breath! She broke the silence saying, “Bhai, are you okay?” I said yes and we broke the hug.

Later in the evening, we both were hell tired from the last day and didn’t want to cook. So we ordered food. We talked a lot while eating and since we were quite open, she told me about her sex life with her new found boyfriend. It aroused me too much. We were in our night clothes. She wore a loose tank top and a sexy short in which almost 90% of her milky thighs were visible.

Then we sat on the couch watching TV and she put her head on my lap. I could see her rising and falling breasts while she breathed and I was aroused by this time.

Suddenly she said, “Bhai, can you please massage my head. It is aching too much?” I nodded and placed my hand on her head. She got up from there and sat on the couch, between my legs with her back facing me so that I can have access to the whole of her head.

I started massaging her head, every portion of it. I was slowly gripping it with my palms and running my fingers through her hair. She seemed to enjoy it and felt relaxed. She complimented my massage by saying that I gave the best head massage to her.

From her head, I gradually moved to her neck and slowly ran my fingers on the sidelines of her neck. I exerted more force so as to make her feel relaxed as I knew her neck aches a lot when she works.

After the satisfaction of her neck, I moved my fingers to her shoulders and started pressing them with my palms from above the top. She felt a lot relaxed and let out a few good moans as I pressed her collarbone. I had been aroused since the previous day and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So I removed the strap of her top from one shoulder.

I knew she doesn’t wear bra at night and my guess was right. She didn’t say anything and it was a green signal for me to remove the other strap too and I happily obliged. I then massaged her bare shoulder swiftly with my fingers and palms. She closed her eyes. I knew she was enjoying my hands on her body.

Then I took my hands to the front of her body and started applying pressure with my hands there, just above her boobs. After caressing her front body, I inserted my hands into her top from the front and what I found was heaven. She didn’t wear any bra and her melons were in my hands.

She closed her eyes as I started massaging them one by one and sometimes, grabbing both of them at once. Suddenly, my fingers touched the cherry spots and her nipples which were all erect by that time. I pinched her nipples and she was taken aback by my gesture. She didn’t expect such a move and open her eyes with a huge moan.

My sister was too aroused by now and stood up. She looked at me with angry but naughty eyes and asked me what the hell was I doing. I said, “Didn’t you enjoy whatever I was doing?” She said that she enjoyed but what I did in the last was not good.

I looked at her with a naughty smile and she said that I would get a punishment for this and now I would have to give her a full body massage (winking).

Upon listening to this, I jumped over her and grabbed her face and put my lips on her lips. We started kissing passionately and slowly, my tongue started exploring every corner of her mouth.

My sister bit my lower lip and my hands reached her boobs. I started pressing them from above the half removed top. I removed the top completely and she removed my t-shirt. We embraced each other like lovers and she scratched my back with her long nails. I gave a love bite on her neck and she moaned with that. Her voice was sexy enough to arouse me more.

I lifted her up in my arms and jumped over the couch. We kissed again and again and started exploring our bodies. I removed her shorts and panty in one go and she was naked now in front of me, ready to be fucked!

We came in 69 position. She gave the best blowjob of my life. I then sat on the couch and she came over me. She wanted to take the lead. She held my hands and placed them over her boobs and placed her pussy right above my dick and sat on that. We both moaned in unison and kissed. Our lips met and with my hands over her boobs, she started moving her ass up and down like a pro!

After a few minutes when she got tired, I made her lie down on the couch and started eating her pussy. She was clean shaved and wet. She experienced an orgasm with a loud moan and I drank all her juices.

Now I came over her and started kissing her boobs while my dick was searching for her hole which it found eventually. I pushed it inside her while kissing her nipples and started moving to and fro. After fucking her for 5 more minutes in that position and kissing every part of her body, I ejaculated into her only.

We kissed and cuddled after that. Both of us were tired to move our asses to the bed so we slept on the couch itself, naked and she over me.

In the morning, I bought her some contraceptive pills which she already had. We continued our sessions in the following 4 days till she had to leave for her workplace. We had sex in every corner of the house, be it the kitchen or the bedroom or even under the shower!

Please tell me how you liked my story and the other stories as well. If anybody wants to get intimate with their siblings/cousins or if any girl wants to be satisfied sexually, write me

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