Stella teased daddy, then left me to finish.


Stella teased daddy, then left me to finish.I and a few of my friends were fooling around in the kitchen when one girl unpeeled a banana, threw her head back and let it slide all the way down her throat.When she withdrew it, we measured and she managed to swallow 9 inches. We coaxed to do it again, and this time she 10.7 inches, and held it for almost 2 minutes.We cheered loudly, and then we saw her face fall, as she started at the kitchen door, my father had just witnessed my friend ‘Deep Throat a Banana’.There was a pregnant pause as we shifted uneasily, afraid to ponder what was going through my fathers staid mind.He walked up to Stella, who was as tall as he was, took the banana, smiled and said, ‘I shall have this for lunch, and will you marry me’.We all erupted into peals of laughter, daddy handled it beautifully and made me proud, as being a very very cool guy.Being capricious teenagers with a warped sense of humour, sex was a new frontier to all of us, and joking around, watching porn and trying booze, was all part of growing up where we lived.I went to the fridge and took out a beer, ‘Better give this to him’, I said, and Stella, jokingly grabbed her crotch, like in Michael Jackson style, ‘Give him this too’, and fell about laughing.I wondered just how funny she thought it was and how keen she might want to fool around with my father, like I said, she was a big girl physically and always on about sex.I went into the living room and over to where dad was sitting, ‘Shall I open it for you’, I queried as drew alongside the chair?’Sure babes’, he replied, as he watched me approach him.’You girls are sure crazy’, he suggested, ‘Just a bit of fooling around daddy’, and as I poured his beer, I added a little afterthought, we are at that age where we are all curious about sex’.Stella’s saliva laden banana was lying in a saucer, with the peeled skin covering it. Daddy bayburt rus escort picked it up and looked at it, then asked me in a whisper, ‘How much did she swallow’?His eyes traversed the banana, he had a distant look in his eyes, and that’s when I realised he was a man and my friends excited him sexually, that moment had a profound effect on me, as his daughter my friends were sexual objects willingly brought into his midst by me, and suddenly that realization of daddy with any of my friends brought home for him to to enjoy, brought out a hidden and dark trait I never thought about, was I voyeur? I handed him his beer, ‘Ten inches daddy’, I said it quietly and teasingly, and as I divested this information, he broke off a small section of the banana he had been toying with, and put it in his mouth and began slowly chewing it.We looked at each other as he masticated the banana, mixing his saliva with hers, as if he was down between her legs and licking her, ‘She said she likes you too daddy’, I smiled and walked back into the kitchen.I say walked, but I was actually floating. The air was heavy with innuendo as far as I was concerned, and as the door closed behind me, I said to Stella, ‘Daddy sends his love’, to which all the girls cheered mockingly, then I added, ‘He’s eating the banana, actually, he is licking it before chewing’, which gave rise to another cheer.Stella blushed, as the giggles and teasing resumed, she took it well, but I could feel the furtive looks at me she was casting, was she thinking about my daddy, was she willing to go to bed with him, all these thought excited me, and I was willing to push her in his direction?Sex and inexperienced adolescent girls can make for naughty interaction. The natural elements of competition and need for attention can send out the wrong signals to an older man observing bayburt rus escort bayan it, girls do learn quickly how to use their bodies and suggestive poses to excite the men they choose to tease, and Stella’s sudden hot flushes were being picked up on by both myself and daddy.I thrilled at the prospect of seeing daddy and Stella locked in a sexual embrace, naked of course, seeing a man of 54 slide in and out of a teen vagina, made me wet.The girls were leaving as it was getting late, and as they filed out one by one, there was no surprise that Stella was hanging back, perhaps she was up for some fun, I was willing to find out, in fact, I wanted her too.Daddy and Stella faced each other in the living room, she had her coat on but it was open to reveal her body to my father who’s eyes were traversing her youthful curves, with dirty thoughts I prayed, and Stella was like a giddy goat, but ripe for seduction.’I really should be going’, she blurted-out, taking both myself and daddy by surprise. I could feel my heart sink, my prime voyeuristic targets were dissipating, how could I entice her to sleep over and give daddy a chance to work his magic.’Will you share this last bite with me’?It was daddy who interjected and brought me out of my despair and sense of helplessness. Stella laughed as girls do when confronted by an act they knew was naughty, and she put her hand to her wide mouth, daddy was walking up to her with two-thirds of that banana in his hands.’Open wide’, he cajoled, not that she protested as she obediently did. Daddy pushed the banana teasingly, and Stella had stopped laughing and formed an ‘O’ with her lip-glossed mouth, as daddy simulated Stella’s deep throat impersonation, until approximately 3″ of banana meat was exposed outside her closed lips.I stood my legs were week, my nipples ached as the swelled rus escort bayburt under my top. My hands were crossed and pressing into my pubis, ‘Oh Fuck’, I thought, ‘they are going to do it’.Stella stood rigidly, she was not afraid, just staring into his eyes as he reached in and eased the exposed banana into his own mouth, slowly sliding up the 3″ until their lips met, they chewed and kissed simultaneously, and my eyes could clearly see his erection titillating Stella’s crotch, she was pressing herself into it. This incredible sexual moment when all were engaged in passionate kissing, both daddy and Stella’s tongues were dancing a fuck tune in her mouth, I had never seen such a thing, but then Stella panicked and fled, leaving the front door ajar, and daddy’s boner a fact for me to see.I did not venture a comment, instead preferring to wait for my father to break the awkward silence. He went back to the settee and sat back down heavily, nestling into the leather, kissing a teenage girl can have its merits for an older man, but having cold feet at that last minute must give credence to the ‘Cock Teaser’ lable, men throw at girls, minutes from denied penetration.Desperate to lighten the mood I suggested watching a movie. He looked up at where I stood, raised his arms and bade me to sit with him, which I did, choosing to lie lengthwise with my head on his lap.’Can you do this banana thing’, he asked me?I looked up at his face, and as I turned my head slightly, I could feel the pulsing of the blood in his erection on my cheek.I smiled and swallowed in equal amounts, ‘Never tried it daddy’. His fingers were massaging my scalp, and I closed my eyes, as I enjoyed the massage, then somewhat dreamily I heard my words coming out of my mouth, ‘Besides father’, I paused before adding, ‘there are no bananas left’, and as I spoke I could feel my cheek willingly press against him, and the sound of his pant’s zipper being released.I gently moistened my lips and turned towards the heat brushing my cheek, the smell was intoxicating the warmth and softness as my hand instinctively cupped him, I groaned loudly, ‘Fuck you Stella’, was all I could think, as mother nature kicked-in and my mouth opened wide.

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