Step son


Step sonHi I’m Marcus and want to tell you about a thing that happened a few years ago.Many years ago my mum died due to illness I was 5 at the time and dad worked to keep things fairly normal in the house, I could talk to him about anything, if I had a problem he was always there, I was now 16 now and dad met a lady called Mag’s, I didn’t like her that much very slutty in her ways, always on her mobile but dad was happy so that’s all that counted.Mag’s was around 10 years younger than dad but as I say if your happy age is but a number, she started to stay over most nights as I could hear them having sex, she wasn’t quiet as for a old guy dad sure make her howl, I gave her a nickname Wolfie whenever I was chatting to my mates about her. My best mate John used to come round a lot and Mag’s was always flirting with him, she knew it wound me up as well but poor John always ended up wanking himself silly in our bathroom because Mag’s never wore a bra as her tits held firm I have to admit her body was in good shape though.I always asked John what he saw in her getting the same answer “what isn’t there not to like if I had the chance I would fuck her stupid” John was all talk still a virgin and would shoot his load in seconds, we finished 6th form now and off to university soon, I had a girlfriend now and so did John they were Karen and Sally best friends as well as myself and John, Karen and I were in my room listening to music and having a little grope but as we was still both virgins we wanted to make it a special night when we did, I asked Karen if she wanted to play with my cock, as she nodded her head in excitement I had a fairly big cock and was proud of its size.Karen unzipped my trousers pulling out my hard dick, Karen gasped as she held it, her hands where soft, she smiled and started to rub it slowly, we fell on the bed kissing, Karen still rubbing my cock I started to und her top to reveal a lace bra and a pair of tits you just wanted to play with. I had seen tits on films but this was real I undid her bra with a lot of fumbling as they fell free I touched them making her groan, and her nipples go rock solid, Karen was now wanking me nice and hard as I knew I was going to cum sooner or later.“Cum over my tits or would you rather cum over my face” Karen said “I don’t mind whatever makes you happy babe” as she bent down rubbing faster directing it to her face as I cum spiriting huge streams of cum on her face and tits, she let my cock go as she licked her lips “Mmmmmmm that tastes nice” bending down and sucking my cock clean “wow I’ve never tasted cum ;Sally said she had from her ex and loved it I can agree” as she finally cleaned up. We lay in the bed as I played with Karen’s tits making her have an orgasm before she said she had to go home and would I walk her.As we walked to her place we chatted and laughed arriving at hers she asked me in for some tea, I had met her parents a few times and her dad was a great laugh, her mum was well sexy nothing like Mag’s we had tea and a great laugh Karen’s mum knew dad from way back and got chatting about him, after a while Karen asked if we could go to her room and listen to music, they said it was ok as we went up, we sat on the bed as I asked Karen how she knew how to give a blow job, “I had seen it in a few porn movies and spied on mum doing it to dad she even let him cum in her mouth. I was getting hard at the thought of Karen’s mum sucking my cock “would you like me to do it to you” Karen said breaking my concentration “ok if you would like too” “lay back then and let me please you” laying down she unzipped my trousers pulling out my semi hard cock Karen rubbed it until it was rock solid, lowering her head she slowly sucked my cock I groaned with the feeling of her warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft, her other hand was rubbing my balls, every so often she would stop sucking and wank me hard, it felt unreal as Karen went back to sucking my cock I watched her head bob up and down, the sucking sound the only thing that can be heard, I groaned with the feeling I was Cumming I told Karen I was Cumming as a spurt of cum shot into her mouth followed by nice load that Karen swallowed down her throat. She sat up wiping the sides of her mouth saying “well did you like that” “Oh god yes it a shame I can’t repay the compliment” Karen said “not now but I have a suggestion and will say tomorrow” “ok I better get going home” kissing Karen and having a little feel of her tits I left saying my goodbye’s to her Parents, as I reached home I could see dads bedroom light on but it was a bit early for lights as I went in, I could hear moaning from upstairs, climbing the stairs the moaning was getting louder it wasn’t dad and Mag’s having it off dad wasn’t home this sounded a lot different, I reached their door I could hear a buzzing sound.The door was slightly open so I peeked through it to see Mag’s laying naked on the bed using a huge vibrator in her shaven pussy, my cock went solid at the sight of this horny vision I got my cock out wanking like mad my eyes fixed on her slamming this weapon in and out of her pussy, I groaned softly alerting Mag’s to someone watching, “is that you Marcus” as I stopped and walked in “yes it’s me” “well boy come in why spy when you can watch and wank at the same time you little perv” making me stand at the base of the bed, I had to watch her please herself as my cock strained in my trousers, Mag’s cum then told me to piss off out of her room saying not a word to anyone, and never do that again.I went to my bedroom scowling at being caught by Mag’s got my cock out wanking until I cum, I phoned Karen and chatted to her for a while asking what was it she wanted to ask me “do you know how to give oral to a women Marcus”? “well I’ve seen it on films so yer I can I would say” “would you like to try with me this weekend and stay the night I would like it, my parents are going away and they said if we are responsible it was ok” I was shocked at what I had just heard Karen was very polite in asking things and to be invited to lick her pussy was a dream come true, I stuttered saying “oh oooo kkkk” Karen giggled “what you laughing at” “you I love you Marcus and want us to sleep together” “I had guessed that are you sure you want to?” “I have wanted to for a while and when I sucked your cock today I was so horny after I wanted to call you and get you back right then” we both laughed like hell and said goodnight.The following morning after another night of loud sex from Wolfie I went to John’s telling him what happened with Mag’s John rolled with laughter saying “I would of got on the bed and fucked her hard” I was dying to tell him about the weekend but had promised I wouldn’t so in case John teased Karen I kept my mouth shut. After going to town for a while I decided to go home I saw 2 cars outside our house that I didn’t recognise I crept in the back I could hear the bed going hammer and tongs and Mag’s howling like mad, I thought dad was home but I didn’t see his car. All I could hear is Mag’s begging for more and more, as I reached the door I could hear 2 men’s voices that I didn’t recognize I opened the door quietly and looked in to see Mag’s on the bed with 2 men fucking her like mad.I was shocked to see it I got my mobile out and started to film her, I watched as she was double penetrated as one guy sucked on her tits as well, Mag’s was yelling and begging like I have never heard, I smiled as now had something on this cow, cheating on my dad for one it would kill him I crept back out and left the house, arriving home about 2 hours later the cars had gone and Mag’s was in the kitchen as though nothing had happened. As I walked in smiling saying hi “Oh it’s you perv” you been watching me again have you”. I smiled and went to my room when dad came home we had dinner and I sent Mag’s the video and watched her face it dropped like a stone, with a smug grin, I finished my dinner and went to my room, a few moments later a knock on the door it was Mag’s “how the fuck did you get that” “today I heard you as so did half the neighbours I would say” “ok what you want so your dad don’t see it” “let me fuck you tomorrow and let me practice so I don’t shoot my load straight away”, “fuck off not going to let you get your dick in me you perv.“Ok then I will show it to dad” “wait just tomorrow yes” “well to start but I don’t get it right then the following day also I want you to fuck John” “no fucking way” Mag’s said “he will cum in moments and want to enjoy” “that’s the deal take it or leave it” “Ok deal but after I get to delete the video yes” “Ok yes you can delete it after” Mag’s went out the room slamming the door. I phoned John and explained he had to be here the following morning as he started to question why, “just be here your enjoy it I promise”The following kadıköy escort day, dad went off to work and Mag’s came in my room “right get out of bed and let me lay on top and do as I say” Mag’s stood naked as I got out Mag’s lay on the bed legs wide open “right get in between my legs and grip that cock” I knelt on the bed with my hard cock “that’s a nice big cock Marcus hope it can please me” I moved closer resting my cock against her pussy sliding in Mag’s sighed “oh that feels good mmmmmmmmm nice and big” she was soaking wet my cock slipped all the way in no problem.“Now move your hips up and down and pay attention to my nipples all women love their nipples sucked and flicked with a tongue” as I moved my hips Mag’s groaned saying it felt good “oh god fuck me harder Marcus” as I drove my cock deep in and out groaning with pleasure, Mag’s wrapped her leg into the base of my back pulling me deep before I groaned and blew my load into her pussy, “Oh well was just starting to enjoy that your cock is nice and big you can do me again and next time you will make me cum before you empty your load”. I got up and went in the bathroom getting cleaned up I got dressed and sat at the table waiting for Mag’s to come down.She appeared a few moments later and sat chatting John came in and chatted to Mag’s going in the living room Mag’s sat beside him whilst I cleared away, going out to the shop whilst Mag’s gave John a good seeing too. Mag’s “so you think I’m sexy do you John” John blushed “yer think your sexy” undoing her top “what you think of these then” “Oh very nice indeed” as John rubbed them making Mag’s groan “oh my what’s that lump in your trousers John”, reaching out unzipping his jeans his rigid cock sprung out, Mag’s licked her lips and slowly started to suck his cock, John groaned as he watched Mag’s head bob up and down “suck it you slut suck me until I demand to stop” “oh yes master anything you say” “good I don’t want to slap you for not doing it right” as Mag’s sucked on John’s cock.“Bend over and show me your pussy” “yes master” as Mag’s got up and knelt over the sofa so her pussy was in full show, getting behind her John slipped his cock into her and started to fuck her hard making her groan as she begged for more “OMG i’M CUMMING FUCK ME JOHN SPANK MY ASS OH GOD YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as she cum shaking like mad John kept hammering faster and faster “OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as a second orgasm ripped through her body “TAKE IT BITCH YOUR SUCH A SLUT AINT YOU” “YES I AM A TOTAL WHORE” Mag’s cried out as John gripped her hips and slammed his cock in blowing his load deep into her pussy making her cum again. John got up leaving Mag’s bent over the sofa with her pussy filled with cum, John said “thanks mate I fucked her good and proper left her bent over the sofa pussy full of cum” laughing like mad he said he would be round later for more “ok buddy she will be ready”. I went home and told her John wants more “No fucking way I said once and once he got” “well I have changed my mind he wants more and I want mine now” “my pussy is sore can we go in a while” “ok but only if John can fuck you again” “ok but after that no more right”? “Ok deal what if we doubled up later instead is that better” “ok that would be better I promise you will make me cum as well.That afternoon John arrived and Mag’s took us upstairs “right John you stand there and get stripped, Marcus you lay on the bed naked”, as we did as we was told John stood to the side his cock standing out like a pole, I lay on the bed and Mag’s stripped before climbing on the bed and straddling me sinking her pussy onto my cock and took hold of John’s dick and started to suck it, Mag’s started to move her hips up and down controlling the movement, as I could hear Mag’s sucking on John’s cock I could see his balls sway to and throw, they where rather big but he was quite hung as well.Mag’s groaned as I reached up playing with her tits, this is what I needed before I spent the weekend with Karen, I looked down and could see my cock was shinning with Mag’s pussy juices, all of a sudden I heard John groan as he cum in her mouth, Mag’s swallowed hard not spilling any, his cock slipped out of her mouth, turning her attention to me, I gripped her hips helping her slide up and down my cock as John rubbed her clit she moaned and cum still rubbing she squirted as well before I blew my full load in her, Mag’s got off and said “right give me that video I did as you asked” “we want it regular and until we are bored the video is safe” “fuck off you two the agreement was for this now come on a deals a deal, and who says I won’t want it regular I enjoy being fucked by young guys, and you both have nice size cocks” “ok deal” and deleted the video, what she hadn’t known is we had put a video camera in her room and videoed what had happened that day and stuck it on a sex site getting plenty of views.The weekend had come to stay at Karen’s I had gone to the supermarket that morning and bought condoms as I was told to be careful if this day was going to happen, I arrived at Karen’s mid afternoon waving her parents goodbye we went in the house and started to kiss my cock was already hard as Karen rubbed my trousers “oh we are ready aren’t we Mmmmmmm nice and big as well” kneeling down Karen unzipped my trousers pulling out my dick and rubbed it slowly smiling “OMG you shaved ,I’m so fucking horny Marcus do you want to please me here or on my bed”? “On the bed I would say be nice and comfortable.My mind raced back to when I had my hand up Karen’s skirt I had felt her panties and pubic hair, Mag’s telling me to shave as a women gets wet at the sight of a smooth man had worked, we reached her bedroom and went in sitting on the bed we kissed and started to take our clothes off, “take my panties off Marcus and play with my hot pussy” I knelt on the carpet as Karen opened her legs I could see a small damp patch on her panties, gently pulling them down I could see Karen had shaved her pussy and was smooth as silk, she smelt fantastic as I felt her wet lips running my finger up and down her crack “Oh god that feels brilliant” Karen gasped as I sat up opening her legs I lowered my head and kissed her pussy gently remembering everything Mag’s had taught me.I run my tongue up and down Karen’s pussy tasting the sweet juices of her pussy “lick my clit baby make me cum” I parted her lips slightly and started to flick her clit as she groaned “OH GOD YES SO GOOD” I looked up and could see Karen playing with her nipples, I moved my finger up to her pussy slipping in 2 fingers and started to finger fuck her and licking her clit she mumbled “oh god yes, yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss I’m Cumming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as her juices coated my fingers and dribbling down her slit I sat up looking at Karen she was breathing heavy, “omg that was awesome where did you learn that” “ah that a secret and that goes for you sucking my cock” we laughed a bit and laid on the bed.“What ya wanna do” Karen said “I dunno how about get into bed have some serious fun” “what do you mean” with a glint in her eye “Oh I dunno maybe you give me a hand job or I please you with my fingers or my tongue” “Mmmmmmmmmm now that’s a very tempting offer but I thought you might want to please me with that cock of yours later I could do with a hell of a fucking tonight” I looked shocked as Karen giggled getting up and sliding under the quilt I followed and started to kiss her.My hands roamed over her body I could feel my cock getting rock hard “fuck me Marcus” Karen whispered “are you sure now or later” “why not both” as I reached over getting a condom out of my trousers and rolling it on my cock, “why are you wearing that I’m on the pill” “but I didn’t know you never said” “well I am now” smiling and pulling back the quilt I got in between her legs and slipped my cock in slowly “Mmmmmmmmmm oh god yes push it in baby” as I slipped in all the way resting deep before I started to move up and down kissing and rolling on the bed.I thrust my hips up and down, as Karen groaned and moaned as Karen wrapped her legs around my waste as I drove deeper and faster before we cum together, I slipped out and lay to the side my cock still in the cum filled condom I pulled it off and got rid of it, Karen was still laying there when I got back “Mmmmmm that was worth waiting for” we got dressed and went out for a while, with a very smug grim on my face I had fucked my girlfriend and pleased her totally. We met up with a few friends of Karen’s and sat chatting Karen was whispering something to her mates all of a sudden they all burst out laughing, I asked what they were laughing about as Karen said “I was telling them you had a big cock and had fucked me until I cum” I blushed like mad and looked in horror. ümraniye escort Terry, Karen’s best mate looked at me and said “I could do with a nice big cock in me can I borrow him Karen”.Karen looked at me as I stared in shook “well Karen will you let me have him for a while” “well Marcus do you want to” Karen said “well would be fun” Terry smiled and said “it ok Karen I won’t break him” laughing. Terry was a bit more experienced having a few guys according to Karen, Terry was stunning looks, figure, and height we left and went to Terry’s place going straight upstairs Terry dropped to her knees and unzipped me pulling out my cock, Terry looked “Mmmmm that is rather big not had one that before” as she wrapped her lips around my meat and started to suck it, she was good as she teased my dick with her tongue.After a while I helped Terry up and led her to the bed bending her over and pulling her panties down I slipped my cock into her shaven wet hole grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard Terry moaned as I fucked her hard “O god your cock feels good makes my pussy feel full” as Terry said she was Cumming, Terry reached back feeling my balls begging for me to cum, all of a sudden my cock twitched and I blew my load into Terry making her cum as well “oh god yes that feels so good making her cum again, helping Terry up I put my cock away, Terry said “do you think Karen would let me join you both for a bit of fun because I just love your cock in me again” “I have no idea Terry I am surprised she even allowed me to fuck you, have always wanted to and had tried to imagine you naked” Terry stood up and stripped naked “well all you had to do is ask do you like what you see” “oh do I ever” her tits were perfectly shaped, nice dark pink nipples, a natural blue eyed blonde, tall, a shape that women would strive to achieve, and body so smooth it looked like silk, her pussy was perfect her clit just showing, this image was making me horny.I phoned Karen and suggested Terry come and stay the weekend Karen agreed as Terry and I left, as we arrived at Karen’s going inside Karen was in the kitchen, “Hi you too well Terry did he meet with your approval” “oh god yes made me cum more times than any bloke has” smiling we all sat down having a drink, Karen got up and turned on the Hi-Fi she pulled Terry up and started to dance very sexy, running her hands over Terry’s body, I saw them starting to kiss and undoing each other’s clothing.I was getting very horny getting my cock out and started to rub it slowly, “Mmmmmmm” Terry said “it my lovely friend again” “oi bitch that’s my best friend” Karen said, both coming over and knocked my hand away, both started to feel my cock and we kissed whilst I grabbed Terry’s tits making her nipples hard, then turned my attention onto Karen, standing up I stripped whilst the 2 girls had a bit of girl on girl action. I started to wank again as Terry pushed Karen back pushed her legs apart and pulling her panties to one side, Terry started to lick Karen’s pussy, Karen sighed as Terry licked her sweet pink pussy flesh.I got behind still looking at the girl on girl action getting behind Terry pulling her panties down to reveal a lovely open pussy that was ready to take my dick, slowly feeding it into Terry I could feel how wet she was, sliding all the way in I gripped Terry’s hips and slowly fucked her whilst she licked and ate Karen’s lovely pussy, fucking harder and harder Terry moaned louder muffled as it was Terry had her head buried in my girlfriends pussy, I was so fucking horny my cock was tingling as I felt it pulse and boom I exploded into Terry’s pussy, unable to stop Cumming I gripped her hips tight as I poured my huge load deep into her hole, Karen screamed out as she came as well, Terry sighed as I pulled out my cum dripping out of her pussy “Jesus Marcus I’m filled to the brim” laughing “yer I kept it just for your pussy”.“well I hope you fill my slit to the brim in a while Marcus” Karen said as she got up stripping the rest of her clothes off and laying on the bed and started too rubbing her clit, Terry joined her as I watched both fingering their pussy’s “shame I ain’t got a video camera I could video both of you fingering” “well if you look in mum’s bedroom your find a video camera in her wardrobe, can use that but we will have to delete it before they come home” I went into her mother’s bedroom and found the video camera, her parent’s bedroom was real classy all done out in the best, returning to the girls and found them kissing and rolling around the bed.I set the camera and run through what was on it I was shocked to find it had Karen’s mum being filmed sucking a huge black cock, I stared in amazement and Karen’s mum’s naked fit and very fuck-able body being fucked by a guy I didn’t know what to say to Karen and decided to remove the disc and replace it with a blank putting the used one away and would take it and watch it in my house. I started to film Terry and Karen as Terry played with Karen making her cum and then Karen making Terry cum, my mind had the image of Karen’s mum being drilled by a huge black cock.I set the camera so I could join the girls making our own porn film, as I lay on the bed Karen straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my cock sighing as she slipped all the way down whilst Terry leant over kissing me gently sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. Karen ground her hips and playing with her tit’s as I reached out and fondled Terry’s boobs, terry then straddled me and lowering her pussy onto my face so I could lick and suck her pussy and clit whilst Karen and Terry kissed, I was in total heaven my girlfriend grinding my cock and moaning like mad and her mate sitting on my face my tongue deep in her pussy licking the sweet juices down my throat, I could feel my cock twitch and throb as Karen shook and cum making me blow my load deep into my birds pussy, for the first time. The weekend was fantastic but sadly it had to end, I went home and shot straight upstairs to watch the video of Karen’s Mum.Pam was a real hot milf nice big tits pierced nipples and pierced clit as well, I watched as she was filmed being fucked by what can only be described and a fat black log that pushed her pussy wide, she was in a 3 way sucking one guy off and being fucked by another, Pam could howl bit like Wolfie but Pam was a real hot women, I was as hard as a rock and undone my trousers and grabbing my cock rubbing it rather hard, my eyes where fixed on the video, Pam could be in a porn movie she knew just how to enjoy a good fucking, I closed my eyes and the feeling of me wanking felt real good, I could feel my balls tighten, I stopped and got naked laying on the bed I started to wank again.I turned the video off and just lay wanking like mad a image of Pam was planted clear in my head, I could feel my cock getting thicker as I tightened the grip my cock throbbed followed by a huge stream of cum shout from my cock my cock pumped cum all over my hand and balls, I let go as my cock went limp, I got up and went for a shower, my mind still had this image of Pam, I had to make a excuse to see her and get my leg over with the threat that Adam Karen’s dad would see the disc. I knew Karen was away the following weekend with some mates so that would be it.The weekend came and off I went to wish Karen a safe journey staying at Karen’s after for a chat to Pam, she was rather modern and a great laugh, “so Marcus what are you going to do this weekend” “I dunno maybe I will get lucky with a older women that can teach me how to please a women totally” Pam looked and laughed “young man are you flirting with me” smiling “possibly I am but then I aint got a huge cock to please you. Pam looked confused “ what’s that supposed to mean Marcus” as I pulled the disc from my back pocket Pam looked shocked “Oh I see you have seen my dirty little secret stand up Marcus please” as I did Pam walked over to me kneeling down she unzipped my trousers pulling out a limp cock. “Mmmmmmmmm nice size” as she slowly sucked it making it lovely and hard “Mmmm I was right nice size”. Pam got up and led me to the sofa taking her top off and undoing her bra her tits fell slightly huge dark nipples that where pierces and stood out hard.We sat on the sofa and started to kiss I rubbed her tits as she groaned, “lay back Marcus” Pam said as I did she pulled my trousers and boxers off and rubbed her hands over my cock and balls, lowering her head she started to suck my cock slowly “Oh god yes I’m so fucking horny I need a nice young cock to fill me full of cum” Pam stood up taking off the rest of her clothes off as I gently rubbed my shaft, Pam lay back on the sofa demanding I lick her pussy. I lowered my head and started to lick her pussy flaps it tasted awesome her juices so sweet, sweeter than Karen’s I could see her ataşehir escort clit nicely pierced, flicking it with my tongue Pam whimpered with pleasure “Oh god lick my clit again feel’s so fucking good” I did as I was asked burying my face deep into her hole sucking her clit into my mouth, Pam forced my head deep in I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy as she moaned loudly “Oh god yes lick me until I cum” lapping it up like a hungry dog Pam shook an yelled out “OH GOD YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” her juices dribbled into my mouth, I raised my head looking at her smiling face, breathing heavy “shall we go upstairs or do you want to fuck here” “rather fuck you on your bed so we can roll around, winking .I followed Pam upstairs looking at her nice rounded ass, she stopped halfway up in full view I saw her pussy, I reached out slipping 2 fingers deep into her fingering like mad as she cum again “Oh god where the fuck did that come from I wasn’t expecting that” as we carried on and into her bedroom, laying on the bed Pam reached out grabbing my cock and rubbing it hard making it harder than it already was “mmmmm that’s better now I have a very wet pussy that your cock need to fill. Getting in between her legs I guided my cock into her very wet pussy, I felt her pussy muscles grip the base of my cock as I sucked her nipples making her groan rather loud.Moving my hips up and down I watched her big tits move with the motion Pam played with her nipples as the pleasure ripped though her body, we rolled around on the bed kissing and playing Pam was now on top as I started to drive my cock harder and harder in and out of her hole, every time my cock came out I could feel the cool air on my shaft, from her juices that had coated it, my balls bounced up and down as I was giving this women immense pleasure. I grabbed Pam dragging her tight against my chest as I lifted my legs to get more force banging like mad Pam could only moan and groan with the occasional “that feels good” I let go of my tight grip so she could sit up.She started to grind her hips as I reached up playing with her tits Pam reached back and started to play with my balls I can’t explain what the hell she did but I shook and exploded my cum deep into her my cock ached with the force of my load pumping out of my dick, Pam smiled and got off drips of cum dribbled down her inside thigh, bending over she sucked my limp cock making me arch my back, her tongue wrapped around the head of my cock her head bobbing up and down, the feeling was fantastic my balls tightened as Pam gently squeezed them. “Do you know Marcus you have given me some lovely orgasms would you like to give me some more another day, I bet Karen loves your cock does she suck it like I do”? “Karen can give a good blow job and swallows my cum, but she not as good as you” “well I’ll have to teach her better so she is as good as me” laughing she got up “do you want to come wash my back” winking. I followed Pam into the bathroom and into the shower, the hot water splashed of our bodies as Pam started to kiss me and rub my cock, I was busy playing with her nipples and slid 3 fingers into her pussy rubbing her clit hard, so she groaned.My cock started to come to life “see I do have magic hands let mummy sort her little boy out” crouching down she started to suck my cock deep into her mouth rolling my balls in her hand I lent against the tiled wall whilst Pam sucked my cock her tongue, was working wonders, this women was a real pro and loved to suck cock. My cock was throbbing and stiff as a rod I helped Pam up and turned her round I bent down slightly and slipped my cock into her pussy thrusting up until I couldn’t go any further, I moved my hands onto her tits and started to fuck her real hard my balls swung too and frow as Pam moaned begging for more “Fuck me bad boy Fuck my pussy make me scream” as I thrust in and out I felt my cock grow thick as I moved my hands onto her hips “Oh yes yes yes I’m Cumming oh god fuck me harder Marcus” as Pam shook and yelled out I shot my load deep into her hole my hips jerked giving Pam my final drop, my cock went limp straight away as it hung in between my legs, we got out the shower, and I went saying I will pop round soon for some more fun, smiling as I went. A few days had past Karen was back and I wanted to fuck Pam again I knew Karen was at college all day so I decided to pop in on Pam, I knocked on the door and Karen answered “Oh hi why are you home” “not feeling great so decided to take day off why are you here”? “I thought I would pop in to see your mum and ask if I could stay till, you got home for a surprise” I went in and Pam was in the Kitchen Karen said “is it ok to go to my room mum and listen to music” “yep go on but not to loud with the music” “Ok” and of went as soon as we got in her room we started to kiss and feel each other’s bodies I put my hand up Karen’s skirt to find no panties.“Mmmmmmmmm that feels good hunny” as I rubbed her pussy Karen was rubbing the bulge in my trousers as we made our way to the bed, Karen unzipped me and rubbed my cock then lowering her head she started to suck my cock. We heard moving outside the door and we stopped and listened to music, we waited until we thought was clear and Karen started again all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Pam “no no no Karen you are not doing it quiet right baby let mummy show you if Marcus don’t mind that is”? “Well Karen do you mind” “if you’re ok with it, it fine with me.“Ok Marcus lay back” as I did Pam took hold of my cock and started to rub “Oh nice cock hunny wouldn’t mind that in me” “Mum please you have dad” “yes but no harm in something a bit younger hunny” as Pam rubbed it got real hard and thick “Mmmmmm that’s a nice thick cock Marcus” as Pam lowered her head slowly sucking it deep in her mouth and moving slowly up and down I groaned. Pam sat up and said “Ok Karen now your turn” as she gripped my cock and slowly sucked the huge head deep into her mouth. I groaned as I felt her warm mouth suck my shaft Karen was busy playing with my balls as well, Karen sat up “right how did that feel” “ok I suppose Marcus!” “well have to say I couldn’t tell the difference I suppose I should get naked and be pleased more” standing up I stripped in front of both as Karen stripped and Pam asked can she join us “what do you say Marcus mother and daughter pleasing you” “yes please I would love to have you both please me then I will please you” as we all went into Pam’s bedroom the bed was huge as both got on the bed and I got in between Karen’s legs and slipping my cock deep into her.Karen moaned as my cock slipped in and out Pam lay next to Karen and started to rub her clit, Karen gasped and groaned as she started to beg for more she started to play with her tits as I fucked her nice and hard “oh yes yes yes I’m Cumming oh godddddddddddddddddddd” as she shook and moaned out loudly. “Come here Marcus I’ll show you how to fuck a man” as I pulled out off Karen and moved in between Pam’s legs. I started to fuck Pam as Karen watched “Mmmm that feels good fuck me you bastered fuck my pussy” as Pam ground her hips her legs wrapped around my waste. Pam moaned begging to be fucked “fuck me harder make me scream your cock is nice and big it filling my pussy full” as I thrust harder and harder.I could feel my cock getting thicker with all this dirty talk, “MMM your balls are slapping my ass I bet there full of cum as Karen started to play with her mum’s tits Pam moaned louder “fuck me baby fuck my tight pussy oh god yes yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” as Pam shook with multiple orgasms making me shoot my load deep into her pussy “Oh god” as Pam shouted out again with another huge orgasm but this time she squirted like a fountain soaking the bed, I collapsed on Pam unable to hold myself up anymore “omg what a fuck” Karen said never seen anything like that not even in films. “believe me hunny nothing that you do is like porn films you’re a lucky girl too Marcus has a nice big cock that shoots a nice big load” opening her legs “I know I’m full can feel it dribbling out” as Karen took a look her eyes widened “ fuck me I have never seen anything like it so much cum” as Pam got up “go on k**s enjoy Marcus you make sure you satisfy my baby girl” laughing Karen blushed as we lay on the bed kissing I slipped my fingers into Karen’s pussy fingering her like mad Karen moaned and groaned as I massaged her G spot “OH MY GOD” as Karen screamed out Cumming and squirted like a fountain.Karen lay stunned at what had happened, Pam appeared from the bathroom naked “I see my baby had a huge orgasm well I think I should thank you myself Marcus” bending over a chair Pam asked me to fuck her hard I didn’t need telling twice as I got up and slipped my cock into Pam’s pussy grabbing her hips, I fucked her hard and fast I cum as well as Pam at the same time. I enjoyed sex with Pam when ever Karen was away and sometimes a nice mother daughter sex and just fantastic sex with just Karen……………………………

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