Stranger on a train


Stranger on a train”Did you ever have sex with boys?”Wow, that was pretty bold opening.I was touring Europe right after I left school. Using a railpass and youth hostels. And here I was on the overnight train from Paris to Prague and this man I was sharing the compartment with just up and asked me that! And the answer was no, I’d never done anything with boys. I had a girlfriend at home.”Did you ever think about it?” he persisted. And I thought about it right then. Not for the first time. When I’d been about 14 I had developed a fascination with a school friend’s older brother, Max. Max was so cool. Had a motorcycle and was easy-going and handsome. He never talked down to his brother and me which was a very likable trait and I guess I’d had a bit of a crush on him. It never came to anything, except I sometimes thought about him when I whacked off. But then I got my first girlfriend and my thoughts were all about her titties and how long it would be before I got to touch her between her youthful thighs. At that tender age I seemed to be hard all the time and desperate for release. When she took me into the woods and gave me a hand-job for my 15th birthday it was the greatest moment of my life to that point. I wanted to fuck her but she wouldn’t until she was legal. In the meantime she jerked me off and sucked my cock nearly every time we got a few minutes alone and I would finger her sexy pussy and make her cum on my fingers. We stayed together, and on her 16th birthday she let me fuck her for the first time. Wonderful, and we’d continued together for the two years since.But now I was thinking about boys again, because of this man in my train compartment. He introduced himself as Patrice. I guess he was about 35 – twice my age. He seemed nice when he got on the train and still seemed nice now, even with the intrusive questions. I figured he was going to come onto me if I admitted what I’d thought about with my friend’s brother but for some reason I didn’t want to lie about it. Somehow that would be disrespectful to the guy I’d had a crush on. So I didn’t answer at all. He knew that by saying nothing I was admitting that I had had thoughts of being with another guy. “So you have!!!” he grinned at me. “Well that’s OK, I like boys”.I smiled at him and stared out of the window at the lights of Riems as they approached. This was a limited stop train and Reims was the last station for a couple of hours. Nobody joined us at the station türbanlı istanbul escort and as we pulled away my companion said “So now we are alone” and winked at me. He got up and pulled down the blinds to the corridor. Now nobody passing by could see in. Instead of taking his seat across from me he sat down at my side. “What shall we do to pass the journey?” Ha asked and, as he spoke, his hand found my thigh. I don’t know why, but I didn’t move away. Perhaps, because he was older, he reminded me of my boy-crush on Max. But I sat there and looked at him as his hand stroked my leg. He raised his eyebrows at me. His question was clear and I reached down and touched his leg as well. So we were sitting next to each other stroking our thighs. I became very uncomfortable because my penis was becoming erect and was trapped awkwardly in my jeans. I leaned back and reached under my waistband to adjust myself and he took it as an invitation to take things a step further. His hand slid further up my leg and I felt him cupping my balls. My hard cock was straight up and he moved his hand up to where it was bulging my jeans and stroked me through the material. I reached up and felt between his legs and he was clearly aroused as well. At that moment the conductor knocked and quickly entered the compartment. Our hands went back to ourselves but our furtive movements and guilty looks and the fact we were sitting next to each other let the conductor clearly understand what had been happening. I felt my cheeks redden.He checked our tickets and, as he was about to leave the compartment, showed us how to lock the door. “If you feel the need to” he added with a wry smile.My new friend locked the door as soon as we were alone again. Now there was no chance of us being disturbed for at least an hour. The mood had been broken slightly. Patrice came back to my side and asked me “Do you want to go further?” It was my chance to stop this, but my cock was still hard against the inside of my trousers.I told Patrice that we would have to go further or I would have to leave the compartment right that second and go to beat off in the toilet.”Well, I think you could have a nicer time in here, don’t you?” he said, and I nodded.His hands found the buckle of my belt and the zipper of my jeans and he swiftly had my pants down to my ankles. I manoeuvered one foot free so that I could spread my legs a little türbanlı istanbul escort bayan wider because I expected that Patrice was going to get down and suck me off. My bare ass went back down onto the vinyl-covered seat and my erect cock was quickly gripped in Patrice’s hand. He stroked it up and down and I reached out to touch him. He stood and undid his trousers and took them off completely. His hard cock sprang up and I reached up to grab it but he turned away.With his back to me he started gyrating his body. He had a very feminine ass. It was beautiful and hairless and slightly curvy and I watched him shake it for my entertainment. I reached out and caressed it as he danced for me. The smooth skin of his ass felt great and I was turned on even more. Patrice turned, looked down at me and asked “Will you fuck me?” “I like to feel a young man’s cock in my ass”.I hadn’t thought what might happen. Even my fantasies with my friend’s brother had stopped short of fucking. But now I was extremely aroused and I wanted to fuck Patrice as much as I had wanted my girlfriend for so long before she finally let me. “Yes, Patrice. I want to fuck your sexy ass” I said. He smiled and turned away from me again. He reached into his case and found a tube of lubricant which he made a big show of rubbing into his ass and then onto my cock. The feeling of his hand on my cock as he put on the lube was almost enough to make me cum, but I started to think non-sexy thoughts as much as I could and managed to control myself. Then Patrice climbed up and straddled me. His erect cock stood straight up between us and he slowly lowered himself down onto my own steel-hard meat. I felt the tip of my cock slip between the cheeks of his ass and he reached down to guide it to the correct place for me to enter him. He stopped for a moment as my cock was at the entrance to his hole and looked down at me.”So, my friend, I will be your first man”.”Yes, Patrice””And you want to fuck me?””Yes Patrice”He continued. Asking me questions, and saying things about what we were doing and I realized he was teasing me. I was aching for my cock to get into his sexy ass and he knew it. I lifted my hips off the seat to try and penetrate him but Patrice rose along with my movement, keeping the head of my cock exactly at the opening of his ass but no further. He played his game for several minutes and I was becoming türbanlı escort istanbul desperate. I felt my cock get harder still and grow bigger with the increased arousal of his teasing. He must have felt it too, because he smiled and told me that I was ready.He lowered himself steadily down onto my cock and I felt it slipping deep into his ass. His downward motion continued until I felt his bottom against the tops of my thighs. I was deeply embedded in him and he started to wriggle around on my lap. He was enjoying the sensation of my hard cock in his ass as much as I was. Then Patrice slowly started to raise himself up and my cock started to leave his hot hole. And then down he came again. Once more I felt my cock enveloped by him. He repeated his motions, up and down, off my cock and then back on. Over and over. As I sat there I reached in front of me and took Patrice’s cock in my hand. It was like iron. Pre-cum had been steadily leaking out and, as I slipped the foreskin back, it coated the head. I gripped his cock and jerked him as he moved his body and hot ass up and down on mine. I felt myself reaching orgasm and wanted Patrice to cum with me so I started to stroke his cock faster and faster. My hand moved up and down, His foreskin slid back and forth over the slick head of his cock. Patrice groaned slightly and I felt his cock stiffen. I kept up the pace of my strokes and knew that he was about to cum. I was going to make this nice guy cum, this nice stranger who was fulfilling my fantasies about Max. And I thought about Max and stroking his cock and I felt the sensations on my cock as Patrice ground his ass up and down on it and I felt Patrice’s stiff cock in my hand and watched the foreskin expose and then cover the big glistening head of his cock as I stroked his shaft up and down, up and down, up and down and then my cum exploded out of my cock and filled Patrice’s ass. As he felt the spasms of my cock in his ass, knowing my young cum was filling him, Patrice reached down, took his cock from my hand and let himself go. He aimed his spurting cock at my face and I felt his cum splashing on my nose, lips and neck.After a few moments, Patrice leaned down close to my face and whispered me what a good job I had done and that he had had a lovely orgasm with my cock in his ass and then he put his lips on mine and he tasted his own sperm as he kissed me.Eventually my cock began to soften and Patrice climbed off my lap and pulled on his clothes. I reached down and did the same and then pulled off my t-shirt which had his cum on the front of it and used it to wipe the rest from my face. Found a fresh shirt in my bag and pulled it on and then sat down, literally and figuratively drained. “You were fantastic, my young friend” Patrice told me, and I felt proud to have fucked this stranger so well.

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