Summer Love


Summer LoveSUMMER LOVEExcerpts of truth from the wet diaries of the young writer and swimmer Yukio Yamamoto, soaked in bitter tears and soothing rain!Inspired by Gymno and Kiriya, and translated into English by Ame in 2015.The fast train was hurtling through the vast landscape of green rice paddocks and fragile thatch-roofed peasant huts, blurry power poles were flickering past the window at a mesmerizing speed – I grew drowsy. When I closed my eyes I saw my Mom, and I remembered her words: »You’re a handsome boy«, she had said to me, »and you can make it far in life! I just know how much you like the water and how good you are at swimming! This holiday will show if you can make it one day into the national team!«»But I wanted to be a writer, remember?«, I retorted, not all too sure if I wanted to spend three weeks locked up with a bunch of sweaty boys, just because Papa paid for it. But I had just finished school, and surely needed some directions for the future. Maybe it was anyway just a ruse of my father to get me out of the house to get himself deeper into Mom? »But to be a good writer one day you will have to gather some experience first – and this seems a perfect opportunity for you to do so!«, she had declared with a female determination that didn’t allow much room for opposition.The grey suited business man next to me on the bench rustled with his giant newspaper that hid his face completely. And as if he would be suddenly in control of three hands he placed one onto my naked thigh. I was dressed in my best school uniform, but because it was summer the pants were short, too short in my own view.The skin contact was electrifying, and as was my weakness when my skin was touched I froze! Anyway, it was a strong brown hand and I didn’t dare to touch it! Not experiencing any reaction the stranger’s hand wandered slowly up and down the soft white skin of my upper leg, leaving a trail of chicken skin and pushing my shorts further and further up into my groin – I felt my little dickel rising and protectively pulled the travel bag over my lap!The two longest fingers slipped easily up one leg of my shorts, crawled boldly under the elastic seam of my undies and found their quarry with ease – I could have died of shame right then – nobody else than my Mom had ever touched me there before! Access was extremely restricted in our sitting position, even for only two curious fingers, but as determined they were they managed to pull my little erection sideward, and to pull theglossy head out of the confinement of my underwear, out of my shorts. Now all five fingers were massaging the excited cherry with passion: pushing, pulling and squeezing! But seemingly unhappy with the this quite limiting situation they stuffed my dickel back in and under cover!The train rattled now through the first dirty suburbs, and more people boarded on their way to or from work. I wanted to get up and away from the arousing torture, but the hand lay now heavy on my crotch under my travel bag and held me in position. I couldn’t believe the brazen audacity of such a public m*****ation, and even less the undesired effect it had on my libido – my little dickel was getting so hard and seemed to press into the m*****er’s palm on its own accord.Then I felt the hand slowly undoing the three buttons of my fly. Cool air entered the steamy premise, and the hot blush on my face started to hurt. With a cunning routine the stranger found the rigid object of his indecent desire instantly in my undies. He applied the measured pressure and the smooth motion to the swollen object – best designed to create a big mess sooner or later.I couldn’t refrain for long from panting like a little puppy dog, and I hid my glowing and ashamed face low on my chest. The strong hand had now my akin dickel in a painful grip, and I felt like fainting. My penis just grew in his warm palm to an enormous size, jerked and twitched like a fish out of water – and then I couldn’t stop myself from exploding! The stranger must have read this from my restless wriggling, because he pulled his hand back just in time, and I jetted the sticky hot load right into my underpants – those ones with the small red dots that Mom found ever so cute!Another station, and more passengers embarked. Suddenly I got the chance to offer an old granny my seat. The train was packed by now, I was hanging from the ring like a limp doll and bumped around like a punching bag. It felt clam and wet in my undies, and a cold trickle of sperm made it slowly down my left leg. And then there suddenly was this boy in front of me, about my height, with short black hair, but long moist eye lashes. His eyes were closed, his nose delicate and his fleshy lips of a certain female softness, but tightly pressed together now.As I spied down on him I saw a white shirt with a few top buttons open, caught a glimpse of a tiny black bra in there but no breasts, and further down a black skirt, strangely bunched up at the back: He was a girl! Her flat chest rubbed against mine, and her lithe hips were grinding into my wet groin. When she laid her head against my shoulder I inhaled her erotic perfume and heard her sigh in an excited rhythm – then I realised the face of a guy standing right behind her and grinning lewdly at me.It dawned on me that he was manipulating the girl from the back, that he had some indecent business with her bum, inside or outside her panties I could only guess? Hardening up the second time on this train ride my rising dickel pressed into her flat belly now with a force I felt indecent myself. »Sorry!«, I mumbled in her tiny pink ear, in her somehow distorted face two huge brown eyes blinked open for just a moment – there was a feeling in there, maybe like gratitude, or maybe like shame, I couldn’t make it out. Then she shuddered and jerked and bit me in the neck . . .The “Boss” herded us all onto a side platform to catch the steam train up into the mountains – all six of us! He was a sturdy, bald man in his late forties, and I’ve heard that he once won an olympic medal in the two hundred meter butterfly. But I couldn’t believe my eyes to see the girl and her m*****er in our group too! His orange eyes were asmenacing like a shark’s stare, and she was as lean as a string – no gram of fat, no titties and no buttocks at all. Just that demure look as we would share already a secret together. There were four other boys on the team, a big fat one, a long lanky one, a burly bullyone and a tiny fragile one. The thought crossed my mind that he as well was maybe send to this holiday to allow his parents more sexual freedom in their paper-walled bedroom. The boss explained to us that the girl was his daughter he called “Goldfish”, and that the “Shark” was actually his stepson – he introduced us all by name, but names are quite unimportant in this story!The steam train was ancient, the benches hard and uncomfortable. The tiny fragile guy was dozing next to me, but from opposite bench the Shark was grinning at me hungrily like I was just his piece of meat. His stepsister was sitting beside him, holy as a nun, her eyes covered by long lashes, her cheeks ashine with repentance. But Shark’s hand lays on her thigh, pulling her legs slowly apart making her short skirt moving back. The blinding white triangle of her cotton panties burned into my retina like lightening and the poor dickel jumped again.Fixing me with a dominant stare Shark covered the flimsy white cotton with his hand and played his fingertips all over it! My boyish blush only seemed to excite him further, but the view of his dirty fingers digging into the clean panties of his own sister I could not bear! So I got up and staggered out of the compartment, pulled a window down to clear my spinning head in the rushing breeze. But the Shark had smelled blood and he was right next to me in a flash.»You stared at the pussy of my sister!«, he whispered in my ear, »This will have consequences, you know?« I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. »You had a hard-on then – I saw it clearly!«, he continues in a low seductive murmur, placing his hand gently on my left buttock. I thought about his beautiful sister, about his blatant abuse of her, and that I actually liked her. I should have told him, should have fled away from him – but he was already behind me, pinning me to the window sill.»If you don’t want to disappoint your parents and return home unexpectedly early you better do as I say!«, he grumbled into my ear, kneading now both of my little buttocks like butter dough. There was an unnerving feeling about that, the clenching and spreading, but something pleasurable as well. I was melting to his tender affection for my little bum, like hypnotised I couldn’t move and forgot about the consequences for quite a while. Only when I felt his eager fingers creeping around my hips to the buckle of my belt, and remembered the mess in my underpants, I struggled loose and returned to my seat . . .The Boss led us all from the station to the old hot spring hostel. It was built at the change of the last century, under a rock formation called the Dragon Bluff which gave it its name. It is fed by a natural hot spring that supports all heating and healing processes. In the Twenties it was used as a hot spa that sported more than a dozen of cheap and willing geishas, and during the war it was converted into an asylum for all the wounded generals, complete with gym, steam room, sulfur bath, and a heated twenty meter outdoor pool.The Boss explained all the rules of the place to us – no staring, no touching, no bullying – but when I had a quick glance at Shark, his eyes were alight with mischief! The Bosses second wife was in charge of the kitchen as well as the medical support because she was a doctor – we should call her Dolly! Our rooms were situated on the second floor,musty and worn with a bed and a wardrobe, but as good as home – so he would guess? Dinner would be served at Six sharp in the kitchen!Inspecting my room I found clothes laid out on the bed fitting my size: a light grey trainer set and two pairs of dark blue speedos. After changing my stiff soiled undies I met my new family in the warm kitchen downstairs. A long wooden table provided sitting for all – was for sure meant to be the place to feed the servants and working girls. But nevertheless, the taste of hot miso soup and fried rice made it smell like paradise! Dolly looked precisely like a doll from the opera: her skin was chalk-white, her lips painted a blood-red heart-shape, and her black eyes sparkling as if made from glass!The Shark was sitting opposite of me and grinding his toes into my groin with a leer, his sister on my right side was rubbing my thigh and whispering to me, that she had to meet me in private after dinner, and where! The fragile tiny team mate was already bullied by most – to reach the salt and to pass on the soy sauce. My heart opened up to him in a way like he was the little brother I never had. His face was lovely, his smile genuine but shy. The other boys just treated him like a servant, but ogled the skinny girl like she was a crisp chicken wing – I felt that both of them needed some friends – maybe me?I met Goldfish afterwards at the laundry door, and she silently led me three flights up to the attic. There was a dark room with all sort of stuff along the walls, a sturdy sorting table and a moldy sofa under the small blind glass panel in the roof. One bare light bulb spread a ghostly yellow light through the narrow confines and cast spooky shadows into the far corners. As we sat down on the old sofa we raised a cloud of dust.Goldfish grabbed my hand and told me her story. How her mother had died and her father had married again. So Shark came into her life, dominated and abused her constantly. By then she was in tears, and I didn’t have a clue of what to do – the depth of the female soul needs decades to explore, my Mom had told me before. Then Goldfish tried to reassure me that her brother was not too bad a person, that he just had this naughty sexual affliction with buttocks, the need to spray them with his cum like tom cats mark their territory with a squirt of urine – and that this would be surely his downfall one day!»But you are different!«, she said, a slight smile lifting the corners of her delicious mouth. She told me how her brother treated her up here in the privacy of the attic, about the bondage, the spanking and the wanking – my head begun to spin around in erotic fantasies, but my dickel was all but standing straight-up to attention! It was still very warm up here under the roof. She pulled both her feet up onto the sofa and turned to me and sighed. She fanned her short skirt to air the seemingly steaming regions below, blinding me with flashes of snow-white cotton.Then she leaned back into the padded armrest, lifted her feet onto my lap and purred: »Please massage my feet a bit – that would be nice!« So I pulled of her sneakers and socks, and gently touched her tiny toes, like I had to do with my Mom, when she was tired and worn out. Goldfish closed her eyes, and I was looking up at her endless long slender legs, straight up to the junction where they met. There was a magic about that small cotton-covered triangle, I felt that clearly in my boyish soul, but I couldn’t fathom why, and I couldn’t resist its spell – knew that I had to touch it, to uncover it – just to find out! So my hands massaged first her calves, then her shins, her knees and her thighs. Closer and closer they made their way to uncover this hidden miracle of life. The skingrew softer and softer under my touch, and felt like pure delicious silk in her groin. »Thank you, sweetheart! That was very lovely!«, Goldfish whispered suddenly andpulled her legs off my lap, off my painful erection. She giggled, she knew, and maybe she was delighted – and then with a wink of her long lashes she pointed to a tiny peep hole in the opposite wall and whispered again: »If you should ever have the urge to watch my humiliation by my own brother, there would be the place! But you better go now, before he comes up and finds you here – he would be just furious!«, and so she grabbed a book from the box beside and shoved me off the sofa, and pretended to read.I had no problem to find the small speck of light under the eaves, cowered there in absolute silence, but already heard the heavy steps on the wooden stairs to advertise the coming of the master. Goldfish shot up from the sofa, dropped the book and faced him with the down-cast look of a slave. Shark slapped her about the face and roared: »You let that little turd play with you! You are mine, and only mine – remember that, you skinny whore?« Goldfish didn’t retort, didn’t answer, just nodded her hung head in shame. I would have fought the bastard and lost with pride!From my spy hole I could witness how he bent her over the heavy sorting table, threw up her skirt and spanked her little buttocks with dominating force. Goldfish hid her face in her hands as he slowly pulled her white panties off the reddening orbs with one hand, and pulled his ugly monster out of his fly with the other. I had a perfect view of the awkward situation, saw her lovely pale bottom glow in the yellow lamp light, and the the purple head of his cock hovering just above it – ready in his powerful grip to spoil the female beauty with his male brutality – just to mark her as his own property!And I watched with all the awe of the innocent the small vertical orifice on the top of his shiny cock, opening in slow motion, spilling the white sperm in hot gushes over her beautiful virginal bum with an ugly groan and a terrible grunt from the master blaster! My hand by then was deep down in my own pants, rubbing my own cockel u*********sly with a strange mixture of shock and lust that made me shiver – which made me extremely aware, that if I didn’t disappear from here now silently, I could be the next victim of that brutal maniac!Back in my room I put my pajamas on, grabbed my toothbrush and went downstairs to the lavatory. It was a dismal room with cold blue neon light and cracked white tiles filled-in by moldy green grout. Even the mirror’s silver was peeling down and browning at the edges. But it didn’t fail to display the shark creeping up to me from the back with a winner’s grin, grabbing me possessive by the hips. »Finally I’ve got you alone, my lover!«, he hissed like a venomous snake, »You m*****ed my little sister in the attic, I’ve watched you all along!«»I love your bum – and you will give it to me! Otherwise I’ll make sure that you’ll gonna go home tomorrow!«, he growled, and he stuck both his warm hand down the back of my pajama pants, grabbing one naked buttock in each and separating them neatly. Squeezing them and pulling them apart, working his agile fingers closer and closer to my tight little asshole on the way. I couldn’t get away from this, there were new feelings rushing to my brain. Shark’s fingers touching my anus was maybe such an intimate act as a girl loosing its virginity? But then the little fellow trundled in unexpectedly with his brush and paste, and that really saved my ass! Shark disappeared into one of the toilet stalls and the tiny fellow started to brush his teeth. Lovely wriggling of the hips, I wanted to tell him, but then I thought better of it and left without a word.In the long mirror on my wardrobe door I looked at myself and liked what I saw. I stripped naked, turned and twisted, tried to solve the mystery of my bottoms sexual attraction. But I couldn’t see it – I was lean: hard bony buttocks, hardly any pubic hair in my groin, and a sphincter as tight as a clamp – just a nice face! When I smiled into the mirror and thought about Goldfish, dickel smiled up at me, but I was still scared from masturbation and suppressed the urge with a slap on the greedy monsters head and buried myself deep under my comforting bed sheets . . .Tuesday, July 16First thing on the program in the morning was the one mile jog at six o’clock through the established parks of the spa hostel, spiked with bent old firs and twisting pine trees. The Boss was sure that we could do that without him. Shark was always just a step behind me, ogling my juggling buttocks in my tight training pants I guessed, and Goldfish close enough in front of me to get me a fine look at hers. There was a strong feeling in me that I was wedged between the sexes, but I didn’t know if I should run faster to the escape the hunter or bünyan escort to catch my prey.The first common shower was happening after that at around Seven, to be performed strictly with the speedos on – and no girls allowed! Like the whole hostel the shower was a rather miserable affair, dripping taps, cracked tiles and corroded pipes, but at least the water was always hot from the thermal spring! I saw the little one harassed by the three bullies in a corner, trying to get their hands into his swimmers – I thought about to move over and to help him, but by then he was already seeking protection next me.Wet swim wear displays more than it should, it supports imaginations and fantasies, clings to the skin like a transparent foil – I felt more naked than ever! Shark was humming just behind me, watching me soaping my buttocks inside the tight speedos, and when I looked back had a huge bulge in his own which he lathered with sheer and vulgar indulgence. A short sense of pride crossed my mind for being attractive, but I shook it off quickly .Breakfast at Eight was a relieve – I sat on Shark’s side on the bench to avoid his erotic toe attacks. Goldfish sat in the other corner as if she was warned off me and the poor little one as usual got the role of the maid! The situation carried a vibration of sexual tension that I could not comprehend – only plump Dolly stayed cool and served fried eggs with real bacon. Maybe she had to tender every year for such a hungry, horny, adolescent boy scout group . . .Our first meeting out at the pool was scheduled for Nine. The Boss welcomed all the five boys, clad only in miniscule speedos that could hardly hide our procreating organs or any sexual arousal! He eyed his newest swim team with pride, and he said: »Keep your willies tight and tucked, boys, if you ever want to swim for a medal!« This remark earned him a some boyish giggles, but everybody made sure the speedos were sitting right!And then his nimble daughter stepped out into the sunshine in the tightest fire engine red swim suit I ever saw! It was so tight between her legs that I thought it would cut her body in half, and her white long legs went nearly all the way up to her neck! She had nothing about her of those bouncy and fleshy bits that attracted horny boys in the glossy magazines – she was a string, but although a woman, and I didn’t doubt onemoment that she could swim as fast as a torpedo!Goldfish guided us then through all the professional warm-up moves – all thestretching and bending that left no one on the swim team without a emotional reaction! All hands were protecting the bulge but hard nipples puckered up like spring butts – while the Boss in his red canvas director chair just watched on with interest – just to sass us out – I guess? It was an amazing sight I will never forget: us five puberty boys, each with an erection in our tight olympic swim wear, ready to venture into manhood! Hahaha!Happy to finally hide ourselves in the thermal pool we were ordered to compete. Then we got our names: I was called Trout, and there was tiny Tadpole, the fat brothers Grouper and Snapper. As usual, Shark was after my little buttocks, groping and touching them at every secret opportunity under water. The first lesson was about floating: The flatter you swim the faster you go, so it was necessary to stick your bum out of the water too to win a race! So we quickly got organised into three teams and I got bundled up with long Snapper. I pushed up his hard belly up to keep him on a level float as he made his slow motion strokes – his bum was too bony and too sharp to win any competition, maybe should have even required a weapon license?When Snapper got his turn, he boldly supported me by the groin, squashing the little dickel with his hard hand and lifting my buttocks high out of the water. I swallowed, I coughed and I spluttered, but my dickel seemed to like it? Dumb Snapper patted my buttocks with appreciation on one side for my efforts while enjoying the growth in his palm on the other – until my speedos were stretched to the limit and the little b**st tried to break out – but then he let go with an imbecile chuckle and I nearly drowned! Short before noon the Boss talked about the “daily challenge”: today it should be Shark against Trout over four lengths of breast stroke, he announced and tried hard to look innocent. On the blocks Shark whispered to me, that if I lost I would be his slave for an hour. The thought troubled me deeply, but I knew some things about sportsmen’s honour and I hissed back: »Or you mine!« But I must give it to him: He was fast! I kept up well, always just at his shoulders, but even with the secret double leg stroke my father had told me I couldn’t get ahead of him. He was definitely quicker at the turns – I had to work on that – but now I was doomed . . .As we both swum to the ladder Shark caught up with me easily, he held me back by my speedos, as if I was his prisoner already. »You’re all mine now, Boy!«, he chuckled into my ear, grinding his hard-one into my buttocks – the expectation to have me for a whole hour at his mercy seemed to have aroused him already big time! I didn’t want to leave the pool without my swimmers, and so I let him have a few seconds of fame, let him arouse my dickel too, until my speedos were stretched out once more just by his rough and clumsy groping . . .After a good lunch of fresh baked flour bread, smoked cod and vinegar pickles – I let him savour his little victory for a while and returned his smug grins with zest – I met up with him up in the attic. Shark was all smiles: »Take off your pants, Slave!«, he growled in a strange voice that reminded of a shaky Godzilla impersonation. Extremely obediently I unfastened my belt and then unzipped my pants. I let them slide down to my ankles, showing off the cute undies with the small red dots my Mommy loved the most, when he ordered me to turn around and bend over the sorting table. I knew already that he was only interested in his own pleasure, and that this was connected to asacrificial bum – and this time it was mine! Somehow I was hoping that Goldfish was peeping in on us?Shark pulled the dotted panties off my small buttocks himself, and he let go of an awful grunt at the impression they made on him! I hid my face in my hands on the rough hardwood table top as he fondled and slapped my poor buttocks, pulled them forcefully apart to stare into the dark cleft. An asshole must be attracted by assholes – I guessed – and I was right! He fingered the tiny brown orifice with obvious pleasure for an embarrassing long time whilst I feared the worst!Then I heard his zipper rattle down. Something sloppy and fishy landed on my clenched nether cheeks, he slapped my bottom with it like it was a punishment, and I felt it growing harder. I heard some grunts and then it was all over, all wet and sticky – a complete disgrace! No tenderness, no compassion, just a simple jerk-off on a bullied victim! I was completely disappointed with my role as a juvenile sex slave. I listened to him zipping up, creeping out the creaking door and disappearing down the croaking old stairs.I found Goldfish lounching around on a stuffed chair, paging through an ancient magazine. When she saw me she jumped up, and said: »There you are, Trout, let’s go for an adventure!« – she wanted to show me the basement of the old spa hostel. It was a musty labyrinth of dark moist rooms with dripping rusty water pipes overhead and moldy green tiles along the walls, filled with huge enamel tubs to immerse a lot of sick people in hot water remedies with ramps and cranes.I really loved listening to her throaty voice as she explained all the differentpurposes of the scary equipment and torture gadgets – and I wouldn’t have liked to be in that creepy place without her! She showed me a step-in wardrobe, absolutely black inside, wherein she had played “stranger in the dark” with her brother. She explained that it was the perfect space to touch someone without making eye contact or showing guilt. She closed the door and we stood in the dark!She found my hands and put them on her face, then set them free to wander. Over the soft cheeks down a slender neck, over two tiny tits around a narrow waist and under the short skirt. Goldfish moaned and wriggled under my unseen tenderness, and my underwear was straining! She loved me to touch her bottom in the back, but when I started to explore the camel toe in the front she jumped out of the wardrobe like stung by a hornet! What a woman!Then she led me to a real Finnish steam chamber that Westerners call a sauna, built from the finest pine wood and heavily insulated to keep the heat. She told me, that this was the favourite place where her brother had to spank her, because the room was totally sound proof! I shivered despite the warmth inside the cabin – as I remembered the strange mixture of pleasure and pain when my father bared my little bottom to punish it for its laziness! Goldfish seamed to read my thoughts, laughed and said: »Let’s play for it! okay?«She found the five dice on the top shelve – and of course I knew the rules for Yatsi very well! My first three kings beat her two tens easily, and she demurely removed her blouse. The tiny bra was white today and shone in the half-dark like made from moon shine! It had those practical draw string on the side I find so erotic!I lost my shirt to her for a lucky full house, but from there I was on top. Goldfish lost her skirt and her bra in two short throws and was trying to be a good looser! With a very brave facial frown and a dark blush she pulled the strings and the tiny garment fell apartlike magic! Her little titties were delicious, outlined with a distinct tan line that enhanced their lovely shapes. Her dark brown nipples but looked as upset as her dark brown eyes as she desperately spun the dice again, and yelled from joy to win my pants!There we were even again – but the next round went to me, and my heart jumped. What would the gorgeous woman do now? Would I get to see what I was yearning for? »I’m all yours, Trout, you’re allowed to spank me – that’s the rule!«, she admitted a bit disappointed. And with that she stood up, faced the wall and pushed her little buttocks out to me. And they were already naked, only divided deeply by a white string – she didn’t wear conventional knicker, those were teasing tangas!Although the sensual sight gave me a painful erection I found no reason to hit that beautiful balanced creation or to hurt that precious wonder woman! So I blurted after a long pause with a frog deep in my throat: »I cannot harm you, Goldfish, because I love you!« My stupidity to grab her by the dangling white strings but frightened her, she cried »No!«, and within a split of a second she was with her clothes out of the door andgone . . .The afternoon session at the pool was all relaxed and about paddling with a foam float to coordinate the leg work. Boss even made us to wear rubber flippers like real divers do! Goldfish was missing and Shark was concentrating his erotic advances on tiny Tadpole. In a short break I talked to my little brother: He was doing drawings in his room, he said, scenes to document this vacation. I promised him to inspect them soon. Then he told me that Snapper’s thing was huge, that the guy had shown it to him in the shower, and that he was afraid of not doing the right thing expected from him – that he wasmaybe a failure! Oh, my little brother, I thought, you cannot compete here, you’re all too soft and much too vulnerable!A couple of times I elbowed the deadly shark away from the fragile tadpole in the pool, got angry looks and kicks in reverse, but managed to leave an impression that Tadpole was my friend. Grouper and Snapper seemed to be upset as well now – their lovely little maiden suddenly getting a guard. Shark was fuming, and in the locker room he spat at me: »You will regret that, you son of a bitch!« – or at least something similarly insulting . . .Dinner that evening was a rather tense time, even though the freshwater trouts, boiled blue, were absolutely delicious! Steamed spring potatoes and a real hot liquid butter on top were a treat from Dolly. But there was an ominous silence over the meal that seemed to worry her. She said: »Look, guys, this is only your second day here, and you all look like sour cucumbers already! What about some sweet ginger bread for dessert?«After that I followed Tadpole up to his room. I looked at the drawing on the small desk and fell silent – I didn’t had words – it was just beautiful! There was him and me at the sunny pool with a huge hard-on in our speedos and laughing like friends! I felt like hugging him, but all I said was: »Oh, that is beautiful!« And I felt like a complete coward . . .In the lavatory I run straight into tall Snapper – maybe he was waiting for me? »I love your ass, boy, need to see it again!«, he dribbled and pushed me into one of the toilet stalls. He was a strong lad, and all my struggles were in vain! He turned me against thewall and pulled my pajama pants down to my knees – the red dotted knickers my Mom loved the most made him take a deep breath! »Wow, boy! You’re my favourite!«, he grunted, as he slowly peeled those magic knickers off his favourite buttocks, like it was a deeply religious ceremony. I felt his dick nudging the dark crack between them, every time a bit deeper – it was thin, hard and sturdy, and it scared the shit out of me! But it was slippery too – he must have rubbed some spittle on it? – and so it slid easily between my clenched thighs. Snapper then fell in an frantic rhythm, bumping my sensitive little ball bag from behind. And he showed quite some stamina, then it took him a lot of grunting and gasping until he finally spat his liquid tribute right through my legs onto the dirty toilet wall – as his devoted contribute to my erotic beauty I guess . . .Wednesday, July 17On the early morning jog Shark caught up with me, and he was his bossy self again. »You played around with the boys in the toilet last night I heard – real nasty – that could break your neck? I have to report that – I’m sorry, Trout, it’s my duty!« I wanted to argue first but then decided it futile. »No doubt you set that up! What do you want now?«, I snapped back instead. Anyway: I bravely refused another secret meeting with him in the attic after lunch! And that stopped him right in his tracks, looking rather consternated . . .That morning we payed water polo in the pool, what turned out to be more a contest of pulling speedos than throwing the ball into the net! The Boss was wriggling with joy in his red director chair. The contest between Grouper and Snapper was a slow and boring affair, and I even forgot, which one won! »You boys go and clean up for lunch while I give this little trout here a quick lesson on his sagging back stroke!«, the Boss shouted. And then we were alone in the big pool. The sun was blasting hot and its golden rays sprinkled magic all around us. The Boss lifted me into a horizontal position, supporting me only with his broad palm in the small of my back and said: »Relax, boy! Bend your spine, thrust tour hips up, yes, like that! And now start to swim slowly!«I was dreadfully aware that he was watching my crotch closely, eying the contour of my little dickel under the tight speedos out of the water, that had begun a life of its own. Then the Boss continued in a low voice: »You are a pretty and talented boy, Trout! Everybody must be jealous of you, everybody would love to corrupt you, but be wary of the scoundrels and look only for the real friends!« I was paralysed by his mesmerising words, forgot completely about to do my motions. My dickel hurt and strained against the confining elastic fabric of my swimmers – I was learning to surrender and closed my eyes!The Boss stroked my taut belly with his finger tips, and that never felt so sensitive ever before. He stroked the soft insides of my exposed thighs, and that was driving me mad. Floating on water just relying on his supporting hand was more than I could handle – I felt the head of my dickel pushing out for freedom and reveling the double-cheeked underside of its purple plum – and I shivered with shame and inhibition.»Now, that is cute!«, mentioned the Boss gently, and grabbed the naked little devil by its throat and pulled it out a long way, »but if you ever stick that dangerous weapon up my daughter somewhere without her consent I will drown you with my own bare hands! Now get running – Dolly sure has a fine lunch ready by now!« . . .That was absolutely right, and after the delicious feed I decided to go out for a run toexplore the park and to escape groping fingers and further slavery! I just wanted to be alone, to reflect on the unfolding events with a clear head. I went for a stroll through the old gardens, found a clean goldfish pond with a lot of healthy inhabitants, surrounded by sturdy stone benches, surely meant for contemplation! Then I found a red haired boy on the track, a bit older than me, collecting young bamboo shoots in a blue wheel barrow.I said hi!, and he said hi! I helped him to load the last of his harvest and followed him pushing the full barrow home. He said that he was the son of the gardener and made his pocket money with the delicious shoots! I was impressed. He lived in a sort of a roofed barn, containing low stalls with heavy grate doors and big bolts, and he mentioned that the hostel tried to breed the wild mountain boar here once. I was impressed – until he pushed me unexpectedly into one of the stalls and bolted the tough door!»Caught myself a little Piggie now!«, he jubilated! He wanted me to get naked and roll around in the old crisp pig shit while he wanked himself off with piggish grunting and snorting – but then he let me go, with slaps to all my tender parts. I redressed in the forest, tried to find my way out of my predicament. There was a track, and I took it . . .Further on in the bamboo forest I found a bamboo house with a curled-up roof and a hundred pigeons on it, bickering and grooming, flapping and cooing. An old man with a big head of silver curls under a wide straw hat and much too large brown dungarees leaned in the open doorway and mustered me with a welcoming smile. »You’re a cute boy, come in, and I will show you the pigeon loft!«, he more sung than spoke, and he beckoned me closer. He had those gentle rolling eyes and the huge infective grin of a favourite grandpa, or maybe an under-cover Santa, but with a big red round nose he could have perfectly done as a funky clown! Not really sure if this was just an old fairy tale I was curious about the interior of this unique abode and followed him inside. It smelled warm from pot ash and chicken bones, and from upstairs permeated the odour of fresh hay and the sound of roosting birds – it was magic!»Long time that I had a visitor, and even much longer to have such a pretty one!«, he smiled at me and closed the door. There was a steep ladder in the back that led up to the loft, and he gestured me to climb it. With just my head above the ceiling I saw the cages, the feathered girls sitting on their eggs and the young ones playing games together – I was fascinated! Talking all about pigeons, about their role in the war as messengers, about their unbelievable rate of fertility and cunning sense of direction, he held me by the hips so I couldn’t fall. But then his warm hands moved up, right under the trainer top and touched bare skin – I froze.»Hang on, little lad, you have some dry shit in your pants and you smell like a piglet – let me have a look!« Encouraged by my passiveness the old man grew bolder, hooked his fingers into the waistband of my trainer pants and pulled them slowly down over my little buttocks. I was curious what he would do to me, I was not afraid. He told me, that he was with the pigeoneers in the war, and that was the reason why he was still alive! By then he had uncovered my cute polka-dot panties – a pretty sight he rewarded with a windy whistle. »Such a pretty boy!«, he murmured, and: »What a beauty!«, he whispered, stroking my bum with tenderness.In slow motion the old man then pulled my panties down to the knees too and massaged both tense buttocks at once with passion. He stuck his nose deep into the crack between them and excitedly inhaled my sweet young-boy-smell. I was holding on to the ladder for life as the feelings of pleasure and shame fought in my brain, and none of themwon. He was stroking my thighs, fondling my bottom and humming with joy. But then he pushed his right hand through my legs and cradled my balls softly, as if they were as fragile as pigeon eggs – little dickel made a start!The experienced pigeoneer caught the startled dickel gently like a little bird, and surely enjoyed it growing in his warm palm. He licked my buttocks, and squeezed my balls with the other hand, until dickel was solid rock-hard and I couldn’t stop myself from spending. With a deep groan I had to let go, and as I looked down I saw my sperm flying in formation – and if the old man wouldn’t have hold me that fast I would have fallen for sure! »I hope, you enjoyed that?«, he said when he pulled my pants up and lifted me off the ladder: »and If you find the motivation to come back tomorrow again, I’ll collect a basket of fresh eggs for you to take to the hostel kitchen! Okay?« And then he simply pushed me out the door . . .I already walked a bit like on eggs when I found the old wooden bath cabin under the ancient grove of bent pine trees, steam poring out of it at every corner! There was a changing room with clothe baskets, and to my horror, one was full with a sarong, a large padded bra and some frilly underpants! The musky fragrance streaming from the basket was tickling my nose, and the thick steamy air made me sweat – I suddenly felt dirty and smelly, when a voice called out from the spa: »Come through, Trout, everything in live bears purpose!«Adjusting my eyes to the clouds of steam I recognised Dolly reclining in the rock pool, a small white towel just covering her ample white breasts, heavy wet nipples sticking out like pebbles, waving me closer with an elegantly poised hand. Had she expected me, just smelled me perhaps, or was this sheer intuition?»You’re such a clever boy, so I will tell you a story! Come in and sit down with me!«, she purred like a peach skin pantheress, and she seemed to look straight up into my bulging shorts with her lovely sparkling eyes! Little dickel got a fright and started hardening up – making a complete nuisance of himself, stretching out like a broom stick, hard enough to hang a ham on it – I was bewildered and bewitched, and I knew it down to my bone!»But I got no…!«, I stammered, but she just twitched her cherry lips: »You don’t need anything here, and I’m sure that a grown boy like you saw a naked woman before – and there is not much on you skinny boys anyway that I haven’t seen before! Take my towel to hide the worst!« Her voice was deep and throaty – one of those demanding tunes that are more commanding than asking, but with a definite playful tinge of humour and enjoyment. She threw the said towel up tat me and exposed two juicy red nipples, standing hard and glossy in their large fuchsia-coloured aureolas – I missed two heart beats and nearly choked on my next breath!There was a measured provocation here, an invitation to initiation, a test I shouldn’t fail unless I tatooed my forehead with the ugly word coward! As I stripped, she was looking the other way, humming happily, maybe just imagining the erotic action in her mind? I had a hard time getting my broom stick out of my pants and underwear, nearly stumbled and fell – and the tiny white towel did no good in hiding my worst! I quickly clambered into the hot water and sat down beside my newest teacher – a doctor of humanity!Her soft hand found my stiff stick immediately under the glassy surface of the hot pool, as to open a direct connection with me to make her next lesson understood – shesaid: »Working with adolescent juveniles is a difficult job! And the topic of sexuality is an extremely touchy subject – but once a wrong path is chosen, redirection is even harder, if sometimes even impossible – can you understand that, Trout?«»If we don’t teach sexuality as something mutually peaceful and morally acceptable nobody can really enjoy it, and c***dren born out of violent relationships mostly mirror their parents aggressive behaviour. A sad circle we can only break with tenderness and trust.« She wasn’t rubbing nor jerking, her grip was as steady and still as a velvet vice, but my dickel begun to hurt just from missing action – and I never thought that possible! I stared at her naked softness and beauty with huge c***dish eyes – completely dissolving into the womb-warm water.»You were born out of the vagina of a woman and therefor you should always treat a woman with respect!«, she purred, as my dickel in her grasp started to twitch like a prospecting fork, and spat out the seed of manhood in natural spasms – created a new universe in a nursing warm and wet environment, spiraling in slow motion from the dusky depths up to the shining surface, gathering there in a fertile pattern – we both just exploded in a hilarious laughter, as we had just watched the big bang and had survived it too . . .Was this really my lucky day – my groin felt warm and content, my brain was just working on the astonishing happenings of the last hour, when I bumped into another adventure. Wednesdays, we were told, the laundry maid Blossom was in, collecting dirty clothes and sheets. I met her in the hallway groaning under the weight of freshly ironed warm bed sheets. She was as round as a pumpkin, and as glossy as a waxed apple! And as she was struggling I offered her a hand and grabbed half of her load.»Oh – a gentleman!«, she sighed, her heavy bosom heaving, her fleshy lips stretching wide to expose two rows of healthy teeth: »just follow me!« The linen ward was a small and stuffy chamber with tall shelving and the annoying smell of moth balls. Why she closed the door and wanted me to deposit my sheets on the empty top shelve wasn’t clear to me at first – there was a little three-step ladder – but when I turned around, two large breast blocked my descent. Ripe like honey melons they bulged in the low cleavage – just the thing young men dream about!»You are very helpful, young man – and I’m very grateful!«, she whispered and shoved her hands up under my trainer top to tweak my tiny nipples – I froze, couldn’t help it! And dickel couldn’t either – he twitched for the third time in one lunch time. Blossom may have expected this and noticed it instantly. She licked her fat lips and went straight for it: gently she peeled first the track pants off, then freed the little stiff one from the restraint of my panties – and he jumped up like a jack-out-of-the-box!Blossom caught him faster than lightening and held to her catch fast. She murmured sounds of appreciation, kissed the bald head with passion and run her wet tongue all around it! I was holding on to her fleshy shoulders with a shiver when she sucked it all in like a human vacuum cleaner! This was new for me, I was as shocked as pleased. And whenever Blossom released my hard dickel for a short breath I could only wonder: never saw him that swollen, hot and huge!My knees were wobbly and my finger nails like claws in her shoulder when she sucked everything out that wasn’t spent before. Blossom licked her fingers and her lips and didn’t fail to explain: »What a cherry-plum the young man is, and so tasty too!«After dinner I intended to visit Tadpole to see his newest drawings, but he wasn’t in his room! I looked for my little brother every where – fearing the worst – and at least I found him downstairs in the flooded shower, stark naked on his kness, splattered with cum and sobbing silently – his underpants turning in lazy circles on a puddle of foam and gunk over the sink hole.I forced him under a hot stream of water, rinsed his sticky hair and back reasonably clean. When I realised with quite some consternation that he was growing hard I wrapped him quickly into a towel, picked the little brother up and carried him up to his room. He was so light in my arms and he looked at me with his huge hazel eyes as if I was his hero, his guardian angel, his heavenly lover – and I smiled back at him!Without stumbling or faltering I managed to lower Tadpole onto his bed in one piece, relieved that nobody had spied on our short journey! But as I pulled the moist towel off him I got a real shock: his little willie was standing straight, stared at me with a humble expectation. It was the lovelies thing I ever saw! It reminded me of something edible – a sweet strawberry lollipop to be licked, a fresh plum to be nibbled, a magic mushroom to be consumed with ecstasy – and suddenly my mouth watered and I saw all the beauty in it suddenly myself!But I hid his juicy lotos flower bulb, his still appetising plum dessert decently with the blanket and some regret. I sat with Tadpole for some time and calmed him down. I told him, that young boys were driven to play this rude games to find their own personality and sexuality – that there always would be a victor and a victim, and blablala – my little friend fell soon asleep. I lifted the blanket to risk a last short look at the tempting lollipop, but it had already retired by now, and slumbered like a naked baby bird in a hairless crotch – I saved that pretty thought to my memory, perhaps to use it in one of my future novels! Maybe . . .Thursday, July 18On the early morning jog Tadpole kept up with me, but Snapper and Grouper followed us hard on the heels – like cats watching their mice, expecting them to mate soon, to catch a peep of a nude bum? Tad and I gave them the best show possible and smiled. Goldfish and Shark were up in front, and it was obvious that they had many arguments!The daily challenge was to be between Goldfish and me today, the Boss decided just before noon. The boys were riveted! The girl blushed at me, shot an angry glance at her father who just smirked back – the perfect setup I thought! It was to be 200 meters crawl – where I had the slight advantage of stronger limbs. »You will be my slave!«, she hissed at me on the blocks, which ball I played back cool as usual: »Or you mine!«, and I tried to grin like a shark!But I didn’t want to win! I had no idea what to to her – and I didn’t want to be cruel to her. It would be fun to undress her, but what then? Nonono: it was better to leave the initiative to her – and to tell you nothing but the truth here: I was actually the one that would have liked it to be undressed! I felt this sinful urge of being naked, experienced after all the years of dictated moral inhibition a wave of lust for exhibition – and it needed no psychologist to explain that logical phenomena to me!Our Goldfish struggled a bit as predicted but I let her keeping up with me, andwhenever I took a good breath I saw her at my side. I wanted her to surge ahead, but stubbornly she kept her position a head behind – maybe she wanted me to win, wanted to be treated like the little slut she really was? I was baffled! I tried a clumsy turn, but to no avail. I slowed down a bit without result – she was sticking to my neck like old chewing gum under a class room chair!On the last length I had enough of this stupid game, I sped ahead to the finishing line, pulling her with me, but just five strokes from the wall I faked a cramp and drowned gracefully! Goldfish didn’t see that one coming, forgot to put the brakes on – touched the wall and won! When I came up blowing fountains of water like a sperm whale and looking as disappointed with my performance as a saint that promised to walk on water but sadly failed – I saw the girl fuming at me and heard her father laughing at her.By now I was playing the game quite well, and playfully set a date with her up in the attic after dinner – told her to keep that nasty brother of hers away! She seemed quite impressed by my cool manly attitude! But somehow I wanted her to be upset, in my boyish mind having sex was still labeled as the brutish a****l behaviour, our parents warned us from, to keep our hands in our pockets! I knew there was more to life, and I tried to find it . . .Today I decided to better take Tadpole with me for a stroll after lunch, to pick up the promised eggs together – boiled pigeon eggs were a rare delicacy! And grandpa surely wouldn’t dare to milk me again, in front of a witness – I guessed? Tad was in a naughty mood, tried several times to pull my trainer pants down.»Stop that, or I will get your little knickers off you, Tad!«, I warned him, but he just replied: »But for that you better first catch me!«, and he run off into the bamboo forest. I was hard on his heels, having the longer legs, caught him by the waist band and fell all over him. His training pants were down at his knees, and his tiny bottom only clad in his tiny knickers with the pale blue stripes.He spat some leaves and coughed: »Okay, you won, Trout – you can take them!« Hot shame flooded me when I pulled at them to expose the cute buttocks, but that lapse of concentration Tad used to throw me off! We rolled around on the soft ground – it was a most arousing struggle, one that I wanted him to win. So, soon we both had our pants around our knees, and I let him wrestle me on my back. He pinned my arms down into our rustling leave bed and sat on my groin, sweating like a winner.Then he realized that my undies looked like a model circus tent and cried: »Oh, you must be gay?« »No, you are gay, Tad«, I retorted, because he sported the same tough erection in his own knickers! Then we laughed to hide our mutual embarassment and helped each other up – and we run on as if nothing had happened at all.The pigeon hut looked still as romantic as it did yesterday – and Tadpole was impressed about the busy coming and going on the roof. The door stood wide open, but from grandpa there was no sign. Maybe he had a nap, so we tip-toed inside into the dark and fragrant room to have a look for him, or at least for a basket of eggs. Yes, the basket was on the table as promised, and I just grabbed it when the door behind us darkened and grandpa stood in the frame. »Ah – you brought your friend!«, he sung, »how thoughtful of you!«, young man. »You both have pine needles on your bums – where you fighting or – oh yess, you are you lovers?«Tadpole blushed and nodded – I couldn’t believe it! Grandpa was delighted. He insisted that we play a little game for him to pay for the eggs. Something harmless like rock/paper/scissors! I smashed Tad’s scissors with my rock and was urged to remove a piece of clothing from my little lover – I pulled his sweater over his head, and there was nothing in that! I knew his body well by now – I felt pleasure by undressing him.But then I sadly lost twice, Tad smiled when he removed my trainer pants – and there I stood in my polka-dots, a sizable bulge in it from excitement! Tad seemed to enjoy the game as well and didn’t budge when I had to take his pants off. Grandpa in his wicker chair just giggled.»Go on, boys – the next game is most important – but both of you will win!«, he chuckled, and unfortunately Tad’s scissors cut my paper! And if I was uncertain about love between men or Tad’s affection to me, or my feelings towards him – I knew instantly that he loved me as I loved him by the expression in his face! He looked at my dickel with a passion that filled it’s blood vessels at once – like a quivering compass needle it pointed straight at him!Whatever I had thought about this wrinkly and ugly appendix before changed in my mind: it was suddenly beautiful, elegant and full of live force – I was instantly proud of it for the first time! As I watched it in awe straining at my little friend’s naked belly, the tiny mouth on top of the purple plum uttered a clear drop of desire – the desire to be touched, to be licked, and: to be loved!Now, grandpa stood up and touched me tenderly as if I would be an old friend. He patted my nude buttocks like the day before, and he made sure that dickel stood straight with some affirming strokes. But then he moved behind Tad and took his panties of himself with visible pleasure! He kissed his clenched little buttocks in the back and squeezed the tiny ball bag in the front – Tad was excited and rock-hard by then.And then my little brother smiled at me, all fear had vanished from his face – and I knew that he loved me as much as I loved him! He gently grabbed my weapon and I grabbed his, and we drew each other closer – this was a magic moment! We looked deep into each others eyes to find acceptance and found it, by a mystical magnetic attraction our lips locked: to stop apologies, to silence excuses, to conserve the magic.Then we hugged. Pulled even closer, desired to be one, once and forever! We clawed our finger nails into our naked buttocks, squashed our bursting yearning hurting dickels together between our taut bellies – the delicate movement of our hips was programed into our genes long ago and happened automatically – it was a strange dance we did in perfect harmony to give and take pleasure! And there was no way back now: I was nearly there! Then Tadpole touched my asshole and triggered the flood.Our guns fired together, unloading our pent up emotions, unleashing our suppressed passion and awarding each others love with the ultimate tribute! Our bellies were sticking together like glued, and warm rivulets of the explosive encounter were running down my thighs already. Tadpole was hanging in my arms, burying his face on my shoulder and sobbing from joy – but the old wicker chair beside us was empty and the door stood wide open!Behind the pigeon hut was a tap and a sink where we washed us clean in silence, and I’m sure that grandpa watched us with pleasure from somewhere. I so loved being naked in nature and to be with my little brother Tad that I didn’t even worry. He had such a gentle personality, such a tender attitude, who would not love him? And when he asked me, if we really were lovers, I could only nod . . .From there on everything just happened in slow motion. I really loved my little brother, and I watched his every move, watched him smile at me, watched him swim and watched him shower. I couldn’t explain then what love actually was, but the feelings I had for him were warm and cozy, the desire to be alone with him constant, and even the jealousy, when I watched him being friendly with the naughty guys, was real!During lunch Goldfish was still smoldering, up in the attic she was angry again and fumed: that our contract was void because I had been cheating, and that I was gay anyway! She looked very cute when she was angry – I could have kissed her right there! »Do you want me to undress, Mistress?«, I asked, innocent as an altar boy. »You’re ugly and I hate you!«, she snapped and started to cry. That was too much for me, so I hugged the sobbing girl.She liked that, I rubbed her back. I kissed her then, but she wasn’t enthusiastic about that. I massaged her tiny buttocks through her skirt, and she was pressing into me. I lifted the flimsy skirt and tucked it up to her waist – she still was purring, so I stuck my warm hands deep down her knickers an felt fresh flesh – that was delicious! She was such a peach!»You’re impossible, Trout – how would you know that I like that?«, she snarled with fake indignation, »anyway: your monster thingy is stabbing me in the belly and that hurts – take it out!« In a flash she was on her knees, freeing my straining dickel from its fabric prison. She pulled the whole length out, balls and all, and giggled like a nasty school girl. »It likes me!«, she whispered in awe, touched it tenderly like a young bird.With a shy kiss she confirmed the growing friendship first, then doubled up her tender manipulation, growing impatient, squeezing my balls hard, watching the glossy plum driving in and out of the foreskin, opening her lips lasciviously in anticipation, until I couldn’t refrain any second longer the lustful urge to splatter my liquid ecstasy all over her beautiful curious nose!»You can be a good boy, Trout – sadly just stubborn as a mule, like all you boys are!«, she purred as she licked her fingers with the instinctive trepidation of a careful cat to check first if the cream wasn’t sour!A full moon was playing around with some fluffy rainbow clouds, the cicadas in the bushes sung a late love song, and up in the cliffs there howled a lonely wolf. A soft steam was dancing on the opaque surface of the pool. Tadpole and I languished on the natural warm water, floating on our backs and gazing at the Milky Way, counting shooting stars – it was such an extremely peaceful setting.And I was completely surprised and shocked when Tadpole suddenly attacked me! He went straight after my speedos, determined to rip them off and tear them to shreds. I gave him a good fight, and we both ended up with each others swimmers in our hands, grinning like petty thieves – it all had happened so fast and completely unpremeditated that we were stunned! Aroused by the groping and wrestling our dickels were probably staring at each other already suspiciously under water like two one-eyed pilot fishes!There was that strange magnetism again that drew our bodies together, slowly but unavoidable. Our two pilots found each other: mine slipped between his thighs and his between mine – without any help. Tadpole’s buttocks felt small and hard in my palms, like g****fruits. His fingers on mine exerted a pressure as demanding as commanding.We were clamped together like lovers again, our torpedoes trapped and clenched, our lips glued together.We did the crocodile roll together, the turtle hump, and the whale wave – came only frequently up out of our ecstasy for a short breath. The friction was excellent and our movement was smooth: like two mating dolphins we clung to each other with limbs and legs and lips entangled. The world could have ended around us, we wouldn’t have noticed! We were submerged in pure pleasure, all our senses directed inwards to the core.I felt my lover getting rigid under the powerful sensation of his on-coming orgasm, and was ready myself. It was a convulsive and close to painful cleansing at first, but then the bliss set in and flooded the brain with a wave of golden satisfaction. And as to highlight our glorious culmination there was a sudden lightening in the sky, but there were no storm clouds above us – it must have been a camera flash? – somebody was spying at us, and our wet speedos on the side of the pool were definitely missing . . .Friday, July 19Grouper sided up with Tad and me on the morning jog through the bamboo grove. He handed me my speedos and grinned from ear to ear. »Made a pic of you lover boys last night! You will let me touch you today and tonight and may I delete it! Okay?« »What about Tadpole? I can only agree if you won’t touch him!« »That is none of your business, Trout, but tell him to stay away! You better save your own ass first!« I didn’t want to get sent home early and I felt guilt. Tad had listened and seemingly wasn’t happy with that, it looked as he wanted to be touched as well!The whole day Grouper was my body guard, sticking his hands into my underwear whenever we were alone – in the locker room and the shower. His frequent attacks started first in the back to my naked buttocks but soon expanded to the front to my genitals, which were clearly frightened of his rough groping – and Tadpole kept away as promised. Grouper even followed me into the toilet after lunch to confis**te my dotted panties, to make it easier for him to m***** me – I think! And he reminded me sternly about our secret meeting tonight, after what he would delete the incriminating picture!I was very happy that Goldfish invited me to her room after dinner – and I was curious about that! A woman’s room? As expected it was painted pink, smelled of roses and definitely contained more fluffy teddy bears than cockroaches as did mine! She let me sit on the side of her soft bed and wanted to play one of those games her brother played with her – and it was called: sleeping beauty! And with that she threw herself on the bed next to me and pretended to be deep asleep.The little buttons of her tight white blouse were begging to be undone, and the black skirt for sure a temptation to be lifted. After a short hesitation I started the exploration. Quickly I uncovered the miniscule bra without waking the princess – today it was a pink one! I knew that there was a a hook in the back that I couldn’t reach, so I pulled the skirt up instead, to discover matching pink knickers – what a delicious game it was!Gingerly I touched the naked thighs and followed the softest white skin along the panty line with a tender touch. But as soon as I moved to close to the secret cleft, the princess stirred and rolled over onto her belly. After some consideration I boldly pushed the skirt out of the way and pulled the teasing knickers down over her boyish buttocks – and there was no disapproval this time. She let me stroke and knead the little orbs for awhile, purring like a cat.When I dipped my eager finger deep into the dark moist mystery she begun to moanand reared her naked bottom up like a horny cat. I felt like a king, like a lover, like conquerer – but then she collapsed, pulled the panties up, and stopped the arousing game at once. It was time for sleep, she said and kissed me good-bye. Something, to understand women?Then I was in bed, waiting for my blackmailer. A soft rain was splattering against the window and from far I heard some distant thunder. I was tossing and turning on my bed again, lightning was casting spooky shadows on the wall. I heard the door open and close, someone was in the room! It must have been Grouper, I could taste his fishy smell from meters away! I grunted and rolled onto my stomach and faked to be asleep.The bed moved, no: it was the blanket, that slid in slow motion off my back. Grouper sat now next to me on the mattress, I could feel him and smell him, but I was happy that it was dark! Getting bolder by my regular breathing he bundled up the blanket carefully behind my knees. Then he patted my bottom softly, to check me for a reaction. I just grunted again, and wriggled my buttocks as if to shake off some subconscious irritation.I felt Grouper’s fingers now at the waist, hooking into my pajama pants, and, slow inch by slow inch he uncovered my tight underwear – it was a quite arousing feeling, my dickel stiffened under me considerably, as if to help me, trying to hold at least the panties in place. But to no avail, the silent m*****er was enjoying his play with my naked buttocks already, pulling them apart and testing out the deep crack. But when he fingered my clenched asshole I clamped his hand in the moist cleft and rolled onto my back.A full minute Grouper was frozen, and only a frequent lightning was illustrating his crude features – he looked like a little Frankenstein, and I didn’t need to see him! He patted now my erection softly, then gently pulled the panties off it – I was breathing faster. He touched the swollen limb with caution, not sure if it would bite? He cradled my restlessly rolling balls, and that felt wonderful!The warmth of his touch stimulated my erection, and soon I was as hard as a rock. Like a tower of flesh my dickel stood straight up, and Grouper squeezed it well with all five fingers – rubbed up and down the throbbing shaft like pumping a flat bicycle tire – and I was enjoying it immensely! By now the rain was poring down outside in sheets and the room was black as hell, but Snapper’s grip on me was relentless!A stinging pain in my upper thigh heralded the onset of a powerful orgasm, I was going to explode! But only in the very last moment I rolled onto my side towards him, to make sure the sticky mess would end up on his own pajama pants and not on my bed! Taken completely by surprise and seemingly irritated the invisible perpetrator jerked away, tip-toed to the door, tripping over my shoes, banging his toes against a leg of the chair, and finally sneaking out the door. I was covering myself up again with a satisfied smile and was quickly fast asleep . . .Saturday, July 20And it was still raining in the morning! There was no jogging and no swimming going on, and after a glum breakfast the two fat brothers retired to the the gym, doing some juvenile wrestling. As I watched them through the open door they were grapplingwith each others genitals through their training pants and bickering like a bunch of scare crows. They called me a coward, and waved me in to join them – but I didn’t expect Shark hiding behind the door pulling me down in a brutal head lock.Suddenly all three were all on top of me, holding on to my kicking legs and stretching my arms above my head. Shark growled: »Now we got you for good, you stinking traitor! Let’s strip the bastard and piss on him!« I didn’t want them to ruin my clothe, so I let them undress me without struggling. »Look at those gay panties!« and »He’s a poofter, I’m sure!« and »Isn’t he buggering tiny Tap up the back?« – this was the intelligent discussion during the ordeal, ugly Snapper took it for himself to take my last set of polka dot panties as a trophy – and I never found them again!They pulled me up and touched me everywhere – I had three hands on my bare buttocks, scratching and tearing, and three in my groin, clawing and jerking. Then they bent me over and every one had to inspect the dark rose of my anus with their dirty paws, probing and drilling – it was an absolute disgrace! Then the slapping started and didn’t stop until it ended in a painful group spanking, and I collapsed to my knees. And thenthe three gentlemen hosed me down, three jets of salty piss hit me square in the face: ears, nose and mouth.That seemed to sooth their anger quite a bit, and proud they were of their team work, as they stashed their tools away. When I finally looked up I saw Tadpole in the doorway, his face pale with shock and horror. I wanted him to run, not to end up like me, but he just stood there like fossilised. Shark took him by the arm and hissed at him: »If you ever tell anything about that to anyone your a dead mouse! Understood?« Tadpole managed a nod as the horrible message slowly sunk in. »Come in, close the door – now you are part of the party!«Like a hypnotised mouse Tadpole let the bad boys him strip him too, the panties fell this time to Groper who buried his nose in it before tucking them away. I don’t know why, but Tadpole had an erection, a very pretty one that got a lot of tugging and pulling. But it were his little buttocks that got all the praise, I thought they would eat him alive? Every one took a good bite at the appetising peaches until they drew a drop of blood.He had to bend over too, his cheeks were ripped apart. The tiny pink aperture exerted so much attraction: one fat finger of Groper drove brutally up the narrow passage, but Tadpole didn’t even flinch. He must have been m*****ed like that before, I guessed, and felt a hot rush of compassion.Now all the boys had their hard ones, out getting ready for a healthy jerk off. Grouper was already dribbling all over the exposed asshole, but right in that moment the door opened with a creak, the Boss stood broad in the way and stared at the disaster.His face was red, but his rage contained. He told Tadpole and me to collect our clothes and get cleaned up, while the boys got a good caning in the gym, their tormented screams echoing through the whole building like the spooky calls of the black raven! I knew that there would be revenge, and I saw the fear in the eyes of my little brother. This was not a good day inside – and outside it was still raining! Lunch was cancelled, we had to stay in our rooms until dinner, and there was an ugly heavy silence poisoning the haunted house – and I wished I could be far far away . . .Dinner was a late and rather bleak affair like a funeral party. I was waiting anxiously for Tadpole to turn up. I asked the silently chewing group if anybody had seen him? »He’s maybe not even hungry?«, Grouper stated, and Snapper chimed in: »Probably justjerking off?« Goldfish and I stood up simultaneously and started looking. His room was empty, the gym and the shower too. We found him finally floating in the pool, face down, his buttocks glistening in the glare of the flood lights, a tiny red tail wavering between them like a telling tag.I broke down on the pavement and cried like I never had before! I was ready to roll over into the pool, to drown too, just to be with my little lover again, wherever he was now. But a small hand held me back, a light but powerful female hand convinced me to stay alive, to try once more the chances of love. She led me away from the tragic scene, up to my room.She undressed me like a baby, her comforting voice soothing my horror and despair – knowing by her protective motherly instinct that I could not be left alone now! She removed every stitch off me, pushed me onto my bed and covered my nudity with the blanket. Then she switched off the light. I heard some rustling and some stripping, but then she was with me under the blanket, half as naked as myself, cuddling up to me like a lover.She left me no time to grieve – what felt right. The tragedy was deadly but could not been undone, the faster way to recover would be the better. She let me explore her body, skinny as it was it responded sensitive to my tender touch. Her nipples grew hard as pebbles, her belly fluttered like a frightened butterfly. She accepted my hand diving into her knickers. and she let me touch her camel toe but would not allow a single finger tip to sneak inside. She was teasing me big time, my poor dickel was straining red hot like a poker.She then took her panties off with quite some commotion, and wrapped them gently over my throbbing erection. This simple action was so unexpected and so erotic that I exploded instantly – and she caught the whole powerful eruption just in time. She was that good – she threw her soiled undies out of the bed and cradled up in my lap, pushing her hard little buttocks into my groin – the understandable female message, that we both needed some sleep right now . . .Saturday, July 21The place was swarming with police in the morning, flashing cameras, rolling out red tape and taking statements. Molly Dolly took sperm samples of the four suspects, and the Boss was looking like a broken straw. His job was in jeopardy, his career as a coach surely ruined. If this made the news even his daughter would be shunned. The party was definitely over, we were all sent packing.The Boss himself accompanied us on the steam train down the mountain track, only a shadow of his former self, silent as a grave, as if the disaster had stolen his voice. Shark was missing, but my Goldfish winked her long lashes at me whenever our eyes met. She was beautiful – I could not stop loving her. And the golden star that shone in her midnight black eyes told me that she just felt the same.On the crowded diesel train through the suburbs I had one hand deeply buried in the warm underwear of the girl on front of me, when she suddenly looked back over her shoulder and whispered only for me to hear: »You’re learning quick, Trout – you really can make it far! You will be a writer!«, and she sealed it with a kiss . . .

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