Suzy wanted to try dogging


Suzy wanted to try doggingThis story happened a few years ago at a local well used car park.It was a weekday afternoon and I was taking a few days vacation. The area where Suzy and I lived is quite quiet through the day as most people were of working age and were out doing their thing. Well boredom had crept in this day as we sat and watched TV so Suzy piped up that we should go to the coast (which was only 20 min away)for an afternoon ride out to shake off the boredom. Well the weather was quite cold but the sun was shining so I readily agreed, so Suzy took off to the bedroom to get herself ready. On her appearance at the car ready to go I thought it a little strange that she had put on an above the knee skirt with no stockings (she always wears hold up stockings with a skirt)anyway it was just a brief thought and it passed my mind as quick as it came to me.Half and hour later we arrived at the beach. It was ariound lunchtime when we drove into a large well used car park that was quite busy given the weather was not quite that good. Suzy pointed at the place she wanted me to park the car which was at the back of the car park and sent me immediately for a couple of ice creams from the vendor that was parked at the front of the car park.On my return to the car we had gotten a car parked either side of us with 2 sales rep looking guys sat talking on their phones, again this was not untoward as the car park was quite full by now. I got back into the car and gave Suzy her ice cream. She immediately said the 2 guys in the cars had parked up and were eyeballing her and only made for their phones on my return trying to look inconspicuous. Well as I have mentioned in earlier stories, Suzy is a looker, a bit of a head turner even in tekirdağ rus escort her 40s somewhat like a young Stefanie Powers or Jane Asher with her auburn hair. This just made me a bit proud to be there with her.After a few mins a couple more cars arrived which had parked facing us after reversing into their spaces. Now soon enough the penny started to drop that these guys were hoping there was going to be some kind of show. I told Suzy the reason we were being surrounded which she said she had figured it when the 2 rep’s arrived earlier. She quite shocked me when said that she was getting turned on by the thought of giving a show to these guys. Was I up for some fun she asked, too fucking right I was. Rules imposed straight away was no sex with the strangers just a bit of a show to get the going.Suzy opened the car door and wandered off to the bins to put in our rubbish. I watched as all eyes in the cars parked around us immediately followed every footstep she made there and back.Once back in the car she got me to lock the doors so she felt safer. She lowered herself into the seat and reclined it a little. She pulled up her skirt to reveal her white silky panties. I immediately started slowly stroking her inner thigh right next to her pussy as she spread her legs, I could feel the heat coming from it already.I looked around, all eyes on us, the 2 rep’s craning their necks to try to get a good view of what they knew was going on just out of their vision. It got too much for the guy on my side, he got out of his car as if to stretch his legs, alking right next to my window getting himself a great view of my wifes creamy thighs and white silk panty clad pussy. He leaned back on his tekirdağ rus escort bayan car allowing himself a good vantage point. Within a few seconds the guy on Suzy’s side had joined him, like they were long lost pals. That was 2 guys with a good view.I slipped my hand inside Suzy;s panties and could immediately feel she was soaking wet with excitement. I rubbed her swolen clit gently as she moanes while pushing herself back into the seat. I notice another 2 guys had appeared on Suzies side of the car just behind her window, both peering it to see what they were missing.I leaned over Suzy and pulled down her panties until they were at her knees exposing her trimmed ginger bush to the 4 lucky bastards outside. She lifted off her top exposing bra enclosed small but pert breasts, she pulled the bra off in a quick motion that only a woman can do. There she was, exposed to the guys on the outside with just her skirt around her waist and her panties around her knees. She moaned quite loudly as I gently rubbed her clit and fingered her wet cunt. She asked me to tell her what was going on with her audience as she was lying back with her eyes shut. I glanced around, the 2 rep’s on my side had their cocks out and were shielding each other from any passers by being able to see what they were doing. Looks like this was a regular thing for them. I told Suzy that the older guy was still quite flacid but had a cock of around 6 or 7 inches and the younger guy was hard with around 5 or 6 inches. She opened her eyes for a look and gasped at the size of the older guys cock. she wanted it hard to see just how big it would get.I loosened my trousers and pulled them down to my knees, Suzy dropped rus escort tekirdağ her lips onto my stiff cock licking the pre-cum off the end with a few flicks of her tongue. As she raised and dropped her head she was looking at the 2 guys wanking at the window. The other 2 guys on Suzy’s side were left gaping at her arse and pussy as she knelt on the seat, so hot the view out came one of the guys cocks for a stroke as he looked intensly at Suzy’s beautiful cunt and asshole.One of the 2 rep’s beckoned to open the door, Suzy shook her head, they got the message. I watched as the older guy got hard, strangely his cock didn’t get larger just harder (to Suzy’s dismay :-)Suzy moved across from her seat, straddling my stiff cock and greadily stuffing the whole thing into her soaking wet cunt. Her face was inches from the wanking rep’s cocks, she motioned to the young guy to grab the older guys cock and wank him. After a few words between them they were pulling at each others pricks. I glanced over to the other guys on Suzy’s side, one was shooting his cum all down the window as the other guy stood back and admired the view of us fucking for his voyeuristic pleasure.Suzy pounded away at my stiff cock loving watching the wanking pair just the other side of the glass. The older guy took charge of his own cock again and shuddered as he spilled his load onto the window, this load would have been right in Suzy’s face and he knew it, he aimed it pulling back his foreskin for a maximum squirt. This spurred on Suzy to grip my cock with all of her might and shower me with her juices as she climaxed all over my cock and balls.Seconds later she put her tongue on the glass where the guys cum was running down the window making a gesture that she was licking up his cum. This dirty act of Suzy’s got off the younger guy who blasted his load all over the window right onto Suzy’s out-stretched tongue.I was the only one who was still full of cum………Suzy had a plan for that. Suzy’s before her weekly trim pussy is on my profile pics. Enjoy it and tell her what you would do to it.

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