Swimsuit fantasy sex #1


Swimsuit fantasy sex #1The title says it all… this is a fantasy and the events are totally made up (except my moms red/blue suit, that’s real). Personally I think this is my best story so far.In high school, I developed a serious fetish for my mothers one piece swimsuits. She had a large collection of them and I masturbated in them secretly at home. But I had never used one for its intended purpose, going swimming. If I was gonna do this it had to be the pool across the street from my high school. This pool is indoors, Olympic sized, and has few amenities. No spas, hot tubs or water slides… its meant for athletes, exercise enthusiasts and swimming lessons. I knew that every six months or so the pool was closed for a few days while the water was changed. It takes a long time to drain and refill 600,000 or so gallons of water and the place was empty during this time, perfect for a secret swim. On the last day that the pool was open before one of these water changes, I went to the pool during a public swim (wearing swim trunks) and slid a small piece of plastic into the latch of the door leading to a small patio, jamming the latch open. This being winter nobody would be opening that door for months except me. The day the pool closed was a Saturday and the start of Christmas break, I had taken my favorite red and blue one piece swimsuit from my moms dresser that morning and caught the bus down to the high school, playing pocket pool with my spandex clad balls the whole way there. Getting off the bus I looked at the pool across the road… deserted not even one car in the parking lot. I crossed the street and walked through the snow around back to the patio with the jammed door. I hopped the fence and prayed the door had not been discovered and fixed. It pulled open easily, sweeping an arc in the snow as the piece of plastic fell out of the latch. I went inside and closed the door. The pool was noticeably lower than usual, over a foot less water, but totally empty of people. I pulled off my coat and boots then my clothes leaving only my moms swimsuit. I wanted to dive in but the low water seemed too risky for a dive, I just waded in at the shallow end and began a slow backstroke out into the water. I began to stroke myself as well as the water, this was great! I had my cock in hand and was feeling my butt (thinking of a certain girl a few years ago) when I heard the worst sound I could think of…footsteps…more than one pair of bare feet and quiet talking. I swam madly for the side of the pool, no thought in my head but to run away. I had climbed out and was grabbing my stuff when two arms grabbed me around my chest and I froze. Those arms held me, pressing my back into a firm pair of boobs. The arms turned me around and I was looking into the face of Crystal, the head lifeguard. Crystal was only about five foot five, but had a 34c rack and always wore a too small blue Arena swimsuit with a small opening above her sternum. The tight suit always gave her an impressive camel toe. She was in her mid 20s, had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and had the natural curves of an athletic woman who is not a diet nut. Behind her was one of the junior lifeguards, Joey.The same height as Crystal, Joey was thin and lithe, but clearly not the natural athlete Crystal was. Joey was trying to hide a serious boner and seemed scared.”Why did you stop him? If we just let him leave he wouldn’t even have seen us!”Crystal was incensed at this, pulling me to her excellent boobs again (face first this time) she answered angrily”You would let a mostly naked k** run soaking wet into two feet of snow?! It would be a miracle if he didn’t get frostbite before he got dressed!” At this Joey smiled crookedly and said”No wonder he was running, he’s already “dressed!” Joey inserted so much scorn in the word dressed I felt ashamed all over again about my fetish.”Little sissy cross dresser whacking off in his sisters swimsuit or maybe his moms. You better not tell about us k**, we can tell way worse about you.”This was when I noticed that Crystals tits were really hard against my chest and her crotch was wet. This and Joeys boner made it obvious that I wasn’t the only one here for some private entertainment. Crystal did not take his words well, jumping to her feet, boobs bouncing she stalked towards Joey and shouted”Fuck off Joey! You think you have a big swinging cock and that makes whatever you do OK! You don’t and it doesn’t! Get the hell out of here and consider yourself fired you shitty excuse for a human being!”Rage painted Joeys face and he opened his mouth to reply but Crystal got ahead of him. “If I don’t have a resignation from you by the time the pool reopens” she said coldly “I’ll have to tell the city council about the time I found you putting a camera in the women’s change room. Why the hell I didn’t report you then is beyond me”Joey looked like a fish, mouth never quite closing as he sputtered to get words out. His hard on wilting to the size of your average cigarette butt. Turning he ran from the pool area and towards the lifeguard desk. Crystal watched him run breathing heavily and I began gathering up my stuff, edging for the door… She turned and said”Don’t go, you really will get frostbite…and I really like your swimsuit.” She stepped right up to me, so close her nipples were brushing my chest and looked up into my izmit rus escort face.”You must really love spandex a lot to come here dressed like this. I’ll tell you a secret…I became a lifeguard so I could wear a swimsuit all day and get paid for it. And to find others who feel the same way.”I felt her touching me and looking down I saw my cock had been hanging out of the right leg hole of the swimsuit the entire time. She was stroking it gently with one hand and with the other pulled my head down to hers, kissing… probing. I was too shocked to do much for several seconds, then I wrapped one arm around her back, put my other hand on her butt and pulled her tight, squeezing her boobs against my chest and trapping her hand between her wet pussy and my rapidly hardening cock. Crystal got her hand out from between our bodies and I began dry humping her swimsuited vagina in earnest. I could feel my cock pressing into her moist cameltoe and was groping every inch of her back and ass with my hands. Crystal broke off our kiss, leaning her head back and moaning”Oh yesssss…this is it..” She ran her hands over my bare back and down across my spandex clad ass, stroking heavily and pushing some of the fabric into my butt crack. I tried to kiss her again but she broke away and stepped back a pace. The front of her swimsuit was wet with absorbed water from my suit, she smiled enticingly and told me”Follow me, I know you want me bad but stretching out the fun is so much better.” As Crystal started walking towards the womens changing room, I slid my hard cock back into my swimsuit and followed her. I had never been so aware of my own cock before, I could feel it sliding slightly across my stomach and brushing my belly button as I entered the changing room. Crystal was standing in one of the shower stalls, the shower curtains wide open. She put her hands on the wall, arched her back and wiggled her butt at me.”Come on, I’m so horny I could scream!” I walked to her and pressed my cock to her ass, rubbing it between her swimsuited butt cheeks. I slid my hands across her breasts, feeling her diamond hard nipples pushing out against the fabric. I pushed her boobs together, holding them up and was surprised by their weight. Pinching her left nipple, I let go of her right breast and slid my hand under her blue swimsuit and began rubbing her breast under the suit in wide circles. Crystal began groaning softly, sounding like a large cat purring and began rhythmically clamping my cock between her butt cheeks. I released her left nipple and ran my hand across her boobs, down her tight stomach to her pussy. My first touch of her pussy made Crystal gasp and her butt clamped my cock so hard it popped out from between her butt cheeks. Her clit was hard and I could feel it even through the swimsuit. Her pussy lips had spread apart and felt puffy under my searching fingers. Stepping a little to the right, I pulled my cock out the leg hole of my suit again and slid it under the edge of Crystals suit and across her ass. The purring intensified as I stroked her pussy and pantie fucked her swimsuit. The feeling of sliding across her well toned ass, my dick pressed against it by the butt of her suit was too much for my teenage cock and I blew my load. Six or seven jets of hot cum spraying across her ass cheeks while I groaned loudly, involuntarily squeezing her boob and her pussy. Exhausted I pulled my hand out of her swimsuit and leaned against the tiled wall, breathing hard. Crystal smiled and pulled me to her, twisting her body so her nipples rubbed across my chest.”That feels good, all that sticky cum on my ass, I can feel some running down my crack.” She placed my hand on her butt and I rubbed her, feeling my cum smearing all over her ass while she kept rubbing her nipples across my chest.”Normally I would want to clean that up, but you haven’t finished me yet. Come in here, I need to cum and you’re going to help.” Crystal turned and walked deeper into the change room, her spandex clad ass swaying enticingly, covered in white cum stains. We went into the changing area itself, all lockers, rubber mats and wooden benches. Crystal ran a hand over my drained balls and softened cock and said”This won’t do, but don’t worry. I can fix that for you.” Kneeling in front of me, Crystal licked a stray bit of cum off the head of my cock. The touch of her tongue made me jump a little and she laughed, kissing my balls and stroking my cock. I was starting to get hard again when she suddenly sucked my left nut into her mouth. I had never felt anything like this before, my left nut was completely in her mouth and she was swirling her tongue around it and sucking gently. I moaned loudly and my nut came out of her mouth with a small pop. She smiled and then she licked all the way up my semi hard cock, flicked the head with her tongue a few times, then opened her mouth wide and took me in. This was heaven, I had never had a blowjob before. This felt like having my nuts sucked but ten times better. Crystal bobbed her head slowly, taking about half of my cock in her mouth and swirling me with her tongue. While she sucked me, her hands reached around behind me and slid under the butt of my moms swimsuit and began stroking my ass. She ran her fingers across my crack with one hand and began squeezing and pinching with izmit rus escort bayan the other. Her fingers dipped into my ass crack and brushed my asshole. Stopping her sucking for a moment, she looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth, asking the question with her eyes. I nodded and she slowly slid a finger into my ass. It was a slow process as there was no lube, but she persisted until she was inside me up to her second knuckle and began stroking me. I didn’t know about what a prostate can do for a guy then, but she certainly did. Faster and faster her head bobbed and her finger stroked and I was hard as stone when she finally slowed to a stop, with my cock still between her lips. It was hard to tell with her mouth full of my cock but I thought she was smiling. She pulled her finger out and gripped my ass with both hands, then began pulling my hips forward, taking more and more of me inside her mouth. As I felt the head of my dick pass the back of her tongue and enter her throat Crystal retched a little as she fought the gag reflex, and then pulled the last inch of me into her mouth. She held like that for a few seconds, trembling slightly and fighting not to gag on the cock filling her mouth and throat. Then she released me, pulling away and gasping for air. “I’ve never… never done that before… taking a guy… all the way in… like that. Did you like it?” Crystal panted these words, her breasts heaving. For answer I stood her up and kissed her as best I knew how, hugging her tightly to squeeze her breasts between us and massaging her spermy ass. I put my tongue in her and I imagined I could taste my own cock in her mouth. After nearly a minute she broke off our kiss and lay back on one of the wooden change room benches. Spreading her legs she rubbed her pussy and said”Come on…you know what you want to do. Have your way with me.” She obviously wanted a good fucking, but the little triangular opening in her swimsuit under her breasts had given me an idea. Stepping past her I picked up a bottle of hand lotion someone had left in an open locker and began smearing it on my cock. Crystal giggled at this”I’m plenty wet already, I don’t think we will need any more lube.” She was surprised when I straddled her stomach and reached down the top of her swimsuit, spreading lotion on the inner slopes of her boobs. Then she grinned wickedly”ohhhhh, you want to stretch out the fun even more…Go ahead, I’ve always wanted to try this.” Crystal held the sides of her boobs and pressed them together, I could see the bottom of her tits through the opening in her suit and slid my greased cock through the hole and between them. As I started fucking her boobs, my cock slid out from between them. I pressed it back between her tits then put my hands over hers, pressing her boobs together even more and keeping my cock deep in her cleavage. It was a sloppy, slippery, glorious feeling. I would shift position, fucking first one boob harder then switching to the other side, then fucking straight up her cleavage. Her cat like purring started up again, a sound of pure a****l lust. If I thrust all the way between her breasts, pressing her underboob against my lower belly, the head of my cock would pop out between them. Crystal saw this and began licking my slit every time my dickhead appeared from her cleavage. She also began rubbing her nipples as I fucked her, I could feel her fingers moving under mine. The spandex on my butt slid smoothly over her hard, swimsuited belly as I kept fucking her boobs. The lusty purring from her intensified. Then my teenage cock came for the second time that day. I squeezed her boobs together fiercely and thrust as deep as I could, popping my dickhead out of her cleavage and unleashing several jets of thick white cum onto her neck and face. Crystal kept purring and rubbing her nipples for several seconds then sighed, lowering her hands.”That felt great, but I still want to get off. And this time I’m not sucking you back up again. If you want to fuck my pussy you better get hard again yourself. And would you please get off my stomach, it’s hard to breathe with you on there.” I was still enjoying the feel of her boobs against my softening cock, but I pulled out from between them and stood up feeling a little guilty. Crystal had saved me from freezing my ass off outside, probably saved me from really bad frostbite, certainly saved me from massive humiliation at having my fetish shown to the world and was now giving me the best sex of my life. I had cum all over her twice now, but she had yet to get off. Although I had never tried it before I knelt at the end of the bench she lay on and tentatively licked her spandex clad pussy. Crystal sighed slightly in pleasure and spread her legs a fraction wider. The crotch of her swimsuit was thoroughly soaked with her sweet pussy juice and I began licking and sucking it out of the spandex. The purring noise started up in Crystals chest again, deeper and louder than before. Finished with the spandex, I pushed the crotch of her swimsuit to one side and got my first look at her naked pussy. Crystal either Brazilian waxed herself or had shaved very recently, there was not a trace of hair on her pussy. Her lips were spread and they were a light brown color, slightly darker than the skin around them. I also noticed rus escort izmit that although Crystal was deeply tanned for the middle of a Canadian winter, she had no tan lines on her crotch. Clearly she was into nude tanning on a tanning bed or maybe a southern beach somewhere. This thought started getting me hard again. I began running my tongue up the edge of one lip, then down the other, only using the tip of my tongue at first, then more of it and further inside the pink inner side of her gaping pussy. The purring intensified again, and as I began to lick her clit Crystal gasped”Suck it, oh for the love of god stop teasing me like this and suck my clit!” I gave her one last lick up her whole pussy, my tongue briefly dipping inside and then began to suckle on the hard nub of her clit. Not having tried cunnilingus before, I tried some of the techniques on her clit that she had used blowing me. I sucked gently and flicked what was in my mouth with my tongue, then swirled my tongue against her and sucked harder. Her loud purring sounds became a loud moaning and I had an idea. Reaching in under my chin I stroked her vagina a few times, then slid two two fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy. The result happened instantly. Crystals moans became a scream, and her hips bucked into my face, knocking my hand and lips away. Then it felt like I was being sprayed in the face with a garden hose full of warm woman jizz. I jumped back, shocked that this was possible and wondering if I had just been pissed on. Crystal stopped gushing after the initial flood, but lay on the bench twitching and moaning for so long I thought I had hurt her somehow. Then she sat up and locked eyes with me, then glancing down at my crotch she said”I…have never…cum that hard…EVER! Don’t ever leave me…I want this every day… for the rest of my life! God, what a mess and we still aren’t done yet are we?” I looked down to where she was looking, at my crotch. I was rock hard, my dick pointing straight at her still dripping vagina. I straddled her again, over her hips this time and noticed she had my cum drying on one cheek and the side of her nose. I licked it away before I resumed kissing her, tasting my salty cum and transferring it to her mouth as we kissed. We both swallowed some of it as I entered her pussy. She was soaking wet there and my cock was still greased from the tit fucking I had given her so I slipped into her easily. Crystal was tight, much tighter than her swimsuit pantyfuck or her boobs had prepared me for. Inside her sticky pussy I felt glorious, I had found the woman I had always wanted and she shared my deepest fetish! I didn’t need to feel ashamed anymore because I had someone to go to when I needed my swimsuit itch scratched. I held myself like that, balls deep in Crystals pussy and knew my life would never be the same again. I began thrusting slowly at first, rotating my hips a bit to fuck her from all angles and then started humping her hard and fast. She moaned into my kiss as I slid the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and rolled it down to the waist. Her nipples were as hard and pointy as ever, but were a darker shade than is typical for blonde women. Breaking off our kiss, I propped myself up with one hand and began massaging her boobs with the other, still fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Crystal lay her head back on the bench and closed her eyes, she began purring again but this time there were words in it.”Yessssss… fuck my pussy! I need this so bad…fuck me hard you cross dresser… I said HARD! Your cock is so big…fill me up with your cum! I feel so hot, let me be on top!” We got up and I lay down on the bench were Crystal had been, the puddle of pussy juice where she had lain began soaking into the ass of my moms swimsuit. Lowering herself onto my erection, Crystal began riding me cowgirl style, her bare breasts jiggling and swaying as she bounced herself up and down on my cock. I reached up and steadied her boobs, pressing her nipples and massaging the greasy inner slopes of her breasts. Looking down past her taught stomach, I watched her hairless pussy with the lips spread wide devouring my cock. Crystal was going faster now, not raising and lowering herself on me but hopping up a few inches with a slurping sound from her pussy then dropping herself down on my hips with a loud smack. I could not last much longer like this and as Crystals voice rose from a purr to a scream again, I pulled her down on me and we came together. Most of the cum I pumped into her was pushed back out again by the force of her squirting and once more she was incoherent for a time after her orgasm. I stroked her back and murmured to her while she shuddered and twitched on top of me. When the aftereffects of her orgasm subsided she kissed me briefly and got up, my softening cock slipping out of her vagina. “Lets go clean up” she said, pushing her swimsuit down over her hips and dropping it to the floor. “We can shower up and figure out a time when we can meet again. I assume you want to do this again?” Nodding, I pulled off my swimsuit and followed her cum-smeared ass back into the showers. All the evidence of our sexual adventures was a puddle of cum and pussy juice dripping off the bench onto a rubber mat and a couple of spermy swimsuits laying on the tiled floor. As she turned on the warm water of the shower and closed the curtains behind us Crystal asked”By the way, what is your name?”The end…My name is Sneaky_31 and this story took forever to write since I did most of the typing using only one hand… Be sure to comment and like if you want more fantasy stories like this.this is Sneaky_31 signing off

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