Tabooville – Episode 2

Tabooville – Episode 2
Paul and Cindy laid in bed, arm and arm after a longer than usual fuck session. The revelation of their k**s fucking around with each other had both of them hotter than hell and they couldn’t wear each other out screwing for half the night.

“In all the excitement, I think I forgot to tell you my sister arrives tomorrow for a few days. She has been wanting to visit ever since we inherited the hotel and the house. I think curiosity is getting the best of her, Paul,” Cindy explained.

“Well, fuck me. That’s all we need right now – more company. We aren’t exactly making the progress I had hoped on some of the room renovations. The last thing I need is that flirty sister of yours distracting us. How long is Chrissy going to be here?”

“She’s planning on a week, I think. She won’t get in your way, though. I will keep her entertained so you can concentrate on the hotel work. Besides, we already have plenty of paying guests at the hotel and no complaints, so don’t put so much on yourself. The boys are working hard, too, and the work will get done. You need to relax and enjoy the time you have at home before your last deployment kicks in.”

“You’re right. It’s just that Traymond is coming in a couple of days as well and I wanted to have more done before he arrived. He is landing here for a couple of days before we deploy.”

“Is that the captain in your unit? I don’t think I have met him.”

“Yeah, he is relatively new to our unit. He asked to be transferred to me before the last one. He had heard about me and we hit it off right away. I think you will like him. And I know he will like you!”

“Why do you say that, honey?”

“Because I told him what a good fuck you are and how you’ve always wanted to try a big black cock!”

“Oooh! Is he hung?” Cindy was getting horny all over again.

“His cock is bigger than mine and he loves to eat ass, baby! I’m hoping you might let him and me work you over one night before we leave. Interested?”

“I tell you what, honey. I will do a threesome with you and Traymond if you promise me the next time Chrissy prances around in front of you with her ass hanging out again, that you will just rip her panties off – assuming she is wearing any – and fuck her legs off.”

“Deal! That will teach her to bounce around like she was forbidden fruit around me. But I would like for you to be around to see the look on her face when I nail her to the wall.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

The next day around 11 am, Chrissy showed up as planned. She was short – about 5’3″ tall, petite frame, small tits, and narrow ass, slim and could pass as still in her late teens. Her hair was blonde and she wore it straight. She generally went without a bra and preferred tight fitting t-shirts or halter tops and shorts as short as she could find. She often wore higher heels to make herself a little taller and show off her shapely legs. Today was no different. She wore a tight fitting yellow tee, white shorts, and yellow open-toed heels, looking more like a college student than a late 30’s woman.She hugged her sister and was as bouncy and effervescent as ever. Neither Cindy nor Paul could ever remember her being in a bad mood and she was always on the lookout for an available man. When none were around, she would flirt shamelessly with Paul and had over the past couple of years, begun to flirt with Paul and Cindy’s sons. She even flirted with Lisa by making jokes loaded with sexual innuendo.

Chrissy gave Cindy a big hug and squeezed Cindy’s ass playfully. “Hi, big Sis! Hey, this place looks great! You and Paul hit the big time! I can’t wait for you to show me everything.”

Paul walked into the room to make the necessary welcome to his pain in the ass sister-in-law. “Hi Chrissy, welcome to the Hershwinger “mansion”. Can I fix you something drink?”

“Sure! That would be great. Whatever you have will be fine, thanks.” She gave Paul a big hug and slyly let her hand slide down over his ass as she turned to talk to her sister again.

“Sis, it’s been a long drive. Do you mind if I wait to unpack until later after we have had a chance to relax and talk for awhile?”

“Sure, Chrissy. There’s no rush and I am sure any one of the boys will be more than happy to help you with your suitcases later, anyway.”

Paul brought everyone a beer and they sat in the living room and chatted for most of the afternoon, taking a break for lunch sometime during the conversation. Chrissy caught them up on her more recent vacation and her new job as a masseuse. Paul couldn’t help thinking that her work as a masseuse probably involved happy endings and large tips afterward and his thoughts of that and Cindy’s desire to watch him fuck her sister made his dick hard. Once he was sure he had properly done his duty as host, he excused himself and left for the hotel to check the progress the boys were making on the renovations of one wing and one floor of the hotel.

As he drove to the hotel, Paul was going through the checklist in his mind of what needed to be done to have to premium rooms completed before the summer vacation season started and the hotel would be busier. They were converting the bathroom plumbing to be more upscale with two shower heads in each walk-in shower, larger, king beds in place of the queen size that the rooms had originally been equipped with, and more mirrors on the walls among other things. They were also painting the rooms in more contemporary colors and replacing the carpet with faux hardwoods and area rugs. They were also rewiring some of the rooms with more lighting options. All of this was based on customer feedback on what they would like to see in an updated hotel for their needs and also the feedback on the rates they would be willing to pay for such accommodations. Paul had calculated that it would improve their revenue and their profitability over the long term by making the updates, but he was still concerned if the customer would actually be willing to pay the higher nightly rate. He didn’t lose a lot of sleep over it since he was still working with “house money” so to speak since he was using some of the cash his uncle left him to make the renovations. But still, he did not want this to be a money pit in the end. He was hoping this would be a family business to take care of his family after he left the military. He dearly wanted to transition into being a successful businessman.

He reached the top floor and found Matt working on the wiring as expected and was pleased at the progress he was making. They both estimated that the wiring part of the project would be done in a couple of days, staying ahead of his brothers on the other phases of the work to be done and would then be able to help with the other remodeling work. Paul moved down the hall a few rooms and found Mark working hard on the plumbing in one of the showers. As with Matt, Mark was making good progress and was even ahead of schedule by his dad’s estimation. Paul began to relax. He was sure that they could be ready by the high season at the rate they were going.

He went another three doors down the hall and could hear thumping that he assumed was Luke hammering away at something. Luke was hammering away, alright, but not with a hammer. Paul walked in to see his son with one of the Hispanic housekeepers pinned to the wall, fucking her senseless. Luke’s pants were down around his ankles and his shirt on the floor beside him. The young woman was against the wall, held off the floor by her legs wrapped around Luke’s waist and by his cock ramming her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hanging open, obviously enjoying the pounding she was getting from the young stud. Paul just stood in the doorway watching and rubbing his crotch as he watched his son bang away and this petite young woman. Paul envisioned a similar scenario with Chrissy at the first chance he got and decided that would be the way he would take her when the opportunity arose.

The housekeeper suddenly let out a long, loud groan as she came on Luke’s cock and she arched her back and lifted her face to the ceiling as if she were about to howl at the moon. Luke grunted a couple of times and let out his own sounds of orgasm as he pumped in jerky motions, filling her tight pussy with stream after stream of cum. Luke then just stood there, holding the woman against the wall and off the floor with nothing more than the rigidity of his cock. She relaxed her legs and smiled at his cock strength holding her up like that and she was getting horny again at the pressure her weight on his cock was putting on her clit.

Luke let her down and pulled out, leaving a long trail of cum running down her legs to her knees. Paul stepped out of sight so that they did not catch him watching them fuck. He made a mental note that he needed a piece of this little lady the first chance he got. Paul stepped back down the hallway a few feet and timed almost perfectly his entrance into the room Luke was working in. Just as he reached the door, the housekeeper came out of the room and immediately looked sheepish when she saw Paul. She muttered something in Spanish and kept walking. Paul stopped in and assessed the work Luke had been doing before his encounter with the staff.

“Hi dad, if you had gotten here any sooner, you would have seen me training the housekeeper,” Luke said with a laugh, clearly not trying to hide anything from his dad.

Paul laughed, not giving away the fact that he had seen the “training”. “Glad you are able to do more than one thing at a time, son. Looks like you are making good progress in spite of the interruptions.”

“Yeah, the three of us met this morning and laid out the plans in such a way that we should be done at least two weeks before the summer rush hits. That should give us time to even give the pool at least a partial makeover if you still want to do that.”

“I’d love to, Luke. Let’s plan on talking about your plans after dinner tonight, okay?”

“Sure. I think Matt is the one who has the notes, so we will review them again after we finish today’s action items.”

Paul went to the hotel office and looked over the reservation lists for the next several weeks and was a little concerned to see that the staff was already booking the premium rooms and the rooms weren’t even finished yet. He was pleased to see, however, that the rooms were actually getting booked at the advertised rates, so it was a good sign that their plans were going to pay off – if they could get the rooms ready. Paul scanned the reservations more closely to look at the stats on where people were coming from and he was amazed at the distances people were traveling to stay at this hotel. His uncle had always bragged that this hotel was a destination point, but Paul never believed him. There was not that much to interest vacationers around the area and Paul just could not imagine why people would choose this hotel. He set the wonder aside and sat at the desk to review and approve bills for payment.

Once he had finished up his paperwork, Paul headed home. Cindy and Chrissy were just getting dinner on the table when he walked in. The boys had already gotten home and showered, given their aunt the requisite hugs and kisses and Lisa even seemed to be in a good mood as well.

They made small talk all through dinner. Paul sat at one end of the table and Cindy at the other. Chrissy sat next to Paul on his right and Lisa next to him on his left. Paul rolled his eyes when he saw where Chissy sat, knowing she would flirt with him one way or another through dinner just to make him uncomfortable. Not that he would be uncomfortable anymore. This was the first time Cindy had ever given him the green light to dick her sister. Before, Paul had always assumed that family was the one place that was off limits to their open marriage. Not anymore. So he devoted a little bit of thought through dinner as to how he would respond when Chrissy began her usual flirting.

After dinner, Cindy asked two of the boys to go to the kitchen and serve up some ice cream for everyone for dessert. That’s when Chrissy began her flirt with Paul. She nonchalantly lifted one leg and laid it across Paul’s lap so that her bare foot was on his opposite leg from her and just inches away from his stiffening cock. The boys brought in the ice cream and set a dish in front of each person at the table before sitting down with their own. Paul spooned his ice cream with one hand and proceeded to lower his other below the table and began to massage Chrissy’s foot and calf. She froze for an instant, not knowing how to respond, but did not move her leg from where she originally placed it. She regained her composure and then he switched hands and began to rub her thigh the other hand. He slowly moved it further up her thigh until he reached the hem of her short shorts and teased her by thrusting a couple of fingers under the hem, closer to fold between her legs. Still, she did not move or show signs of resisting.

By then, they had all finished and Paul got up to help clear the table and then helped Cindy and Chrissy clean up the dinner mess with Lisa’s help as well. With the dishwasher loaded and everything put away, Paul and the boys headed for his den to review the plans they had put in place earlier in the day to make sure they stayed ahead of schedule on the hotel work.

Luke and Mark helped Chrissy get her suitcases from the car and carried them to her room. Paul halfway expected her to fuck them both as a thank you, but both boys returned to say good night and headed off to bed. They had planned to be up and working by 6:30 the next morning, so there were no signs of any partying from anyone that evening. Cindy and Paul got in bed and talked for a bit. Paul laid there staring at the ceiling and Cindy noticed he seemed preoccupied.

“Still worrying about the hotel?” she asked, hoping that he might be focused enough on her to see that she wanted to get laid before sleeping.

“Nah, just thinking. Your fucking sister started flirting again tonight and I gave as good as I got. She didn’t know what to do, but she went along with it. Just lying here trying to figure her out. Why would she flirt with her brother-in-law when there is no reason to think you would approve? Women like that are just dangerous. Anyway, enough about her. How about you and I do the horizontal dance before we turn out the lights?”

“I thought you would never ask!”

Cindy got on all fours and grabbed the headboard. “I just want you to get with it and fuck me from behind, baby. I’m feeling like a quick, wild fuck tonight. Forget the foreplay and just fuck me like you were leaving tomorrow.”

Paul moved in behind her and grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and guided his long, stiff rod deep into her pussy in one stroke, nearly sending her to orgasm right from the start. She was definitely horny, he thought to himself as he drilled her with long, fast strokes right from the beginning. She was already moaning loudly and he hadn’t even gotten into a good rhythm yet. The slapping of his hips against her ass sounded like someone was getting their face slapped repeatedly and she insisted that he fuck her harder and faster. She had to quit giving him instructions because her cum took her breath and her voice away. Her pussy locked down tight on his thick cock as she came multiple times on his thrusts. He let go of her hair and she let her head hang down as he pounded her for a couple of minutes more, then unleashed a flood of cum into her pussy, making sloppy sounds as it began to flow backward on his shaft and down her thighs. He rolled over on his back and she went down on him, licking him as clean as she could before snuggling up to him.

“What got you so worked up, babe? I mean, more than normal.”

“I spent most of the day thinking about watching you fuck my sister. From what you told me, I think tonight will be a good opportunity. She usually heads for the kitchen looking for a beer or a glass of wine about an hour after she goes to bed when she visits, so I think we should go sit in the kitchen in the dark and wait for her. I don’t want her to know I am there, but you should be sitting at the small table in the kitchen in just your boxers when she comes in and I will be in the dining room with a clear line of sight. When she flirts, fuck her!”

Paul was hard again and hoped it would subside at least until Chrissy showed up. They went downstairs to wait for their target. The dining room was pitch black, the glow from the appliances and the nightlight gave Cindy enough light to see whatever would transpire. As expected, Chrissy walked into the kitchen and headed for the fridge. She saw Paul sitting at the table with a beer bottle in front of him.

“Hi Paul, couldn’t sleep either, huh?” Chrissy began walking with an exaggerated sway to her hips. She was wearing a thin pair of nylon panties that hid absolutely nothing and a tight, see through tee. Her nipples were hard and her small tits were clearly visible. She made no effort to hide anything. She stood in front of the fridge and shifted back and forth, moving her ass from side to side, studying her choices for a drink.

“You really threw me off this evening, playing with my leg like that. You’ve never returned the flirt before. What would Cindy say if she knew?” Chrissy had a devilish grin on her face as she sat her own beer bottle down on the table in front of Paul, making sure he got a good look at her petite figure.

Paul stood up, pushed Chrissy face down on the table and pulled her panties down with one hand and moved in behind her.

“I am pretty sure Cindy would tell me to fuck you good and hard, Chrissy, so that is what I am going to do.”

He spread her legs and then put one hand over her mouth as she began to say something and with the other hand he guided his cock to her wet hole. He could not take her in one stroke like he could Cindy. Her pussy was tight and she was not that big to begin with. But in three strokes, his 10 inches were buried all the way into her tight little cunt.

“Umph! Umph!” were the only sounds Chrissy could make with his hand over her mouth. Her eyes closed, her arms gripped the edges of the table and she quit trying to say anything. He removed his hand from her mouth and she began to moan and groan and then babble as she asked for harder and faster. Cindy moved into the kitchen and quietly sat in a chair closest to her sister’s face.

“Oh, fuck, Paul! How big is that thing?! I feel like you are splitting me in two! But shit, that feels so good. Oh fuck me, fuck me! That’s it! I hope to fuck Sis doesn’t find out about this. I’ve just enjoyed teasing you! I never thought you would actually take it seriously and fuck me. But I sure as fuck am glad you did! Keep it up! Yeah, like that! Ram that huge cock into me. Oh fuck, I’m cumming! Don’t stop. Harder! Fuck, yeah, oh fuck!” She covered her own mouth to muffle her screams of orgasm.

She came down from her orgasmic high, but Paul was still fucking away. She relaxed briefly, but began to tense up again as he continued to assault her clit with his monster rod. She began to build to another climax and as she lay on the table, she reached back trying to get her hands on Paul’s ass. She couldn’t reach back that far, so she simply spread her ass cheeks wider so that she could feel the girth of his cock as it slid in and out of her.

“Fuck, that’s huge! Oh, that feels so fucking good. Oh, oh, ahh, I think I…oh, yeah…I am cumming again! Oh fuck!”

Paul let her ride out her last cum and then set his mind on filling her cunt with his own cum. He grabbed her shoulders forcing himself as deep into her as possible and then told her he was about to cum himself.

“Oh yeah, Paul, fill me up with your cum. I’ll bet your cum is as big as your cock is. Yeah, that’s it, pump me full of jizz! I want to feel your hot spunk up my pussy!”

Paul obliged and let loose a torrent of cum shoot deep in her hole. The table was rocking from the force of his thrusts as he held nothing back. His balls slapped noisily against her pussy lips and his hips made slapping noises against her ass. Finally, he had emptied his balls and he just stood there still buried in her pussy.

“Oh, fuck! What is Cindy going to say? Shit! She will kill us both, Paul.”

“I would say that she is going to comment on a job well done by both of us, Chrissy. But ask her for yourself. She is sitting right in front of you.”

Chrissy jerked her head up to look right into the eyes of her smiling sister. Even in the dimly lit kitchen, Chrissy looked like she had gone pale and was about to faint.

Cindy ran a hand over her sister’s cheek and smiled, “Yep, job well done. Now, Paul, how about you pulling your log out of my sister’s cunt so I can clean you two up a bit. You made a helluva mess.”

Paul moved to Chrissy’s side as Cindy moved in behind her sister and dropped to her knees, eating her sister’s pussy and licking up the cum as it began to drain out. Chrissy relaxed enough that her sister’s tongue job pushed her to yet another climax, soaking Cindy’s face with her juices. Cindy then sucked Paul’s cock, cleaning it off from the base of his shaft the head.

“Now, Chrissy, the price to be paid for fucking my husband is to get on your knees and eat my pussy. I still have some of his cum in me from our earlier fuck, so enjoy the taste as much as I have.

Chrissy watched as Cindy sat on the table and spread her legs to reveal a wet, cum soaked pussy. She had not eaten a pussy before, but was still hot enough that she was eager to try. Cindy put her legs over Chrissy’s shoulders and leaned back on her hands as Chrissy dove into her cunt and began sucking on her clit and licking the juices from her sister as they flowed. Paul played with his wife’s ample tits and sucked on her nipples. Chrissy was a natural at pussy licking and in just a few minutes sent her sister into orgasmic orbit.

All three relaxed around the table and spent a couple of hours drinking several beers and getting some good laughs at the way this all played out. For the first time in years, all three were happy to be together and they looked forward to the week ahead.

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