Taking Annis anal cherry


Taking Annis anal cherry
Anni did not need to lure me cycling for long. She’s fresh UNI student and I fucked her last spring when I was one of the adults on their college reunion trip. I was more than happy to follow Anni and watch how her tight shorts made her ass look even more sexy. It did not made my situation any easier, that she had thin tank top but no bras.

– I would love to cool a little. Let’s go swimming Sam.
We biked to shore nearby and park our bikes. Anni run straight to water thigh deep and waterd her hands and face. When se walked toward bikes I couldn’t help staring her hardened nipples that were poking throug with fabric. She looked stunning. Sun glittered around her, at sea and tiny sprinkles of water dribbled down her perfect thighs. Oh my God. I wanted to fuck her hard right there. Unfortunately there were all too much people on a beach and there could have been my wifes friend there. Though all my wifes friends kew I and Anni were at same team, so there was a reason for us to bike together.

– Oh I loved it. I should have taken bikinis with me, so I could have gone swimming – said Anni- and pulled her long hair straight up. When her hands went up, so did her tank top, which also pressed against her perfectly round full D-cup tits making her nipples and areolas see through fabric. She did that deliberately, to tease me.
– You’re staring my tits. You like what you see?
– Yeah – sure. You are a very beautiful woman. I tried to answer casually.
– what would your wife say, if she knew you’d be here staring younger womens tits on a beach?
– She might be bit pissed off – I still tried to sound casual.
– Bit pissed off? she said and bent in front of me to give me a perfect view deep in her perfect cleavage. To top all that, she licked her lips. and gave me the sluttiest sight ever.

– Isn’t it time to continue – I said. Let’s take some ice cream with us before we bike back home.
– Sure. Who knows, what we’ll get up with on our way home. Anni said and winked me.l
I bought ice cream cones for both and we walked bikes eating them. Anni started to tease me right away playing to give a BJ to that cone
– Would you like me to suck something else that his ice cream cone She asked and sucked the whole cone in her mouth.
– Oh you bet! I answered and stared her tits and crotch.
Anni slowly pulled the cone from her mouth, still rolling her tongue on top of ice cream sliding white vanilla on her lips – Well then. I hope you’ll find a way to satisfy us both then – she said.

– Yeah. There’s a bird tower about 5 min that way. No one is there at this time of the year. My hard cock made biking difficult, but knowing that I’ll be burying my 50 yr cock in that 19 old horny pussy made it way easier.

Falling bikes hardly touched ground before we started to kiss heavily. I slided my hand under he to and groped her full, firm D-cup tit.
– Let’s climb up. much better place for us there.

When we got up. I instantly pulled her top off. Her beautiful tits looked stunning at sun. Her soft skin felt so lovely. I kissed her and let my tongue slide lower. Firs to her neck then to her tits. I kissed her tits and nibbled her nipples. Anni was moaning and swirling. I let my hand drop to her ass and squeezed hard. Anni pressed against my hard cock and she pulled my shirt off and gently bit my chest. I moved my hand to her crotch and I could feel her shorts being moist. not because of biking, but because of her pussy was soaking wet. I slid her shorts and thongs aside and slid my finger in her pussy. She spread her legs to give me easier access.

Anni moaned loudly, when I groped her crotch.
– Come on. Fuck me. I want your cock in my pussy”
said Anni and stripped of her shorts. Her beautiful 19 yr old pussy was shaved and it was literally soaking wet. I could easily slide 2 fingers in her pussy. I fucked her with my fingers and her moaning got louder. I kissed her ned and tits, when my fingers explored her pussy. I let her suck my fingers and taste her own juices. When my thumb pressed against her clit. She thrust her tongue deep in my mouth and pressed against my hard cock. When she pulled back, she spread her pussy lips and said ”Your cock in my pussy right now.
– Stop teasing me and fuck my brains out. I want to feel your old cock in my teen pussy.

I pulled my fingers out of her, wiped my fingers dry on her butt and neck. Turned her around against the bench and pushed my cock inch by inch her wet pussy. Her teen ass was stunning. This teen brat really liked much older man fucking her in public place. Her D-cum tits bounced when I fucked her from behind. Her juices glittered on my cock and her labias glued to my cock.
– OMG. I love your cock. I love your old cock. Fuck me. Ohhhhhh bang me hard.” she moaned and twisted on bench.

I rubbed her back and grabbed her tits, pulling and pinching her sensitive nipples. She twisted her head back and I kissed this sexy fucking machine, who was totally ready to be my regular, fuck toy and cum dump.

-Fuck my ass. Push your cock in my ass. I know you like it and I love things in my ass. I need your old cock in my slutty teen ass, begged Anni. I pulled my cock out from her pussy and spat on her ass. Her pussy was really wet and I fingered her to make my fingers slippery, so I could easily penetrate her ass. I hesitated few seconds because of fucking a perfect tees pussy was awesome but getting to fuck a perfect teen ass was even better. So I placed my cock to her anus and started to push.

Anni bit her lips and froze totally still.
– Yess. push it in my ass. Force it in. Take my ass. Take my anal cherry. Her ass was really tight, but finally I felt how her spincher let me in. I pushed my cock in her and stopped to let her ass get used to my cock, before I slowly started to fuck her anus.

-Ah. Ah. Ahhhhh… yes, cock in my ass. Old fat cok in my ass, ohhhh. Anni spread her buttock and beg me fuck her faster. I started to speed up my thrusts and her moans got louder all the time. She pushed her ass towards me to get my cock completely in her ass. With her other hand she started to finger clitoris and her whole body was trembling and shivering. I could felt her orgasm pushing through and suddenly a deep long – Ohhhhhhh came from her mouth and she froze before starting to tremble uncontrollably. Her orgasm was so violent and vigorous, that I couldn’t pull my cock out and give it to her for suck, but I pumped my sperm in her contracting ass.

When I pulled my cock out from her ass, it left gaping. Last waves of orgasm travelled through her body, when she slid finger in her ass and dipped it in my cum, to take it in her mouth for taste.
– Oh God your cock felt awesome. That must have been the best orgasm ever, she said. before we came oriented about where we were, when a much younger voice made a question to her daddy ”Why can’t we go up there to watch the birds, daddy?” which her daddy answered ”We can’t go there now, there is something very important going on now. Let’s go for a little walk and come back in 15 minutes.”

Anni rose to her feet and started to dress her. A thick glob of cum was dripping from her anus and she scooped in with her finger and asked me
– Would you like to come back here with me too Sam? I know I would love it. You know I had no time to taste you now, but there’s always next time for that – isn’t there?

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