TaniaTania was different! She looked and smelt so feminine. I’d been with other tgirls in the past but she was just different.We’d been emailing and swapping sexy pics for some months now but now the day had finally arrived when we were at last going to meet. We’d arranged to meet in a lay-by just of the A46 just past a little village called Upton Crosby. I’d spent the last couple of days in a state of constant turmoil! What to wear? What would we talk about? What would we do? Would she like me? There were so many questions going through my mind. I so much wanted it all to be just right.The day eventually dawned. We were meeting at about seven o’clock in the evening. It was early June so it would still be light. I started to get ready at about three in the afternoon after deciding to wear my favorite blue dress with my sexiest undies (well actually the tightest pair of panties I have as I just love really tight g strings) and my highest gold strappy heels. I was so nervous and was all over the show putting on my make-up but eventually finished and stepped back in the mirror to admire myself. The dress was really too short, showing a glimpses of the tops of my hold ups, but, looking in the mirror, I did think I looked a bit tarty which in fairness was the look I was trying to achieve.Driving to the meet I started to have second thoughts about what I was wearing. The dress was far to short and my little white panties were showing. I tried tugging it down but to no avail. At the traffic lights where the A46 crosses the M4 I pulled up along side a large artic. Yes you’ve guessed it! The lorry driver looking down couldn’t believe his eyes and promptly staled when he tried to drive away!!!It was just before seven when I eventually pulled into the lay-by, my heart beating so fast. Tania was there!!!! I pulled up behind Tania’s white Vauxhall. I could see Tania looking in the rear view mirror checking her make-up just one more time. Then the door started to open. More missed heartbeats!!!!!!!!!!!!Tania didn’t disappoint. She was in her mid thirties, tall, especially in the 6” heels she was wearing. Her auburn hair was beautifully styled and suited her make-up, which was immaculate. The only clue to her masculinity was her very slim hips and slightly larger than average hands. She was wearing an even shorter skirt than mine matched beautifully with a little red top. The skirt was so short that I could quite clearly see suspender belt avcılar escort straps and the tops of the stockings that she was wearing. She moved like a model and as a bonus had legs to die for.Tania lowered herself in beside me. “It’s good to meet at last. You’re more sexy than I imagined or hoped you would be”. “Oh thank you Darling. You certainly are more than I imagined”. I replied with a shaking nervous voice. We spent the next couple of minutes with small talk. Tania was obviously very at ease and confident with her cross-dressing and very quickly eased my apprehensions and worries.Our small talk became increasingly sexy and my eyes couldn’t stop wandering all over her body. Tania was oozing sex and I could tell by the way she was allowing her skirt to ride even further as she snuggled into the bucket seat. Her cock was completely on view through her black see thro panties straining against the nylon. I can’t remember whether it was Tania or me who made the first move but we were both soon wiggly our way out of our skimpy panties and exposing our cocks to each others widening eyes. Tania took me and started to, very gently, start wanking me. She certainly had plenty of experience and knew just how to use those hands of hers. My cock was throbbing with desire. “Pull me back hard darling” I pleaded .She was wanking me in such a sensual way, first hard strokes then gentle and then back to more vigorous strokes sometimes ripping my foreskin fully back. I could also feel her fingers gently searching for me and I lifted my bum for her. Her finger was now probing for my hole. I almost wanted to take her hand and guide her to me but she was experienced and I’m sure just teasing me. Eventually I felt her finger start to probe me. Slowly she entered me and then began searching for my spot. I arched my body in anticipation. “Yes Yes Yes” I cried. I can’t even imagine, while I’m writing this, as to why I didn’t spunk but for some reason I managed to hold myself back.I couldn’t take much more so I pulled Tania’s hands away and lent over to take Tania’s cock in my mouth. Tania was huge, her large end, shiny and red and much bigger than mine. She tasted divine. I’d taken cock from other tgirls before but nothing as sweet as this. I took her deep! Tania moaned with satisfaction. My lips and tongue were probing all over Tania’s cock. I felt my tongue trying to force it’s way down her enlarged spunk hole and around the knob end grove. My fingers beylikdüzü escort started slip under her crutch to explore her hole. More moaning from Tania as I eventually found her and slipped first one finger and then a second one further and further, deeper inside her moist clitty. Her cock was throbbing uncontrollably within my mouth and I could feel the sweet love juices were seeping out of her cock and down my throat.I was slowly pleasuring my own cock, as the ache within it was practically uncontrollable. Tania slowly lifted my head off of her cock. “I want you to fuck me Joanna!” “I’ve ………..” I started to reply. On my previous meets I had always been sub and had assumed again that Tania would fuck me with her gorgeous cock. “If you don’t want to I’ll understand darling” Tania replied realising the hesitancy in my voice. “Yes darling I’d love too” trying to sound confident. My cock, by now, was about to explode and I seriously wondered how much longer I would last before I spunked.“Lets get out of the car”, Tania suggested. We both got out of the car, both our cocks standing poking out from under our skirts and dresses. The only other cars to use the lay-by whilst we were there had been, an older guy walking his dog and a pair of teenagers more interested in themselves rather than us, both of whom had now luckily gone. The light was now fading as the sun had disappeared behind some nearby trees. Tania handed me a rubber and some KY and then spread herself across the bonnet of my car exposing her inviting clitty ready for me to enter. God it looked inviting. Tania was wearing an eight-strap suspender belt and fully-fashioned tan seamed stockings. I was shaking with nerves and anticipation as I attempted to roll the rubber on my stiff cock. With one hand I eased Tania’s cheeks apart and commenced to enter her. My knob end felt some resistance but with one more gentle push I slipped into her. Tania again moaned in satisfaction. As I said earlier in my monologue, I’d never fucked a tgirl up the ass before although I had taken plenty of cock up mine, but I was finding Tania’s clitty very enjoyable, in fact, a little too enjoyable. Luckily the cooler air of the evening and being out of the car helped to cool my ardour a little and I was able to start really enjoying Tania’s delights. I reached around to feel Tania ‘s cock. It was even bigger than when I had been sucking her off in the car. She was absolutely writhing in pleasure esenyurt escort and forcing herself harder and harder back onto my cock. I was shocked and amazed that Tania showed no sign of spunking. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to match Tania’s sexual athleticism and could feel myself getting nearer to exploding up her. With one last final thrust of my hips I ejaculated. I could feel my spunk forcing itself into the durex. I collapsed exhausted onto Tania gorgeous rump. I lay there for a minute before slowly sliding away from Tania’s ass as my fast deflating cock slipped out of her. The durex was bulging at the end with all my spunky cream. I pulled it off and threw it into the grass verge.Tania then turned to face me smiling. No words were needed. It was obvious as to what had to be dealt with now. I couped down in front of Tania’s cock and took her with my lips. I stretched my arms around her and pulled her onto my face. Again my fingers found there way around to Tania’s pussy hole. It was still quite extended and was easily able to get three fingers into her pussy. “Suck me hard Joanna,” she cried out. I was now sucking her cock, fingering her pussy and squeezing Tania’s balls with all the passion and desire that I could muster. I really didn’t feel it coming. I thought that I would be working Tania’s cock till morning. Suddenly Tania exploded. I’ve sucked other tgirls of but never experienced such a forceful ejaculation and so much. I started to swallow the hot creamy spunk but even I couldn’t gulp down that much and was forced to release my mouths hold on her cock. As I pulled away another spurt of cream shot all over my cheek and started dribbling down my chest. I spat some onto the road forming a large white circle. ““Lets get back in the car Jo,” suggested a very satisfied looking Tania. Tania grabbed a tissue from the glove box and started wiping away her spunk from my cheeks and trying, unsuccessfully, to dab dry the rest that had stained the front of my dress. “Don’t worry darling. It was wonderful”. Just then another car entered the lay-by, which was now quite dark. “Do you realise its past nine o’clock”. Said Tania looking at the clock on the dash. We agreed to meet again although next time we would try to arrange a hotel meet instead. We kissed each other on the cheeks and bed our farewells.I couldn’t resist turning on my headlights as Tania walked back to her car. I will hold that vision in my memory forever. Tania was certainly special. Tania beeped as she left the lay-by and as I was about to leave I noticed that she had left her thong on the floor of the car. Never have a pair of panties smelt so sweet. Thank you Tania XXXX

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