Tell Me What You Like–A shared fantasy.


Tell Me What You Like–A shared fantasy.Sunpuwar Your cock would feel good against mine.Mike-CalzoneMMM – I would have to agree!!! I have always wanted to frot 😉 I would love to feel what it was like to stroke my cock using someone else’s cum as lubricant ;-0Are any of the pictures on your profile your glorious cock? I would love to see what I would be rubbing my cock against ;-)Sunpuwar That’s a friend holding my cock. I’m not huge but adequately endowed.I bet you have a nice load waiting to squirt in relief.Mike-CalzoneMMM – Your cock looks awesome!!!YES!!! My balls are aching to release a big creamy load!!! Fuck I wish that was my hand holding your cock in that picture!!!I would love to blow with your cock rubbing against mine right now ;-0SunpuwarWell, imagine that it is your hand. I’ll cup your balls as you cup mine. Then. . .Mike-CalzoneGod I would wrap my hand around our throbbing shafts and stroke our cocks – all lubed up with our precumSunpuwarOur precum mix as our cock heads kiss.I can feel the warmth of you dick next to mine.Mike-CalzoneI hope you are ready to have a huge load of cum erupt all over your cock and balls ;-0SunpuwarBring it on, I’ll shoot right back at you.Mike-Calzoneyour warm hardness is making me giddy with excitement!!!SunpuwarI inhale your manly scent as My forehead touches yours and I look down on our hard cocks.Mike-CalzoneI want to feel your cock pulse as you erupt – your hot creamy cum spraying against my bodySunpuwarYour cock feels good in my hand. It’s ready to burstOur dicks are aiming at each other.Mike-Calzonethe heady scent of our precum fills my nostrils and it drives me wild with lust….your forehead touching mine – i want to kiss you as we stroke each other’s cockSunpuwarThis first stream of cum shoots across your cock and lands on your dark bushMike-Calzoneoh fuck yes…. your warm creamy cum feels so good so slipperyI erupt, our cum mixing as i continue stroking usSunpuwarI can’t help it and move in for a deep kiss.Mike-Calzonewe are both a cummy messSunpuwarWe keep drenching each others cocks.Mike-CalzoneOh yes – explore my mouth with your tongue – please!!I cannot resist and i drop to my knees to lick our combined cum from your cock!!!SunpuwarGive me a taste. Bring some to my lipsMike-CalzoneI am so fucking horny i take your perfect cock into my mouth and savor the flavor of our combined cumSunpuwarI arch my back at your great cock sucking.Mike-CalzoneI stand and slide türbanlı kırşehir escort my cum covered tongue into your mouth and you suck the cum off my tongueI want more…..SunpuwarOh yes. Would you like me to clean your cock after we’re done kissing?Mike-CalzoneI drop to my knees again, taking your cock to the back of my throatSunpuwarMake me hard again. Let’s do it again.Mike-CalzoneAS i suck your cock your regain your full hardness but you pull away….SunpuwarI drop to my knees and take your cock in my mouth.Mike-Calzoneyou put me on the bed and we move into a 69 positionSunpuwarYes, I suck in appreciation as you suck me.Mike-CalzoneSoon we are both devouring each other’s hard cocks…. The precum is once again flowingSunpuwarMy hands explore your body as my mouth enjoys your thick cock.Mike-CalzoneYour cock is so big it is pushing against my throatSunpuwarYou begin to thrust as I suck you deeply.Mike-CalzoneOoh yes… explore my body… take some of our previous cum on your fingers and slide them into my virgin assSunpuwarIt’s a tight ass.Mike-CalzoneFinger fuck me with your cummy fingers as you suck meI want to feel your strong jet of cum spray the back of my throatSunpuwarI do, and you groan with pleasure as I slide my fingers in you. I’m edging again.Will we shoot at the same time again? The thought makes my dick even harder.Mike-CalzoneI insert a couple of fingers into your sexy ass and massage your prostate – i want the maximum load in my mouthSunpuwarThat causes me to push deeper into your hungry mouth. I do as you do and finger, suck, finger and suck.Mike-Calzonemmm Cum in my mouth for me – reward me with your juiceSunpuwarWith my free arm I pull your body against mine.Our bodies glisten with sweat as I get ready to hit the back of your throat.Mike-CalzoneOh fuck – I am over taken with lust… i hope you can cum a third time… I want you to fuck my virgin ass… I want you to fill my ass with cumSunpuwarI feel a warmth stirring in my balls as they slap your nose while you continue to suck me.Mike-CalzoneMmm yes fuck my throat!!!SunpuwarWe’re shooting again. Swallowing and shooting a circle of lust fulfilled. Round and round you in me I in you, you taste as good as I taste. A frenzy of jizz!You drain my cock.I drain yours.Mike-CalzoneOh fuck yes!!! Suck my balls dry!!! I will continue to suck you—keeping you hard for my tight hole!!Will you fuck me – stretch me – make me gape???SunpuwarI want your ass badly türbanlı kırşehir escort bayan now. Beg for my cock.Mike-CalzoneOh fuck yes PLEASE FUCK MY ASSSunpuwarI spit into my hand and moisten your ass.Mike-CalzoneI want you to fuck me like I am your little cum slutSunpuwarDo you want to lay on your back while I lift your legs while my cock finds your nice tight hole?Mike-CalzonePlease fuck me missionary—I want to kiss you and taste my cum on your tongue as you pound my tight boy-pussySunpuwarYou grab my cock and guide it.Mike-CalzoneOH FUCK It feels so good – SO BIG!!!!SunpuwarI want to see you as I enter your never-known-a-cock-before ass.Damn you are tight.Mike-CalzoneYou thrust into me until your balls slap against me….SunpuwarYes, what a lovely fuck noise we make as I slap against you.Mike-CalzoneOooh fuck you feel so good—I gaze up at you, my eyes full of lust….SunpuwarMy cock feels better than my fingers do and I can’t help but smile as I gaze back.Mike-CalzoneI beg you…. “fuck my little boy-cunt—make me your bitch!!!”SunpuwarI reach down now and kiss you frantically, while not losing rhythm or a beat.You’re my bitch. Fuck, your ass is delicious.Mike-CalzoneI reach up and grab your sexy hard ass – pulling you into me….Your cock thrusting against my prostate has my own cock hard and throbbing once moreSunpuwarYou control the thrust now as you pull me in, push me out, pull me in and we are like one well-oiled fuck machine.I like your expressions. As I plunge deeper and deeper. Harder and harder.Mike-CalzoneI bring my knees up to my chest to open myself completely to you – give you maximum access to the depths of my assSunpuwarI want to make you cum as I fuck you fast and furious.Mike-Calzonei moan with guttural lust – oh yes fuck my boy cunt….SunpuwarI still can’t believe how tight and hot your ass is. Pure heaven.Mike-CalzoneOh yes—your thrust have made me throbbing hard and close to cumming againOh—the joy of fucking a virgin… ;-)SunpuwarYou’re a fucking pleasure and my cock is getting bigger as it’s ready to blow.Mike-CalzoneAs you thrust, your body presses against mine, stroking my cock between our bodies!!!!SunpuwarI put my hands up against your shoulder blades and pull you up so that you’re sitting on my cock now and we’re face to face.Mike-CalzoneI erupt another explosion of cum between our bodies….SunpuwarI kiss you and we embrace. I want you to come on my chest. I whisper in türbanlı escort kırşehir your ear asking if I can cum inside you.Mike-CalzoneOh fuck yes – I will ride your massive cockOh yes PLEASE!!! CUM INSIDE ME – PLEASESunpuwarYour cum is hot as drips down my chest and down my abdomen. This causes me to shoot.Mike-CalzoneFfill my cunt with your cumSunpuwarI groan as I’m shooting even more massive loads than before.Mike-CalzoneOh fuck yes…. I am your little cum slut – fill me to over flowing – pleaseSunpuwarI am in you like I’ve never been with another man.Mike-CalzoneMy boy cunt is yours… any time you want to fuck meOoooh fuck!! Please kiss me deeplySunpuwarI fall on top of you and feel your throbbing heart against mine as I slowly pull out.Mike-CalzoneYour cock buried inside me, your arms around me – your tongue deep in my mouthMmmm – i feel so empty as you pull your cock out of meOh I hate that feeling of emptinessSunpuwarI move up to kiss you. I rest my balls against yours and we kiss deeply. Our cocks meet again.Mike-CalzoneAs I lay there, my ass gaping – i feel your creamy load oozing out of me – that is a great feeling ;-)SunpuwarWow. You are fucking great. Thank youMike-CalzoneFuck me Lue – thank you!!!!!You are so awesome!!! I have just cum twice thanks to you ;-)SunpuwarI taste my own cum and think of you.Mike-CalzoneOMG – I can’t believe how much cum I have all over my body. On the desk, the chair….WOW – I wish I was in the US – I would love to lose my virginity with you for real!!!!SunpuwarI am making little circles on my chest as I play with the cum on my pecs and abdomen.Mike-CalzoneI wish I was tasting your cum instead of my ownI would gladly be licking your chest and abdomen clean ;-)SunpuwarI taste like a salty ocean full of wonder and the potential of the sea.Mike-Calzonemmm – i would love to taste that…. mine is a mixture of salty sweet… quite tasty reallySunpuwarI like how your spent cock would feel against mine as I lay on top of you after we frotted, sucked and fucked. Like full circleMike-Calzoneoh fuck Lue… I can’t believe how fucking hot you are…. I wish I was your little cum slut for real!! i would love to service you whenever you wanted!!!SunpuwarSalty sweet like the memory of just having experienced our shared fantasy.Mike-Calzoneoh yes – our cum covered bodies against each other, holding each other in our strong arms, kissing passionatelyoh – this will be a memory that I will keep forever!!!SunpuwarThanks. I’ll be on here again and you are certainly welcomed to hit me up again. I expect that ass to be mine. I expect your cock to worship mine. I want your lips exploring mine. I want our man to man fantasies to continue.Mike-CalzoneI hope we can do it again… I would love to do it in person though!!!!SunpuwarAgain. SoonMike-CalzoneI can’t wait!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXMy ass is so yours!!

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