Thats a Deal


Thats a DealFrances was 16 and an only c***d from a typical middle class family with both her parents doing 9-5 jobs to keep the family in a stable condition,her mother Karen was a manager at the local leisure centre and her father Robert was a construction worker who travelled the country from job to job mostly coming home for long weekends at a time.Frances was of small build with large tits and mousey brown shoulder length hair which acompanied her outgoing personality and she had just started an art course at the local college, she didnt have many friends and didnt socialise a lot but mostly kept herself to herself.One Friday afternoon Frances had arranged to meet her mother at the leisure centre for lunch as she had the afternoon free from college,she arrived at the centre and made her way to the canteen to wait for her mother,her mother Karen duely arrived dressed in her smart blue skirt and white blouse with a neck chief around her neck,hello my darling have you looked at the menu yet, not yet mum i was waiting for you,the women were both seated and ordered there food and were just chatting when a oldish woman appeared at the table, hello Karen sorry i missed you this morning but i had early classes,oh no worry Miora whenever your free just let me know, and who is this gorgeous young thing, oh this is my daughter Frances,hello Frances nice to meet you im Moira the centre director and part time fitness instructor for my sins lol, hello pleased to meet you Frances said,now Karen about those extra classes we agreed on, and the two women were talking amongst themselves, Frances was staring at this woman who just seemed to ouse charm and had that sense of sterness about her, Frances guessed that she must be in her late 40s quite tall with small tits but legs that would gace any fashion model.The two women finshed there conversation and said there goodbyes,who is that mum Frances asked, oh she is the big boss who oversees the whole complex darling,she seems a nice lady,yes she is darling but she runs this place like the army sometimes and likes things to be done right.Has she worked here long then, about 3 years now i think she moved down here after her divorce from her husband.The two women had there meal and then Karen said well i must get back darling are you going home now, yes i think so mum, ok ill see you when i get home you knowq your father is away til next week so wont be home this weekend, yes i know mum, ok sweetie see you later and kissed Frances and made her exit.Frances got up and started making her way to the exit of the centre, it was then that she passed through a corridor and stopped to look at the notice board which had pictures of Moira the centre director on it taking a fitness class and she was in allsorts of poses and Frances thought she looked fabuolas, just then a hand landed on her shoulder which startled her, she looked round to see Moira standing there,you like what you see Frances, oh err i was just looking, why dont you come along sometime and take some of my classes, you will really enjoy it,your mother does, in fact she loves it,oh i dont know il think about it, well dont take to long sweetie il whip you into a better shape than you already are, and off she went.Frances thought to herself, i didnt even know mother took fitness classes and just carried on her merry way home.It was getting late in the evening and Frances looked at the time, it was nearly 8 in the evening, wheres mum she thought,and picked up the phone to call her mums mobile, hello darling, where are you mum, im still at work darling just finishing some work with Moira then il be home, kayseri escort ok mum Frances said ,see you soon and hung up,thats weird she thought mum has never worked this late before and knowing that the centre closes at 6.30 but thought nothing else of it and went to have a shower.About 9 ish she heard the door open and in walked her mother looking rather dishelveled, you ok mum Frances said, yes honey i just need a shower and set her bags down and went upstairs.Karen came back downstairs and sat next to her daughter on the couch, thats better its been one of them days darling i just need to relax,Frances said, how come you had to work late then mum, oh Moira wanted to finish some important paperwork and asked me if i would help her, oh i see she said, right im off to bed mum, ok darling sleep well see you tomorrow nite nite.Saturday morning arrived and Frances had woken early but was just lazing in bed, she had a urge to play with herself and let her hand wander to her pussy which was very moist and wet,she was just getting into fingering herseld when she heard her mother talking on the phone, she got up and went to the door which was ajar and listened, her mother was talking to someone which she thought was her father,no i cant today i want to spend some time with Frances,no i cant, please dont make me, and after the other person talking her mother then said, ok but il have to come in later,Frances thought this was odd,she had never heard her mother talk like that before but left it at that.She got up and pulled her pyjama bottoms on to cover her pussy which was still wet from her fingering and made her way down stairs, Morning mum was that dad on the phone, oh err yes dear,he wont be home this weekend. i know mum you told me yesterday,oh did i sorry i cant think striaght.So what we doing today then going shopping Frances said,oh sorry dear ive got to pop into work something has come up, oh mum you promised we would go shopping, i know darling and we will just let me do this stuff at work and we will go tomorrow, oh ok then what time you going to work, about midday.Karen made her way upstairs to get ready and Frances just lounged about watching telly,when Karen appeared later she was ready for work said her goodbyes and off she went,Frances thought well its time i finished myself off now the coast is clear and made her way upstairs,as she lay playing with her young pussy she suddenly thought about what she had heard her mother say, please dont make me, why would her mother say that.It was getting late again and Frances thought her mum would be home by now, and called her mobile, all she got was her answering machine, so Frances got her bike out and decided to ride over to the centre to see her mum.On getting there, there were only 2 cars in the carpark her mums and one other and the centre looked in total darkness,which she thought was strange, she went to the front doors but they were locked, so she started walking around the back, whilst walking round she noticed the caretaker just leaving, hello she said, im Frances im the daughter of Karen the manager do you know where she is, no i dont honey he said,but i can let you in she is bound to be in there somewhere, oh thanks she said and followed the man to a back door, there you go he said, your mums office is on the second floor you cant miss it, oh thankyou she said and made her way through the building.She found her mums office but it was locked up, where is she, she thought and carried on walking,it was then that she came to some rooms, one of the rooms had a window in it and the light was on, Frances looked through, oh my god as looked into the room,there was her mother dressed in a school girls uniform with her hair in pig tails,and she was on her hands and knees licking the pussy of Moira the centre director,she crouched down to get her breath back, oh my god mum what are you doing she thought, she crept to where the door was ajar and heard her mothers slurping noises, just then Moira spoke,thats it my little slut,lick that pussy clean, yessss lick it, suck my clit, yesssss oh yesssss, you are so good at pussy licking.Please Moira Karen said,please dont make me do this,shut up you slut Moira said and keep licking,yes im nearly there yessssssssss bring me off good oh god yeaaaaaaa, with that Frances pulled back to the window still trying to take in what she had seen and heard.Now get up Moira said, now get cleaned up and put them clothes back in my drawer for next time, next time Karen said,please dont make me do this Moira i beg you please dont,look Karen Moira said, if you want to keep your job you will do as is say when i say it you got that, but Moira im married with a daughter this cant go on.Yes you do have a daughter dont you yessss ummmmm,and what a beautiful little thing she is, where does she get them big tits from certainly not you, what id give to get hold of her and them big tits, Moira please dont talk like that about my daughter, in a very angry voice,Frances couldnt believe what she was hearing, and made her way to the back entrance to go back home.On arriving home she got into her pyjams and layed on the couch waiting for her mum still trying to take in what had just happened, it made her wet to think that another much older woman wanted her,she had a little smirk on her face when the front door opened and in came her mother,you were a long time mum she said, i know dear there was so much work to do, have you had a good day, have you eaten yes Frances said, have you eaten mum, with another smirk on her face and a little laugh inside.At the breakfast table the next morning Frances said to her mum, mum i think im going to take some fitness classes to get in shape for the summer,what her mother said, whats brought this on, oh nothing really i was looking at the notice board the other day and Moira saw me and said i should come along and get in shape, no darling you are in great shape you dont need to do that, but i want to mum,in fact im going to buy some leotards whilst we are shopping today and some leggings,oh Frances darling please you dont need to, i im going to do it mum i need to do something to keep me occupied it cant be all homework you know, and anyway i might enjoy it.Karen was now resigned to letting her daughter take Moiras fiutness class and was dreading it inside.The following weekend Frances made her way to the centre, and was greeted by Moira when she entered the fitness class, which was mainly older women with time on there hands whilst the c***dren were at school, hello sweeties Moira said, its about time you came along ive been waiting for you each week now here you are, Frances was tingling inside as she new Moira lusted after her.The fitness workouts were going well and Frances was still waiting for Moira to make her move,but nothing happened, strange she thought maybe Moira said them things to her mum just to wind her up.It was after the 4th week that things started to happen, Moira would shower when Frances showered and would talk to her,all the while gazing at her raw beauty, and those big tits and young pussy,You should do extra lessons with me Frances Moira suddenly said,it would help you get a little bit more advanced within the group, this is the start Frances thought, oh really Frances said, do you think it would help, oh yes sweetie in fact why dont you come to my house this weekend and we can get started, yes ok if its ok with you.Frances went home that nite and couldnt resist wanking her pussy and pulling her nipples thinking of what was going to happen when she went to Moiras for the weekend.On the friday morning she informed her mum that she was going to stay with one of her college friends to study for the night.ok darling will you be home tonight, no mum il be home tomorrow i expect but if things change il let you know.Moira had given Frances her address and she made her way to her house,my you look great Moira said as she opened the door,thankyou are you sure you dont mind giving me extra lessons espicaily at your home, of course not sweetie it will be a pleasure.Does your mother know your here sweetie, no i just said i was going to a friends to study for the night, it will be a surprise for her when shes sees how fit ive become,oh thats good sweetie no need for mother to know is there, now lets go upstairs to my room where we can get changed.Upon reaching the bedroom Moira said,get chamged here sweetie, Moira was already changed into her leotard and she just watched as Frances got undressed, when she was naked Moira said here sweetie lewt me help you with that leotard,Frances was horny as hell as she knew exactly what Moira was doing but she loved it, Moira bent down and told Frances to put her feet through the leg holes, which she did, Moira pulled the leotard up towards The young girls moist pussy which Moira noticed, There you go sweetie, then she pulled the top part up towards the young girls heaving tits which just ached to be fondled.Frances thought to herself, i cant take this much longer and decided to bite the bullet, Moira, yes sweetie could i ask you something, oh course you can my sweet,you want to fuck me dont you,the words just cascading out of her mouth,you want to have dirty sex with me dont you, you want me to be your slut dont you,you want to lick and suck my young pussy dont you, you want to play with me and make me cum dont you,Frances couldnt believe what she was saying.While she was saying this Moira was undressing and was soon naked, yes sweetie i do want to fuck you and lick you and make you my skut but i didnt think it was going ti be this easy.So you want me to do dirty things to you do you sweetie,yes just like you make my mother do to you,dont worry i wont tell just as long as you fuck me as good as you do my mother, this was music to Moiras ears,she made her way behind the young girl and brought her hands up to cup the youngs girls tits, ive wanted to do this since the first time i met you, and she started to massge the girls tits, oh yesss your going to be my little dirty secret Frances for a very long time young lady, with that she moved her hand towards the young girls pussy,ahh yes yesss i need that pussy and pulled the leotard off agian and got between the girls legs, Frances spread her legs and said, is this what you want Moira my young cunt in your mouth, oh yesss sweetie please let me taste you, with that she licked the youings girls cunt for the first time.After hours of licking and sucking the two of them just layed on the bed, when Frances said, Moira you no need to have my mother anymore, you have me now,so please let her get back to normal,ok sweetie as long as you do as i say when i say il leave your mother alone, i will, good well you can start by ringing her and telling her that you are staying at your friends and you wont be home, then you will kneel before me and tongue my cunt until im satified and that ive cum in your mouth, ok thats a deal

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