The Basketball Team


The Basketball TeamAlan had been riding his bicycle and was headed home when he came upon one ofthe neighborhood basketball courts. Usually the place is rather empty or there arejust a couple of k**s playing ball with each other. Most of the time is wasn’t evenworth stopping and checking it out. You see, Alan went out for a bike ride to getsome action, he wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted but he was looking and had afeeling that when he found it, he’d be ready. After riding for about two hours, heknow that it probably was fruitless because the temperature and humidity was justabout as high as it was going to get. It was just plain hot and everything he didcaused him to sweat more. Well this time when he went by the basketball court there were some middle ageblack men playing basketball. There was three black men playing against anothertwo. It sort of surprised Alan to see a group of men in the 30’s playing basketballin this heat, but decided to stop for a moment and watch. Especially since theywere sweating so much and their bodies glistening with sweat. He always had aninterest in someone more his age and felt that they knew what they wanted and ifthey wanted it, they usually went out and got it. Alan always like to see men ingood shape and these guys were no exception. They had muscular chests, two ofthem had a little paunch for stomachs, but that didn’t stop him from looking andthinking. “Damn, I sure would like to get one of them to come home with me, I’dwork that stomach down a little bit,” he thought to himself. Alan laid his bicycle down and sat on the bench to watch. While sitting there anddrinking his water, one of the fellows yelled over and asked him is he would like tojoin in the game since they were not evenly matched. Alan told them that he justfinished a long bike ride and needed to rest a little bit. The fellow yelled back,”hey a fellow with a shape like your shouldn’t need any rest.” Alan thanked himfor the compliment but said he would have to decline for a few minutes. “Okay,but when you get ready, just join in.” Alan continued to watch those five hunky black men and he got to thinking onhow he could get one of them alone and talk to him. His mind was starting to getvery active about picking up a good fuck this afternoon, in fact he really wanted acouple of fucks, he was so horny. He wasn’t paying much attention, but soon henotice that a couple of the fellows kept watching him and every once in awhile oneof them would rub the bulge that showed quite prominent in the already too tightspandex pants they were wearing. Alan kept watching the fellow that did it the most and when they were at his end ofthe court he seemingly would come by and almost always reach down and rub it,very slightly, but Alan noticed it. A couple of times this fellow would wink atAlan. Alan felt an urgency in his tight riding shorts and hoped that it didn’t showtoo much. Wearing a jock strap helped keep his cock in control and he wasgrateful for that. At any other time, his cock would be standing straight out if asexy black dude gave him a wink like that. Especially that one, he had just a littlebit of hair on his chest and his pectoral muscles were just the right size with darknipples sticking straight out. Alan thought it certainly would be nice to be nibblingon those tits. It wasn’t too long and the fellow yelled, “hey, you ready to help us even up thesides in this game.” He thought for a moment and said: “sure, it’ll help me unwindfrom the bike ride, I just needed to catch my breath.” He didn’t want to let on thathe enjoyed watching those five hot looking sweaty black men play basketball withshorts that were just about one size too small. Alan got up and headed for thecourt and introduced himself. Nathan reached for his hand first and he felt it wasNathan that kept giving him the eye while he was sitting there and watching. Thenthere was intro’s to the other fellows: Ray, who was taller than Nathan, but moremuscular and he had a slight patch of hair on his chest that ran down to his navel;Dan, who was about the same built, but a little paunch, but a very hot looking assand that made Alan’s thoughts run wild; Greg, whose bulge was too tight for hispants but he had just the right build, and just a little love handles around themiddle; finally there was Maurice, who was lighter than the other four, but nonethe less he had a hot looking tesettürlü escort body for a man that Alan thought to be about 45. They started the game with Greg, Maurice and Alan on one side and Nathan, Rayand Dan as the opposing team. The game started a little rough, but Alan soon gotinto the act and held his own. A couple of time when Alan was dribbling, he feltNathan get close to him and tried to reach around in front and take away the ball. He had a strange feeling that he was just too close and could feel the bulge inNathan’s short rub against his ass. Alan’s mind started to wonder a little bit, but inthe heat of play he quickly forgot about it until he noticed that Ray also did thesame thing and a couple of times he was sure that they would have had a foul in aregular game when Dan’s hand accidentally grabbed the bulge in his pants. The game continued and all six of the men were getting very sweaty, when Nathanrubbed up against Alan he just slide off because of the sweat. After that happeneda couple of times the game seemed to get just a little more rough, not in the badsense but each of the players seemingly were always hitting up against one another,and all of them seemed to be bouncing slightly off of Alan. At first Alan didn’t paymuch attention to it, but then it became rather obvious that there was more bodycontact with each play. Alan noticed when he was dribbling and slightly bent overthat one of the members on the other side was always right behind him rubbingtheir growing bulge into Alan’s ass. Playing like that was starting to get Alan excited and after several more minuteslike that, he just reached back with his free hand and just grabbed onto Ray’s everenlarging bulge. “You like that don’t you?” queried Ray. “Sure, why not,”answered Alan, “if it feels good do it.” The next thing Alan knew the gameseemed to get a little more gamier. When some one was dribbling like that, therewas always another fellow right behind them pushing their bulging crotch into theirass and sometimes reaching around in front grabbing a handful of fruity basket. With the game having more personal body contact, Alan could see the bulges thosefive guys getting bigger. In fact it looked like Rays was going to bust right out ofhis pants. Maurice re-arranged his cock and moved his jock strap to the side,when he did that his cock stretch down the side of his leg. “Shit,” Alan thought tohimself, “I’ve love to suck that man muscle.” As the game began to have morepersonal body contact, Alan dropped all pretenses of accidentally bumping hiscrotch against Dan as he was bent over, dribbling the ball. In fact he made a morethan gentle shove forward and could sense that Dan pushed slightly backwards. It seemed that Nathan, Ray and Dan were always pushing their bulging crotches upagainst Alan, Greg and Maurice. The game seemed to get even more raunchy, soevery time Nathan, Ray and Dan got the ball, the other team was right behind themwith their crotches pressed up against those flexing ass and sweaty bodies. Andturn around always seem to happen. Since this basketball court was located awayfrom a public area all the fellows started to reach back and stroke the opponentscocks as they were being pressed forward. “Hey,” as Alan spoke up, “don’t you think that the party is getting a little hot andheavy for public?” “Sure,” Nathan said, “so do you have any suggestions.” “Yeah, let’s head over to my place, it’s just over the hill and we can be there inabout two minutes if we run.” “So what’s going to happen when we get there?””Anything you’re up to, I’ve got a clean set of sheets and they need to get a littlesweaty, if you think you can do it.” Maurice grinned, “Yeah, I’ll make them sweaty when I lay you down and fuck thatpretty white ass of yours.” Just the thought of getting fucked by that black stud made Alan that much hotter,”okay, so then who is going to take care of this problem,” as he reaches for hisalready hard cock and rubs it. “Sounds like a challenge,” whopped Nathan as he got on his knees and was quicklyseconded by Dan, Greg, Maurice and Ray. The six of them headed over to Alan’s house and it didn’t take them much morethan the two minutes he suggested. He quickly let them in the door and offeredthem a drink and then suggested they head for the bedroom. Maurice suggested that they take a shower tesettürlü escort bayan when Alan stopped him, “you can takea shower, but I want a hot sweaty body on me.” “If you want a sweaty body on you, how about me,” “Get ready, cause I’m hot,” as Alan starts to take off his clothes. It doesn’t takelong for those black studs to get their clothes off. Maurice heads for the showerand Alan lays cross ways on the bed just as Ray climbs on top of him, their lipslock and Alan reaches around and grabs Ray’s ass and pulls him as tight as he canto him. His legs are spread and Ray lays right between them with his throbbingfuck muscle resting and nudging upwards towards Alan’s ass. Alan lays his head over the edge of the bed and reaches up and grabs Nathan stiffcock and pulls him closer, he works his tongue around the shaft and then moves tothose pendulous balls, after giving them a tongue bath he works Nathan’s cock intohis mouth, while saying, “I want to suck that cock of your, fuck my face.” Nathanquickly obliges him and is working his cock into Alan’s mouth, meanwhile Ray hasstarted to shove a finger in Alan’s ass and he can feel Alan working his ass aroundallowing him better access to his fuck hole. As Ray gets a couple of fingers in there Alan groans and working his ass evenharder. “Where is your lube?” ask Ray and Alan points to the bed stand becausehe is so busy sucking on that cock. It doesn’t take Ray long to get a condom onhis cock and lifts Alan’s legs and with a couple of fingers starts to loosen up Alan’stight ass. After a couple of minutes of that and Greg and Dan are playing witheach other and watching, Ray places the knob of his cock at the entrance and thenshoves. Alan lets out a loud groan, “Ohhhhh,” and brings his legs up to his chestso that Ray can have a better angle. Ray lays down on Alan as Alan reaches up and starts to pinch Ray’. “Oh, yeah,pinch this nipples while I mount your ass, you wanted a sweaty fuck and you’regoing to get it.” Alan is enjoying himself, when all of a sudden he realizes thatNathan has stopped fucking his face. “Oh fuck me,” he hears Nathan exclaim as either Greg or Dan start to fuck him,then Nathan gets ready to feed his cock back into Alan mouth. But before hedoes, he groans “Fuck my ass, you black stud, fuck that white ass, shove thatcock in there.” With Alan massaging Ray’s nipples, which is a real turn on forhim, he plummets Alan’s ass hard, pulling out and driving it back home, withAlan’s legs spread eagle straight up in the air. “You want all of us to gang fuckyou, don’t you, you want each of us to drop our load in that hot ass of yours.” Nathan lets out a groan, “yeah, we’ll fuck him, but first he’s going to drain thiscock of mine.” Nathan’s is getting his ass reamed out good and Alan hasn’tfigured out who it is, and he doesn’t care, he just hopes that he gets a chance atfucking Nathan’s smooth bubble ass. “Oh yeah, pile drive me ass,” he hearsNathan moan, “fuck me, get me loose so when that white honky gets ready to fuckmy ass it’ll be just right for his beautiful thick white cock, I haven’t been fucked bya white boy for a long time and I want it tonight.” There are several minutes with a lot of verbalization about getting fucked andbeing mounted by a stud. Alan can feel Nathan tensing up and getting ready tounload when he hear’s; “auuuuuugh, take this cock.” He knows that Nathan isgetting impelled good and hard as some black stud makes that final lunge into hisass. It must have been a trigger for Ray because Alan hears; “yeah take this blackman meat into you white ass, feel it pulsing,” as he makes that final thrust forwardand Alan’s ass muscles clamp down hard milking and feeling the throbbing andpulsating in his ass. Nathan’s nuts are tight up against his body as he grabs a holdof Alan’s nipples and squeezes them just before he blast his load down Alan’sthroat. They all tense up for that final moment and then collapse on each other. Alan isstill hot and want to get his cock buried into some black ass, when Greg reachesfor Alan’s cock and say’s “it’s about time that was taken care of.” Greg lays down on his stomach and presents his ass to Alan. It doesn’t take Alanlong to dis-entangle himself from Nathan and Ray. He immediately climbs ontoGreg’s ass and without preliminaries except for getting lubed up, Alan propelsforward escort tesettürlü and buries his stiff cock in Greg’s ass, “ahhhhhhhh, give it to me, fuck meman, fuuuuuck me, hurt that ass, ohhhhhhh give it to me.” That makes Alan all themore hotter and he puts his knees in between Greg’s legs and spreads them widefor deeper penetration, when Maurice comes out of the bathroom. He’s beenlistening to the sounds of fucking and already his cock is hard. He notices Alanpile driving into Greg’s ass and it looks quite tempting, “gonna get a piece of thattail right now, flex that ass because it’s going to work on this cock.” Alan turnsand see Maurice’s cock ready and willing to mount him, he tells Maurice to movethe door a little bit so he can watch himself in the full length mirror hanging on thedoor. Alan knows his ass if already lubed up from Ray’s fuck but says; “lube that blackmuscle up and plant it home.” While Maurice is getting ready to fuck Alan, Gregis spreading his legs as wide as he can get them, “fuuuuuuck me, sheeesh I need toget my ass mounted, it feels sooooo good when you’re shoving that cock into myass, fuck meeeee, keep it up, I need that ass worked on.” Alan keeps poundingGreg’s ass as he feels Maurice climbing on board. He doesn’t know of a betterfeeling than being a white piece of meat in a nice dark sandwich. “Hold that assstill while I shove it home.” Alan stops, while Greg continue to beg to get fucked,and he waits for Maurice to mount him. He loves to see a stud mount any ass andwatching Maurice mount his ass is not exception. Meanwhile, Nathan has laid down on his back with his cock straight up in the airand Ray is starting to lower his ass downward on that phallus, slowly Ray worksthat fuck muscle into his ass and Nathan then reaches upward and grabs hold ofRay’s nipples because he know that his nipples are sexually connected to his cockand ass. The more Nathan pinches, the more Ray works his ass up and down,compelling himself to get fucked deeper and deeper. Ray is hot and working hisass around on Nathan’s cock. Dan is watching this and decides that he needs toparticipate. He tells Nathan to hang onto Ray and roll over so Nathan’s ass isexposed. Nathan knows what is going to happen so he and Ray hold on while Rayrolls off and onto his back with his legs up in the air and Nathan’s cock stillimpelled in his ass. Dan climbs up on the bed and spreads Nathan’s legs a little bitand then places the head of his inflamed cock into Nathan’s fuck chute. “Ohhhh,yeah, fuck me, fuck me ass” Nathan moans as he is shoving his cock forward intoRay’s flexing ass muscles. Meanwhile Alan is watching in the mirror as Maurice is slamming his cock backand forth into his ass. Alan just lays there and let’s Maurice fuck him becauseevery hard shove Maurice just plants Alan’s cock deeper into Greg’s ass. Alan isthinking about having all five of those hot black studs fuck his ass. “Fuuuuck me,shove that cock home,” Alan begs, “fuck my ass.” Greg is laying there, “oh yeah,that feels so good to have a man on top of me with his cock working in my fuckchute, Maurice, keep pounding his ass, it feels so good to have both of you men onme.” Alan is laying tight on Greg while Maurice rears back and slams his blackcock forward into Alan’s white ass. “Oh, I love to fuck that ass of yours.” Alan watches in the mirror as he is getting fucked, “gawd, I love this, fuck me allafternoon.” Ray, who is laying on his back and getting fucked by Nathan, says:”yeah and when we done over here (oh fuuccck me hard) we’re all going to climbon that ass and load you up.” “We talked about it on the court and how we weregoing to draw straws on who picked you up and you made it easy for us. You’reone hot stud.” Before the afternoon was over Alan laid between Ray and Nathan, getting his assroyally fucked, and then they switched and Greg fucked him as Alan has his cockburied into Nathan’s ass. Nathan wants his ass fucked by Alan and now with Gregshoving hard into Alan’s ass, Nathan was feeling the pulsating throb of Alan’scock. “Yeah, fuck me hard, there isn’t anything nicer than watching yourself getmounted and fucked by real studs. By evening time, Alan has received a hot fuckfrom each of the men, and it was getting late. All six of them started to clean up and when they were dry they teased Alan aboutcoming back again. Alan’s comment was: “let’s make it a date for next week, myass is going to be really ready then and if someone wants to come over in themiddle of the week, just call, but your ass had better be ready for a good all nightfuck.” Ray responded, “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Ray didn’t know that the next night Alan would fuck him about 6 times, but that’sanother story.

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