THE DARK BACKWARDS !Let me begin by saying that I am fascinated with shemales! I AM IN LOVE WITH SHEMALES! How did this love affair begin? For me it started back in 1984 when I saw a shemale magazine lying on my high school campus. Someone left it behind or it fell out of a bookbag. That image of a redheaded shemale left an impression on me that I will never forget. Initially, I was slightly shocked because I had never seen a magazine like that before. Then my shock turned into curiosity. Fast forward to 1987 and I’m in my local video store. I muster up the courage to browse the ADULT SECTION. I see the standard XXX porn. Then I stumble upon black pornstars JEANNIE PEPPER, ANGEL KELLY, NINA DEPONCA, PURPLE PASSION, SAHARA and others. I nervously grab the boxes that are on display and view the back covers. I scan the images vigorously til the point of erection. I then bostancı escort take what seems to be hours deciding on which video to rent. I make a decision and grab a movie that has an “actor” dressed up like Dracula. Feeling that I made a really wise choice, I proceed to the counter and plop down the box. The clerk says, ” I see you like the long pornos”. I nervously shake my head in agreement as he retrieves the videocassette. I pay my rental fee and head on home. That evening I slide the tape in the VCR and press play. I see the title card and prepare for a two hour jack-off session. To my chagrin its a damn softcore European film in subtitles. I was clearly disappointed in my choice. The movie wasn’t at all titilating as I thought it was. A couple of days pass and I’m returning the movie and this time, with more confidence, fatih escort I enter the adult section of the store and begin another search for real porn. Row after row same thing…couples posing on the cover with the crazy 80’s graphics we all know and love. Then I finally get to the back row of the adult vids when I come across something that peaks my interest. Something very familiar leers out at me. I bend down to get a closer look and it’s a SHEMALE VIDEO. I start to tremble because I don’t want to caught with it in my hands and have a customer percieve me as gay. I look around to see if there is anyone in sight and NO ONE is in the adult section with me. I see the cover and look for a name, a title, it reads: SULKA’S NIGHTCLUB. I turn the box over and I don’t see any kind of action just DRAG QUEEN’S posing with their clothes on. I’m bağcılar escort determined to rent it. At that point my eagerness to see this vid brings back flashes of the shemale I saw on the magazine. I think to myself, “How am I gonna present this vid to the clerk without them giving me that look. So I decide to rent an additional video as well. It had to be something popular and also kind of boost my courage enough to really rent the Sulka video. I pick up something like Top Gun or something like it and head to the counter. I wisely engage the clerk with idle chit chat as a kind of shield or distraction from the fact that I was renting a shemale movie. The chit chat worked and I’m out the door. Later that night I slide the video in and I’m instantly intrigued and mortified. Why? Because I had never seen that kind of sex. I was clearly aroused but extremely guilt ridden. I, up until that point, was attracted to females. Now, my dick was instantly hard and throbbing. I watched every scene, every orgasm. I was officially hooked. I think this is a fine time to continue this another time. I hope you check out all my vids and pix and indulge in my fantasies.

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