The drunken Dance


The drunken DanceIt was a Friday night at around 8 pm and I was beginning to think it was going to be another dreadfully boring one but as if on cue I received a text message from a friend wondering if I wanted to come out for drinks. I thought she was kinda hot so I obliged. About an hour later we were a few shots and beers deep when I run into an old friend from school he and his friends sit down with us and we are chatting for about 40 minutes when my female friend tells me she has to get home because she works early in the morning. I’m a little bummed at this but I decide to stay at the bar with my old pal and continue drinking. I hug her letting my hands touch against her nice round ass a bit and give her a kiss on the cheek. About a hour and a half later I’m feeling really damn good and the tequila shots have my cock extra sensitive and I find myself having to check down frequently to make sure I’m not springing in my pants. I’m standing up at the bar with my friends pretty lit when a lady taps me on the shoulder and ask me to dance. She is a thick middle aged brunette. She has a beautiful face that is a bit chubby and soft looking supple lips. Her eyes are a bit glazed so I know she’s feeling good too although not quite as good as me..She has a nice tight black shirt that hugs her nice round tits and blue jeans that hug her curves and wide hips.I say “Absolutely” to her proposition and move out onto the little area of the bar reserved for dancing. The song “Faithfully” by the group Journey comes on and is one of my favorites. She puts her arms around my neck and I put my hands directly on türbanlı bilecik escort her ass and she doesn’t object so I grip it as well. I’m singing the words into her ear while we dance and she gives me a look of surprise. I think with my young age(25)she did not expect me to know about songs like these but the smile that grew on her face told me she was impressed. I gripped her soft ass tighter pulling her closer against me and gave her a kiss on her neck. I could feel her turning her neck more giving me more area to kiss. After the dance she hugged me and gave me a peck on the lips. I asked her if she was seeing anyone and she said just going thru a bad divorce. Tears filled her eyes up a bit as she talked about it. She then told me she was stepping outside to cool down a bit and have a smoke and asked if I wanted to join. I of course obliged and joined her. We stepped out and to the side of the bar that wasn’t lit very well under tall patio steps that led to the upper level of the bar. Before she could get out her cigarettes I grabbed and hugged her again. She kissed my lips and said “You’re such a sweetie” I grinned and said slyly “I have my moments” I gripped her ass again and kissed her lips deeply. Our tongues rolling around. Liquor on my breath, beer on hers. I grabbed her hand and put it on my jeans so she could feel how hard she made me. She paused from kissing and said “Damn you’re a big boy” I grinned and nodded as she unzipped my zipper and helped herself to my thick hard cock. She gripped my shaft and squeezed and pumped it, türbanlı bilecik escort bayan pre-cum already leaking out of my swollen tip. I looked around and the coast was clear so I lifted her top up but not off. Flipping her black lace bra up revealing her big soft tits. Her perky thick brown nipples looking absolutely tasty. I put my warm mouth on them, tugging her nipples with my lips. I could feel her grip tightening as she pulled me out of my pants began to jerk me and I moved my hips to thrust my cock in her hand. My big wet tongue began tracing her nice sized areolas and teasing her hard nipples. I looked around some more the coast still clear. I whispered to her”You gonna let me put it in?” She looked around for about 15 seconds checking the area and shook her head finally. I turned her around against side of the bar under the wooden steps. I tugged her pants down around her knees as she kept jerking me behind her. She had nice plump lips which I kindly parted with my thick tip as I slid it up and down her pussy. Teasing us both at the same time. She had her hands up against the wall and her ass stuck out against me. I put one hand on her right hips and the other hand on her left shoulder gripping it tight while I pulled my fat cock inside of her. She tensed up and moaned as I opened up her surprisingly tight pussy. I could feel how absolutely wet she was as her walls gripped my cock so tightly I thought it might snap. I gave her nice slow and hard thrust using my big strong frame to get deep in her. She began moaning louder so türbanlı escort bilecik I placed my hand over her mouth and continued pounding in tight wet pussy. I could feel her tongue sliding against my hand while I covered her mouth. I slipped a finger inside of her mouth and gave her something to suck on while I opened her pussy up. She gladly sucked and teased my finger with her tongue making me speed up my thrust as I got hornier. Her plump ass clapped against my pelvis and her juices ran down my balls. I know she felt every vein in my thick cock sticking out as hard as I was inside of her. As I pumped her I felt her walls get like a vice grip on my cock as she came all over my cock and I could feel a rush of warm fluids shoot on me as she squirted to my pleasant surprise. Feeling that brought me to the brink as I sped my thrust up even faster beginning to climax. “I’m gonna cum!” I said a bit louder than intended. I began pulling out but she reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me back in telling me she couldn’t get pregnant. I gripped her shoulders tight as my cock spasmed and shoot a big warm load deep in her pussy. My mouth fell was wide open and my face pointed towards the dark night sky. I slowly pulled my cock out of her and a big wad of my cum fell out onto her thighs and ran down her leg. I went to grab her pants and pull them back up for her but she took them completely off and took off her panties and handed them to me before putting her pants back on. I held them up to my nose breathing her sweet scent in while she fixed her bra and top and put my cock back in my zipper. She wasn’t asking for my number and I had a feeling I shouldn’t ask for hers either. This encounter was a one time deal and we both knew it. I think in a way I was the therapy she needed that night to help get away form life’s problems if only for a night. She kissed me gently thanked me and gave me a beautiful smile as she walked to her car. Maybe we both needed this..

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