The finale of The Nasty Old Man Stole My Virginit


The finale of The Nasty Old Man Stole My VirginitWhere the fuck have you two girls been!” mom yells! The girls hesitate at first. They both have guilt written all over their beautiful teenage faces. “Mmm we went down the street like I told you mom.” Sarah explains.”You know the old hermits house.” “It took you this long to get back here. Did you two even go to practice?” ” The girls shook their heads no and waited for their scolding. ” Just go to your room Sarah. I will deal with you later and Lisa you join her!” The girls rushed up the steps, while mom sat on the couch trying to figure the situation out. She wondered what in the hell could two teenagers be doing in that dirty old dump. There is no way that the two of them could have anything to talk about with that old man. Sarah’s mom Sadie went to bed with that thought dancing around in her mind. She was going to pay that old hermit a visit and it would be tomorrow.The next morning the girls woke up to Sadie fixing a glorious breakfast. “Mmm is that pancakes I smell Aunt Sadie.” “Fuck yeah baby girl!Dig in!” The two teens pulled out their chairs to take part in the morning feast. “Delicious mom.” Sarah tells Sadie. Little did they know that this was all apart of her plan to have them nice and full for their day of chores. She springs the news on them about their days activites. The girls are totally pissed and stomp off to Sarah’s bedroom. With that Sadie opens up the front door and makes her way down the end of the street. “Eeeew,the thought of even my girl being in there makes me sick!” She glanced from one end of the yard to the other side. She shook her head and couldn’t believe anyone could be living in such a place. “This shit should be condemed!” She eased her way up the sidewalk and onto the porch. She had fear in her heart and didn’t know if she even had the courage to knock. She raised her fist to tap on the door and it popped open. “Who the fuck are you! What the fuck are you doing at my door!” screams the hermit. “Who the fuck are you!” asks Sadie. “Shit bitch I am Mr. Thompson.Anthing else your sexy ass wanna ask.” “Just who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that! she reprimands. He grabs her fist and pulls her inside the dirty lil cottage. onwin giriş ” Look lady what do you want from me?Is this about those two sex kittens that came to clean my house and my cock yesterday.” “Excuse me! What do you mean your cock!” ” Just what the fuck I said bitch!I may had they had the sweetest tender tasting cunts I had ever tasted.” The hermit admits. Sadie felt sick in her stomach. “Could my girls have possibly fucked this nasty old fucker.” she thought. The more he told her about the episode from the day before the more her pussy began to throb. There was an aching down between her thighs she couldn’t shake. The thought of her niece and daughter fucking the old coot made her wet. She began rubbing her thighs together and the friction was making her cunt very juicy. The hermit noticed her twitching around and could tell she liked what he was telling her. Gradually his cock became erect. Sadie looked down to see the old fart rubbing his cock through his dusty Dickies. “There has to be something about that old fucker that made my daughter want more of his cock. ShIt she even had Lisa to join her. I gotta try it.” she wondered. The man fumbled around until he finally got his zipper down. He reached inside and pulled out his throbbing cock. Sadie stared in shock. She couldn’t take her eyes off the magnificent piece of meat that stood before her. She licked her lips in delight as he took her hand and placed it on his manhood. The mushroom shaped head was twice the size of a golf ball.It had to be one of the largest and meatiest dicks she had ever laid eyes on. She hungered for it to be inside her mouth and pussy. She began to pump it slowly as the desire for it rose inside her soul. The old man looked down,and was pleased with what he saw. She knelt down and kept up the pace of her pumping. The veins of his cock popping out and the blood was flowing to the top of his cock. It looked delicious and ready for her to have as her breakfast. She held the bottom of his shaft and licked underneath his sack. The stank musty smell of sweat hinted around her nostrils. Shit she didn’t care. She sort of enjoyed it. “That’s it you sexy MILF suck my fucking cock! Suck Daddy’s dick!” She took her tongue and outlined the onwin yeni giriş cock with her tongue. Tracing it with the very tip and watching it twitch with excitement. He began to fuck her mouth as she pumped his cock deep within. She could feel her cunt puddle up from lust as she sucked him down even harder. She made a tight squeeze and released his cock.”You like fucking lil girls perv! How about some good ole fashion MILF cunt!” She sat on the edge of the couch and spread her legs open. The old man grinned and stumbled over to her. His bones creeked as he tried to get on his knees. “Time to have your breakfast Daddy!” The old hermit dug right in,his face covered with her creamy cunt juicy. He licked it like a man on a mission. She moaned out in a heavenly howl as he strummed her cunt with his tongue. Her juice rolled down his his chin as munched so greedily. ” I want that dirty ole dick of yours deep inside my hot momma pussy!” She got on all fours and stuck her ass out. The old man lept to his feet the best way he could. He held on to the arm of the couch and hoisted his body up. She wad her gorgeous tanned ass sticking straight out. He gave it a nice wack and watched the shade change to rosey pink.He smacked it again and watched it bounce as his hand left a print this time. “Oh Fuck Daddy! You know how this babygirl likes it!” He gave her one last wacking and with the other hand he drove his cock deep inside her cunt. She fell forward trying to keep her balance. She landed face forward on the back of couch. The old fuck began to pump her pussy with such fury. He sinisterly smiled as he rammed his huge cock deep inside. Her walls may have been older than the teens but he still stretched them out. “Fuck baby! This pussy is what I love baby! Fuck Daddy’s Cock!!” She rose her pussy up and down on the old pecker and she could feel his heavy balls smacking up against her ass. ” I haven’t had cock this good in a long time Daddy! Fuck babygirls pussy! Fuck it good!” Her pussy sent waves of ecstasy all over his cock. He wanted more. He pulled out of her pussy and sat down beside her. She knew exactly what to do next. She stuck her ass in front of his face and be began to eat it out. “OOOOh Shit Daddy! That’s what onwin güvenilirmi i’m talking about! Eat that fine ass of mine!” The old man had tuned her out and continued to eat her ass and pussy out. Then he grabbed her by the waist and manueverd her over top of his cock. He slowly put the head in her lil sphincter. She moved her hips a little at a time in a snail like fashion. It felt so hot and tight to have a dick inside her tight ass. Her pace began to speed up as she rode his cock with all she had. ” Damn! Daddy likes! Daddy likes!” “Shut the fuck up and drive that cock deeper inside me!” The old man took his dirty fingers and found her clit. He took the other hand and grabbed hold of her tit. The other tit bounced around freely as she rotated her sexy ass all over his cock. Her tiny 5’3 frame was no match for his gigantic dick. She held on like a champ as he contiued to fuck her. Her long dark hair was now sweaty and stuck to her face and back. She could feel his balls tighten up as her pussy juice ran down her cunt and onto his nuts. Her rock hard clit throbbing as he banged her for an hour or more. Sadie had lost track of time and thought of why she even came over to the old mans house. Suddenly she sprayed his cock with her juice. He was amazed on her technique and wanted to taste it. He stuck his two crusty fingers inside her pussy and sucked them clean. He pumped her ass a few more times and they both let out a blood curdling scream.” AAAAAWWWWW FUUUUUUCKKKKKKK YEEEEES!!!” they both chimed out. The stench of sex filled the room and heavy breathing from them both sounded suspect. Sadie got up from the couch and fixed her mini skirt. She looked at the old man and smiled.” That was one of the best fucks ever Daddy!” The old man smiled at her in agreement. Sadie walked to the front door and slightly opened it. She turned back and said.” Dad I really think you need to stop all this hermit shit and let me take care of you. Ever since mom died you just cut us all off.” “The old man smiled and said,”Maybey Sadie…… it seemed like old times today.You still have the best pussie babygirl. Tell the girls to visit. We can make this a family thing.” Sadie nodded in agreement. She was headed home….. sore and satisfied and thinking about how great it was to have her dad and his cock back in her life again.Rate this storyOptionsSave this story in ‘My Favorites’Successfully savedAlready savedPrint This StoryDeleteStory DataRating: (10 votes)Views:1432Niches:Anal, Taboo

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