The Garden Club


I wasn’t mad, just annoyed. My husband and I had been bickering all week. I needed a break. It was Friday, and I glanced at my watch, which he bought me to match one of his favorites. It was after 6 pm. I leaned back in my chair at the office, not ready to go back home yet. I just wanted a little time to myself. I called Kirt, my husband, to see if he had plans for the night. In his boxers, he was already home, watching some car show on television. I asked him if he minded fending for himself for dinner, telling him I would grab a drink with a coworker. It felt terrible lying to him; I wasn’t going with a coworker. I didn’t want them around either. But I knew he would worry if it was just me. He told me to have fun and that he could manage a dinner plan for himself. We exchanged “I love yous” and hung up the phone.

Now what? I did want to go out for a drink or two, and I needed to eat. I didn’t want the busy bar scene our downtown area had to offer. I laughed to myself as I thought of a place I could go where I wouldn’t have to deal with drunk guys and their lame bar pick-up lines. The place was just off the downtown strip, so not far from our house or my work. I quickly reapplied some makeup and brushed out my long blonde hair; after all, I was going out even if I didn’t want to engage with other people. Since it was Friday, I had on a nice pair of dark skinny jeans, a dark green tank top, and a beige jacket. I figured I would still wear the jacket; it may be a little cool out.

I closed down my workstation, locked my door, and headed out. The sun was setting, leaving a pink hue across the sky. There was a light breeze. It felt good to be in the open air after sitting in my office all day. I didn’t mind the short walk to the Garden Club. It was a nice bar, well decorated with a large garden area in the back. The interior had high-top tables and booths, providing lots of seating areas–a dance floor in the middle with a bar covering the sidewall.

I walked in and found a barstool at the far corner of the bar. It was a great spot to be secluded and to people watch. The bartender greeted me with a welcoming smile. She was beautiful with her dark black hair and olive complexion. Her eyes were a muted green. “I’m Gail. What can I get you?” Her voice was husky but friendly. I had perused the drink menu and wasn’t finding anything I wanted. The drinks here mainly were fruity mixed drinks, most having names related to body parts. I looked up at Gail, smiling back, asking, “Any chance in a Moscow Mule?” I know it isn’t a sexy drink or a girly one, but the thought of it made me remember the cruise Kirt and I recently went on and how soothing the drink had been on the open ocean. Gail laughed at me, “Sure thing. We aim to please.”

I looked around the bar watching the patrons. I knew of the Garden Club, but I had never been. It isn’t exactly the type of bar you take your husband out to. Most of the patrons were women who had no interest in engaging in conversation or dancing with men. I noticed the female couples laughing and dancing to the high-tempo music as I looked around. It was different from other bars; the scene was soft, even with gyrating bodies.

Gail came back with my drink, asking if I wanted any food. I was so busy looking around that I didn’t even glance over the menu. “Yes, I do, but I didn’t even look,” I replied. Gail told me she would be back in a minute, or I could wave her down when I found what I wanted.

As I glanced over the menu, a tall brunette took a seat near me. As I saw her approach the bar, she gave Gail a nod of her head, sending Gail off the make a silently requested drink. I must have been staring too long as the brunette looked over at me and smiled. I quickly went back to my menu, but I could not help but notice her perfectly put-together way and confidence. She wore dark suit pants and a tight button-up shirt. She unbuttoned her second button relieving the lacy fabric from the bra attempting to contain her busty chest. Again I must have stared too long because she smiled, then turned her head to Gail, who was dropping off her drink. Gail and the woman laughed together before Gail returned to check on my progress. I quickly glanced back at the menu and found the first salad that caught my eye. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I ordered.

I waited for my food, watching the ladies dance on the dance floor and tapping my fingers on the bar. I sipped my drink and felt my body relax.

Gail was back with my food and offered to get me another drink. As I ate, I tried not to stare at the brunette who was now directly in my line of sight. Several times other patrons came over, and she would hug them, laugh, and touch their shoulders or back gently. The brunette nodded to Gail and then headed towards the dance floor. Even though she had to be a few inches taller than me, maybe 5’9″, she disappeared quickly into the crowd.

Gail picked up my dishes, smiling and asking if I enjoyed the meal. I told her that it was the perfect salad and had everything I liked. Gail told me to stick around as a live band set up, and they were tuzla escort pretty good. She even implied that maybe it would make my night better if I danced a little. I laughed at her idea. Me dancing in public, that’s a bad idea. My feet always seemed to disagree with what direction my body should be going. Kirt would dance with me sometimes in the kitchen, but that was mostly swaying and just a ploy to lead to sex.

The band set up, and Gail was right. They were pretty good. They mainly played 80’s and 90’s music, so I was familiar with the songs. Gail brought me another drink. Only it wasn’t the same as I had been drinking, and I didn’t order it. I told Gail as much. She nodded her head to the side of the bar, “she thought you might like it.” Gail flashed her smile that I had become accustomed to and walked away.

When I looked over to where Gail had gestured, the brunette from before stood. Her shirt was more open now. I could see the lace on the top of her bra turned to a red satin. Her shirt sleeves were rolled up, and her hair looked slightly tussled. She closed the last few steps with a smile on her face. She kept eye contact, staring me down with her dark blue eyes. As she got close, I thanked her for the drink but told her I wasn’t sure about another drink. She began to sit on the barstool next to me. She spoke with a soft but commanding voice. “It looked like you could use another.” I smiled at her comment; little did she know how bad my week had been. I stared at her in awkward silence. Noticing my lack of knowledge about engaging with people at bars or anywhere, she put her hand out and introduced herself, “Sarah.” I shook her soft, delicate hand, “Tess.” “See, that wasn’t so hard,” said Sarah. Before I knew it, we talked about work, life in the city, and the band. I asked Sarah about the drink. “It’s a Mai Tai,” she laughed. “It’s like being in the islands.” She was correct; the citrus flavors mixed with the rum reminded me of being in the islands, although I had never had this drink there. I guess I was still a bit unadventurous when it came to drinking.

As I reached the last bit of my drink, Sarah grabbed my hand, and before I knew it, we were in the mix of other patrons on the dance floor. Sarah laughed at my surprised facial expression. “Relax,” she said. “Just let go.” Sarah took my hand, lifting my arms with our fingers intertwined into the air and waving them with the music. Before I knew it, I didn’t need her to guide my arms. I was dancing there amongst the other women. I could smell the sweet perfumes swirling with each other. Other women seem to come and go, moving gracefully through the dance floor and around each other, around me. But the whole time, one face remained, Sarah. She was attractive. Kirt would say it was her confidence, and he wouldn’t be wrong, but there was more to her with her hair that dipped past her shoulders and her sun-kissed skin tone. Suddenly, Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Before I knew what was happening or what to do, Sarah pressed her seductive lips to mine and gripped the back of my neck with her other hand. I felt her tongue rub against my lips, almost begging them to part. I had once kissed a girl in college but nothing like this. As I took a deep breath, my lips parted, giving Sarah her opportunity. Suddenly our tongues danced with each other, and she pulled my body to her, gripping my hip with her free hand.

When Sarah let me go, I gasped for air. She smiled. I rushed in the other direction to get off the dance floor. At the edge of the dance floor, Sarah tugged at my arm, forcing me to face her. “Are you okay?” She asked in a calm but direct voice. I let out a nervous laugh. My heart was beating out of my chest, and I felt tingling from a little lower. I was surprised by my body’s reaction to her.

Sarah moved my hair from my face, “Tess, hello, you okay?” She grabbed my hand again and headed toward the bar, giving Gail another glance. Gail set down a glass of water that I grabbed without question as we approached the bar. Sarah laughed at me. Then she leaned over, “First-timers are always fun.” I looked up at her, then quickly looked down in embarrassment. Again she laughed at me, “Don’t be so shy.” As I regained my composure, I glanced back up at her and smiled. “It’s just I am not…” “A lesbian?” Sarah almost yelled the words. I looked around and nodded in agreement with her statement. “So?” asked Sarah. “You still want to have a little fun.” She smiled; it was calming and firing me up inside all at the same time.

Sarah looked around the bar and found a few seats open in a corner booth. She pulled me over with her. And again gave Gail that look; it was like the two had a telepathic connection for ordering drinks. We sat down, and Sarah stroked my arm with her fingertips. I realized I must have left my jacket back on the barstool as I felt her warm touch start burning me up inside. Sarah asked, “what do you want tonight?” After a deep breath, I looked at her and told her my whole story. I told her I was trying to get away from everything for a few hours. Away from work. pendik escort Away from people I knew, away from my husband. Sarah smiled when I mentioned Kirt. “Does he know these are the type of establishments you frequent?” I shook my head. “No, he doesn’t know I am here. I told him I was going out with a coworker.”

Sarah smirked and squinted her eyes a little. “You want to have some fun with him?” I didn’t know what she meant, but she moved in close to me and grabbed my cell phone from my back pocket. Before I could stop her, she squeezed close and said, “cheese.” I smiled at the camera in time for the flash. She quickly glanced at the photo and found Kirt’s number. I tried to stop her, reaching around her bust to grab my phone. I was getting my first real feel of her body. Sarah laughed as she sent the photo to Kirt with a message saying, “Making friends.” Sarah handed me back my cellphone laughing so hard she tilted her head back, revealing her long neck. I was drawn to that stoop just below her ear, longing to touch her there.

It wasn’t much longer, and Gail came up with another set of drinks. Sarah pushed one toward me. I shook my head; I was a little mad with her. Who was she to send that picture to my husband? Before I could yell at her, my phone dinged. Sarah grabbed it again from my hands and jumped up. I reached around her to try to capture the phone. This time, I felt her ass push against me as she played keep-away. Sarah turned around, pleased with herself, and handed me the phone. Kirt’s reply, “Glad you are making friends. Don’t forget to take pictures.” I rolled my eyes and put my phone away, drinking the new concoction in front of me. Sarah sat back beside me, swaying me to the music and humming the words softly in my ear. I could feel her soft breath brush against my ear. “What does he mean about the photos?”

I wasn’t going to answer her. And for the life of me, I don’t know why I wasn’t leaving. Sarah whispered, “Tell me,” as she nipped at my earlobe. A light moan escaped me, my breath betraying me. I glanced at her sitting there, acting innocent while her eyes were burning with lust. I had to smile at her carefree behavior or because I had forgotten what number of drinks I was on. I sighed and told her about the “deal” my husband, and I had. He had given me a free pass to fuck anyone as long as he got photos. I had never used the “pass” or thought of it as anything but a joke in our marriage.

Sarah’s face beamed. She was almost giddy. “Let’s do it.”

“Do what?” I exclaimed.

She walked her fingers up my thighs, “Let’s give him a little thrill too.”

I rolled my eyes at her. She moved her mouth to the side of my neck, nipping and sucking just a little at that spot that I had wanted to do the same to her. Her soft lips applied light pressure, and her teeth nipped my skin. Again my body gave into her as I leaned my head to the side, giving her more access to my body. “Come on, please,” she whispered.

I don’t know why I handed her my phone willingly this time. She pulled up the camera and then grabbed my hair lightly, pulling me to her mouth. I could taste our latest drink on her lips. Again her snuck her tongue into my mouth, and I gave in, responding to her. I heard my phone click a few times. Then I felt Sarah drop the phone into my lap as she ran her hand up my side and over my breast. I was glad I had worn one of my nice lacy bras. Not that I planned the night going any further, but she would feel the light lace under my top as she ran her thumb over my nipple.

As Sarah pushed deeper into my mouth, dancing her tongue all around, I reached my hand to the sides of her face. She pulled back slightly with my hands still cupping her face. I only saw her grin momentarily before she dropped her hands and picked up my phone. My hands fell as well but were still on her body, rubbing her leg. She sent the photo to Kirt. The two of us are in the throes of a deep kiss. You could see our tongues through the slight space between us. I have to admit it was a sexy photo. I was glad I would have it on my phone for future reference. After hitting send, Sarah went back to kissing me and rubbing my body. Her hand was starting to reach under my tank top when my phone dinged. This time I sighed as her hand left me. I could feel things building, and I wasn’t ready to leave the bar anymore.

Kirt responded, noting the hotness of me passionately kissing another woman. He then encouraged us to keep going. It didn’t take Sarah long to read the message and follow the directions. She pushed me against the back of the seat. I ran my hands up and down her back and to her ass lifted slightly off the chair when she leaned into me. What was I doing? My mind tried to figure it out, but I lost all thoughts as Sarah found my breast under my shirt. She had pushed down my bra and was tugging my nipple between her fingers. I moaned with the feeling, wanting more from her. Sarah kissed down my neck again, giving me a moment to catch my breath as she tweaked my nipple harder. I gasped louder this time, ending in a softer moan.

“Come on,” aydınlı escort Sarah said as she suddenly removed her hand and stood up, pulling me along with her.

Sarah went past the bar to a backroom office. She almost twirled me into the room and slammed the door behind me. I tried to tell her that we would get caught, but she quickly stopped my protest, saying that Gail would keep anyone from disrupting us. I could not believe what was happening right now.

Kirt texted again, “No more photos?”

Sarah saw the message, but she pulled my top over my head before picking up my phone. She pushed me against the door putting her leg between mine and thrusting her thigh into my pussy. All the tingles went into hyperdrive. Sarah leaned backstepping only slightly but not releasing me. She grabbed my phone a reached high to take a photo that she knew would show my chest only covered by the thin lacy bra and would have a good view down her shirt as well.

Sarah was good at clicking send without hesitation. She was managing to drive both my husband and me crazy simultaneously.

Kirt quickly responded, telling us his cock was hard n throbbing. He was anticipating the next photo.

Was Kirt permitting Sarah to continue her sexual claiming of me?

Sarah took it as such, laughing at Kirt’s response and telling him that she would be only too happy to keep this going.

I found myself suddenly unbuttoning Sarah’s top. If I was going to be topless, so was she. But Sarah wasn’t going to be beat out in stripping. She quickly kissed down my chest and reached her arms around my back, releasing my bra. It felt good to have my breast freed. While only a B cup, Sarah seemed appreciative based on the soft hum. Quickly she crouched down and began to flick her tongue over my sensitive nipples. I could feel the wetness build at the V of my legs as she teased me.

“Come here, and we’ll give him a real show.” Sarah finished taking off her top and let it fall to the ground. She pulled me forward and bent me slightly over the desk. She handed me the phone and whispered in my ear, “You have to take this one.” Sarah kissed my neck and pressed her sex against my ass.

I held the camera up with one hand and pushed myself up and back into Sarah simultaneously. She moaned as I pushed against her. She leaned down over my shoulder and smiled as she nipped my shoulder. I snapped the photo. “Send it,” she demanded. Her confidence was ever-present.

I clicked send.

Kirt must have been waiting with his hand on his phone and probally the other down his pants because his response was quick. “Fuck, that’s it, baby, give in.” Sarah giggled at his prompt response, and she agreed with his demand for me to give in.

Sarah drug her fingers down my back, lightly scraping her nails against my sensitive skin. She grabbed my hips and turned me around. I reached out for her, but she stopped me. Sarah stepped back and unbuckled her pants. The weighted fabric fell quickly to the floor, revealing her smooth muscular legs and her tiny g-string. Sarah kissed me deeply as she worked my nipples again. I exhaled heavily into her. Sarah moved her hands to my jeans’ buttons. She stopped and looked at me.

“I have a better idea.” She looked at me and turned around towards the door. She turned back to grab my phone and then took hold of the doorknob.

“Wait, stop. We can’t go out there like this!!” I yanked my arm back.

“Shhh, trust me.” Sarah turned back once more and grabbed something off the desk.

Sarah flung open the office door, but instead of turning back towards the bar, she turned to another door. I tried to cover my breast with my one free arm. I wanted to yell at Sarah to get my clothes, but I feared someone would come to see what the commotion was about.

Sarah made quick work of the door, which opened up to a staircase. She pulled me up the stairs to another door. The one benefit was that I got to watch her tight ass as we claimed the stairs. Again she opened the door. It opened into an open kitchen. Beyond it, I could see a living room. Wait, how did we get to an apartment?

The apartment was similar in style to the bar. Sarah, still pulling me, went straight through the kitchen and living room to another set of stairs leading to a loft bedroom. The space was all open with no walls. I could hear the music from the bar, but it was faint.

Sarah pushed me to the bed. I tripped, falling backward. Sarah used the opportunity to grab at my jeans. I didn’t notice that she had already unbuttoned my pants. She undid the zipper then halted to press her body against mine. She hovered over my lips. I wanted her to kiss me to feel her heat. Leaving me longing, she tugged at my jeans and made quick work of them coming off. Sarah was still holding my phone. She took this chance to snap another photo–my breast on display and only my gray laced panties covering me. I hoped my wetness had not seeped through the light-colored fabric. Sarah seemed happy with the photo. After a few more taps, she threw the phone above my head and moved to climb on top of me. She pinned me to her bed by straddling my hips. She grabbed my wrists and held my arms above my head. Sarah was not only fit but strong. I fought a little for her to let me up, but she just smiled. She leaned down and bit my earlobe.

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