The hairdresser

The hairdresser
The place I used to work at last yr had a hairdresser that came in on a regular basis to do the older ladies hair , I noticed her from the word go as she was such a sexy little thing, about 5” 1 and blonde with a sweet little figure and a lovely set off boobs, a little older than I was but at the time I didn’t know by how much, over a few weeks and a little small talk I asked her if she would like to have dinner, and with a little persuasion from a colleague she agreed, I made dinner and we had small talk and we seem to get on well, at the end off the evening we had a little kiss and we parted ways, couple off days later when I saw her at work we arranged to see each other that evening for dinner at my place, after we had eaten we sat together on the couch and to my surprise, and after I played things cool trying to sound her out, she leaned across me and started to kiss me, taken back a little, it quickly turned hot, after a few minutes of heavy snogging and my hands exploring her a little, I asked if she would like to go upstairs to which she said yes, here I had this short little blonde bombshell in my room, kissing passionately and undressing her to reveal the most amazing pair off tits I’ve ever had in my life, for a lady in her late 50’s she had a set like a busty porn goddess and real, no fake shit! As we stripped each other very quick, she told me she wanted her clit licked so as I pushed her quickly onto the bed, she spread her legs to reveal a sweet trimmed pussy that I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to, after she came which was very quickly, we ended up in a 69 position, for a while, I had to stop and after I felt my cum building up, after I explored her a little longer, she all but begged me to stick my cock inside her, in started slowly but she positioned her legs behind my arse as i lay ontop which were pushed into me as I slid out of her nice and tight pussy making me fuck her quicker, which I realised was what she wanted, after a fast missionary fucking, I turned her over and banged her from behind to which made her grind and moan with every push inside her, after a good few minutes off pounding and slapping her arse from behind, she told me to get ontop off her again, this time a clef her like crazy as she pushed her hips upward as I was going in and out off her like fucking mad! She was so turned on and into the it that she was begging me to shoot my load inside her which made me go harder and faster to give her what she wanted, she was pinching and squeezing her nipples as we fucked together, she pulled me to her to kiss me which sent me crazy and as I started to cum she felt me go harder as my cum Shot into her pussy which made her cum one last time!

After a short break we went at it again till the early hours of the next morning, when I saw her the next day at work, we could hardly keep our hands to ourselves, even managed a quick feel running up the stairs, nice ass cock run at the top too.

Our relationship went on for a few months, having sex in her convertible after I was picked up after finishing work
Unfortunately it came to an end, the sexy hairdresser started getting too clingy and as I really liked her I ended up feeling smothered….

There are woman who like to be fucked and fucked well, there are women who like to take the lead, this sexy lady like to be fucked and fucked well, such a shame as I enjoyed every inch off her

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