The Librarian and her Toys


The Librarian and her ToysLisa and I met at the library were she worked, we had been dating for nearly a month and a half now and still yet to have sex, I even begin to wonder if at thirty two years old might she still be a virgin and would it ever happen with us. Lisa was such a shy, tiny, quite woman, just barely five foot tall and barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, she had dark brown hair, sparkling eyes that were always hidden behind a pair of her eye glasses and a body she usually kept covered under baggy clothes. Even after more than a month of us dating at times I still had to pry conversations out of her. “Did you enjoy dinner?” I ask her as we were heading towards my car “yes” was her only response “is everything OK?” I ask She mumbled quietly under her breath, “What was that?” I asked “Would you like to spend the night at my house?” she again asks me quietly, I couldn’t hide my excitement “yeah, yes, I would love to” It was the first time she had asked me to spend the night and I hoped it meant we might finally get to have sex.I drove miles above the speed limit and prayed a cop wouldn’t try and stop me tonight. Back at her place we make our way past her large German Shepard who was waiting silently at the front door and step into her spacious living room. Lisa looks at me and says “I’m horny” she pulls up her skirt, pulls off her panties and sits right down on her sofa with her skirt bunched up around her waist. “Eat me out” she orders.My earlier thoughts of Lisa being a timid little virgin had now totally disappeared. Without hesitation I drop to my knees and begin to lick her shaved pink pussy, she grabs my head tightly and forces my tongue deeper into her. “Eat it good, put your tongue all the way in my hole and make me cum” she demands. I eat her for nearly an hour before she tells me to stop. “Follow me” she says as she drags me quickly into her bedroom.We sit down on her large bed and began to kiss deeply, I pull the large shirt off of her body and as she unsnaps her bra I see that she had both of her nipples pierced. She had such an amazing body I couldn’t believe she kept it covered. I quickly removed my clothes, my penis stood completely at attention, happy that tonight was finally the night. She grabbed a firm hold of my penis as I stood naked in front of her looked me directly in the eyes and says “What would you do to sleep with me?” “anything” I said to her, “anything?” she repeated “I’m going to hold you to that.”Grabbing a scarf from her beside table “put this on” she demands, she sits behind me and ties the scarf around my face blocking my vision completely, grabbing one of her sheets from the bed she wraps it around my wrists tightly, lays me down on the bed and then ties the other end to the headboard. Here I was totally blind and tied to her bed. she began to rub her way down my body and placed my entire bursa rus escort penis in her warm, soft mouth, her teeth gently rubbing the underside of my dick as her tongue flicked back and forth around its shaft. I felt the softness of her lips on me as her finger nails began roughly scratching there way down my chest. “I love the way your cock tastes” she says smacking her lips, I couldn’t believe my ears. after a few minutes of sucking she suddenly grabs me by the ankles and pushes my knees up to my chest, exposing my backside. I felt a smack on one of my butt checks followed by another and then another. “you’ve been a bad little boy haven’t you? you deserve a spanking” she says continuing the paddling until my cheeks were warmed and reddened by her smacks, once she felt I had been punished enough she began to suck on my balls and scrotum, her tongue flicking back and forth across them. Her tongue amazingly traces its way down my taint, the area between my balls and ass all the way to my puckered asshole snaking its way deep inside. Lisa kept her tiny face pressed against my asshole, her tongue flicking around its edges then probing and working its way in and out of the wrinkled hole, curling and twisting once it had gained access to my rectum. This was the first rim job I had ever had and it was amazing how deep she forced her tongue into my asshole. Lisa spit repeatedly into my ass, lubing it up and then I felt one, then another and then a third of her fingers move there way deep into my puckered hole. Her fingers hooking there way upwards to massage my prostate as she masturbated my hard dick with the other hand. “Do you like this?” she asked “yes” I responded. She pulled her fingers from my ass and ordered me to open my mouth, I did as ordered and she placed each of the fingers that where just in my ass into my open mouth. “taste your own ass” she shouts “lube up my fingers for me so I can screw your ass some more.” I never expected to have the taste of my own ass on my lips I thought to myself. Lisa pulled her fingers from my mouth and replaced them in my backside. “You like me fingering your ass, do you want more?” she asked me “yes” I moaned silently.Lisa quickly got up from the bed, I could here her bare feet moving across the bedroom floor heading towards her clothes cabinet. I wondered to myself what happened to the shy timid girl I thought I knew. I could hear her pull open the sliding drawer and pull some things from the cabinet and then bustling as if she was putting something onto her body. Lisa climbed back onto her bed giggling under her breath slightly, she started rubbing a cold thick lube to my backside. Without warning I felt a large foreign object being pushed into my surprised hole. “what are you doing?” I asked nervously. “you said you would do anything to have sex bursa rus escort bayan with me didn’t you?” she states “ye, yes” I stuttered “OK then this is a part of anything, I don’t get to use my strapon often enough” she said as she pushed harder. I grunted at the size and the suddenness of toy moving all the way into my unprepared bowels. “stop acting like a big baby” she shouts at me as she begins to pick up the pace and pound me faster and faster. “do you like it? say you like it” she demands, “you cant screw me yet but I am screwing you” she shouts swearing at me. “I am screwing your tight asshole and you like it, you’re my bitch now” She shouts as she began slamming the toy into me harder and harder as if she was angry at me and trying to split me wide open, she forced my legs all the way apart and held my feet high over my head my ankles around her neck, calves resting on her small shoulders, as she bounced herself up and down into my backside giving my asshole and prostate a serious, strenuous workout. Lisa began to breath harder due to her exertion, it must have been a heck of a workout for her, her thighs bouncing rapidly against mine. I felt the toy rubbing my once virgin rectum raw. “take it, take it and like it” she shouts as she pulls at my hair, with the other free hand she strokes my hard penis a few times and without warning I begin to cum, my toes curl, all muscles tighten and my penis begins to spasm. “uhhh” I moan, cum shooting what seems like five feet high before it splashes back down into pools on my sweaty chest.“I wasn’t ready for you to cum yet” she says sounding a bit upset. After a few more hard deep thrusts she pulls the strapon slowly out of my well used ass, it exits with a slurp and then she rubs it into the mass of cum that lays on my chest, she wipes the tip slowly across my lips, “taste it” she says as she smacks me harder across the lips with her toy. “open your mouth and suck bitch, suck it like you would want me to suck yours” I opened my mouth slowly and she forces the dong past my lips, for the first time I tasted the mix of my own cum and ass juices, I suck it all hungrily off of her plastic penis. Lisa pulls her toy out of mouth and again rubs it into the mass of sticky cum that was still sitting on my chest and then places her toy back into my still open mouth. “Tell me you like the taste of cum” she demands, but I am unable to speak because she has her toy so deep in my throat. She begins pulling at my hair so hard its as if she was trying to pull it all out from the root, she is moaning the entire time she is screwing my mouth with her fake penis, gagging me with it almost making me feel as if I was going to vomit. When she thought I had done a good enough job cleaning her strapon she pulled the dong from my lips and removed the scarf from rus escort bursa around my head allowing me to see her for the first time, what a sight she was, her pierced nipples, long hair out of her usual ponytail, standing in her sexy black harness with the large eight inch neon pink dong attached to it. I watched as a grin spreads across the tiny woman’s beet red face. “Did you enjoy?” she asks me as she rubs the pink dong back and forth in her hands as if she were masturbating it. “we are not done yet” she says as she stood up quickly walking from the room with the strapon still around her waist, the fake penis bobbing up and down in front of her as she walked off leaving me still tied to her bed.She returns with a huge black dildo the size of a wine bottle in tow and sits down right next to me. I watch as she brings her knees up to her chin and slides the toy slowly in. She begins to move the toy faster and faster. “This black dick feels so good” she screams. Her used pussy was right near my face and the massive dildo was making squishing and slopping sound as it moves back and forth through her lips. I watch mesmerized as she grabs the dildo with both hands and slams it into herself. She was abusing her pussy and seemed to be getting off on the pain. Lisa removed one hand from her toy and pushes two of her manicured fingers deep into her ass. She pulls them out of her ass with a plop and holds them right next to her face. “looks like I’ve gotten a bit dirty she says as she takes the ass coated fingers and places them into her open mouth, swirling them around and sucking all of her juices off of them. “I think you need to clean me up” she says to me. Lisa sat up, spread her legs wide and in one movement sat herself down right on top of my head, the black dildo slides out of her as her warm moist thighs part on both sides of my checks. Drips of her cum glazing my face and begans running down my chin. “Open your mouth now” she says, I did as I was told and seeing that she flexed her pelvic muscles and squirted a stream of warm urine right into my open mouth. “Clean me out good” she says before she slams her sloppy pussy onto my mouth and closes her eyes tightly.I began flicking My tongue back and forth across her reddened vagina, I run my tongue deep into her hole tasting the mixture that she had made, I swallowed it all. hearing her moan from what my tongue was now doing to her excited me so much. Lisa ground her self down into my face hard, “lick it all out now damnit” she moaned she humped my face hard and I didn’t complain, I slurped and sucked every drop from her pussy and ass. “Oh my God, I’m cumming” she screams as her body convulses. “Good boy she says” as she shakily pulls herself from my face. “you are a very good boy” she says. She rubs my face gently, and tries to stand, her legs still rubbery from the orgasm. Lisa removes the sheet that she had used to bind my wrist and sits back onto the bed, silently attempting to catch her breath. She leans over and gives me a deep passionate kiss tasting the mix of her vagina and ass that was coating my face. “Lets get some rest” she says before she falls asleep on my still sticky sweaty chest.

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