The Limo Driver


The Limo DriverThis is my first story and it is all true.At age 21I was like any sex craved young man. Good looking, thin, tan with short hair and not much body hair I got my fair share of pussy but most of the girls my age were just not very fun in the sack. I had a couple big breakups and a few one nighters. It was during one of those dry spells that a friend I have known since grade school was turning 21. His birthday just so happens to fall on St Paddy’s day, now is there any more reasons to go drinking than that? So the party started out at the house he was renting a room, a real bachelor pad with 2 other roomies. About 12 friends were attending and we all chipped in for a limo so everyone could get there party on. After a few beers at the house the limo arrived and we all piled in. The limo driver was a 40 something guy, average to heavy build, sort of a younger Santa looking guy with trimmed beard and wearing a black suit. So to the club we went. everything was going off well and everyone was having a great time. About an hour or so in, one of our friends was having too much fun and passed out. We carried him out to the limo so he could sleep it off. Well, the driver was not to keen on baby sitting him so being the nice guy that I was, I stayed and looked after the sleeping drunk guy. After a while the limo driver and I started talking. I was bragging about my mechanical abilities and he was interested in having the limo serviced. Soon he says “hey, what do you think about servicing the limo in exchange for use of the limo?” “I will drive you and your friends around when I don’t have it booked”. This sounds fantastic to me as limos are still something of a spectacle back then. So we exchange numbers and about this time sleeping beauty awakens. He’s in no position to join the party and just sits in the limo as the driver and I get more aquatinted. I find out the driving gig is a fall back when he is not brokering cars. Wow, this guy has seen them all, Corvettes, Ferraris and Lambo’s. So he has my interest and now he say’s “do you do blow?” Well I am not going to be a geek and I say “sure” it was the 90’s after all. He gives me this little tiny egg looking thing and kayseri escort says snort here. Well a short while later I am not sure where I would rather be, out here with him talking about cars or inside with the group of friends partying. Well, the party finally winds down as do I. The next evening I get a call from the driver and he say’s “I don’t have a fare tonight, do you want to take a ride around the town?” I am all over that but don’t have anyone else to bring along. I get all dressed up and wait out front. He arrives and is dressed in his usual black suit and is very professional as he opens the door for his 21 year old solo rider. We start driving around and he drops the partition and say’s “help yourself to the booze and if you are interested I have some more blow, I thank him and help myself to a screwdriver then a couple hits from his egg thing. Here I am in a limo all by myself looking great and high as a kite. I feel like this must be what its like for rock stars. After a while of driving around we both needed to piss. So he found a quiet street and parked. We both got out and pissed on the road and he asked where I wanted to go. I said “any place people can see me, maybe they will think I’m a rock star or something”. I can only imagine what anyone might be thinking if they had seen us. He say’s “I meant to bring some videos of the car auctions but mistakingly grabbed some porn instead. It’s okay if you don’t want to watch them though.” We are off and I pop the video in and it’s a good straight porn movie and now I am as horny as hell, I have a rock hard cock but no girl to fuck. The partition is down so I can’t jack off. So we get to the downtown area and he pulls over and parks, then he asks me if it’s okay if he joins me in the back for a drink. “Sure” I say, he climbs in and makes himself a Scotch and we are watching the video as he asks about my girlfriends and such. When I tell him I am single at this point he asks about my last girlfriend and what she looked like, what we did together and such. Soon were talking about sex and watching it on the video. At this point he is working on his second Scotch and I am feeling great, I am sure he can see my bulging crotch. He say’s “why don’t you take off your shoes and put your feet up?” I am sitting on one of the long couches and he is across from me. I slide my Boots off and rest my feet beside him still completely oblivious to anything. The movie is starting to really heat up and my cock is really starting to ache. He then starts slowly massaging my feet and soon takes off my socks and is really making my feet and lower legs feel good. I was heavy into cycling then and this feels fantastic to me but I’m a little shocked when he puts one of my big toes in his mouth. It feels incredible but at the same time I am freaking out a little. He really knows how to use his tongue and mouth and now he is fully sucking on all of my toes sliding his tongue between my toes and I am in heaven. I had no idea someone could make me feel so good without even touching my cock. I never knew I was so into having my feet massaged and toes licked until that night. This goes on for a while but soon enough he is sliding his hand up the insides of my jeans higher up my legs. Then the outside of the jeans around my crotch and rock hard cock. All the while he still has my toes in his wet and warm mouth. I am transfixed between his mouth and tongue on my toes and the movie as he takes my toes out of his mouth just long enough to help me unbutton my fly and slide my pants down. I can’t hardly wait to feel that hot mouth on my manhood and I feel like my cock just grew an inch as soon as my pants were down. He feels this excitement and uses it to his advantage, now he wants me completely naked and I am every bit willing to oblige, I don’t care about the world around me, at this point I am so ready and hot my cock is dripping with pre-cum. As he resumes his tongue bath on my toes I can sense he is drooling at the sight of my hard dripping cock. As the porn video nears its end I am lying on a limo bench completely naked and as hot as I have ever been. The movie ends and now its just me and the driver and the sound of the ocean waves. I let myself go and at this point and feel as close as any man can to being a seduced woman. He has me completely wanting his attention. The limo driver works his mouth up my thighs and to my groin, saliva practically pouring from his mouth as he nears my stone hard cock. After licking up the pre-cum on my stomach and licking my balls. Filling his mouth with them he softly and carefully swirls them and then licks my shaft and cock head then devours my cock sinking his mouth over my hard cock and swirling his tongue over me. I am in ecstasy, he knows exactly how much pressure and speed to use, his mouth is so wet and warm I feel like I am going to burst after just a few seconds, sensing this he just keeps going! He is practically purring now as he buries is mouth into my pubes and takes my cock down his throat. The sounds of his cock sucking are incredible, the slurping sounds and moaning coming from him. The smell of his colon and the Scotch are intoxicating as I watch my cock disappear then reappear from his expert mouth glistening with wetness. I feel my balls tighten as my peak approaches. His whole body seemed intent on only my pleasure and I felt like he would love to put my entire body in his mouth if he could. I feel my first climax wave, harder and with more intensity then I have ever had, then another and another my cum is gushing from my cock and filling his mouth, without even slowing he swallows every drop and is milking my cock of all I have to offer as if it were a milkshake. He seems to be encouraged by my filling his belly with my cum. My body is tingling all over as he slows then licks very softly and carefully about my cock. Without hesitation he resumes the tongue bath on my toes until my cock begins to stir again at which point he is back to his work on my cock again. I last a little longer this time and I am watching closely as this 40 something year old man expertly conjures my seaman. Again without hesitation he swallows every drop. Believe it or not this happens once more before the evenings done(I was 21 after all). The few days after I was pretty conflicted and confused to the point I would not take his calls and lost touch with him. But after a few months went by I realized It was okay and now, nearly 23 years later I am a happily married father, bi and I love to give and receive BJs. This will no doubt go down as my most intense sexual experience. Thanks for the ride Mr Limo driver.

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