The long night out. Part 1.


The long night out. Part 1.The long night out. On the Boeing 747, the hubby was day dreaming, and once again found himself stroking his semi hard cock through his jeans during the flight. He was thinking of the weekend that he had planned out for weeks, in every detail. Home for just one weekend, unbeknownst to his wife. Knowing the city she was out partying in, the hotel and the places she would visit, and finally the club at the end of the night, and that was the place where he planned things would turn interesting.Thirty minutes later the hubby landed on a bright Friday afternoon, summer time. He headed straight into the city, booked into the tallest of the cities hotels and with a little work talking to the cute receptionist found out the room his wife was in. Asking to book into either one of the adjoining rooms, there was one free. He had spent a month away from his blonde wife and tonight she was going to get a full month of pent up sexual frustration unleashed on her! The blonde wife was really looking forward to her night out with her best mates. They were going out for a long overdue clubbing blowout! She was in the city’s tallest hotel with great views all around. With the huge glass window in front of her as she looked out over the city. She noticed the reflection of the small package on the bed that she had received earlier that morning. It was delivered by courier as she was just about to jump into the car to drive to the city. She just signed for it and chucked it in the back seat. When she arrived at the hotel she grabbed it as she picked up her overnight bag. Once settled into her room, she showered with dance music blazing to get her more in the mood. Now as she turned, walked to the bed, opening it up and slightly intrigued as to what it might be. Opening the outer paper, the expensive looking box inside had a small tag attached to it.It Read….Wear this tonight. If you don’t, I will know. Do not remove them, or take them off at any point. If you do I will know. There will be consequences if you do. X The brunette adjusted her lace bra from underneath her expensive black tight all in one dress, which hugged her figure perfectly. Standing in her new 4 inch heels looking at her in the full length mirror, Smokey eyes, teardrop diamond earrings and chain, immaculate and smiling. Because today she knew, only six months into her newly promoted dream job, she was closing her first big deal, from a big overseas investor. So she knew there would be a nice big bonus in this month’s salary, and that is why yesterday, she had gone into the city, and bought herself the sexiest most beautiful shoes she had ever seen, from probably the most expensive shop she had ever been in. Since being promoted she had travelled to many different countries experiencing many different cultures, but this week, she had been back to the country she had once called home.The hubby to have landed his new job working away, six months ago, earning good money because of the nature, danger, and pure hard work every day, needed to succeed in this job. Yet he had gained weight, muscle weight, his upper body had gained, just pure natural muscle over the six months of hard work, and it showed. He had more money than he had ever had, but still he lived a modest life away from home, and only spent when needed. But the problem was, he had vices! and they did cost him. After going up to his room to shower and get ready for the long night out, he dressed in his newly purchased fitted suit, picked bostancı escort one of his four ties to wear and his favourite belt, fixed his hair, trimmed his stubble and sprayed just a hint of aftershave on himself. Heading out the hotel lift, with the gaze of the receptionist following him as he smiled to himself, because tonight he felt something, that he couldn’t quite place, was going to happen.It was exactly one hour after the brunette left her hotel to walk the short distance to the bar/restaurant called quatopygia. The deal with her client had gone perfectly. She downloaded the last part of the deal onto her usb stick just in case her laptop went down. Putting it on the table in the relatively quiet bar then ordered herself a large cocktail and finished up her work by sending the last email of the day.The hubby headed to the bars as the sun was setting behind the buildings. Not really bothered which bar he ended up in as long as it served food, and wasn’t really that busy. Deciding which one looked the best and the quietest, he headed towards the bar door, he then noticed what the bar was called, and laughed. As he walked in he knew he had picked well, heading straight to the bar, sitting on the bar stool, he ordered a drink, and started to look at the menu.As the brunette closed down her laptop, a guy in an expensive fitted suit walked in smiling to himself. There was something about him she couldn’t place as she followed him, with her eyes all the way to the bar. Sitting down with his back to her now her brain saying to her…who is he? Why does he look familiar to me?….sucking up the last of her cocktail, she felt the buzz of the alcohol travelling through her veins, relaxing back with a halcyon feeling coming over her, enjoying herself now. She forgot about the guy at the bar. Mind wondering, when was the last time she had let he hair down? When was the last time she orgasmed ? Weeks she thought. Then straight away she felt a tingle run through her clit. Had she just woke her clit up? She thought. Or had it been something else? But the latter thought never entered her mind, and a chain of events over the next 12 hours she also could not have imagined to.As the blonde wife headed out the hotel door with her gift she received on. Long straight hair down her back with big natural breasts, with curves in all the right places; in her sexy new dress she looked good! Really good! She met up with her two good mates in the bar they had chosen to start there long night out in the city. Packing her laptop away and deciding to go back to her hotel, the brunette was now deep in thought, going through the motions of packing away all her belongings, thinking about reading the last part of her book when she got back. All packed up she left her corner seat and headed to the door.Half way through eating his food, the hubby felt something. Like a sixth sense he had when it came to certain things. He sensed movement behind him, and by the time he had swivelled around on his bar stool, he knew why his conscious had said to him “turn around!” As he did, he found himself watching women with long brunette hair walking away from him. He scanned down her body small frame with a small waist but with a perfectly round pert arse, in a perfectly figure hugging dress. He watched it all the way to the door, then out the door. He just sat looking at the door for a long moment thinking “wow, that was one beautiful bum!” Then he laughed as he fatih escort reminded himself of what the bar he was sat in right now was called. Taking his eyes off the door he looked down to where the brunette with the arse had come from, and noticed something.The blonde was now in full flow, the three of them chatting away, enjoying the moment, gossiping, laughing, all was good, and it would be for all of them, bar one. She was going to get the shock of her life later on that night. Little did she know her hubby had planned to punish her from a day, that he had started, but she had finished in her little party shop many months ago. It was payback time and she never had a clue!As the hubby went over to the table where the brunette had sat, he could see as he reached the table that she had left behind a small usb stick…. He put it in his pocket as he turned back to the bar, he finished up his food and drink, paid up, then headed for the door. He scanned left and right, looked across the road and spotted what he after….as he entered the internet cafe. He paid for fifteen minutes, sat at a computer and put the usb stick in. Two files popped up on his screen…he clicked one called work…within minutes he found only one piece of information with her marital status, surname, where she worked and more importantly her mobile phone number…he opened up his phone and put the number in and saved it… Then he got curious, smiling to himself as he clicked on the other file after reading the title, scanning through the pages for ten minutes, reading a couple of extracts….time up, he put the usb in his pocket, and left the internet cafe. He crossed back over the road, went into the back into the bar, asked the bar tender a couple of questions, and smiled when he received the answers. Walking all the way back to the hotel with the buzz of the alcohol running through her. She was looking forward to getting up to her room, getting into her book and getting herself off! By the time she reached the hotel she was horny and couldn’t wait to release an orgasm. Walking into the lobby she felt the vibration first, then heard the ring….her mobile phone was ringing!The hubby waited in the new bar that described the reason for his biggest vice. He had got the directions from the bar tender after he asked if the guy who owned this bar had any others. He believed everything happened for a reason, that’s why he wanted to see if there was maybe another bar with another funny name that could bring him more luck. When he called the brunette, he told her about finding her usb stick and to meet him at this bar. But firstly he went to a cash machine, withdrew some money, transferred a precise amount of money between his accounts, then withdrew a mini statement. He thought it was funny regarding the situation, and he needed to pass a bit of time, before the club. He wanted to see this brunette up close, and especially that arse again! If she didn’t have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, he had a little plan, and maybe a bit a game he would try and play with her.Where the fuck was this bar with the stupid name the brunette thought! The Philogyny Bar….he told her where it was over the phone and after ten minutes of looking in the location he said, she found it. She walked in, slightly sceptical of the man who had looked on her usb stick, with all her vital work information and within thirty something minutes of her losing it, rang her phone to return it to her, bağcılar escort in the another relatively quiet bar, straight away as she walked in, she was drawn just to one person, at the bar…a different bar….but the same guy in the fitted suit!The blonde and her two mates where now on the other side of the city. Still drinking and laughing, there conversations had turned to sex and what they liked, have done, and would like to do in their fantasies. As they all talked and laughed, all three of them deep down where getting more aroused as the conversation continued….each one laughed and joked at every fantasy revealed, but they each secretly enjoyed hearing about other woman’s fantasies and vices.Sat on another bar stool this time facing the bar door, a short vodka with ice in his right hand, resting on his knee, left hand stroking his semi hard cock through his pants waiting for the brunette to appear, feeling really good with a buzz of excitement flowing through him. The door pulled open the light from outside hid the face, but he could tell by the body silhouette that it was the brunette, fuck! That body approaching him…closer…and closer, it was like she knew exactly where to go?. Pulchritudinous!…….as the light from outside faded, and the neutral light from the bar showed and uncovered the face, and complete full figure of the brunette he was expecting, he was taken back for a good few seconds, he never expected this! Straight away the smokey eyes look caught him!, one of his biggest weakness straight away, real pretty, perky round chest, she looked like an athlete scanning down the figure, holy shit he thought!, and to top it all off, the shoes, it was the shoes what sealed it!, stunning, absolutely fucking stunning!Ok, calm the fuck down he told himself as she came into the final few metres towards him! Realising to himself, as she smiled, and said “hi….do you have my usb stick?” that he was grabbing his cock through his pants so hard it was throbbing and now rock hard!. Not saying anything as he started to shake his shoulders out of his jacket with his free hand while still sat down, struggling slightly, as his shirt underneath pulled tight against his newly toned arms and chest revealing exactly what lay beneath, then as he was placing the jacket across his lap, he said “hello”.The brunette slowed her walk halfway to the guy in the suit as soon she spotted the grip of his left hand tightened around what could only be his cock!, as she reached him, she too had to calm herself and asked her question. Not replying he then started to take his jacket off. Standing so close to him, she smelled his aftershave then watched every part of his torso move underneath his tight shirt as he tried to release his jacket, the shape of his arms stood out more than anything but then she couldn’t help to glance down at to where his hand had just been. A thick long cock shaped perfectly across his tight pants and u*********sly her pussy started to moisten just that bit more. She tried to look on calmly as she could, but inside her head, she felt an uncontrollable lust. Time to play he said to himself…”Well firstly I need to know your name”, Anna she lied. No, your surname, smiling he said “to make sure that it is your usb stick”…she sensed he was playing a game right away…..”what’s your name?” she asked, just to try and get into the game that she had sensed straight away, plus she wanted to know if she knew the name, and to find out if she did know him from somewhere, sometime…..” my name?”… pausing for a slight second, “oh ok then, its Christian” he said with a smile on his face, that he couldn’t hide no matter how hard he tried, she then knew with certainty he was playing with her, and she also knew, that was a lie to.3 hours later……..

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