The Mall Visit…


The Mall Visit…I like going to the mall and trying on clothes, even tho I had no money to buy new clothes, growing up in my neighborhood was paycheck to paycheck, new clothes usually meant hand me downs from older siblings.So from time to time I would sneak off to the mall that was nearly thirty miles away from my home and at least another world away. I would shower and dress up in my best clothes to put on the appearance of at least being able to afford the clothes I tried on.I arrived at the mall near one o’clock and wondered around to see which store was the busiest, usually you are not too noticed by sales clerk and I could try on a number of out fits before I had to leave. No I wasn’t going to steal anything, my folks would slaughter me if they even knew I was just trying on clothes.This day I got carried away and was trying on suits, slacks shirts and shoes and walking around the dressing room area like some sort of fashion model. As I was changing out of the last suit the lights flickered. knowing this was a sign that the store was closing, I hurried up and changed.Suddenly the door flew opened and there I was only in my jockeys holding a pair of new slacks in my hands. The stocky store ankara escort clerk standing there looking at me very sternly, he was no taller than 5’5, and was as broad as line backer.I didn’t no what to do as he stood there starring at very intently ‘…last month you wee in here trying on clothes and bought nothing, today you are back again in my store trying on my clothes. Now step back let me see if you are trying to steal anything…’Shocked at the allegation I stumbled over my shoes and fell against the back of the room. The store clerk entered the small five by five room and pulled the door up behind him. I was terrified as to what he thought I was doing and tried to speak all I could do was to squeak something unintelligent.The clerk placed his hand against my chest and pined me against the wall as he moved my clothes and the new clothes around till they were in a pile in one corner. He asked sinisterly ‘…you trying to steal from me aren’t you…’Panicking I shook my head from side to side as the clerk looked at me with a sinister smile on his lips. I was so intent on looking him in the eye I did not notice the sales clerk undoing his belt till his pants slipped to the floor.His penis ankara escort bayan was rock hard eight inches long with a big broad purplish penile head. With one swift movement his hand went from my chest to my throat. I was in a vise like grip as the clerk stepped out of his slacks and moved closer to me pinning me against the back wall.His voice not threatening but meaningful ‘…I watched you prance around like a little show girl, now you pay for soiling my clothes and wasting my time…” I had hold of his wrist in both my hands trying to pull him away from my neck as he increased his grip.Slowly and very quietly he spoke to me ‘…shed your drawers do it now and I’ll be gentile. Act a fool and I’ll still get what I wont but you will regret it…’ I stopped struggling as his body pressed against mine and I felt his man hood throbbing against my stomach. I manage to get my hands in the top of my under wear and push them down somewhat.It was than he kissed my chest and lower neck and said ‘…see, I don’t want to hurt you any. Lift your left leg up as high as you can…’ I did as he said and he placed his right arm under my left leg just about my knee.AS he lifted my leg I felt escort ankara he leaned away from me and his rigid penis dropped to it’s natural position. Hard and throbbing beneath my between my thighs, my testicles and flaccid penis above his rigid tool as he slid his rigid impaler back and forth.I managed to gasp out very quickly ‘…please don’t you’re too big…’ He answered me ‘…don’t worry, you’re going to suck my dick and get it very wet before I stick it up your tight ass hole…’Just than the store lights went out and I could here the sound of the security gate being lowered in place. The clerk smiled and said ‘…we’re all along, just you and me. I am the only one that can get us out of here without sitting off the alarm. Now I want you to lick my chest all the way down to my dick and you better suck my dick like it was going out of style or you’ll be so sorry…’I thought {how can I suck his dick with him holding my leg up in the air} He said very slowly ‘…brace your self I’m going to hold your leg so you don’t act stupid…’ He let go of my neck and stepped back slightly as I tried to lick his chest and stomach to his crotch. It was no easy task as he kept my leg up and me off balance. I took hold of his rigid tool out of necessity as I worked my lips over his midsection. Finally I Ask ‘…let me get on my knees I’ll do what you want and not fight…’ His reply was simple ‘…fight iof you want I’ll still get what I want…’

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