The neighbour’s Daughter Part 4


The neighbour’s Daughter Part 4I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it is true that my time in the airplane toilet with Cindy was the first time since Christmas that Mandy had not been on my mind totally.However, as soon as I got home and back to my normal routine Mandy started to take over my life again. If you’ve been following the story up to now you will know that she has me completely under her spell. Every time I thought about the view up her skirt, her panties, the lovely smell of her excited pussy and watching her get off while she ordered me to wank in front of her, was messing with my head, not to mention my constantly hard cock! I still had Mandy’s gym knickers which had been taking quite a soaking over the few weeks since I last saw her.I had been home for about a week and not a sign of Mandy which was in some ways a relief, but in others I was having withdrawal symptoms. Then completely out of the blue Mandy and her mum turned up one evening. My initial thought was that we’d somehow been busted and my life was about to fall apart, but no. To cut a long story short, Mandy had some college project to do that just happened to fall into my realm of expertise and she had come round to ask if I could help her out with some ideas. I think her Mum just came to offer moral support. So it was arranged that I would go round the following evening for a while to help out. There was no hint from Mandy that anything unusual was going on.Now I didn’t know at the time whether Mandy had set this up deliberately to further humiliate me or whether it was a genuine need for help. I was soon to find out.I arrived at Mandy’s house the following evening, made the usual greetings with her Mum and Dad and to my surprise one of Mandy’s friends was also there. Apparently Rose was doing the same project at college, so if I didn’t mind could she sit in as well. Now, I should explain, Rose is the daughter of another close friend from the other side of our village. She is quite petite but extremely pretty. In any case, off we went to Mandy’s room which I assumed was okay with her parents as we would not be alone. I was quite disappointed, but also relieved that nothing was going to happen while her parents were both in the house. How wrong I was!!Mandy closed the door and she and Rose ankara escort went and sat on her bed.“Rose wants to see your cock Simon” were Mandy’s first words.“What, no. No way, what are you talking about?” was my unconvincing reply.“Look here Perv’, I’ve told Rose all about you. Wanking into my panties, and my mum’s while you look up my skirt. She doesn’t believe me, so I am going to prove it. Now get your cock out”I looked at Rose and she had gone quite red in the face, but she was smiling. As I started to unzip my jeans I could see Rose concentrating harder and leaning slightly forward. I felt very awkward and as I lowered my jeans and shorts my cock was quite limp. “Well that’s a bit pathetic Simon” was Mandy’s response. “Let’s see if we can do something about that.”Mandy grabbed the hem of her skirt and raised it till it was halfway up her thighs. She slightly spread her legs. She then unbuttoned her blouse to only a few buttons at the bottom and pulled it open to reveal a lacy bra bulging with her full ripe milky breasts. My cock started to twitch.I went to grab my cock, but Mandy stopped me “Let’s see how hard it will get by just watching”Rose was still sat crossed legs on the bed staring at my cock. Her beautiful dark eyes were transfixed.“Come on Rose, you need to help too” said Mandy, and reached across her lap and started to pull Rose’s skirt up. “Open your legs a bit Rose, let’s tease him. It’s fun” I don’t think Rose was too sure about this turn of events, but it seems Mandy was in control of everything and she uncrossed her legs and opened them slightly. As Mandy raised her skirt I got to see more of Rose’s slender legs, but she stopped Mandy short of the top of her thighs. Then Mandy started undoing Rose’s blouse, pulling it open to reveal a small white bra. Her chest was very small, but I could clearly see the outline of her nipples poking hard at the flimsy material. Rose caught me staring and went bright red and quickly closed her blouse.“Come on Rose, you’re not usually that shy about flashing the boys” said Mandy. “But he’s not one of the boys, he’s my Dad’s mate!” “I know” said Mandy “much naughtier and much more fun. Here watch”Mandy stood up and walked towards me, then raised her skirt as high as she could. I could see her skimpy pink panties ankara escort bayan (probably her mothers), partially covered by the blouse still tucked into her skirt. She stood in front of me and started gyrating her hips only a foot away from my cock. She was clearly showing off to her mate, but it had a good effect on my cock, now starting to point skywards.Rose started giggling at the spectacle in front of her, and I must admit it would have looked quite funny. Mandy gestured for Rose to join her, which she did. Mandy lifted her skirt right up to show me her panties. They were not as skimpy as Mandy’s but equally as exciting to see. Then the 2 girls turned to face each other and embraced, still gyrating. Mandy grabbed Rose’s arse and pulled her into her own body. The contrast in builds was amazing; Mandy almost swamped Rose’s slight frame. Her breasts were pushed hard into Rose as they embraced. If Rose had been a few inches shorter her face would have been buried in Mandy’s cleavage. They both seemed to get lost in their own world and slowed down there gyrating. It was an incredibly sexy sight, right in front of me. Then something I’ll never forget as long as I live. Mandy grabbed Rose’s face in both hands and kissed her hard on the lips. For a brief second their mouths opened and I saw their tongues working into each other’s mouths. Then Rose seemed to remember where she was and pulled away, again blushing .Mandy looked down at my now very stiff cock. “That seems to have done the trick” she said followed with a giggle. She turned back to Rose “Do you want to see that cock cum?”Rose nodded. “Take your panties off” said Mandy as she reached under her own skirt and pulled hers down her legs and over her ankles. Rose was a bit slower but soon her panties were off and in her hand. “Hang them on his cock” Mandy instructed.Soon both pairs of panties were hanging on my cock. “Go on then perv’ start stroking it” I did as I was told as the girls sat back on the bed and watched. Mandy raised her skirt again, but her legs were closed. I could see her dark pubic hair, but not much else. She leant over and did the same to Rose. Oh my, what a sight. I was going to cum quickly, I knew that. Mandy then leant back onto her elbows and as she did so she opened her legs escort ankara exposing herself to me. Rose did the same. In contrast to Mandy, Rose’s pussy was much less hairy and not as dark. I could clearly see her lips which were looking very moist. “Come closer” instructed Mandy. I got as close as I dared without my legs touching theirs. I knew by now touching was not an option, at least not yet. Mandy raised her feet up onto the bed and with her knees wide apart this had the effect of opening up her pussy and exposing her arse to me. Rose copied her. I was now working my cock slowly up and down, not wanting this to be over too quick, but conscious of being caught. My eyes were flitting between the two pussies in front of me, both so different, but both so beautiful. I’d see Mandy plunge her fingers into her cunt, but wondered what, if anything had been in Rose’s yet. I strongly suspected at least her fingers had been in there. “Come on Simon, time to cum. Show Rose how you spurt. Cum while looking at her cute little cunt. I bet you’d like to lick that wouldn’t you. I can tell you it tastes great. I’ve licked it and stuck my tongue in there and made Rose cum. I bet you’d like to see that.” Fucking hell!! Would I ever. “I’m cumming” I grunted. Mandy sat up and grabbed Rose’s thighs and opened them wide.“Cum on her cunt Perv”. My eyes locked on Rose’s face as I shot spurt after spurt over her thighs and pussy. She jumped when the first load hit her, but then relaxed and just watched it splatter down on her.Mandy used her friends panties to clean my cum off her, before they both sorted their clothes out and then sat quite demurely on the bed watching me fumble with my shorts and jeans.Mandy threw Rose’s panties back to me, covered in cum. “You know what to do with those” she said “and mine too”.We never did do any work. I needed to go. As I was about to walk out her bedroom door Mandy told me to wait just a second. Her and Rose were stood watching me.“By the way Perv’ this is what you are going to be missing after you’ve gone.With her hands on Rose’s shoulders she forced her down onto her knees right in front of her, then lifted her skirt and pulled Rose’s face into her pussy. “Make me cum Rose. Lick my clit”. Because they were side on to me I could not see anything, but I could hear what was happening. Rose’s head was hidden under Mandy’s skirt, but Mandy was looking straight at me, a huge smile on her face as she ground her pussy into Rose’s face. She was loving it!“Goodbye Simon; thanks for cumming”I was dismissed!

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