The night my friends sister snuck out.


The night my friends sister snuck out.When I moved to college I do have to say it was awesome I had my own apartment in a highrise and my best friend from high school Kevin lived three floors under me. I met people right away and did my fair share of partying, drinking, and hooking up with girls. I met a girl named Amy who lived on my floor she was 23 the same age as me. She was what could be described as a “Good Girl” she was about 5 foot 5, glasses, not fat but not skinny and blonde/brown short hair. She had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop us from becoming friends I would hang out with her all the time and talk about almost anything. One day I went up to her apartment she opened the door and I went to sit down at her kitchen table as usual when a girl walked out of her bathroom, Her name was Tracy and she had just turned 18 she was down to visit her sister for her birthday. I knew she had a sister from talking about her before but this was the first time I met her. She was about the same height as her sister and she had long flowing black hair, and for her age she was very developed she had to at least have a D cup and she had a tight waist and an amazing round ass. After hanging out with Amy and Tracy for a couple hours I noticed Tracy was nothing like her sister, she liked to party and you could just tell she was a wild girl unlike her sister Amy.The next day I checked my Facebook and Tracy had sent me a message with her phone number and she asked me to text her. I started texting her and after awhile It seemed like I was talking to her more than her sister Amy. Tracy lived in a town about a half hour away with her grandma. One night I was sitting in my apt watching T.V it was about 8pm and I was going to get ready for bed when Tracy texted me and asked fethiye escort if she could come over. I said sure I guess where you at? At my grandmas she said come get me I’m going to sneak out. I said “Are you serious?” she said yes. Alright I said so I got directions from her, hopped in my truck and was on my way. When I got into her town she texted me and told me to wait by the park down the road from her grandmas house. I waited for about five minutes when all of the sudden she seemed to come out of nowhere, she popped open the passenger door and hopped in and she said “Drive”. She was wearing a low cut black top with lace where her tits were and very tight jeans. I asked her why she would risk sneaking out to come over to my place? She said that she wanted to hang out and spend time with me but never had the chance without her sister knowing.We were talking about random shit when she started flipped through the CD’s I had in my truck, she found one popped it in my CD player and cranked the volume all the way up. I had two bucked seats upfront and in between the seats I had a twelve inch speaker in a box for bass, she cranked the volume so loud you could see the speaker vibrating up and down. She started to dance so sexy in her seat rubbing her hands up and down on her body and threw her hair. She kept looking at me and smiling as she shook her amazing little body. She asked if I thought she was sexy and I emphatically said Yes. She danced for about half the ride to my place when all the sudden she said she wanted to try something. She got out of her seat and straddled the speaker while facing me she smiled and started rubbing her body again as she started to moan from the vibrating speaker on her pussy. I was stunned how amazingly sexy she looked as she escort fethiye smiled at me while moaning. I reached over to put my hand on her leg, she swatted it away smiled and said “You will have to wait” with an evil smirk on her face. When we got back to my apartment we had to use the stairs so her sister didnt see her in the elevator. We got back to my place and she said she wanted to go to the bedroom and talk. I sat at the head of the bed as she laid with her head on my lap and we talked for it seemed like an hour, she was rubbing my leg while I had my hands on her arms rubbing them while we talked. After awhile she smiled and said be right back, She went into the kitchen and came back with a cup of chocolate pudding. She handed the pudding to me laid back on the bed with her arms above her head and said “I want you to lick pudding off my body” I smiled and said OK. I started by climbing on top of her moving her hair aside and started kissing her neck as I kept her hands above her head, I moved down moved her shirt up about two inched from jeans and started kissing her stomach as she moaned quietly. She opened the pudding cup put a little on her neck I licked and sucked it all off, she put some more around her bellybutton and I slowly licked it up. She pulled her top off and put some on her tits just above her bra, I sucked all the pudding off both of her soft amazing tits. She put the pudding down pulled her bra off and I began sucking on her light pink tiny nipples as she giggled and moaned. As I sucked her tits I unfastened her belt and pulled her jeans off. She had on black lace panties, I kissed from her inner thigh up to her pussy. I licked and sucked on her panties where her pussy was.I slid her panties off and started licking her shaved tiny fethiye escort bayan pussy she put her hand on my head and pulled my hair while arching her back as I sucked her pussy lips and her little clit. I got up and took my shirt off, she sat on the side of the bed and kissed her way down my stomach as she unfastened my belt and took my pants off exposing my rock hard cock. She looked up at me as she started sucking me I looked into her eyes as I moaned, it felt amazing. After awhile she laid down on the bed, I climbed on top of her tiny body and started kissing her as I slid my cock in her tight little pussy which was very wet. She arched her back and moaned as I fucked her slowly at first until she whispered in my ear “Faster”. I fucked her faster and harder while she bit down on my pillow to keep from moaning to loud. She spit out the pillow and yelled “I’m gonna cum!!” I felt her body quiver and go limp as her pussy gushed cum all over my cock. She pushed me off her and told me to lay down, she climbed on me and rode my cock while squeezing her tits, she grabbed the headboard and thrusted her hips so hard she came again. I grabbed her tits as she threw her body backwards and screamed. She hopped off me and bent over the bed as I got behind her and grabbed her hips and slammed her ass on my cock until I couldent hold it anymore and thrusted as hard as I could and shot my load into her tiny body.She took a shower and I brought her back home, all she said said as she hopped out of the truck was “Thank you for the good time, I hope we can do it again”. I dident see her for about a month when one day there was a knock at my apartment, it was her sister Amy, she yelled “What the fuck were you thinking?!” I said what the hell are you talking about? She looked to her left and said Tracy get over here. She walked in front of my apartment door, I looked at her and we smiled at each other as she looked down I followed her eyes and and than I saw it…..she was rubbing her belly with her hands.

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