The old man in the bus stop


The old man in the bus stopIt was early morning 06:35 to be exact, and in the middle of Winter, minus 20C, so how he even managed to get it hard, was a wonder, but shooting onto my coat, well that was pretty fucked up, but I knew who he was, even the smell of his semen, yes I was that kind of girl.I was at junior secondary, which was 30km from where I stayed, and it took an hour by bus, hence my early rise and long bus journey. I came to the same bus stop every morning at the same time, and yes he started showing up, but never got on the bus, so I thought he was working at another part in town and took a different bus.In the beginning he said nothing, but by the end of the week he had introduced himself and showed me where he lived, which was in the big building behind the bus stop, even pointed out his apartment, no doubt seeing me every morning.I am a tall statuesque girl with long blond hair, an athlete who competes in school sports and pretty well known, as I am always in the local press, so when I introduced myself, he nodded knowingly, saying he was a big fan, which made me both laugh and feel slightly embarrassed.At one time some weeks later, he even asked me over for dinner, but I declined, what would a girl my age do with a man four times older than me, I think it was then he started to be a little bit stranger and I could sense his infatuation and slight weirdness.On that morning it was snowing pretty heavily and I was wrapped-up pretty tightly in my duffel coat, with the hood up, and with the wind blowing into my face I tended to have my eyes closed, what with the cold and tiredness.He stood behind me and I guess that was when he did it, and I only found out because I took my coat off inside the heated bus and lay it across my lap. At first I thought it snow and brushed it, then I realised what it was, because of its smell, and I sat there a little dumbfounded, that he had did this, then as the journey wore on, it’s audacity stuck me, and if I am honest, I toyed with it until it just disappeared into the fabric of the coat.I wondered what he would have thought if he were a fly on the bus window that morning and watched me play with his sperm, in a small way, I was sad it had türbanlı diyarbakır escort disappeared, I took quite a liking to semen that morning, smelt my finger and sucked it clean, ‘I shall tell him in the morning I had tasted him’, and I laughed, as the bus pulled into my station and I got off, feeling very much the desirous female.That night as I lay in bed, I thought over and over again about what he had done on my coat, and it triggered a reaction in me, which could only be satisfied by me masturbating, which I did, now he was a sex symbol, an object of sexual gratification, I used him having sex with me to achieve my orgasm, he was turning me on as my mind went wild with sexual fantasies involving him, helped me to cum easily.I needed a vibrator, and would ask him to buy me one, and in return, I would give him something he wanted, and having resolved that issue I slept soundly, confident in my plan.The morning could not come quick enough, and I awoke horny and wet, but I restrained the temptation to touch myself, these powerful urges I was feeling would provide me with the impetus to confront him, and in a single frame of mind I left me house and went to the bus stop and awaited his arrival.My bus came and I boarded it, angry, frustrated, and disappointed, he had not come for the first time in the four weeks I had known him, and the envelope still in my pocket with my demands, remained there.As the bus pulled away I looked up to where his flat was and saw there was a light on, was he watching me as I approached, or was he too scared to be confronted by me, after doing what he did, but of course he did not know if I knew, or even confront him if I did.That night when I arrived back at the stop and alighted, I saw him standing at his window, he waved to acknowledge my looking up at him, and strangely, I instinctively waved back, as I stood there alone, now the bus had left and everything around was as dark as in the morning, you see it got dark around three in the afternoon, here up North.I started walking away from the bus stop and found myself for some inexplicable reason, walking to his flat, I felt no fear, just a türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan yearning to confront him, there was an unmistakable knot in my stomach as each step took me closer, and I looked up again, and he waved, knowing full well I was heading his way.I climbed the stairs, everything was in a haze, I knew what I was doing and as I reached to landing, there he was, suddenly I realized I was going to be fucked, I was neither frightened or shocked at my realization, but strangely excited at my surrender to this old man, only he did not know what was flashing through my mind as I reached out and took his hand, and let myself be guided into his flat and hear the door close behind me, the realization I would be penetrated by his cock caused me to wet myself, and I could feel my hot pee run down my legs.I took my coat off and revealed my uniform underneath, grey with green, earthy colours, and knitted black woollen stay-up stockings, my grey woollen dress coming mid-thigh, three inches higher and he would be looking at skin.There was a strange smell permeating around the living room, a haze also, like stewed tea. He saw me scrunch up my nose, but smiled, ‘Weed’, he said, ‘would you like some’, he asked me? It was almost hallucinogenic, calming and floating, I shook my head saying ‘No’, but he could see it was having an effect on me, so he pushed a little harder, he was obviously determined, now I was here, to go all the way with me, and I sat down unsteadily on a large worn leather armchair, my skirt riding high as my bum sank down deep into the seat, he saw that, even I could see my pink panties, but I felt deliciously relaxed.I looked across at him as he sank down by the side of the armchair, ‘Open your mouth’, he ordered me, and could feel my lips part as he leant in close to my face. He had lit another joint and I watched as he took a deep drag on it, the redness of the lit bit sparkled as the oxygen ignited and fed it, as if everything was in slow motion, he pressed into my lips and kissed my mouth, my head swam as the intoxicating smoke flooded into my lungs, and his tongue danced merrily inside my open türbanlı escort diyarbakır and relaxed mouth.I was floating, then I could feel his hand was touching my crotch, ‘You have wet yourself, you naughty girl’, he said softly, ‘I know’, I giggled back at him, then he started to pull my panties off, and I raised my bum so he could, soon he was pulling me to the edge of the leather seat, until my bum hung over the edge, my legs open as far as is possible without raising my knees.He was talking dirty to me as I lay there expectantly, taking his tracksuit bottoms off and pressing his cock between my moist labia, I could hear myself moan as my bum moved to try to get his cock to go inside, but he teased and tormented, ‘Do you want it Mariel’, and I would shout, ‘Yes, Fuck me’.I closed my eyes and could feel him enter me, parting each fold of sensitive flesh as he went to the centre of my very being, only stopping as he pressed against my cervix, his cock head turning behind my belly button, or so it felt like, by now I had lifted my feet from the ground and crossed over his back, my heels nudging his buttocks to drive him inside me deeper, I was in sheer ecstasy, having never had anything so deep inside me like this, again my voice shrieked, for him to fuck me, he clearly never expected this schoolgirl from four weeks back, to be such a vamp with his cock inside her.’Open your mouth’, he said again, and I did as he bade, and he put his finger inside rubbing it around as if it were his cock. He was wetting it for a purpose and soon it was up in my ass for him to stroke his cock through the thin membrane, he was pleasuring himself inside both my holes, wanking his cock inside my ass.I passed out and awoke later, my head spinning and both my cunt and ass painful. I was naked and could not remember undressing fully, as he had fucked me with only my bottom clothes removed.’Why do I hurt’, I asked him, trying to sit up, and eventually doing so with his help.I got dressed and he took me into a room, with a bed and lots of sex toys, including machines and video cameras, ‘That’s why you’re sore’ he said, pointing to a dildo on a rod, connected to a wheel with an electric motor, ‘you fucked this for an hour’, he said triumphantly, ‘and I have it on video’.I stared in horror, ‘Why’, I asked feebly, ‘So you will come back for more’, he said with a hint of dominance, he was right there, I could not allow anyone to know what had happened here this night, I was now another statistic whose body had got her into trouble, but these are other stories that may be told at a future date

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